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Jordan Kaplan @JKap415 Santa Monica, CA

2015 and 2016 Call of Duty World Champion | CoD Coach for @LAThieves | Management: | @OAKBOYZ

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@PaulTweetz2Much What's the alternative tho? @joetee81 I had this thought the other dayThe Chargers social media guy is incredible 🤣🤣 @ramboray If @OpTic_BigTymeR is down I’m downMW2 Remastered let’s goooo who giving me the supermax 👀 @NitrocitysRB It’s my time again baby I’m back @AnonChockyMilk @timthetatman Yes, if only I was better at CoD and as good as you I would've enjoyed MW. Absolutely! @timthetatman You gotta separate MW and Warzone into 2 separate games because MW should be last @Perfect1onOwns @Enable The offense at the end was tough to watch... Luckily it shouldn't matter @Enable The worst shit was this Sixers loss tonight, hate to see it @Fire40 What are you saying to me @Colin18047729 His jumper actually looks nice too, he 100% canBen Simmons is apparently money on turnaround jumpers?!?!? @KVN_03 @Enable We taking Ian's cash? @Enable Way too mature for that, that was the old me @Muddawg mf I sent one tweet to Blaztful
@BigBoyBeams @Blazt @hitchariide You're weird for this one fa sho @MattKan59344689 TBH tho our defense is what really stood out those years. The offense was good... but the defense… @AAWXXIII @Blazt @hitchariide People forget that @BigBoyBeams @Blazt @hitchariide Where did I ever talk about myself here? @Blazt @hitchariide ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? @MattKan59344689 McNabb was just the QB, but Dawk was unquestioned the better player/leader. Thought about Howard t… @MattKan59344689 It’s hard to say for all-time, but in my lifetime it’s gotta be Dawkins, AI, Utley... and I don’t… @DoctorAlpaca I remember hearing that years back, you were so closeI miss Dawkins 😢 @clerkie I’ve been alright brotha, can’t complain @clerkie Keep it going king @knockoutcity @Muddawg @BriceFaccento @Mackk_01 Playin Apex w the boys @Mackk_01 What’s good MackLike this tweet if you're awake RN I'm curious @hshddhdhdudud I was often compared to Timmy D in my prime. Mr. FundamentalAnd people thought I was crazy when I compared CoD to NBA saying they're both "positionless" 🤣 @RageInducedRuss 🤔🤔 @Kuavo If she don’t want it, I’ll take it @RageInducedRuss What rank are you?
Man I did not realize it has been over 8 years @Tazzer_US Sometimes yes but then when I’m off it gets ugly fastI have impostor syndrome in Rocket League because I’ve somehow made it to high Champ 2 and I still can’t air roll f… @MissDemolish I tried warning everyone @Jukes4Dayz Yea I’m gonna explore my options.... unfortunately I won’t be playing for a little bit so I got time @maalgom20 Come do it @iDazerin It luckily hasn’t been too painful since, just gotta make sure it doesn’t come in contact with anything 🤣 @Lisserboo Nah I was playing basketball with no socks @FinestFlowers Just weird to me because I never had a problem with the shoes before... idk why they’d randomly be tight on me, ya knowv @scrivzLJ I should’ve stopped playing sooner but I’m also a dumbass @rpah32 KDs, I’ve had them for like 4 years now and were always good. No idea why they suddenly felt tight yesterday and would cause thisPlayed basketball for the first time in over a year yesterday.... felt like I had razor blades scraping against my… @chhlss Hitting him up for a shopping trip
@DKarma @Clayster @TacticalRab And for those asking, this is literally all the email says for every match @11Kyrie_G @TacticalRab We get the email before the week starts. I had heard that OpTic agreed to ATL because they… @TacticalRab Nah, it's not abbreviated in the email @SpaceLy That's what I saiddddd.... He kinda drippyLMAOOO WHAT @CdlScrimintel @BenJNissim @TomRyanOGRE2 @Clayster Yes I'm aware how it works. There are Chicago and St. Louis serv… @BenJNissim @TomRyanOGRE2 @Clayster Had to have. Any quad Dallas team normally plays ATL on St. Louis server. No sh… @jruizcort @Fire40 I'm a Twitter coach and also one of the best to ever do it so hold that @BagelSZN @Arcitys @FormaL LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO this one gotta be a troll @Arcitys @FormaL Sounds better than playing online vs a team on LAN @FormaL Why did you guys decide to that?DK Metcalf officially finishes in 9th Place of his heat, with a time of 10.37! Incredible race for a 6’3 235 pound…
Retweeted by Jordan KaplanMe: Make sure everyone calls your moms @Drazah_: Oh yeah I talked to her at 1 AM we were twisted together 🤣🤣Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there ❤️🥳When's this #ChineseRocket supposed to land?
@klutchq @Hipnotix_US Yea, if Ken was zig or even in hill we’re probably fine @klutchq What wasn't blocked? Literally the entire garage side of the map @BrianSaintt Sorry for your loss broHydra's spawn made perfect sense btwGGs to NY, lost 3-1. Got to clean up some of the mistakes #LAThieves @Nadeshot @DaDSHoT Happy birthday @DaDSHoT! @ELECTRICK00LAID @NataIiaKarina Noooo first the bitcoin story and now this 😢😢 @staymare @NataIiaKarina Fair point @NataIiaKarina So you got 350% profit quick @MJCheen @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty @OctaneSam Solid point @BeZo It may have ended up helping in the long run but def not the only reasonI just realized there are people out there who still think “The Process” didn’t work. Laughable @vLionMan @INTELCallofDuty Fck you STILL for leaving @OctaneSam. But the Envy team was mega chalked even before that @OpTicMaNiaC Didn't even realize that's an option anymore @jzpr Happy belated bday brotha, but I will not be doing those pushups right now
@Muddawg Heard it was booming back then before it dipped in 2012 @OMGLove @PacmanJT @SweatNP_ Twice in one sentence actually @PacmanJT @SweatNP_ Guy said no to free money @OMGLove @PacmanJT @SweatNP_ Tf are you even saying @PacmanJT @SweatNP_ Can I borrow a billion dollars? @SweatNP_ I didn’t even look up the inflation price. Buying a sports team was the move goddamnHello, yes, I would like to buy a pro sports team for $500 @SpinnaSpence @MLGPuckett @Clayster Didn't realize May 7th was such a stacked bday, happy birthday you legends @BigBoyBake @ItsLauraBearr LMAOOO well we had mixed reviews because I woke up feeling incredible @Enable @Kuavo In or out of game? 👀 @BigBoyBake @ItsLauraBearr How'd it go for you big Bake? @hsmitty3 @ItsLauraBearr No lie... I woke up feeling amazing @Ralied_ @viseV2 While sleeping on your back? @viseV2 How does back sleeping make you more prone to dying in your sleep? @ItsLauraBearr I’m trying it tonight for the first time. We shall see @Mackk_01 Am I stupid for not understanding this @Mackk_01 Nah @VelocityX78 Apparently it helps support your lower back. That’s what Google is telling me @Mackk_01 Nice