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Comic Artist. I made a book called THE FIST. Remember that one? SKYSHARK AND TIGER-BOY coming to Kickstarter soon...ish...

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@danielwarrenart So radFinally watching Thor: The Dark World. My one MCU blind spot. It’s really good.I just want a whole show about Carl Weathers discussing technologyI think I like this ‘’making-of” show about The Mandalorian more than the actual showI need a sci-fi or horror movie to watch, quickStill confused why Temple of Doom needs to open with a musical number.
No greater feeling than setting up a new Roku device.
Some killer whales for a killer lady. Ink and crayons commission @Big5Army Jeez... glad they got them finally.
Rewatching #OnCinema and the tension of waiting for @timheidecker to become a monster is high.more good lookin chips SHIRT BART > ORANGE SHIRT BART FLASH @scottdrummond'm in need of some good headphones I can wear while mowing the lawn, working outside, or just whatever. Something… Here's the kickstarter video I made for THE FIST trade paperback. Get the book here: @PistolWhipPress @LeviWasTaken It's the new flag-pin situation. If your company doesn't endorse a COVID-19 test fac… @LeviWasTaken I don't know why but this pandemic sure is making me thirsty for an ice-cold soda @PunisherHarp if you need a badass promo/kickstarter vid for your comic.
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsEverybody go check out ERIS by @TCannonComics for some sweet sci-fi violence! @PunisherComics Thanks!
@generativist This is the one for me. @JLcomics @TCannonComics Love it. @TheLotusWriter @CreatorAdvisor commission @gunnerleatherwo Yeah man! Fun stuff. Wish I could get another crazy project like that.Sci-fi character dirt bike I illustrated last year. just backed ERIS #1 on @Kickstarter one from that webcomic I'm working on.
This is one of the first pics i did for @Ben_Abernathy That i think got me the job for #DCeased #Unkillables
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsI got this webcomic gig I've been working on for a while now. It's been a fun outlet to experiment with different d… @TomTaylorMade @DCComics You are a blessing sir @Kristoff2099 Yeah dark, but the way the story unfolds is the real winner here.
@JoshCrewsReally The best post-Michael addition.Batman commission by TRADD MOORE! Whatever you think of to say you’ve never seen a Batman like this befor…
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comics @DCCamKerkau my pain is now yoursJust found out the characters from Scooby Doo were all straight-up cribbed from an old 50's show called Dobie and I… @TheProphetLen I love unpredictable it is, yet it all makes sense in retrospect and follows it's natural narrative.…, 'Vat of Acid' may be my favorite Rick and Morty ep. The concept, the twists, all A plus.
Randomly started this whale movie called Big Miracle and every actor in it is somebody I love @RADMANRBARR Ok now somebody make the scene where the alien opens up and trump is in thereHawk girl
@LeviWasTaken Sounds like we'll both need a stiff drink to hear this tale. @VanguardComic thanks! @CianTormey Man, this is so tight. I really want to do a page-recreation some day.HMU if you need a badass promo/kickstarter vid for your comic.'t wait to color this when I get some time agents. Worth looking into? How do you find a good one? @wonkytiger A 3 part tragedy
Last day for this #DrawAllTheBatmans
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsthat inevitable guy
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsI’ll be doing some art for an in-production indie game called The Neon Youth. Here’s my first piece.
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsMy colors on a @Kristoff2099 Bat
@JessRMcKenna I bet you could rock a Bart impression!Was watching this thing with Nancy Cartwright and her natural speaking voice sounds exactly like @JessRMcKenna to… @tkimuse thanks! @sleepyreader666 Thanks!I’ll be doing some art for an in-production indie game called The Neon Youth. Here’s my first piece.
Kids jokingly said they wanted to hear a poop song then I found this. It’s very good. @scottdrummond @RossTaylorArt Tight!that inevitable guy
Cinematic moment @Andrew_MacLean Yeah man @seankmckeever Always appreciated.Know what would be cool? A Fifth Element cartoon animated in 90s Aeon Flux style. Think about it.
Looking for a 3D printer recommendation. For small toys and the like. Looking to spend $250 MAX @baldemar_rivas Thanks man @baldemar_rivas I’ll surely over detail but I’ll try for those baselines @Kristoff2099 @LeviWasTaken I’m free Tues-Thurs
Just saved a bunch of @baldemar_rivas sketchbook pages to figure out how to draw a cool forest @Kristoff2099 What’s the deal with 65? It’s not 60. It’s certainly not 5! @scottdrummond I’m down for that. I like Harmonquest which is my only real entry into DnD outside of general nerd knowledge. @kstrahm Already on it! @Big5Army @brian_shearer @SilverlineComic @JavierHernandez @JohnBeattyArt @yardsaleartist @aaronlopresti Thanks! @Kristoff2099 Yeah I dog that one. Don’t actually watch it enough @PistolWhipPress @CartoonKayfabe Already on it, dude @Big5Army Good stuff
@LeviWasTaken Surprisingly, she's not an opossum person.Uhhh my wifes bday is in 2 weeks. I just used up a photo-book idea for mother's day. What do/can I get her???Here's a fun one. This guy just analyzing different artists' work and what makes them unique. need a new YouTube Chanel I can deep dive on to fill my work day. Anything in the nerdy realm. @LeviWasTaken yapSo apparently Dengar was in Rise of Skywalker and he looks like this now. He's had a hard life.… Wars Rebels upstate. I only watching this list of episodes and it’s a fairly good show.
@RtRadke At some point in my dream i was like "well they're obviously being worn by the Invisible Woman."wut dream a sentient pair of HULK HANDS were flying around attacking people.Some day when I have less responsibility I want to do the RESIDENT EVIL CHALLENGE. That's where you watch all of th…
Certain details I always need to make sure are right when drawing Which directions a shirt/pants button for men & w…'ll be doing this for about 2 weeks before I delete my Gumroad account. Check it out for indie comic goodness.
Retweeted by Jordan Kroeger - Drawing them comicsSo this website has this 3D printer I've been wanting for 10 bucks. Gotta be a scam, right? But could just be liste… @Kristoff2099 Yep same
Reppin @Nick_Pyle today slept cuz my dog woke up at 1am with the shits. Guess that's what you get when you eat a dead bird's head. @chrisgrine I googled a best-of List. I can’t sit through all of this.