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@harusajin hi binihi sisters and sinister #原神
Retweeted by jonanyone tryna play some YUGIOH LMAO @Dem0nCyborg wanna go together? 😈😏 @a1es5andra U LOOK AMAZIN ALESS :Dselfie dump✨
Retweeted by jon @hvrrms ASK FOR U TO DROP A NEW SINGLEYou ask and you shall receive
Retweeted by jon @rinwrld GM RIN NATION @natashasoojung VERY STYLISH NATASHA ☺️on my way to class !!!
Retweeted by jon @j1nsoyoung hi emmy!!!got my lip pierced & dyed my hair
Retweeted by jon @bunnygirlemmy LOL WTFwho want me ⁉️
Retweeted by jon @mochiopia hi sherplop
Retweeted by jon @creaminut I AGREE W THIS @creaminut DRY BOOGER @creaminut STOP @Crystalpaaark GO CRYSTAL! go CRYSTAL!🐄🐮
Retweeted by jon @sasukefancIub do u wanna build one together 😳♀️
Retweeted by jon @sasukefancIub 😼d jettAAAAAAA LOOK WHAT JON GOT MEEEEEE IM SCREAMING
Retweeted by jonmirror selfies >
Retweeted by jon @spicyxgf WE R FRIENDS
@creaminut NICE MANIPULATOR ESSENTIALSYoRHa No.2 Type B but eula #原神 #Eula
Retweeted by jon @xyobunni OH DAMN @troublemaker LINEAR @sasukefancIub CUTE PIC#NewProfilePic
Retweeted by jon @xyobunni JENNY WHAT SENS DO U PLAY ONwhite reaver sheriff
Retweeted by jonbuilding a keyboard, WHAT SWITCHES SHOULD I GET @creaminut MONOPOLY MONEY @mochiopia .
does anyone want 3 Sec 112 Row 10 TWICE tickets at the UBS Arena on Feb 27th!!?!? DM ME !!!face reveal
Retweeted by jon @starlovesuu hi baylee!! @miiyazuko OHHHH ABOWWWW @miiyazuko ??!? TELL ME @unde4dban my ig is JAWNKWAN @unde4dban I DONT HAVE ONE BUT LEMME FOLLOW FSDFSDF @EN0101010 PRETTY @mochiopia wowWHAT DOES ABOW MEANCrashed the boat
Retweeted by jonsum chill
Retweeted by jon @creaminut GUNDAM SHAWTY @sasukefancIub 😈😈 @Crystalpaaark R U JELLY @Crystalpaaark CRYSTALL !!!!!!!!my quarantine entails:
Retweeted by jon @Crystalpaaark I BET IT SMELLS CRAZY IN THERE @sasukefancIub<3
Retweeted by jon @bunnygirlemmy u tryna watch euphoria{ veil }
Retweeted by jon @Nighty10k very nice! but ur parents have asked me to tell u to pls go outsideMy new song ‘LDR’ is out now! Featuring @flannelalbert and produced by @rauditrack x Hollow Young 🤍 pls share and s…
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i felt like posting these 2 :3
Retweeted by jonchoose ur in class vicki fighter:
Retweeted by jon @blo0berree YES I KNOW @unde4dban HAI CRYSTAL🕷🕷🕷
Retweeted by jon @creaminut he got a pic for each monitori ❤️ me
Retweeted by jon @nothing222u_ HI CLAUme n who
Retweeted by jonLA would never need a puffer like this
Retweeted by jon @taeklor ur so cuteyea im kinda sick with it
Retweeted by jon @steev_bb STEEV U OKAY?!?? @bunnygirlemmy DID U WIN AT LEAST @bunnygirlemmy WHY DIDNT U SLEEP TOO @bunnygirlemmy are u ok @chaelpls what does this mean @creaminut i’m a fan of sher entertainment while i am working! @creaminut i just realized ive interacted with 80% of ur tweets today WHATS WRONG W ME @creaminut UR SCREAM SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME @mochiopia NO IM BEING SRS @mochiopia UR SO GOOD @donoglizzy i always got u donovan 😮‍💨 @sasukefancIub meow @sasukefancIub GIMME UR BEST HOWLi am the sigma wolf AWOO 🐺 🌙 @notjennag NO WAY @sasukefancIub NOOOO LOOK AWAYdoodle of @harusajin 🤍
Retweeted by jon @mochiopia ur the sugar mommy now @taeklor LOL @arwhre0 hi ara!if no one got me at least mommyheather got me 😌 @creaminut he’s probably crying rn