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@Nomeelatimer We ❤️️ when you let us know about your experience Naomi, always good to know what a great job our Par… @andrewbwarnes Hi Andrew, looks like you're having a tear-rible Friday, we want to help! We have sent you a DM - BeckyLooking for some inspiration for your weekend plans? Head down to our carnival-themed Oxford Street Roof Garden, no… little luxuries that don’t break the bank, discover new season style and selected brands with 20% off in our fa… @JasonElsom Wow Jason, it looks amazing 🎃. Thanks so much for sharing your tree with us. This set of Halloween deco… @nicpert83 Hi Nicola, gifts bought from 21 Oct to 24 Dec can be returned up to 28 Jan. If the gift's bought in our… @lisakirby1984 Ah - nice try Lisa! 😉 - Alan @koli_flower Hi there, not sure if you've noticed on our website today, size 10 in the Navy coat is available. You…
@koli_flower Hi there! Which store are you looking to visit and we can take a look for you? - NickTrick or treat yourself to some scarily festive Le Creuset 🎃Shop our cookware collection at: @ManningMr @jlandpcustserv [2/2]... We have informed our buying office so that they can rectify the situation ASAP.… @ManningMr @jlandpcustserv Hi there. Please accept our apologies for the confusion. It's been a simple ticketing er… @kittles64 Great tweet, Kate! 👏 So pleased we were able to provide you with such great service. Thanks for taking t… @handmademoment5 Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Could you possibly provide a description of this Partner… @HannahLouisa_xo I'm delighted to hear you had a great time 👍 You'll just have to come back to practice 🥌🥌 😊 ~ Tricia @JamesStarkey303 I'm delighted to hear this, James 😊. Thanks for taking the time to share. He is a star 🌟. I've pas… @TroubleDads Aw! We'd never do that 😊 ~ TriciaIf you'd like to improve your family photos, join us at Peter Jones & Partners in London on 24 October to pick up n…
Retweeted by John Lewis & PartnersThanks to @jlandpartners and @QualityStreetUK we have found the best Christmas decoration!! So glad we can refill a…
Retweeted by John Lewis & PartnersJohn Lewis Oxford Street is turning its rooftop into the ultimate hipster experience. The Winter Carnival opens thi…
Retweeted by John Lewis & Partners
@ChiswickSchool 🙌 Glad the students found the visit so motivating! - Alan @stormfluker We're terribly sorry about this and can completely appreciate your concern with this. Could you please… @cosmetic_candy Hi there! We do look to have some in stock, but we'd advise visiting the branch directly to check a… @shakeys7 Amazing! How stressed would you have been this morning?! A big well done to the Partner who served you-I'… @everyday_kay_ Hi Kay - I've now replied to your DM. -Nick @Rae_Lewi Sorry you feel this way, Rae. We're going to relay this back to the relevant product team to make them aw… @adelelc6 Aw! That's so nice of you to say Adele! Love this feedback! We'll pass your comments on! I know the team… we release our annual retail report, looking back at what shaped the year 🛍 From the war on plastic, embracin… @wishinguponstar No worries Kelly, glad you enjoyed the event! We've had some fab feedback! Enjoy the goodie bag! 😄
@lizzieeats Aww Lizzie thanks for getting in touch and for sharing your lovely feedback! I'm so pleased our Partner… @PipRichardson Which flavours did you choose Pip??!! 💚💜💙 ~ SophieHubble bubble toil and trouble. Get in the Halloween spirit with this Staub Pumpkin casserole dish. 🎃… @carlyj1902 No Carly you can just come along and join in the fun after from the 18th 🎪😊 ~ Sophie
@Lettybird Great to hear! I'll pass on your excellent feedback to the Manager in the shop. We look forward to seein… @Christow999 Thanks for your excellent feedback which I will share! I hope you managed to buy some lovely gifts! 💝😘 - Gina @GarethJBond Hi Gareth, I'll pass your comments over to our buying office. Thanks again for getting in touch! - GinaJoin us for a sneak preview of The Winter Carnival at our Oxford Street Roof Garden. See your future in the House o… @JSTheVoice1 Delighted to hear this, James. Thanks for sharing 😊 ~ Tricia @lauraElliot5 SNAP! 😍 And once they're done you can return the tin for a discounted refill! 😉 ~Al @GarethJBond Looks great, Gareth 👍 ~ Tricia @Ms_McK_says Thanks for taking the time to share, Pippa 😊. Carmel is a star 🌟. I've contacted the shop to share you… @Liz_Brookes Aw, that's great, Liz. I'm all sorted too 😋🎄 ~ Tricia
@M_IsardMcNulty 🙌 - It's ok - we understand! 😉 - Alan. @RachelAnne_Bee Oh I know Rachel! It's very tempting isn't it! 😄 - Alan @CazzaHelena Hi Caroline! Rewards do vary from time to time, however if you'd like to check you're receivingthe cor…
@Leggsy_Char Hi Char, Sorry about the wait. We are busy this afternoon with our Fashion event launch. Hopefully thi… @ladyhazeldene Apologies for your wait today. Our Customer Service lines are busier than normal today. If you still… @callum_w_88 Aw thanks Callum! Great the team were able to assist! - Alan. @TheGentGuy Hmm yes, I understand that, James. Like to help out, drop us a DM with your order number, name&address… @xxSharonnx Hi Sharon, I'm sorry your delivery arrived damaged but pleased this has been sorted for you easily and quickly ~ Sophie @MyPetFlamingoUK We ❤️️ Christmas!
@veefeeley Aw that's brilliant! Well done Christian & Tim!! 🙌 Sofa looks good! - Alan. @lyndseyuglow We were so delighted to have Jessie and Pollyanna in store, we love the paws-itivity that they've bro… @phil_machugh Wow, looks almost too good to eat Phil 😍🤤 So glad you enjoyed it! We hope to see you again soon! - Hayley @daleaaron81 Dale, you've put me in the mood for pasta tonight😋! Thanks for sharing this with us, hope you have a good weekend 😊. - Matthew @ladylittler You're very welcome, Karen! Glad you've been able to find something you like! - Matthew @Richard49340013 Hi Mary, we welcome all feedback whether it be positive or constructive. Can you elaborate as to w… @MaggieDavisW We are definitely getting in the mood, Maggie! - Matthew @daleaaron81 Looks great, Dale! What is that on your plate? Looks amazing! Making us hungry in the office here! - MatthewShop New Season fashion with 20% off selected brands from now until 20th October! T&Cs Apply:… @_the_lbb Hey there, I am really sorry for the attitude displayed by our branch Partners! Could you give me some mo…
@Aussiegirl360 Awh Georgia, you're more than welcome! ☺️ It's so important to have a comfortable place when feeding… @melhall10 🙈😍 We're just REALLY excited and are also obsessed with this tree decor - Nicola @MissTerrapin Ohh, now that looks so yummy! 😋 Have you seen the Nordic Ware Gingerbread House Bundt® Pan (81313603)… @coreysmum2014 You're so welcome! Delighted to hear you'll be back, Wendy. We'll look forward to your next visit ☺️ ~ Tricia @coreysmum2014 Oh it's our happy place too, Wendy! It's never too early to celebrate, great to see you're getting in the spirit! - Matthew @coreysmum2014 Aw, I'm delighted you enjoyed your visit, Wendy 😊. Thank you so much for sharing. It's lovely to hea… @MollyValery Very welcome, Molly! Hope you have a good time at the wedding! - Matthew @jasminedotiwala Aw, can never be too early, Jasmine 🎄. I've already been caught up too! 🎄🎄 ~ TriciaOn @WMHDay and a UK retail industry first, we’re working with @tesconews @SainsburysNews @ASOS @coopukpress
@Musomum Thanks very much for your feedback! I hope you're lucky the next time, the soup sounds delicious! 🍲 - Gina @everydaylifereg Looks delicious Reg 😍 We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed it! There's plenty more 'my John Le… @_clickclack Hope you both had a fun day Louisa! 🐶❤️️ - Gina @woolenbullet Thanks Stacy! Why not treat yourself! 🎄💝 so many beautiful decorations to choose from 💝😘 - Gina @michaelhay82 Hi Michael, I'm sure Josh will be delighted with his personalised Quality Street box and treats! 🍬🍬 I hope he enjoys! 😊 - Gina @lou_winter Hi Louise. I'm afraid we will not be stocking this television. ~Al @Lady_Victoria_B 😄 We all are too! Did you treat yourself to anything? 🎄🎁 ~Al @sophiadavis92 Yummy Sophia, I'm sure you'll enjoy! 🍬🍬😘 - Gina @LinziCoulter Amazing Linzi! 🍬🍬 our favourites as well! Enjoy! 😘 - Gina
@Amykawhite I agree Amy, these are absolutely stunning! 🦌🦌🦌🌟 - Gina 💝 @Amykawhite Beautiful pics Amy! Thanks for sharing. Exciting times not too far ahead! 🎅🎄❤️️ - GinaToday we're introducing a 'BuyBack' trial for myJL members at our Oxford store, where we will accept all preloved i… @OliverNeedham This flavour is exclusive to exclusive to John Lewis & Partners and is only available via our pick a… @steve_lefevre Very good Steve! 😊 have a good day! - Gina @ElysiumFields10 Looks amazing! 💝🎅🎄 - Gina @JillLBarnett We're very excited as well Jill! 🎅🎄💝 - Gina
@tara1966 Thanks again Tara! ❤️️ - Gina @steve_lefevre Thanks Steve! Wont be too long now, exciting times ahead! 🎅🎄 - Gina @CathyOfficeOm Lovely to hear Cathy! I'll certainly pass over your excellent comments, thanks for sharing! 😘 - Gina @naterogers9 Yes we do Nate 🙌 You can fill your tin in Trafford 💜🧡💚 ~ Sophie @JoLaceySmith Hi Jo, I'm sorry your sister was advised she could use this in one of our shops. We stopped accepting… @tara1966 Amazing feedback Tara we'll be sure to pass this on to Sam! Absolutely love Origins, Ginzing products are… @KerryDraper2 Oh dear! That's not good to read. Can you tell us a little more aas to the issue? I'd like to provide… @MissECaldwell Aw that's fab! Well done Ramone 🙌 - Alan
@oliviathurbon Thanks Olivia, it's great to read when a customer is happy with the service they've received 🙌 I'm d… @mariespencer 👌Don’t forget, our 20% off Home event ends today - so be quick, if you want to pick up a coffee table (and more), fo… for that perfect final touch to your space? 🏡 Our 20% off Home Event ends today > @Kirsten90882666 Hi Kirsten, from what I can see its only perfumes we sell within the Glasgow branch. If you have a…