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@sparklyfran Oh dear. That's not good. If you call our Furniture Aftercare team on 0345 600 2389 they'll be able to… @helplessdrying 😂 Exactly! ~Al @NotaPop_Planner Hi Kate. That's a such shame to hear this bad news. Can I please ask that you contact your local s… @chm4lm Hello, thanks for your enquiry our finance team would be able to find this information out if you call on 0345 300 3833 - Jenny @lizzietweeter Thanks Lizzie. I can see your email to our Head of Service was escalated on to our delivery team. Be… @JamesSM Hi James. I've sent a message over to our Buying team at Head Office to see if we'll be stocking this TV.… @dickiebirdy The information on our website is normally kept well up to date, so you should be confident in getting your order in time. ~Al @Bridgetbiddy Thanks Brdiget. However, in the interest of protecting your data, can you plese delete your tweet and… @ConnWilkie Great idea turning the tin into a sewing kit! 😘Lovely, my favourites as well, I love the strawberry the… @MrsGriff82 Hi Kerry. Perhaps @QualityStreetUK can help out with this one? ~Al @debbywanderlust Hi Debby, yes certainly. Please DM us order and address details, we'll be happy to offer you advic… @Richard49340013 Hi Mary, the team will be happy to talk you through this if you call them on 0800 022 3300 - Gina @designandbeyond Alternatively you can phone the shop and ask that a member of the relevant department call you bac… @robrimmer You should be able to add all these to your order at the payment stage, Rob. ~Al @Gibbocentric Sorry to hear this has happened to your machine. So we can put you in touch with a member of the rele… @cassa748 Hi, sorry to read this. Unfortunately, we haven't started our extended Christmas returns yet. This begins on 21 October ~ Sophie @metal_age_ Hi Craig, we price match competitors that trade on the same basis as us. If this retailer has no high s… @CarwynJones44 Really sorry to read about the troubles you've had with your headphones Caswyn. I'd like to have a l… @tarikholiver Oh no Tarikh! I'm sorry this happened. If you haven't been contacted please share your order number v… @lizzietweeter Sorry to read this Lizzie can you share your Case number so that I can have a look at your complaint… @nigeldowler I'm sorry to read of your dissatisfaction with the design of your appliance Nigel. We recommend regula… @_CraigS Glad to hear it's all sorted for you now, Craig. Thanks for replying. ~Al @kayewillan Hi Kaye. Unfortunately we aren't printing the Edition Magazine anymore. ~Al @helplessdrying 🙈 One wonders whether you may be up for a job photographing for the nation's favorite frozen food shop?!? ~ Sophie @mikethegun Hi Mike. Your comments make for disappointing reading. Please feel free to share more about why you've… @ConnWilkie I'm afraid not Connie. We will fill tins purchased from us either last year or this year only. I hope y… @dickiebirdy Oh, I love getting the house ready for Christmas! All our lead times for furniture are provided on the… @Bridgetbiddy Hi Bridget. Depending on the circumstances of how your purchase was made, it's not always possible fo… @GoonerKJP It's amazing, isn't it! Absolutely, just add the long card number and pin at check out! 👐 ~ Sophie @AndrewConvery I'm sorry to read your still awaiting a response Andrew. Your complaint is with our escalated team,… @OwlChar I hope you're okay Charlotte, I'm so sorry that this has happened. I can see that my colleague Sophie has… @Cal60317 I'm sorry you're unhappy with the temperature balancing duvets purchased for yourself and your husband Ca… @MartaNewman I'm so sorry Martha, this isn't good enough. I appreciate your frustration. Have you spoke to one of o… @designandbeyond We're stocking Cricut in Oxford Street. A Partner in the shop will be able to give you details of what's available ~ Sophie @amchu The bigger of the tellevisions is currently on price match with £80 off! Grab yourself a bargain whilst you can 👐 ~ Sophie @lizzimai Hi Elizabeth, I can see a manager from our Distribution team attempted to contact you today. He has follo… @OwlChar I'm sorry to read you're hand had to be glued. I want to keep any further disruption to a minimum but this… @robrimmer Hi Rob! 👋 Can you advise how many e-vouchers you are planning on applying and I can certainly check this for you? - Hayley @mjgoodman If you don't hear from the team taking care of your Case please reach out to us again ~ Sophie @matthewmole Thanks, Matthew. I tried calling you earlier to discuss your order and price match request. I have lef… @wildfreckle Hi Debby, I'm sorry you've been left dissatisfied with our delivery proposition and am concerned to he… @Silverlynnb Just seen this Lynn! Fabulous!! So pleased you've got it, thanks for letting us know 😊 ~ Sophie @Silverlynnb Really sorry to read this Lynn, I too can see the racking advises it was delivered. Have you checked w… @vinnyr I'm very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing repeat issues with your laptop. I'd be eager to esca… @KrishMcCarthy1 Apologies that you have not had a response to your email yet Krish. I'd be really keen to have a lo… @gardiner_el Hi El, sorry to hear that you've lost your jacket ☹️ I've checked with our Glasgow store and unfortuna… @PaoDeKuai20 Hi Caroline, good news we are expecting more stock of this item this month. Keep an eye on our website 👍 ~ Sophie @Ramo80s I'm sorry to read of the experiences you had whilst visiting us in Peter Jones on Sunday Omar. This is not… @pmh1000 Hi Paul, I'd like to raise this for investigation with the shop, to do so I will require the aditional det… @_CraigS Oh no Craig, I'm so sorry to read this and for any upset caused! We'd like to help get this sorted can you… @ChrisBrown1475 Good morning Chris, I'm really sorry to read you didn't receive your order after placing your order… @sophsisabella Hi Sophie, quickest way would be to call your local shop where a Partner will check the shop floor s… @sarahlouisepeak I'm so sorry to read you've been given the wrong pillows after discussing products in our shop Sar… @OwlChar Oh no Charlotte. I'm sorry to see what happened to your thumb whilst using this apple slicer. I hope your… @COYR26 Hmm, this is unusual Nikki! We'd like to look at this for your mum. If you can ask her to send details of t… @ellie_dh Oh my Ellie! This is not how we'd expect anyone's order to be received. I understand you are upset and ag… @PennyWinter1 I'm sorry for your wait penny. We are aware our call queues are longer than usual and are trying hard… @mjgoodman Hi Mark, I'd like to review this and escalate appropriately. Can you provide your order number, any job… @matthewmole Hi Matthew, I'm sorry you are awaiting a response. Can you confirm what information you are looking fo… @loobylou_louise So sorry Louise, I appreciate how frustrating this must have been! Our lines are busier than usual… @sdragon64 This certainly isn't the experience we'd have expected you to have. I appreciate you feeling upset at ha… @maria55691942 I'm sorry for the experience you've had Maria. Our my John Lewis rewards should be a treat for you.… @SamanthaWarburt Oh no Samantha, I'm sorry to see how your parcels have been left. I'd be very upset to find this,… @Iam7Bhaz We're not taking pre-orders, but you can register for an email notification on the product page here. - N… @AmberKirkFord Thanks for contacting us, Amber. Unfortunately, as the items are now outside the returns period, we'… @Alicevine Sorry you're having issues getting through, Alice. Please send us a DM confirming your order no., billin… @lewiscsmith29 Hi Lewis - We replied requesting confirmation of the one you were after here.… @VivRivis Hi Viviene - I'm sorry this hasn't been resolved for you yet. I want to see if this could be escalated wi… @brucejgray Hi Bruce - We want to look into this further for you but before we do, could you send us a DM confirmin…
@adam_horn Hello Adam, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, I will make sure that this is fed back… @MichelleBaker7 Hi Michelle, there's limited stock of the Dyson cool fan heater in our shops. If you call your loca… @TomTeeWitter Thanks Tom. We'll be in touch as soon as we can with an update on the refund. ~Al @lizzimai Hello Elizabeth, I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with our customer service. If you could DM us wi… @simonisaac No problem, Simon. Thanks for your understanding. ~Al @candodriving Apologies for the time it's taking us to answer calls today. We're experiencing very high volumes of… @nabzmud_nabzie Thanks for getting in touch. If you call the online support team on 03456 049 049, quoting order de… @Sej246 Thanks for letting us know Sarah, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your brownie! - Jenny @felicitydev Hello Felicity, I'm so sorry you feel like your being fobbed off and that we have disappointed you. I… @Buyshirts1 Hello Dean, I'm sorry that you have been waiting so long for us to answer the phone. We are experiencin… @kbarneswarden 😃 You're not the only one that's missing the coffee one! I'm sure you'll enjoy what you picked come Christmas. ~Al @lewiscsmith29 Hello Lewis, I can only see the Apple Watch Nike+, Series 4, GPS and Cellular, 40mm Anthracite Alumi… @CallooC Hi there, I'm sorry there's been a delay. I've requested a Partner from the team to get in touch to help further - Gina @itsWilliamSin Hello William, I'm sorry that our pens in-store were not marked down to their new reduced to clear p… @hkaur319 The email address previously provided via DM is run by the Social Media team who unlike Customer Services… @LynnTopping Hello Lynnie, I'm sorry that you required to phone our customer service and that it sounded so unprofe… @Queen_Bea2012 You should do, Gaynor. When we call, please feel free to raise this point if the Partner forgets to… @MarkToshack Hello Mark, I can see we do not currently have stock of the Coxtan 8, you can see all available HUGO B… @lllccalll Thanks Carolyn. Our Customer Services are more than happy to discuss any concerns your parents have over… @controlfreakdad That's good Brian, apologies again! - Gina @mrsspanner Thanks again for your feedback! - Gina @nix_lang Hi Nicola, I'm afraid we don't have any stock of the AND/OR trainers in the Glasgow shop. We have very li… @RichardDonkin Hi Richard. Yes, if you've received a Customer Requirement for your shop order, it will be stated on your receipt. ~Al @TheDivineMrsF1 Oh no, that's a pity! If you call the online support team on 03456 049 049, they'll be happy to re-… @findlay_natalie Oh dear, Natalie! Please return it to your local shop with your proof of purchase and one of our P… @ManCityTrain Hi there, no the jacket isn't waterproof ~ Tricia @DebLondonDeal Hi Deborah, have you managed to speak to anyone about your delivery? If we can help please share a l… @dillymug Hi there. If you've received an incorrect jumper too, please also send us a DM with your details, so we c… @ACesarova Very sorry for the disappointment caused here, Alex. We'd like to take a look into what's happened, so w… @TomTeeWitter Happy to help with this, Tom. If you send us confirmation of your name, address and order number via… @WillDriver93 Hi Will. When an item has been purchased using a gift card and sent to our returns centre, the refund…