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Just when I think Sox Twitter has reached its peak, y’all kick it up like three more notches. Props to all of you f… haven’t purchased your World Series gear? Check out @fanatics for great deals on official World Series merch,…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @JamesFox917 I’m not sure. But operating this publicly is odd for the Sox @kenkiebles13 The White Sox rarely operate this publicly with big decisions like this. The only two names we’ve hea… want to believe that Rick Hahn and co. is enjoying all of us on White Sox Twitter beating each other up over Hinc…
@TonyOnTap @ChiSoxHaze @TonyOnTap :) May our Giolito feud be an ever-burning flame @ChiSoxHaze Indeed that was the part I was referring to haha. I'm not among the unfortunate many who believes Gioli… it louder for the people in the back, please. @soxmachine_josh Rick Renteria and Tony La Russa discussing in-game decision-making @Krossiant @soxmachine_josh Renteria got fired for thinking like this.
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiIn baseball, every good managerial decision could fail. Every bad managerial decision could succeed. What were the…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @Moncada4P Straight up I did not see you tweet it, I only saw the TLR half as a reply you sent 😂 I apologize deeply @AverageJoeOPk @ChiSoxHaze @BIGHURTKNAPP35 Analytics is a tool for decision-making. The manager is the decision-mak… @BIGHURTKNAPP35 Could it simply be that Kevin Cash just isn't experienced enough yet? That was his first World Series he managed in. @ChiSoxHaze @BIGHURTKNAPP35 Apologies: analytics to make in-game decisions.For what might be the one-millionth time: the game requires both analytics and "gut feel" for managing. I have lite… @KR_Nelson To make it completely clear: I agree, both need to be used. I have never stated otherwise. But refusal t… @BIGHURTKNAPP35 Tony La Russa had a feel for the game. The game he managed and played in is not the same as today.… @KR_Nelson So you're convinced that at no point during the final innings, the Dodgers would've scored?One is Rick Renteria. One is Tony La Russa. Spot the difference. I completely understand those who don't want Hinc… @OwiakRob'm not happy with the autocorrect that happened here. I'm even less happy that I didn't catch it. @NotRickHahn I get this now... I didn't realize my mistake lolturning the Cash decision into a straight 'analytics are bad' argument is annoying. dodgers just won off analytics.…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @mikeomoran17 Well that solves it! Glad we could clear that up!THANK YOU! Pretending that the Rays would’ve been anywhere near the World Series without a killer game plan that… never has been one or the other. They work in tandem. More people need to understand this - I don’t know where t… and “old school baseball” can perfectly coexist with one another. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @Ruhdolph @Diamond_Digest Dang you oldMe cashing in that White Sox +1100 bet in 2021: @CallieTsai Please noFor the first time since 1988, the Dodgers are World Champs
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiAlright announce A.J. Hunch to the White Sox now, it’s officially legal to do so. @CallieTsai You’re having a fantastic night tonight. @Mattrago98 Correct. Everyone agrees on this. The problem is people who hate analytics believe those who use analyt… @GetFoul_ItWill @DevanFink How does that explain how the Rays took down the Yankees? How about the Astros? @Mattrago98 I promise you this: 1) There was not a single person with a true understanding of analytics that said t… > results Process > results Process > results Process > results Process > results Process > results
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiPeople seem to think there’s a chart somewhere that says: “Is the pitcher through the order for a third time? If y… @Moncada4P But but but the big bad numbers!!!When even the analytics community is saying, “The Rays shouldn’t have pulled Snell,” maybe the analytics aren’t act… can be mad at decision to lift Snell -- you should be! -- but if you think that "analytics are bad because they…
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiDumb numbers. Only idiots would use them.“Analytics are ruining the game!” No matter who wins this World Series, analytics and the “nerds” have their fingerprints all over it.Just a reminder that the Dodgers are one of baseball's most analytically-inclined organizations, too. Analytics won…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @Mattrago98 that’s a pretty gross oversimplification of analytics. @SoxOnTap .... Kevin Cash is fallible. Everyone is fallible. This entire premise is preposterous.1) StatCult would’ve said to leave Snell in because... 2) Analytics are not a flow chart. They are a warehouse of…’t believe they pull him here 💀
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiAn impressive prediction on our podcast by @efisher330 all the way back on October 19th, as Randy Arozarena hits hi…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski
@akenny18_ @BlackStang1302 That was indeed the intention @BlackStang1302 Did you not see the “Manager” part I put before the “Head Coach” part? Clearly used to refer to all Chicago Sports?#Foreshadowing @gfclark89 @Shaun__McNulty @RegionRat14 Ah I forgot about Donovan. It’s still a joke though.Without even having a manager, do the White Sox have the best manager/head coach in Chicago?
@soxmachine_josh HAHAHA okay true but to be fair I just stumbled across the clip.Did... did he just say that the trade of Chris Archer for Glasnow/Meadows AND more is “no longer looking as good as… it @Diamond_Digest @HotMicInc
Retweeted by Jordan LazowskiI want this tweet on my gravestone. unpopular opinion: it was 100% worth it to try the steal there.Join us shortly on @HotMicInc for a watch party of tonight's World Series Game 5. @BentleyScotty, @djfc22, and…
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@jeffbuko5019 Correct, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. In other sports, it comes down to time of posse… @YaBoiMeechiee an advantage. If you are in possession of the ball/puck/etc, you can prevent the other team from act… @YaBoiMeechiee "Being out of hand" is not necessarily my point though. It was 8-7 with two outs in the bottom of th… @BentleyScotty and @djfc22 go absolutely insane as Brett Phillips cements himself in World Series immortality…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @YaBoiMeechiee That’s their choice to give up the game. They get 27 outs, just like every other game. They’re in co… @NonnieJonnie @NonnieJonnie Sure, hockey is much closer to baseball in terms of the importance of every second. But it’s not at the same level.In other sports, when teams have a 90% chance of winning, they run out the clock, take a knee, and stop playing to…“Baseball is boring” yeah ok lolThese guys have been doing phenomenal work this postseason and are far more fun to listen to. Mute your TV and turn… are LIVE on @HotMicInc for World Series Game 4! Join @BentleyScotty and @djfc22 for the pivotal game of the Worl…
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@adamkoplik Your job has been eternally saved this evening.
@BuzzOnTap Curious to see what he eventually signs for. My guess is still a multi-year deal, but who really knows at this point.ICYMI: To help all of you with your SoxMachine Offseason Plans, I looked at what the framework for a Lucas Giolito… at this thread and then try telling me you don’t want Trevor Bauer on the White Sox.'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO greatest influence on pitching of the last 2 generations may very well be Trevor Bauer. His work ethic and his…
Retweeted by Jordan Lazowski @supersoxfan79 He’s been making $13M-$18M recently. That’s far more than his production levels. @efisher330 @jasoncollette Fair point. Still though, doesn’t feel like it belongs in the same tier as most teams’ “bad” trades. @nextyeardc @baseball_dorks Turner came from San Diego in that trade. @hawkize Yeah that one was just brought up to me. That ended up not being a great one. But hey, that’s one out of how many? @nextyeardc Turner came from San Diego @Brandon_Warne Good call on that trade. I’d agree that’s the closest they could get to one. @supersoxfan79 I mean Longoria hasn’t been the same since the trade, not nearly worth his contract. I’d define that as nearing net neutral. @ajohnmoore Give it time. Pham looked rough too, and Cronenworth is just a rookie. Still haven’t seen what Edwards… Rays are just honestly incredible. I mean seriously, is there a signing/trade that they’ve made in recent years… @JermMay5 This explains so much
@OwiakRob @YasmaniGrandaI Yeah my grandma agrees with you. Is that your target audience? @YasmaniGrandaI Alright fine your turn to propose oneI propose this as our new topic of argument. Let's ride. don't know why we as White Sox fans argue over Rick Hahn anymore. It's boring, and the lack of new talking points…