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Jamie @jlew8 Athens, Georgia

My claim to fame is trolling Sean Spicer on Venmo. Views are my own. RTs ≠ endorsements.

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🎵 goodbye to you, goodbye to everything that I knew, you were the one I loved, the one thing that I tried to hold o… MAYBE THEY SHOULDN’T BE PHARMACISTS. your voice, change the world. Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, #TheHateUGive is in theaters October…
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And white people everywhere rejoiced. @shelbyboring I’ve felt these feels before. Just look at this belly! just called @whoweekly to yell about Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch in Everybody Wants Some! while literally on the… @kmargillo My work here is done."This feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable actions and decisions to uphold…
Retweeted by Jamie*insert Red Wedding joke here* clarify: You were separated from your MEAL and you are upset?
Retweeted by JamieI didn’t even care about Bella and Jacob that much! I have no idea what came over me.11 years later and I can still remember (and cringe) reading that scene for the first time while listening to… you ever remember something silly and embarrassing that made you cry? I’ll start. The scene in Eclipse (the book… stop putting the desiccated corpse of Johnny Depp on my tl
Retweeted by Jamie @continuants Or is it bancake time?
@ilikecomicstoo I can relate! @ilikecomicstoo It makes me so happy when cats settle down, feel safe and comfortable and then get extra fluffy.How many times am I going to have to pinch myself? This is unreal. I am SO honored to be a part of this group of…
Retweeted by JamieIt me.’d be remiss if I didn’t share this well-timed boomerang of Jon Lovett with everyone. news still sucks, but last night’s @PodSaveAmerica show with @staceyabrams left me feeling hopeful for the futu… @amandamull Sunny Delight or yellow Gatorade. @whynotsara truly lived my best podcast life this evening because while I was second row at @PodSaveAmerica in Atlanta, I was… show tonight, @jonfavs @jonlovett @TVietor08 and @danpfeiffer! you work in social media, listen to @arb's interview on @nathanallebach's podcast. Insightful, funny, and highly…
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ZERO REGRETS SPLURGING ON THIS SEAT. many friends of the “pawd” in Atlanta! @PodSaveAmerica, turns out posters aren’t allowed in tonight’s venue, but here’s what I made for the Atlanta sh… what I spotted at Barnes and Noble before the @PodSaveAmerica show! @crookedmedia @danpfeiffer @cobbenergypac Are we allowed to bring signs/posters into shows? about facebook groups, including transit-oriented-teens and my beloved who weekly
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@WaffleHouse Thoughts and prayers for @lxcarruth who is probably in mourning right now.The rent is too damn high!
Retweeted by Jamie @WaffleHouse This feels like a situation that a lot of wealthy UGA alumni could solve very quickly if it's a matter… @WaffleHouse The Five Points Waffle House is an institution in Athens. Where will the drunken football fans go afte… NEAREST @WaffleHouse IS CLOSING AND I AM UPSET. 🤠 y’all 🤠 the 🤠 official 🤠 second-person 🤠 plural 🤠
Retweeted by JamieA sneak peek at my poster for the @PodSaveAmerica show on Thursday in Atlanta 👀 Twitter is wholesome and good.
It’s a bad sad day. But here’s something you can look at.
Retweeted by Jamie🚨 Colton Haynes has discovered Benihana 🚨 I was saying, the news is extra heavy these days. news is extra heavy these days, so do yourself a favor and decompress with the delightful @SetItUpNetflix after… may not change their minds, but you can definitely make their day more annoying: Senator David Perdue GA Offi…
Retweeted by Jamie @underthesea @whoweekly Right?? was today years old when I learned that Pete Wentz is biracial. Thanks, @whoweekly!, maybe I can be convinced to keep watching Supergirl. @kmargillo @ccorbisiero Katie! It is everything I’ve ever wanted in a modern day rom-com. Highly recommend.
I need to know if the lovely ladies of @ThirstAidKit have watched Set It Up yet, and if so, can we get a Glen Powel… truth transcends party.
Retweeted by JamieWhat did you even do with your life if you didn’t watch @SetItUpNetflix this weekend? #SetItUp would be perfectly happy if Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch became this generation’s Hanks/Ryan *this tweet brought…
Retweeted by Jamie28-year-old @Ocasio2018 is running for office for the first time. "In my opinion, if women and gender-expanding peo…
Retweeted by Jamie#OTD in 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived at the New York Harbor. Designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Ba…
Retweeted by JamieThe World Cup but all the teams are made up of actors from The CW. #The100 #Riverdale
Retweeted by JamieGood morning to everyone except Meghan Markle’s father.Happy Father’s Day to a man who is both a dad and daddy.
Retweeted by JamieJAMES ELLSWORTH RUINS A SECOND MONEY IN THE BANK. #MITB’m begging you. If you are old enough to vote this year, PLEASE. REGISTER. AND. VOTE. And sign up your friends. Th…
Retweeted by JamieWrapped up my weekend of fluffy romance (seriously, go watch @SetItUpNetflix!) by finishing Meet Cute, an adorable…
@underthesea 🙈🙈🙈This tweet is also for @underthesea because she shamed me for leaving her off my original list. @adatweetsthings It’s us. @l_spillane I would if these were the teams.Sometimes you tweet things that only a few people will appreciate and this one is for @LadyInTheTweets, @l_spillane and @littlebirdmeg.So now you are afraid of teenagers AND witches? You are going to lose your minds when you find out about Sabrina.
Retweeted by Jamie🎵 we could’ve had it all 🎵 World Cup but all the teams are made up of actors from The CW. #The100 #Riverdale E L P I’ve been attacked. are red Athens has bands
Retweeted by Jamie“Oh my god! Like, there goes another lemming.” // I caved a bought white Converse shoes so I could be like all the… just generally when he sucked all of the fun out of music to the point that I quit his class mid-semester my senior year?Should I go with the time he brought me to tears in front of our entire ensemble and made me feel smaller than any… got added to a private group on Facebook in advance of my high school band director’s 50th birthday. We’ve been a… roar
Retweeted by JamieThat being said, I’m now very invested in the relationship between Joey King and Jacob Elordi.’m here to report that The Kissing Booth is Very Bad.