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@ItsRadishTime @brittashipsit And I haven’t read it yet but it’s up next for book club and I’ve heard great things… @ItsRadishTime This is tough but probably Ship It by @brittashipsit. Also rec Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue… energy
Retweeted by Jamie @LaurenEMorrill I’m shadowing an English class on the 1980s this semester and the professor had us watch that episode - so delightful!Ok well now I’ve moved on to The Early November’s album “The Room’s Too Cold.” This night took a turn I did not expect.Oh god, I’m drowning in emo teen nostalgia right now. Thank you for reminding me about Straylight Run,… @hwhittenwrites Absent from your lists but worth asking about...Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Charmed? @hwhittenwrites 1. Yes yes yes to Daughters of the Moon. 2. Thank you for reminding me that Straylight Run exists.
Instead of watching this movie, might I recommend just listening to Queen’s greatest hits or watching the actual Li… aside all of the Bryan Singer stuff, which you shouldn’t do anyway, Bohemian Rhapsody is so schmaltzy and s… also got Patrick’s mom to admit that while she does not find Adam Driver conventionally attractive, he does have… ending of Blackkklansmen was even more powerful this time around because I knew it was coming and could feel th… person hated The Favourite and thinks we should go back to “five good movies” and not “all this crap.” Favourite just ended (still great upon second viewing) and someone behind me just realized that was Rachel Weis…’t wait to see my flannel boyfriend again. for one of my favorite annual traditions - the #amcbps! @PoppiWillow I don’t think he created it and they have little control over it without a lot of focus and effort. @emilyhughes I lovingly refer to her as my lemon cat like a bad used car.! Listen to @littlegoldmen! We’re here for all the behind-the-scenes awards fuckery!
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Retweeted by JamieI picked such a good year to finally get into @littlegoldmen because these last few months have given me serious aw… @mcamparmstrong @zacharmstrong88 I made that meal this week! @casey_mcquiston @emilyhughes @JessicaBCooper I’m ready. @dilemmalord BUT WHY IS REY BACK TO HER FORCE AWAKENS HAIR WHAT DOES IT MEANHELP I AM FEELING MANY STAR WARS FEELINGS am oscar i am crying i am sad i am star war wars
Retweeted by JamieI 😭 LOVE 😭 THEM 😭 SO 😭 MUCH 😭
Retweeted by JamieDo you NEED a copy of WE HUNT THE FLAME by Hafsah Faizal? Follow+RT to enter to win an ARC of one of our most highl…
Retweeted by Jamieoh...oh no no this and @hannahorens’ newest book, LOVE AT FIRST LIKE, my heart is just drowning in giddy happiness over s…❤️😭❤️😭 ugh i am so bad with finances, starting this next paycheck i’m gonna cut down my superfluous expenses and get👏🏽…
Retweeted by JamieBecause it’s Friday. supports you like a social media friend that you never met.
Retweeted by Jamie @ryastarks THE REYLO VIBES ARE SO STRONG @DawgsOnToppp I’m seeing her at the 40 Watt in April!
@hwhittenwrites I’m a fairly new follower, so forgive the dumb question, but does For the Wolf have an estimated re… this is a very good and pure thread for the Valentine’s Day love, @UGAFranklin! ❤️, 911? I’d like to report a crime. The Good Place twitter just attacked me. about this post from @hargrettlibrary just really screamed @glitzandshadows and @JessicaBCooper to me.’all know I stan the fake to real relationship trope. @JessicaBCooper @hwhittenwrites dancing to my favorite song @audreytward I’ll be at the Punch Brothers concert!Darkling fanart by liuet ( and Cardan fanart by @MelieScribbles.Happy Valentine’s Day to all the emo disaster boys I’ve loved before. @damdriver i’m sorry
Retweeted by Jamie @srtalmadge I was unprepared.good morning everyone get ready to update your desktop backgrounds
Retweeted by JamieWhen kacey musgraves asks me to yee I say how haw
Retweeted by JamieTIL Phoebe Bridgers and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are not the same person. @arb @arb ...not SSOB, right? @JessicaBCooper @absenceofspeech oh hello
I think sometimes about the size of a library full of the books that weren't written, the movies and shows that wer…
Retweeted by JamieThis is one of the absolute best books I read in 2018, so do not miss out on the opportunity to read it for free!… were you when the meme died
Retweeted by Jamie @zanopticon I can’t wait! necessarily a good reason to vote for her for President, but a fun fact: she was roommates in college with Conn…
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@emojidoll me!Is it weird to want to hug a newsletter? @casey_mcquiston Is she on Twitter? @mcamparmstrong @casey_mcquiston I went to @AvidBookshop and had them pre-order me a copy but any major book retailer will have it.1. @casey_mcquiston is a genius, this is great, you should run (don’t walk!) and pre-order RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLU… you even go to UGA circa 2009-2014 if you didn’t have one of those sippy @CamelBak bottles? every time you’re at a marketing/social media conference and someone references the Oreo “dunk in the dark” tweet.lmao at @BroadwayDirect emailing me about this play right as I sent this tweet GOOD MORNING Driver is ugly. E L P Cox buying a Bulldog from Big Boi might actually break the Georgia-meter.
Retweeted by JamieThoughts and prayers to @TheAcademy’s social media team right now.No traditional non-Oscar viewer is suddenly tuning in because you cut cinematography, film editing and two other ca… @virtuechalamet Merluca lives and I am thriving!🍕ur timeline has been blessed with none pizza left beef 🍕u will have a blessed week 🍕
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The Oscars get shit for being elitist but they are one of the only awards shows that televises winners in the craft…
Retweeted by Jamie @ckbarrett I told you I had to explain “stanning” to a coworker recently! This is a great explainer if you need it. LOVE KACEY MUSGRAVES
Retweeted by JamieGolden Hour has NO SKIPS!!
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Retweeted by Jamie🤠 guess who’s seeing @KaceyMusgraves twice in March 🤠Dear @thethankyoutour @CTV @OnIcePerspectvs @JustinTrudeau and all of Canada, what would it take to get #TTYCT sold… @PoppiWillow Imagine getting to touch his hair. get your man, @jessaniol. MY GOD
Retweeted by JamieCatch me in Canada this fall ✈️ 💀 *you’re* rewatching @starsonice videos because you’re in America and can’t watch #TTYCT on CTV. #VirtueMoir, this is lovely
Retweeted by JamieWe stan one coordinated power couple.
Another day, another award show snubbing my emo space boyfriend. #BAFTA lost it watching Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams recall a time when they met Matt McConaughey and he call…
Retweeted by Jamie @virtuechalamet I hate you for this.
Retweeted by JamieHe’s back at it proving this tweet right.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @casey_mcquiston How can I sign up for the Tinyletter? @PoppiWillow Oh my god, yes. Do it! Feel all the feels and please tweet your reading journey!