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Jamie @jlew8 Athens, Georgia

My claim to fame is trolling Sean Spicer on Venmo. Views are my own. RTs ≠ endorsements.

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Anyway, I’ve got some podcast feelings, but here’s a @MPG gif from Pitch to bring it full circle. while I know we’ve been promised the remainder of this current season, I really hope TAK finds a new home deserv…’s how I feel about @ThirstAidKit, too. What @bimadew and @tnwhiskeywoman and the rest of the TAK team have cre… you’ve followed me for a while, you know how upset I was when Pitch was cancelled. The show felt unique and impo… BuzzFeed "pivot" away from podcasts makes sense when you remember that BuzzFeed lives and dies as a business on…
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🙏🏻 sending all the positive thirsty vibes to @tnwhiskeywoman and @bimadew that #TAKPod find… though we are not mentioned by name here 🙃, I’d like to emphasize that @ThirstAidKit will finish its current s…
Retweeted by Jamie @aewsome @JoshRJohns16 At the very least, there’s a belt. feel obligated to let @JoshRJohns16 and @aewsome know that UGA basketball is leaning into some sort of WWE aesthe… in 2008: emo trash me in 2018: emo COWBOY trash
Retweeted by JamieBUT WHAT ABOUT @ThirstAidKit is basically the evolution of “glasses are lame and I don’t want to wear them” to “fine, I’ll wear glasses” to… @nbcthegoodplace Janet takes over Google! @DarcyCarden @gaudyside @casey_mcquiston It makes my heart happy that my brand is so consistent. I was just looking back at Inst… @gaudyside @casey_mcquiston Wait, do you know Casey? I just heard about this book earlier this week and think it sounds amazing! @nbcthegoodplace Just look at this! you watch #TheGoodPlace, I highly recommend downloading their Chrome extension because it will make your work da… can’t believe that in ~24 hours, we’ve gotten album announcements from Robyn and Rita Ora AND a music video from… wins all the awards because he surprised me with this adaptation of one of my absolute favorite Star Wars b…
Your football coach could never. @ckbarrett “no sexual orientation” @whynotsara @SaraLang I just found out today that California recently passed a law to make their absentee ballots a… @ckbarrett As the expert on all things puppet, I need your thoughts. @SaraLang @whynotsara It doesn’t help matters that many college campuses have closed their post offices. I remember… @whynotsara A combo of lazy and uninformed.Sounds like these kids need @StampsCom. @PodSaveAmerica @jonfavs @TVietor08 @jonlovett @rachie_claire The feminist anthem we deserve.I still think about this comparison all the time, but this Adidas photo really reinforced it for me. now that it's official, excited to share that I'll be joining @jsonboucher, @michaelsteelman, @John_S_Murphy on… @k_heetland follow me reaction to seeing the @nytimes label Angela Bassett as Omarosa in a photo (in the print edition!!) from the… in to twitter and immediately logging off again this morning my god the New York Times mixed up Angela Bassett with Omarosa
Retweeted by Jamie @ckbarrett @carigervin It was Kat Williams and the husband of Wanda Smith, a v103 radio host. They had some type of… @carigervin @ckbarrett They’re making us wait and watch the 11pm news to find out.👀 #Emmys (h/t @ckbarrett for snagging the image) @TheStagmania As much as if shames me to admit, I find his bland mayo face to be attractive.these jokes are about ER and Cheers WHAT YEAR IS IT
Retweeted by JamieColin Jost should only be seen and not heard. #EmmysIs Twitter good again? feel this #Emmys opening says to me: “Any of these people would have been better hosts for tonight’s show!”
Retweeted by JamieI kept hoping this little diversity skit would end with them revealing to us that having Jost and Che as hosts was one big joke. #Emmys
I, too, have bought tickets for the Infinity Mirrors exhibit in Atlanta. @HighMuseumofArtMore Matt the Radar Tech, please. @nbcsnl, I’ve got some wardrobe suggestions for Adam Driver if you need them. am choosing to willfully ignore the part where Kanye is the musical guest.My emo space boyfriend is hosting the SNL premiere!!! @exhibitter @hargrettlibrary @ugalibs Sweet! I am in the back of the chapel with @gooduniverse. @exhibitter @hargrettlibrary @ugalibs Are you still around or are there still buttons? I just came by the chapel an… up thinking about "Eighth Grade" and That Car Scene and how so many teen girls know the feeling of having your…
Retweeted by JamieThis sounds incredible! Mary Poppins returns full trailer, as I live and breathe... #MaryPoppinsReturns
Retweeted by JamieTired: Mark Ruffalo playing Noah Centineo's dad Wired: Oscar Isaac playing Noah Centineo's older brother
Retweeted by JamieFeel old yet?
Retweeted by Jamie @rilaws It’s one of my favorite books I’ve read so far in 2018.Remind me again why I insist on training for a half marathon every year right as college football season kicks off?The last Saturday I was able to wake up without an alarm and had zero plans was August 25. The next Saturday like i… @copperoranges Another good one is @unladylikemedia. @copperoranges Have you listened to @sheandherradio?SOS SOS SOS
More gay teen smut!
Retweeted by JamieTo celebrate International Red Panda day here are my favorite photos I've taken! #IRPD2018
Retweeted by JamieI’ve just been informed that today is #RedPandaDay. someone is talking shit about me come tell me *everything* and never let them in on it as you build trust over t…
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Wow. Tammy Duckworth struggled thru fertility problems for 8 (!!) years b/c the VA-recommended doctor she had been…
Retweeted by Jamie.@universityofga #Dawgs helped boost searches for one word more than 10,000%. #WordsOfTheWeek
Retweeted by JamieLiterally LOLing that UGA fans caused a spike in searches for “yeet” after the South Carolina game. large kicker son @lindseyweber Tell me about the Arnold Palmer spindrift because I’m afraid to stray from my faithful grapefruit unl… family
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"You’re in the South if bar fights unfold in parking lots. In the West, bar fights happen inside the bar. So that’s… thinking I’m not going to buy this book. am the bug whisperer.
If you need me, I’ll just be over here screaming about Cole Sprouse’s Instagram post. think a family of grasshoppers has been living behind my side mirror the last few days. least Henry Cavill is now free to work on his only project that truly matters, the sequel to Man from UNCLE where they bang.
Retweeted by JamieChristian Bale will always be my favorite Laurie.
Retweeted by Jamiea pure and good thread, I am still thinking about these beautiful human beings. #VirtueMoir, @HillaryClinton gets her due as a suit style icon in @people magazine (“in the 70+ category!”)
Retweeted by Jamie @emilyhughes You look so glam with the hair wave - I love it.Highlights from today's visit with @tessavirtue and @scottmoir: How to form unbreakable relationships, prepare for…
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I love suits
Retweeted by JamieDUMPLIN’ is going to @netflix and I have no chill!
Retweeted by JamieWow, I love Atlanta. #staceyabrams
Retweeted by JamieThat green suit! Scott’s hair! I am overwhelmed.! Look! So! Good! Here! @jessaniol I’ll will this movie into existence if I have to.literally me when I heard this news is a yearly reminder that behind every social media account is a real human being with feelings who likely agr…
Retweeted by JamieMan From UNCLE 2, a nation turns its lonely eyes to u
Retweeted by Jamie @sdpowell1 So can he return to Man from UNCLE now? The people (me and @Nicole_Cliffe and @sarahchristine) want a sequel.If this frees Henry Cavill up for a Man from UNCLE sequel, I am all for it.'ve never been responsible for looking after toddlers at a nursery but I *DO* moderate several Facebook Groups.
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How am I supposed to make decisions at Target if @underthesea doesn’t answer my snaps in a timely manner?You mean to tell me both #TheHateUGive and #AStarIsBorn are being released on October 5 now? I might as well pack a… 😊. October 5th!
Retweeted by Jamieis this real life
Retweeted by Jamie @TheNovl Bookstagram, my local indie shop (hi @AvidBookshop!) friends and what authors I already like are blurbing/promoting.