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✨No matter where I go, I know where I came from✨

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What am I laughing at? Guess in the comments 🤣
Retweeted by jlo“The 12 Books You’ll Be Desperate to Read This Summer...” Thank you so much @Cosmopolitan - late to this but super…
Retweeted by jlo @jloxgaga @jlowpride Love you!I was there, this was not rehearsed! lol
Retweeted by jloThank you guys for watching with me!!!!! See you all next week for the finale! 💋✨♥️@nbcworldofdance #WorldofDance @egt239So sad to see any one of these acts go home… trust me, it wasn’t easy!!! 😭♥️♥️ @nbcworldofdance #WorldofDance @egt239Did I just get goosies?!!!! @geometriev ✨♥️@nbcworldofdance #WorldofDance @egt239That kiss at the beginning was like “please don’t drop me”… the kiss at the end was like “thanks for not dropping m… WE ARE ONNNN!!!!! If you ain’t watching #WorldOfDance you best get to it!!!!💃🏼💥✨❤️ #semifinals @JLo @derekhough
Retweeted by jloLet's go! 🥳 #WorldofDance
Retweeted by jloIt’s time… 12 acts left… 1 step closer to the $1 million prize. Who are you most excited to see on the Main Stage?!… good baby!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 20 more minutes until we’re back on the stage!!! I’m ready for some #goosies tonight… what about you???? 🌟…!!!!!! #WODOutfitCheck! I'm obsessed with you @MariolaJLover #WODOutfitCheck @NBCWorldofDance to lay it all out on the stage! 💃🏽✨Don’t miss the #WorldOfDance semi-finals TONIGHT!!!! Check out some more BT…
Can you tell I’m smiling under this mask? 😊 We wear our masks to protect ourselves and each other. Wearing is carin… the best!!!!!! @wearehers😍 we get to see these amazing dancers on the big stage!! It gets even better😍🔥 @JLo #WorldofDance
Retweeted by jloIt’s #WorldOfDance DAY!!!! Ohh... I mean Tuesday. Love seeing @JLo every Tuesday night.
Retweeted by jloWelcome to the Semi-Finals, @GRVMNThiphop.
Retweeted by jloThe Young Cast's routine = perfection. 🤩 Don't miss #WorldofDance TONIGHT 10/9c on @nbc.
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We’ve had a lot of fun at the warehouse ... but now it’s time for the BIG stage, baby! 💃🏽✨Don’t miss the… ☕️ The ability to understand and share the feelings of another. ✨❤️✨Happy Sunday ... 🌼 else is obsessed with @Geometriev? 🙋‍♀️
Retweeted by jloParty in “Club Basement” 🎉 !!! . DJs Ella & Emme droppin some beats 😂 🎶 #hiphopmedley #tiktok
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Good morning everyone!!! #MorningFace
Lazy summer daysies ✨☀️✨ because #WorldofDance Semi-Finals start Tuesday:
Retweeted by jloEverybody, I want you to sing it loud: I’M LIMITLESS ... That’s right my baby ... now never forget it!
they have a better chance of avoiding or lifting themselves out of poverty. This historic bill shows us that system… Zealand you’re limitless 🇳🇿❤️ Bravo bravo bravo 👏🏼 Repost from @glblctzn • New Zealand recently passed legisl… bops had me hype! ✨✨ Party in Club Basement with Alex, Lulu, Ella Bella and Nick! @AROD a nuestras artistas @shakira y @JLo, por las 4 nominaciones al #EMMY® por su actuación en el Super Bowl…
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I just heard from @JLo that we have four #Emmys nominations for the Super Bowl LIV HT show! That’s amazing. Thank y…
Retweeted by jlocan’t wait for the main stage 💙 @NBCWorldofDance #WorldofDance @JLo @NeYoCompound @derekhough
Retweeted by jloOff to the main stage. No weak moments.... Here 👏🏼 we 👏🏼 GO 👏🏼 @nbcworldofdance #worldofdance @egt239Miss Keagan…. Wow👽That was soooo oooozeyyy and emotional. You just broke my heart again 💔😍 @nbcworldofdance“hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard” #WorldofDance
Retweeted by jlo#WorldOfDance time!! I’m so excited for the last round of the duels! Who do you think will advance?! @jlo @nbcworldofdance @egt239
Retweeted by jlo🔥 🔥 #WorldofDance @JLo @egt239
Retweeted by jloDid someone say #goosies?!?! @Baileysok1 @lilkida8 @nbcworldofdance #worldofdance @egt239 am so sad it’s our last night with @official_tWitch but SOOO excited to see who he decides to bring back for rede… just one hour we’re finishing off the duels!!! Goosies may or may not make an appearance 👀✨ Who is watching with…
💃 you! #Emmys2020 @TelevisionAcad #SuperBowlLIV - 4 nominations @Shakira // @NBCWorldofDance - 1 nomination… you so much for the amazing birthday messages today! I truly felt the love from all of you and it means the w…
Retweeted by jlo.@AROD turns 45 today 🎈 In 1998, he said @JLo was his dream date ... never stop dreaming big!
Retweeted by jlo❤️
Retweeted by jlo @JuanjoRengel 😂😂😂
laughing and joking and enjoying life together... whatever that is, wherever that is...doesn’t matter. That’s the b… are on TV right now and I’m sitting here in the studio watching you and thinking about how I only want to be ri…
Outtake from @BritishVogue getting ready for the The Governor’s Ball for the Academy... 📸 by Greg Williams mom loving her @JLo x DSW shoes I gifted her ✨💛✨
Retweeted by jlo @Jessa_JLover @JLO_House They look great!!!#TooManyShoes check! 👠 ✨👟 It’s time for another TikTok challenge, but this time with @dsw_us in celebration of my… where we need to be ...
Official reminder that it’s time to retake our @JLo classes, stat.
Retweeted by jloJust finished a great post-birthday celebration workout and helped to support hunger awareness! ✨💪❤️ #NoLimitLegion treats! What’s your fave bday cupcake? Chocolate 🍫 or vanilla🍦!? tears of joy! Thank you for the best day!
where i’d rather be right now 🥺 happy birthday ⁦@JLo⁩, the world is a much better place because you’re in it, thank…
Retweeted by jlo @JLo Happy birthday to you My Queen!!!! Be happy today and always!!!
Retweeted by jloPOV: You are a cameraman/women that has been recording Jennifer since she first started and now that she has accomp…
Retweeted by jlo....But what’s the same is I still feel the love from all of you and I hope you feel it too! Even though the world… you so much for all of your beautiful birthday wishes! As I watch and read through all of them, I can’t help…’s get loud for @JLo’s birthday today! ✨✨
Retweeted by jlo @JLo llega a los 51 años más guapa que nunca, le deseamos lo mejor. ¡Felicidades! 🎂 🎁 🎉
Retweeted by jloHappy Birthday, Jennifer Lopez! @JLo 🥰🥰
Retweeted by jloToday is @JLo's 51st birthday! Back in 1999, she talked to us about the gift of inspiring people with her work, and…
Retweeted by jloLET'S GOOOOOO!!!! #OpeningDay
Retweeted by jloMy new babies @JLo 💛😍 can't wait to wear them. #JLoJenniferLopez
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This week on @NBCWorldofDance! @savannahmanzel you blew me away!♥️ ICYM this week’s episode:
.@JLo is taking you behind the scenes of #WorldofDance. 💥
Retweeted by jloCan we fast forward to next week now?? I’m ready for more duels💃🏼 @JLo #WorldOfDance
Retweeted by jlo @JLo @NBCWorldofDance @egt239 😍😍 I'm excited to see everyone! I can't choose one 🤷🙈 Those duels are so exciting to…
Retweeted by jloWhat a battle… Who do you want @official_tWitch to bring back in the redemption round?!!? @NBCWorldofDance @egt239JLo, DHo, NeYo…. Hahaha love you guys 😂♥️ @NeYoCompound @derekhough @egt239 #WorldOfDance @nbcworldofdanceThat was one of the hardest rounds of the duels… #FightMode #WorldOfDance @NBCWorldofDance @egt239It’s that time again! On my couch with my popcorn ready for #WorldOfDance! Who else is watching? @JLO @egt239 @NBCWorldofDance
Retweeted by jloYes you did! Juniors are such special little beings with SOOO much talent. So excited to see what they do tonight! Who are… Coast!!! We're back in just an hour. ICYMI, check out the latest BTS from @NBCWorldofDance 👉…
#WODoutfitcheck!!!! I’ve been lovvvving all of your recreations. You guys are too good. Check my next tweet for som… if you’re ready for a new episode of @NBCWorldofDance TONIGHT !!! Live tweet with me using #WorldOfDance startin… this!!! Good luck to all tonight ✨✨✨ shine ✨🌟 #Lulu @brooke ❤️❤️Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Partner with Company Hims & Hers on Accessible Healthcare​
Retweeted by jloDropping this GIF here because we can. 🔥
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But it’s not always easy, especially now. @wearehims & @wearehers is an accessible solution with products and serv… more than ever, it’s sooo important to advocate for your own health and wellness. 🤍 Everyone deserves to look a…'ll get goosies the second @mdc3official starts dancing. Catch #WorldofDance TOMORROW 10/9c on @nbc.
Retweeted by jloFamily time ❤️❤️❤️
Don’t believe me just watch. 👀🎼 A lil flashback to one of my favorite dance breaks! #AMAs 🤍
Retweeted by jloBaby hairs and moñitos ✨✨