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James Long @jlongster Chattanooga, TN

Maker of @actualbudget ( Created @PrettierCode. Previously: Mozilla.

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@jongold 110 seems hot, I think yeast dies around that temp
@SlexAxton Hard to argue with it for sureI said we’re cooking hot dogs and brats and Evy (5yo) keeps saying how much she loves hot dogs and butts @jimcalliu I don’t think they need to know the names, but if they can’t read they will definitely need help. They m… got animal crossing and my 5yo daughter a note saying “i love you” 😭😭#Covid_19 has caused unprecedented economic distress. Our new website will document the government policies, their…
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@matthewcp olive oil! @Nbaugh1 it cooks super fast though, not sure there's enough time to build up heat @pancrisp Found the video! Look for Chris’ method @pancrisp I don’t know much about cooking but it works! Learned from @bonappetit video about their favorite way to… @pancrisp Probably a couple of tbsp. Heat on medium-high before putting eggs on, it cooks pretty fast. It does soak… fav method of cooking eggs: use oil, don’t flip, spoon oil over top to cook whites. Nice crispy bottom with sil…
Is Fox News *seriously* trying to blame this on Obama?? @joelrunyon Sorry :( Got some news coming and things have slowed down because of the pandemic. Keep an eye out, it'll happen!
@maddox It's not based on cloud responses. I turned off wifi and it still happens. It's just slow. And that's my po… @cassidoo @Netlify OH YEAH, congrats! @gduverger Specifically the deferred date feature really got me interested that I saw from @garybernhardt @gduverger It’s a little more powerful and has origins in the GTD philoshophy. I really like it so far. Has just en… @DavidKPiano haha true, I need to step up my game to watch for tweet keywords though @pkursawe pressing ctrl+z to undo and ctrl+shift+z to redo. Should have shown key presses. @acruiz I don't really buy this argument. I've done a lot of Swift/iOS development. It's easy to fall into traps in both places. @acruiz My argument is it's a wash. Any app can be slow. Webapps can easily be as fast as native apps. There are pi… @acruiz Mostly browserTrying out OmniFocus. This is a native app built on CloudKit (I think) for syncing. It's a great app, but this is w…
Does anyone know if it's possible get the current size of an indexeddb database in Safari? None of the APIs I'm finding seem to exist @fwenzel I don't think so - @gkoberger ? @gkoberger @potch @dylanjha @chadnickbok @sahazel @sgrove @cvanw @whoyee @_ijjk @timer150 @timneutkens @MarcCuva @cvanw same to you! @flyinvoke Did you get a notification ? On mobile it should warn you that the app isn't build for mobile. There's a native mobile app. @GarethSeth what's blazor?I'm about to chat informally about various things here will some old Mozilla colleagues: @parthp1808 Will probably blog more about it, but it’s all based on my custom CRDT syncing layerSorely missing node’s async hooks though. I had to make the app code handle requests sequentially because it tracks… up undo/redo on the web version of Actual, watch how easily you can go back and forth between changes. Note… @gozala @JoshWComeau That's true. I guess that could just proxy the IDB requests anyway.
@gozala @JoshWComeau is there precedent for that? seems like a huge architectural change that would hopefully impro… @gozala @JoshWComeau The browser would enforce it in spite of sites, and ads would have to find a different way to… @JoshWComeau I've thought a lot about this. It's too easy to clear data from a browser anyway, you shouldn't rely o… @JoshWComeau It actually improves privacy - IDB is used to track users. But the solution still sucks. We should mak…
@cvanw @fwenzel @jamessocol They still need to interact? What's the point of the request then? (Do you need that to access IDB at all??) @cvanw @fwenzel @jamessocol You only have to do `requestStorageAccess` once right? fwiw in my case I don't rely to…
@thekitze @JoshWComeau looks cool!I was being sarcastic. @thekitze @JoshWComeau Yeah it was sarcastic 😗 but I don't dislike it either. you can go too far either why. I don'… @BrendanEich Fondly or negatively? @ryanflorence I'm being sarcastic, I like the idea of spacer-style components (and I'd never export a component wit… @ryanflorence but...'all seriously seriously check this out, I'm loving the new thing: @pesterhazy @msimoni Make sense, thanks @pesterhazy @msimoni What is the order? They will succeed in the order I fire them? (On the same page, of course ac… @steida Firefox was actually correct (if you read above this on the page) it used to wait until the fs flushed. It’… I do 10 `put` the order is not deterministic when they succeed, right?Is there a document/article anywhere that goes into detail about IndexedDB's concurrency semantics? If I write an o… @sebmarkbage The trade off of performance is real though. I’m more sad that IDB doesn’t have real transactions @sebmarkbage I’m not used to a DB being so upfront about it though! I’m spoiled from sqlite which gives such guaran… @Fishrock123 I know a lot of smart people that work on the web. there's a really weird paradox between then and whe… shouldn't concern yourself with building robust appsthe web is awes.... what the fu
@ryzokuken Excited about it!
@duncanmak @yminsky @actualbudget (feel like I need to say this: the web port is very new and has some glitches, li… @duncanmak @yminsky @actualbudget Try out the demo here: (also, bank syncing is coming soon) @duncanmak @yminsky @actualbudget it's a totally local app, if you use the electron version all your data is litera… @duncanmak @yminsky Yep! @actualbudget, I want to re-brand it specifically towards programmers or personal finance… @pesterhazy @sebmarkbage Is indexeddb the main problem? I don’t know it deeply. Surely it has transactions and lets… of good people you can hire! Sucks when something doesn't work out, but Ryan and Michael have always cheered…
@kgbciami7 @actualbudget @kripken I think that bug I linked to fixes it though. I tried it Safari Tech Preview (more recent build) and it works! @kripken No issues anywhere else, but some quick digging does show lower stack limits for workers in general (Chrom… it works in Safari nightly @kripken seen much with wasm stack issues in workers? I'm hitting an overflow, and I found @mattxcurtis Yeah, stack is smaller in workers it seems, Safari's is especially bad but looks like some fixes are c… @autiomaa Yep, that's the idea! @sebmarkbage Looks like Safari doesn't support SharedWorker at all :( (it used to? So thi… @gordonbrander Having to sync with the server on open isn't ideal, and that would enable you to "catch up" locally.… @gordonbrander Right now it sends changes off to the server soon after you make them, so the server is kinda the pe… obscure question that I hope somebody can help me with: using wasm (not sure if related) inside a web worke… @AndaristRake Yeah, I've found lots of github issues. Looks like it still loads all the JS again, etc even though t… @AndaristRake haven't tested much yet, but browser support is definitely a problem, also complex to understand if t… @sebmarkbage might be interested, I think you were talking about a shared background process for webapps a while ago?Imagine being up to drag a piece of the out into a separate window and compose different views into your own workfl…, got it working. This is _not_ using the server for syncing at all, this is the entire backend running in a ba… @sir_pepe Yeah, but if I want a service that runs every 15 minutes, I want the server to control that instead of th… @sir_pepe Yeah, "pinging" the server just to make sure it's awake seems annoying though... Right now I feel like a… @sir_pepe That's a very leaky abstraction! You gotta understand that this is 100% local app, a big entire backend i… @sir_pepe Oh wow, interesting. Don't love that. The app needs to be ready to respond and there are some background…'m tweeting about work stuff in spite of being incredibly anxious about COVID-19. We've been inside with 3 kids fo… it ok to run an entire app inside a ServiceWorker? Or is it supposed to just be the network layer?Right now all of the backend for the web version of Actual runs on the main thread which is why it's slightly janky… @kripken @descioli @_jayphelps @mattbasta My gut is to avoid doing it, I'm surprised as well that overriding it lik…
@AshConnell @_jayphelps We figured it out @_jayphelps @mattbasta @kripken Wait, sorry for the spam, actually it's my fault. It try streaming instantiation bu… @_jayphelps @mattbasta @kripken Looks like a bug with emscripten generated code, I'm using an older version bc newe… @_jayphelps @mattbasta @kripken Alright, looks like it's trying to load with both `WebAssembly.instantiate` and `We… @tilomitra @sodabeest It would help competitors too much, honestly, all it is is this lib compiled to WebAssembly t… @matthewcp @_jayphelps Not using a server worker yet :) nor preload links - looks like it's something from emscripten @_jayphelps @mattbasta Yeah, GET and size it reportedly the same (even though the first req finishes much faster?)… it common to see wasm files being requested twice in devtools? Both chrome and firefox show this. These are load… @sodabeest Oh definitely not. There already exists parsers and if I use them they've already smoothed over a lot of… @kenwarner It only looks big because I shrunk the screen for a screenshot. It doesn't warrant it's on page.Got QFX importing working in the web version of Actual. Continually impressed how far the web has come. It compile…