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Dad, Husband, Jr High Social Studies Teacher #gamification #GameMyClass #XPLAP PR jr NBA Coordinator/Sr. Boys Coach @ Glenmary HS/U17 Girls Warriors Basketball

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@thesega @TBerndhauser @themrdelle Sorry guys link should be all good now!! @thesega @TBerndhauser @themrdelle Take a look at mine too please @TBerndhauser @themrdelle I glanced at it. I want to take some time to really go through it. One suggestion is add… spitting facts! was a rumour that a uprising was going to happen so my assassin put a end to that. #GameMyClass #xplap he had… @MrKoz31 My class would have been cursed for sure then! #GameMyClass
@TBerndhauser Awesome! Where did you get the sword and robe?In front of a packed house during lunch the First World Renaissance Champion was crowned. Leonardo Da Vinci is our… and more ss are showing up... at noon it will all go down @TBerndhauser @themrdelle Help me out too!!The three champions face off tomorrow at Lunch! It is about to go down! #GameMyClass #xplap my slides too! #GameMyClass #xplap @JonDavidGroff I really like this!!! Need to re look at this when I have time @mrsjamiehalsey I am heading to San Diego and LA over Christmas break! lol
World Renaissance Championship happens tomorrow at lunch! Who will reign victorious #GameMyClass #xplap @GregButzEdu Epic! @MrRoughton @MrEggertsClass Here is my latest poster @Mister_Ashmore @Math2TheFuture @mrmatera @MrsCford_tweets @teachlikeaninja @alextvalencic @MrWeimann I don’t have enough bow ties lol...
This slide is 100% the most true thing ever don't even @ us #gamification #gamificationeurope #futurefun #geu19
Retweeted by King Loughlin (Jordan Loughlin)The struggle is real.
Retweeted by King Loughlin (Jordan Loughlin)My week on Twitter 🎉: 82 Mentions, 89 Likes, 2 Retweets, 10.6K Retweet Reach, 7 New Followers. See yours with…
@Thatcher_Tweets @burgessdave @MeehanEDU Would you be willing to share? @Thatcher_Tweets @burgessdave @MeehanEDU That is cool!!! What do you do for your unit? @HofmannEDU We will have a down day in San Diego with the basketball tournament. Suggestions on what to do with 12… @themrdelle Good idea!!!!! @bks559 I will be in San Diego and LA over Christmas break. Bringing basketball team down for a tournament.Our biggest fans this week: MeehanEDU, DHelmEDU. Thank you! via #GameMyClass #xplap crew is there any of you that live in San Diego or LA?
@TBerndhauser As they are building more and more buildings on their settlement, I find it easier to knock over and…’s go! take a look at the board. Should I make my settlement building cards smaller?? It would be very easy to do...Our biggest fans this week: MeehanEDU, DHelmEDU. Thank you! via @bks559 What did you have for sale??? @mrsjamiehalsey Yes! Every group has a different colour
@CandiceCth did you see this?📣 New Blog Post 📣 Got the itch to write so took an old blog and redid it. Called this one "Gamification 101 📋" cont…
Retweeted by King Loughlin (Jordan Loughlin) @Ashley68954629 did you see this? @TBerndhauser Oh that sucks! I print everything at school. They get me my paper too. I have amazing EA’s that help… @MrsBarker4 @TBerndhauser You can play with up to 4 players (so 4 groups)My Battle Board is getting busy! New settlements and colonies are piping up everywhere and they are building them u… @MrHebertPE @nz_lloyd That is awesome @TBerndhauser It’s a lot of fun. I used clip magnets to put up on the board @EatWriteTeach That’s a great idea!!!! Cyber Monday sale
Here is the Guild Battle we played: Keys to the Castle #GameMyClass #xplap crew, my last guild battle of the day was tied at the bell with one question left for each t… @jloughlin23 This is glorious!
Retweeted by King Loughlin (Jordan Loughlin)Guild Battle tomorrow for social 8 Renaissance and playing Keys to the Castle #GameMyClass #xplap
My third Champion has been crowned! Galileo has also decided to enter into the Tournament of Champions.… @Learyder2000 @MrHebertPE I basically did this too. #GameMyClass #xplap @DHelmEDU @MeehanEDU What’s on the bricks? I can’t read them on my phone @Ashley68954629 @Ashley68954629
@MrHebertPE Awesome! Last year I had my students try to find a cure for Prince Jackson. It was suspected that he ha… @MrMeehanHistory @makehistoryfun That is awesome! What do they have to make history fun? I am doing my best to make… is my second Renaissance Champion, he represented Da Vinci. He has accepted a spot in the Tournament of Champi…
@MrHayesPSD I never taught a csi forensic science class, but have used some of these history mysteries by… @JBuckLearns That is awesome!!My week on Twitter 🎉: 51 Mentions, 731 Mention Reach, 69 Likes, 1 Retweet, 66.6K Retweet Reach. See yours with…
Our biggest fans this week: Nicochan33. Thank you! via @ramy_melhem My kids just love me lol
Well a new propaganda poster poster has been submitted by a ss... what do you guys think? lol #GameMyClass #xplap I mark my boy has organized all the animals that I use on my battle board biggest fans this week: Nicochan33, SardImperium. Thank you! via @MrHebertPE She was so pumped! Now she wants to enter the tournament of Champions and beat the other 2 social 8 cla… @ramy_melhem @MrW_GPCS At my school I got in trouble for going too hard on them @MeehanEDU Thanks @ramy_melhem It was!!!
@MrHebertPE Thank you! is the Champion receiving her extra reward! #GameMyClass #xplap First Renaissance Champion has been crowned! #GameMyClass #xplap is up! #GameMyClass #xplap Renaissance Championship has been taken up a notch today for the finals!! #GameMyClass #xplap📣Today is the day & now is the time 👀 #GameMyClass #xplap #abed #edtech #edutwitter Virtually all of my…
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@nico1e @SalishSecondary Interested! @MrHExperience That’s awesome!! Can you share?
@MrCarlsonsClass @mrsjamiehalsey @mrmatera @MeehanEDU @MrHebertPE @MrHExperience @MrBillingsclass @Mister_Ashmore @JessThomulka @Ashley68954629 check this out... @MrJHemphill Probably could print on a transparency and photocopy backwards? @themrdelle @ramy_melhem Never tried tweet deck... @themrdelle A1 use side quests all the time in my class... just need a larger repertoire of side quests #xplap @themrdelle I saw that lol @themrdelle Jordan from Peace River, AB. Canada , been teaching for 15 years currently teach social studies 7-9. I… @MrHebertPE @ramy_melhem @Mister_Ashmore Need on board! Please pass on my info to any social 7-9 teachers guys!
@themrdelle @Mister_Ashmore @MrCarlsonsClass I tried it on a tv 📺 board too in another teachers room and didn’t break @themrdelle @Mister_Ashmore @MrCarlsonsClass Both!!! I use my smart board and that is very similar to a Promethean… @themrdelle @Mister_Ashmore @MrCarlsonsClass It will work on it. @MrCarlsonsClass @themrdelle @Mister_Ashmore check this out!! #GameMyClass #xplap It works amazing on my smart boar… cards printed... minor misprint, but oh well I fixed it for next print of them #GameMyClass #xplap
My week on Twitter 🎉: 58 Mentions, 722 Mention Reach, 38 Likes, 1 Retweet, 2.04K Retweet Reach. See yours with…
@thesega @SenorG Me too @ramy_melhem Thank you!
@ramy_melhem You got me lol @SpencerPinnock @d_martin05 @msmathlove may need to adjust text size for under scratch off sticker...Diamond cards for game are in my diamond mine & a couple are also in treasure chests. These need to be printed in s… @ramy_melhem I start each battle with Bruce Buffer #GameMyClass and #xplap crew, I am having my Renaissance Championship where ss debate each other to see who is t…
@Ashley68954629 @mrsjamiehalsey #GameMyClass All aboard!!! @Ashley68954629 @mrsjamiehalsey I think I got her hooked on #gamification #GameMyClass #xplap
@MrCarlsonsClass Need to know how you set this up?