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I play a statistician on TV. I wrote two books: The Wire-to-Wire Reds & 100 Things Reds Fans Should Know & Do...

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NASA: "The moon is bright... over Lebanon tonight, the Lebanese moon looks down, shim sham shacam, cattle explode,…
2020 Some of these tweets are outdated now, but I don't care.RIP Joe Morgan. He's still in the argument as the Greatest Red of All Time, even though he only played 8 seasons wi…
@dougdirt24 Curt Flood
@Nicholaspkirby Prime Minister of Baseball Operations
@skullcrshr 59.7% @skullcrshr 100% of their postseason runs came off the HR.So far in this postseason, the game's winning team has scored 57.6% of their runs off of HR. The losing team has sc…
I was really hoping this team wouldn't do this to us this time. @Brandabur Because the guy behind him is also a good hitter and a walk loses it @MLBRandomStats And Ozuna's on deck. Neither are easy outs @joecvol No kiddingARod wants the Reds to load the bases. In a tie game. Getting rid of the little margin for error they have. Really. @AnswerDave Nary a mask in sight. @joecvol Trying to not get doubled up on a line driveFirst time Reds pitchers have ever stuck out 21 in a game, no matter what season. @davidandrewhay 16 sac bunts, none after 1999"If he bunts right there, I bet they throw the ball away and there's runners running all over the place." WHAT???… @WoooooTheReds Should of @vogcinreds Yeah, but I don't work for ESPN. @CMcGritterson I asked them for a root canal so I could feel better. @vogcinreds Why me?Update: My teeth are in great shape, though we're gonna keep an eye on #19. They were nice enough to put the game on for me.Oh Reds.If I was the Reds, I would just stop not scoring runs. @The_Vole I didn't work the Saturday game vs the White Sox, which I watched outdoors with friends. They got shutout though.You know what they say, "When the tough gets going..."Can't imagine that stays a hit. @ctrent Reds also weren't shutout in 2013 WCBABIP 😠BABIP!!! @stormchasernick People won't come... Except for Braves employees and family. @RedsGM Nice background @RedPlacementLvl @Nicholaspkirby My son is 14. Guess how old I was the last time the Reds won the World Series? @jluckhaupt He also got Bucky Walters drunk and talked him into becoming a pitcher.
Retweeted by Joel LuckhauptIt's true. Jimmie Wilson had 10 total hits in the big leagues from 1938 through the 1940 regular season. He had 6 h… Votto will be the 4th oldest player to start a postseason game for the Reds 1940 Jimmie Wilson - 40 years, 77… @Farney_fool @HawkeyeBrooke @renewkir It's total crap that they put both games at the same time and in the middle o… @HawkeyeBrooke @80HD_Theatre I really like Eli's cheddar jalapeno grits, but they are the only kind of grits I ever eat. @WoooooTheReds @WoooooTheReds The problem with this many teams in the playoffs is that too many anxiety-riddled fanbases face each… @Farney_fool If they'd won a World Series since 1991, maybe I'd think differently. But eventually the excited feeli… Braves’ past ten Game 1’s: ‘19 NLDS vs STL • 6-7 L ‘18 NLDS @ LAD • 0-6 L ‘13 NLDS vs LAD • 1-6 L ‘12 NLWC vs…
Retweeted by Joel Luckhaupt @Jamlung429 @Nicholaspkirby The first radio broadcasts for any MLB games was 1921. I bet there are audio clips from… @Farney_fool Both suck in different ways. I'm not sure which is worse. If much rather be in the playoffs more often… @RedsGM Reds September 30thWelcome back to postseason baseball, Cincinnati
Retweeted by Joel Luckhaupt @Nicholaspkirby 1919 and 1940 get the shaft again. Good stuff, Nick! @jluckhaupt Joel!
Retweeted by Joel LuckhauptThe Bieber start will make sleeping a little harder tonight. No guarantees. @dougdirt24 15 @harrypav They're doing Reds-Braves too @harrypav Perfect descriptionThe #Rays need to cool it with the acquisition of all these former #Pirates. 🤔🤣
Retweeted by Joel LuckhauptGood job, Worldwide Leader, giving Ian Snell credit for the win in the Rays game. @cgarber8 What about for $750? @Nicholaspkirby Looking forward to BS Sports tweeting it as their own!
@BlockMeDaddy3 That's what I mean. Would I rather have the Reds or the Twins? Which kind of suffering is worse? @BigGucciSofa I don't watch footballI don't know how I'd feel rooting for a team that's lost 17 straight postseason games. On the one hand, I love regu… innings ago: They shouldn't be taking Greinke out! This inning: They should never take Valdez out!Sergio Romo's bases-loaded walk of José Altuve was the 4th bases-loaded, go-ahead walk in the 9th inning or later i…
Retweeted by Joel LuckhauptWho won the World Series that year? Reds Matt Wisler (Twins) and Brooks Raley (Astros) warming up in their game.This September, while pitching with a tie or a lead from the 7th inning on, Reds pitchers have a 1.38 ERA (45.2 IP)… Barnhart listed @dianagram Nothing feels more 2020 than a team with a losing record beating team with a .700+ winning percentage in the playoffs.
Raisel Iglesias, who gave up 12 HR in each of the last 2 seasons, gave up 1 HR in 2020. It was to the 2nd batter he faced this season.Sonny Gray gave up 23 earned runs in 56 IP this year. 11 of those ER came in 4 IP in the 2 starts before he went on… Jay Johnstone. I hope Leslie Nielsen is behind the plate for your first game on the other side. @bjwilson04 @cgarber8 @RedPlacementLvl I don't think the Reds would do that (maybe 2 years). Not with declining Vot… @cgarber8 @RedPlacementLvl I think he'll be good at making his case to the union too. There are things I'm not fond… @cgarber8 @RedPlacementLvl He's said that he realizes that he owes it to other players to get the best deal, even t… @RedPlacementLvl Yeah, I know. He's said as much too, but it'd be nice from a Reds perspective to be able to go tha… @RedPlacementLvl 1-year, $33M.It's 2020. I'm afraid of where this series is going to take us. @BuckeyePat84 You mean like the Cardinals? Or the Astros with a losing record? I'm mostly just bothered by the arbi… @WoooooTheReds The pictures are just so arbitrary. @mdavidbrown Right and that's what I said when I proposed that. Honestly, in a 3-game series, anyone can win. And i… Dodgers lost 4 out 7 games once this year. They lost 3 out of 5 just twice (non-overlapping stretches). Then… Votto finished 2nd on the Reds in OPS (min 100 PA). That was...unexpected. @DSwineyEHS The Indians didn't make it either. @IOnHealthJoe I didn't know there'd be a full day of playoffs that day. @richardlexsmith Blue Jays were in before the Astros though."Should we put all 16 teams in the picture?" "Nah, just do some of them. Like, I don't know, 11." I have a 2pm dentist appointment on Wednesday. I knew it was a bad idea when I scheduled it 6 months ago. @RobM30 No, I don't, sorry. @TroySparks I agree. Figured I'd mix them in for a playoff win.