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Janette Manrara @JManrara London/Los Angeles/Miami

Professional Dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. Dancer/Presenter. 🇨🇺🇺🇸🇬🇧 Agents: &

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It’s Halloween Week and that means eleven electrifying routines for our #Strictly spooktacular.…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara#Strictly reunion in the Good Morning Britain (@GMB) green room today! @AljazSkorjanec + @JManrara (…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @mathewmichaux @jojo_radebe @keviclifton @AljazSkorjanec @gorkamarquez1 @Mr_NJones @pernicegiovann1 @Aj11Ace to be on @GMB this morning talking about @RememberingTour! But an even better surprise to run into these two…
We made it to #HalloweenWeek! Thank you for voting! Also want to say a huge thank you to everyone at @GreatOrmondSt
We did it!! We made it through to #HalloweenWeek on @bbcstrictly! 😆 Last night was extra special & it means the wor… #Strictly dream continues for @WillBayleytt and @jmanrara after that inspirational routine! 🙌
Retweeted by Janette ManraraOur #Strictly Pros and Judges came to SLAY! 💅
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"We're not sobbing our eyes out on the sofa, you are... An inspiring routine from @WillBayleytt and @jmanrara 🧡. …
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWhat a moment for me in my 7 years on @bbcstrictly w/ this wonderful human being! I absolutely loved it, & I hope y… for our dress run! Good rehearsals earlier for @WillBayleytt & I. Thrilled to be dancing this tonight. Sendin…
@chizzyakudolu @WillBayleytt @nikkitrow @jaredhageman Thanks Chizzy! Love you! 💕 @CarolynTG65 @WillBayleytt @nikkitrow @jaredhageman My pleasure! Happy to share with you always ❤️ @BeckysBijoux @Emmaweymouth1 @AljazSkorjanec @bbcstrictly I love it! Thank you! @theJeremyVine I believe the correct grammar would be “... at the Hobbs’ “. Just the apostrophe after the “s” in their surname.Awwww! Awesome memories! Loved dancing in the #BlackpoolTower w/ @mrjakedwood ! Hopefully my birthday present this… @WillBayleytt @JManrara head to the #Strictly studio for rehearsals/blocking & we all want to wish them good…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraTomorrow is going to be very special. I’m so filled w/ love & joy at seeing how vulnerable & honest @WillBayleytt i… don’t miss tomorrow the one and only @JManrara @WillBayleytt dancing one of janette favorit…
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Reunited with my fave girl @JManrara tonight! We’re hosting the #GardenGala for the incredible @HavenHouseCH - a…
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Thanks for the compliments on the top team! It’s from @OfficialPLT #PrettyPetite #PrettyLittleThing 💋 @cazbearpenguin @WillBayleytt Thank you! It’s from @OfficialPLT 👍🏼It Takes Two was so much fun as always!! Love you @zoetheball! Very excited for our #Contemporary this weekend! I h…
Find out all the routines for Week Five of #Strictly 👉 🎶
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Don’t miss @WillBayleytt @JManrara on #Strictly #ItTakesTwo on Wednesday at 6:30pm on @BBCTwo catch up on all thei…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWow!! Thank you! Love it!
Love this! Thank you so much! #KeepDancing 💃🏻 love you both so much! Such a loss for the show! @dbuzz6589 & Dev did some incredible dances! I’ll miss watching…! What can we say other then THANK YOU over & over again! This is just amazing! We are so happy to get through t… love a dramatic costume change! Give it up for our sensational #Strictly Pros. 👏
Retweeted by Janette ManraraThis Foxtrot's got us like ooh la la la 🎵 @WillBayleytt @jmanrara #Strictly
Retweeted by Janette ManraraTune into the Strictly Results Show tonight on BBC1 at 7:15pm. Fingers crossed Will and Janette have made it to Wee…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @laineyc2210 @WillBayleytt Hello family! 👋🏼 @McgorrySue @bbcstrictly @OtiMabuse Congratulations! @nellieopenshaw @WillBayleytt We will ALWAYS need the votes! This is a tight competition! Thank you so much for voting!
I love you @WillBayleytt..... well done! 👏🏼 #TeamPocketRacket you @WillBayleytt!!! We did the Foxtrot & to one of our fav songs! Now we need YOU! Get to voting team! We onl… we #foxtrot! Tough week, hard dance but fingers crossed for a happy ending! Great rehearsals yesterday… sister everyone.... multi-talented I would say! Haha! Love and miss you! ❤️ @bumbamartin @chrissiebayley @BumbaF @WillBayleytt Cannot wait to see it! 👏🏼 @MakatonYou @WillBayleytt @Camila_Cabello @Jake75828380 @MakatonCharity @DrRanj @gregjames @BBCYoungReport Yes!! Thank you!!Beautiful children!! Thank you for the support! We hope to make you all proud! All of our love & we must plan a vis…
Loving this coverage of our fabulous Dancing with the Stars Weekends in @hellomag – thank you ❤️ Want to learn to…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @Claire21Stewart @archiegrampian Good luck beautiful ladies!!! 👍🏼Been the most challenging week so far by a mile, Foxtrot has been a hard one for me. Tried my best! Hope to smash i…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraAs @bbcstrictly continues this weekend, @AljazSkorjanec and @JManrara have also been getting ready for their Rememb…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraYes
@Strictly2019 @bbcstrictly @AljazSkorjanec Absolutely LOVED this dance!! All about #GirlPower 💪🏼 @Karen_LizAnn Thank you! @OfficialPLT 👍🏼 @jemima39746236 Thank your it’s from @OfficialPLT 👍🏼
@hollyw_1719 @WillBayleytt @ClaudiaWinkle I’ll be there this Saturday! 🙌🏼So excited to be dancing to #Señorita by @Camila_Cabello & @ShawnMendes! My fav song of summer! @WillBayleytt is fi… @darrenpatmore1 Happy Birthday! 🎂
@Jemmacliford95 @AljazSkorjanec Happy birthday!!A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @bradshaw_shell @bbcstrictly I’ll be back 😉We hit 200 Followers! Thank you #TeamPocketRacket Fans, Thank you for supporting @WillBayleytt & @JManrara throu…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @alisonthewliss @theSNP I can make that happen! 👍🏼
@mathewmichaux @Marvel @MarvelStudios @79SemiFinalist @OtiMabuse @MOTSI_MABUSE @michellevisage @kelvin_fletcher
From Black Panther to Moulin Rouge, our Pros just made the movies even more magical. 🎬✨ #Strictly
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @JasonGilkison & the whole production team of @bbcstrictly.... just WOW! 🎞 YOU SO MUCH! We are thrilled to be through to Week 4! Enjoying every second of it team! It means so much to u…
@laineybumbainey @TheKellmister I’ll be back next week 😉Opening the show in the most Incredibles way possible. Another super routine from our #Strictly Pros! 🙌
Retweeted by Janette ManraraAwwwww! Love it!! @theJeremyVine @WillBayleytt Thanks Jeremy! We had so much fun w/ it!We did it @WillBayleytt! We made the #PokeDoble possible! I know how hard you worked & I could not be happier w/ wh… hope we did enough to get your votes. Thank you @WillBayleytt for working so hard, we smashed the ‘pokedoble’…’re all #TeamPocketRacket aren’t we? Vote @WillBayleytt and @JManrara tonight! 🕺💃 #Strictly | #ImpossibleToIgnore
Retweeted by Janette Manrara#Pikachu is coming tonight! @WillBayleytt & I are ready for the #PokeDoble!! Are you guys? Hoping that we smash it…
2019 As Strictly gears up for tomorrow night's Movie Week, @AljazSkorjanec and @JManrara have a…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraStrictly Come Dancing Movie Week on BBC1 at 7:10pm tomorrow night. Don't forget to vote and show your support to…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraHow has this week gone you may ask.....? well.... lol! Lots of hard work! Camera blocking today! Wish us luck!… you can see @WillBayleytt @JManrara are working so hard for #Strictly #MovieWeek on Saturday with long hours, pa…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @MakatonYou @Mr_NJones @Aj11Ace @dowden_amy @dbuzz6589 @karen_hauer @keviclifton @TheAntonDuBeke @pernicegiovann1
Amazing day training! 🤛 we are coming for you on Saturday night @bbcstrictly
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @Northlander74 Silly me! So sorry! 🤦🏻‍♀️#Strictly's @JManrara and @AljazSkorjanec celebrate Oscar winning songs in this all new dance spectacular. Thursda…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWe are going to the Movies! Saturday 7.10pm @BBCOne. 🎬
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@joyceJo49834475 @GethincJones So sorry! In the USA it’s not really a swear word. Oh Janette... 🤦🏻‍♀️ @maljacqpr I didn’t! In the USA, it’s not really a swear word. So sorry again! 🤦🏻‍♀️ @Sewbpmd @Stellabranch They are gorgeous, but definitely not the most comfortable! Lol! @izzles25 So sorry! 🙏🏼 It’s not a bad word in the USA, but I’ve definitely learnt that it is here now. @beanz2809 @bbcstrictly @GethincJones My apologies! In American it’s not a bad word. I’ve definitely learnt that now. Sorry once again! 🙏🏼Tune in to @bbcstrictly #ItTakesTwo @ 5:15pm!
Thanks for a fun night in #Brighton @ZoeSugg & @AlfieDeyes! Loved the #Fluro Mini Golf! 😂 Until next time! #iWon @BBCLancashire @TheBplTower @ShirleyBallas @CraigRevHorwood @MOTSI_MABUSE @BrunoTonioli @bbcstrictly @TheAntonDuBeke @keviclifton Love it!Our favourite #strictly couple @AljazSkorjanec and @JManrara talk to us about movie week. See them on the stage fo…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraLights, camera, #Strictly Movie Week! Time to reveal ALL the blockbuster routines for Saturday 🍿👉…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraGreat News @WillBayleytt @JManrara will be dancing the Paso Doble to “Gotta Catch 'Em All” from the crazy Pokemon M…
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @realhippohollow @WillBayleytt @JManrara @chrissiebayley @TeamWillJanette @bbcstrictly @JanetteAljaz ❤️❤️👏👏
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWill and Janette will be Dancing a Paso Doble to “Gotta Catch Em All” from Pokemon @WillBayleytt @JManrara 🕺💃🏻
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWe now cross LIVE to @JManrara & @WillBayleytt's training room, where they're hard at work preparing for their…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraWhich couple will be dancing to the Pokemon theme this #Strictly movie week?
Retweeted by Janette Manrara @sarahisnothere @WillBayleytt Note taken! Watch this space Sarah! 😉What a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much to everyone at @pepperpotherbs for the lovely snacks & poster! So kind &… paid @WillBayleytt and @JManrara a visit in rehearsals down in Brighton this morning and got a sneak peak of w…
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Just reading all the tweets about our dance with @LewisCapaldi . Overwhelmed with all the love❕Thank you❗️@JManrara @bbcstrictly
Retweeted by Janette ManraraThank you everyone who took the time to vote for Will & Janette this weekend. What an incredible Salsa to end the s…
Retweeted by Janette ManraraTo everyone who voted for Janette & Will, thank you. You made it 100% positive that they've made it to Week 3 What…
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