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JamiLeeCurtis @jmelee8 Sheridan, WY

I hate bios. I like funny. Love Neebs Gaming.

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@SimonSandwiches Damnit Simon! I can't even eat a sandwich without thinking of you anymore!Oh the comments😂 @_Alboknows Oh my word😂😂😂😂😂😂. The comments! @BetoORourke But these comments😂 @The_muzz1 @OGAnaNovak @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @GamerMikeH @Pazuzu_Hanbi @EzioAudi2re @melihcarter @LadyLamplight87 @OGAnaNovak @wheelz8701 @Jon_Fury @GamerMikeH @Pazuzu_Hanbi @EzioAudi2re @melihcarter @LadyLamplight87 @CGN_Matt @JonnyEthco @SeaOfThieves HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE BUTT! ❤
@TYSHHPodcast Oh hell nah
Check out #besteverfoodreviewshow #sonnyside for noods, balls, and more!😁 needs a me out!'s that kind of morning @TheIrishPickle @Thick44Official Gives me palpitations😁 @SimonSandwiches Shit.....might have been oyster sauce. Whatever, get em both and see which is better lol. I don't recipe, I dump and pray.😁 @SimonSandwiches Coat them with sweet red chili sauce mixed with enough duck sauce to keep it from being too sweet… @Darklordtory 👀 @Thick44Official @XidaxFounder Simon builds it, boots it up, entire city of Wilmington blacks out @fuzywzyboomboom Happy b day!!
Here’s a song for you… Survivor Evolved by Neebs Gaming
@SimonSandwiches Yep. I'm not a bird either @TheIrishPickle Idk if this has been said...but if you can still read the tag you should get a return...get undies @AdahopAlex Sorry love, I'm not a bird. Tweets are hard to get out of my vocals.😜 @JJtoob I can totally get behind that
@JJtoob I'm terrified they won't have time for me when I finally get there @AdahopAlex Zero obvious reasons. Mr. need to get the behind the screens going. This is what we c… @TheIrishPickle I effing love you😁😍❤ @TheIrishPickle Ok ok ok ok ok fine. We're the best😁 @TheIrishPickle You're an amazing human. More beautiful than most. You can't even deny it. 😁 @TheIrishPickle I'll fight you! 😁 @Thick44Official I can't even make a good comment. I've already given my best on Facebook😂. Y'all the unicorn shit.… sleepy storms @TheIrishPickle Bitch please. It's you. Ily! Xoxo😘❤ @Jon_Fury Penial pain😂 @Jon_Fury I'll take Adam..... @TheIrishPickle NO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!$ @P1K3L3 I'll take it😁
@Jon_Fury @WhosMental @OilCityBattles @AmericanDadLive @CrankageGames @NeebsOfficial @SonnySided @TheIrishPickle No you are! @Jon_Fury I hope he impaled himself😁 @DustysDemons @AOC @kilmeade And that's all bullshit. I've seen the responses. But they actually went in the buildi… @Aztecia316 I wondered that but it annoyed me so much lol. Arnie is the good guy! @seanring007 Good clowny❤ @wyo_renegade I rang then I put it on hold lol @Jon_Fury Lmao good luck!😁 @sarahbbearah Love it @ShaShaB00m Mmmhmmmmmm❤ @Aztecia316 Seriously! They totally ripped off Arnie. kinda irritated me lolI'm bored. Entertain me?
@wyo_renegade @NeebsOfficial No need lol @wyo_renegade @NeebsOfficial Dare you to bring it @wyo_renegade @NeebsOfficial You my dear friend... have been missing the Neebs @wyo_renegade @NeebsOfficial I'll not kiss your ass lolMy Twit is slow lol. Kisses, butt smacks, and cheers to y'all. Find me on Facebook or Insta if you wanna keep in cl… @OGAnaNovak Oh daaaang I'm slow on the Twit. I love it beautiful!❤😘
@TheIrishPickle I can't imagine. I've been thru it all but never got hit hard. My parents did wth tornados, but I w… city park is what we got in NC for flooding when there was a hurricane. Pretty impressive for being on the edge of the B…, Wyoming baby is usually ankle to knee deep, and maybe 10 feet wide at max. This is easily 30 wide and 15 get deep or m… water than we've had for over 30 years. Park on your Sheridan friends. We're drowning.'t even get close enough to get pics, the blocked it off. 2018 vs 2019 normal vs 2019 flood on you Wyoming friends, we're looking for an Ark. Last year vs this year. July, This 28th of May. Now do you see how flooded we are? Same river and swimming holes, different angles bec…
I have a dear friend that needs at least 2 grand to get out of a shitty place. She's not into drugs, or drinking. S… @VbagExtremist @TheIrishPickle I'm going with the Lady Neebs @seanring007 Maybe I like nibbles!
@TheIrishPickle @VbagExtremist Wait that the vbag associated with Sheila? @JJtoob Regardless of how insignificant I am....i got you😁 @ShaShaB00m Why aren't you here? I sell that shit. Food. I sell food. Great food. FmlKnow what the best thing about Twitter is for me? None of the people I know are on here😂.Imma dude today. But I'd do me. you're not following...ur dumb. are on Podcoin now! If ur not using Podcoin you must hate free things. Why do you hate free things? Join with…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @seanring007 Bite meI hate Snapchat
@AppsroFanClub Piss off Ghost RiderEver wonder what happens before the @NeebsOfficial stream... 😅 @Thick44Official
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @AnthonyCSN @NeebsOfficial @Thick44Official Is Neebs using a beer cozy?😂 @OGAnaNovak If it's not alcohol, it's drugs, sex, gambling......the addiction is the addiction.One of my favorite moments from today's @SeaOfThieves episode. I'll be premiering it on @YouTube youtube in a coup…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtisThis is bullshit.
@Thick44Official @thelonelyisland For a second I got extra excited, thought maybe Lonely Island sang with you😂 @fuzywzyboomboom Yeah spidey! Like ant protein spread! @LaurenandSheila @WilmywoodNC Possibly??....but not in regards to doggy treats😁😉 @ShaShaB00m Lol I add my regulars in my phone and save in gmail contacts, others I do a spreadsheet😁 @WilmywoodNC @LaurenandSheila You're crazy lady😂
I'm dead.😂 Kindergarteners.😁 @seanring007 @Tascharoe @jevaaler Im 38 lol. I'll try to force myself
@seanring007 @Tascharoe @jevaaler I haven't😂 @Darklordtory @CaiteeeCat If you like being soggy and pale😄. Lived both west (6yrs) and east(4 yrs)....east is the best❤😜 @CrankageGames @Darklordtory No caffeine, no sugar. Better be straight cranberry juice, not cocktail. You can get p… @Darklordtory @TheIrishPickle @VbagExtremist I'll share!!