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Not THAT Jami Lee Curtis ❤Neebs Gaming & Thick44❤

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Sorry not sorry. @Thick44Official needs to do this. @AdahopAlex Sell that shit 😆
@GeekyGarrett16 K remind me if I don't do it this weekend. I'm headed out if town in like 30. @KarduelPlays @AdahopAlex @spudzilla1325 I've never tried seaweed. Now I'm intrigued. @GeekyGarrett16 @therealweissman Crazy Texans @bmurphy28 Tank top and undies! @GeekyGarrett16 I do have a great recipe for a REAL kolache if you need it 😆 @GeekyGarrett16 @therealweissman Kolaches and pigs in a blanket ARE NOT the same thing. Not even close. @AdahopAlex Ummmm....who is Herbie?? *ducks and covers*
@spudzilla1325 Cutest. Butt. Ever. @brandyheather 😠SpaceX will shut down its rocket mid-flight to test Dragon’s escape system by @SciGuySpace
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @JonnyEthco When did you grab my nipples Jonny? @seanring007 Oooohhhh so THAT'S the difference. @spudzilla1325 @Deeptec Great. Now I gotta watch it a third time to get that image out of my head. @seanring007 I'm a smart nerd tho😁😜😂 @TheIrishPickle Going to my mamma's 70th birthday. All us kids will be there and who knows how many grands or greatgrands. @Jon_Fury *plink* 😂 @seanring007 Like scrabble. You play against Facebook friends or random people. I like nerdy games.😁 @KayWafflee I'm feeling lonely, I just play Words with Friends. After a day or two I get so much attention. Nudge....… "in yo face" Gervais @AdahopAlex Is it wrong that I'm turned on? @Mannymeatwallet Right! @Gonzor289 You know what Murphy can go do..... @TheIrishPickle @JonnyEthco
@TheIrishPickle @JonnyEthco Oh I actually hate that word too 😆. I prefer junk or dingly....depending on the convo lolBent over to exclaim over my daughters school stuff. Dog takes the opportunity to lick me. I just tongued my dog. R… @TTraykJ @AdahopAlex @alkaseltzer *puffs out chest, spits tobacco, adjusts apron* "Dang nab it, kids these days. Li… @TheIrishPickle @JonnyEthco I kids watch it.....and they also sing along to all the NG songs, but they s… @JonnyEthco Love it😂Apparently, all of 'Mob Squad' season 1 is available on Amazon and the the reviews are hysterical. I guess Amazon…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @AgentBluesky27 Done. 😁 @lunasm000ke Mmmmmm💗 @AdahopAlex @alkaseltzer That stuff is 🤢. Try Airborn plain or added to hot lemon and honey water. Tei fu from Amaz… @lunasm000ke (secret ingredient: jalapenos)😉 @Nomad135710 I find it comical😁 @Lunashayde Best Ever Food Review Show @SonnySided Also one that just says "balls" 😆
@Gonzor289 @TYSHHPodcast @talemyn Ok fiiiiine. I will refrain😁Totally appropriate attire to wear to school right? 😜 @MeanMartinis I'm a girl. And I'll be your friend. 😁 @The_muzz1 @WilmywoodNC Happy birthday beautiful!! I'll never forget it.... today in my mom's 70th and my oldest br… @AdahopAlex Good thing I'm coming next year instead of this one! 😁Sounds like he's going to buy beers for everyone!
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@TheIrishPickle GIVE YOU - My first-ever half-assed video. 😛 My family's in-town, so we recorded today's in a way that would on…
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@The_muzz1 Rude @StrayValkyrie Totally. It's primal.😉
@Jon_Fury *starts punching trees for wood* @Retrosweater @BambiWi5 @Fangykins need the ability to edit tweets. Autocorrect is not my fiend....fried....friend. @BambiWi5 @Fangykins Wait....are you an Amber? I might giggle. My cousin is Amber and we have always called her Bambi! @Kwiff Height: 5 foot 4.5 inches Shoe size: 8 Zodiac: sagitarious Tattoos: 0 Piercings: 0 Fav Color: green...just… @The_muzz1 Check your DMs for my mailing address @The_muzz1 I'm in a similar boat. My name is NEVER spelled right. @The_muzz1 Like....J......? 😂 @kungfukiddo @NeebsOfficial *wins comments* 😂 @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches just about 19 minutes in, to the end. DEF best of 2020 moment!! I almost died laugh… Sacrifice!!! - ARK Survival Evolved
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @seanring007 @stiffy21_ don't typically crush on characters....but fml. Geralt is all of the crushes. ALL of them. Aaaalllllllll. @stiffy21_ Oh the pain😜😁. I feel ya babe. @Jon_Fury Jami. Lee. 8 in my fam. Simps. No thought to it 😆 @stiffy21_ Babe....bookmark that shit😁 @AdahopAlex I find it hard to find good content on YouTube myself. I watch all of you at Neebs and pretty much just… @OGAnaNovak I'm the same way. Doesn't help me make or keep friends....or family for that matter. @NeebsOfficial I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing community. Never have I seen such a bunch of awesome human… step in the right direction of world peace!
@TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 Mr. pickles? A rooster I presume? Lol @TheIrishPickle @AgentBluesky27 They are so cute and sweet tho! Especially when they just gotta get some snuggles!Good Morning monkey butts! I'm off to a great start this morning, gotta "git er done" so I can be lazy this weekend… absolutely also know how to spell absolutely. @AgentBluesky27 @TheIrishPickle Oh the poor things.....they got a big bowl of kitchen scraps for breakfast, includi… @Aztecia316 Was it one of us?? The Neebs group? Cuz they should be banned. FOREEEEEVEEEEER! @NeebsOfficial Ooooooh yeah baby. My favorite series so far!😍Yesyesyesyesyes😍. I absolutly love 7 days! Boom chicka chicka happy happy Friday yay! What a great precursor to the… @TheIrishPickle I'm with @AgentBluesky27 . We got dumped on last night. Expecting more tomorrow. My dogs love it, c… 11k! Wooooooot!!! are live and streaming for a good cause! Join us for the Aussie Bush Fire Relief Stream RT for Australia!
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Holy cow! We haven't even started streaming yet and we've raised $875 for @DirectRelief_G to support Australia's re…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @seanring007 @AdahopAlex That blond streak really getting to you hun?😉 @seanring007 Creeper😁Apparently my personal hygiene is lacking and I am in need of a puppy power wash. #americanakitas’ve tweeted and DMed as many influencers as I could. It’s in your hands now. Let’s go.
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @Deeptec @StroopwafelW @KayWafflee Oh thats the kind I have!New Trader Jen model with all new dialogue and voice actress, coming to alpha 19. #7daystodie
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Let's go!!!!!
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtisOur friends down under could use some help so we're springing into action tomorrow night, 1/9 at 8pm EST! The Neebs…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @iamcolinquinn @rickygervais Give yourself a swirlie. Ricky is spot on.1. Simply pointing out whether someone is left or right wing isn't winning the argument. 2. If a joke is good enou…
Retweeted by JamiLeeCurtis @Ghost_Razgriz06 @Aztecia316 Bitch plz. We homies @Aztecia316 Ok lovie. Ya still my babe. Ily @VbagExtremist My you better see what you're putting out there as a gateway to predators....and take prop…