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I'm like a dope fiend with this book. I can't stop!
@FlimsiesGaming gets out of shower. Sits on bed. Almost peed a little cuz something got my toe. 😆 @IAMTOMMACDONALD, on broken glass, while drunk and constipated, with all of Stephen Kings creatures cha… @FlimsiesGaming Thanks sugar! Xoxo @JonnyEthco Thanks and Happy Easter motherfker! May all the butts smile your way today. Xoxo @SimonSandwiches Thanks sexy papa. 😁 @Alboknows_ Lol this has been my mantra since I was a child. Literally. My mom used to laugh when I said it, like I… @TheIrishPickle Oh my goodness! So much cute!! Dreya grabbed Kokomo to snuggle and Koko thought she was in submitting pose. 😆 She WOULD NOT move a centimeter… @cortexo_o No. You can't really know someone unless you have met them in person. They could be super cool but they… @Cernovich Attended. Finished my courses. Did not go for a degree.
I've never taken Xanax before, but after Kit Kat tonight, with the mouse...I think I deserve it.Little SHITE! Curled up on MY blanket like he's sooooooo innocent and cute! Mewing at me like he LOVES me! Evil. Ee… finally ate it but WHY TRAUMATISE ME!? I can handle mice, in my hands, but NOT WHEN ITS IN FLIGHT MODE! It WILL… might toss a cat in the trash. He tried to bring me this inside!!! Now I can't put my feet down! LEG DAY! It buuu…!!! Not a lot better than a warm evening thunderstorm! me a warm summery evening outside with a good book. Lawn mower in the background, the smell of fresh cut grass… @ShaShaB00m What came first? Adult human or baby? Baby wouldn't survive on its own......right?
Valheim - Moving to the BLACK FOREST
Retweeted by Neebian @daemelar I lied. It looks like there might be one before and after but also that it could be a standalone. So Idk. Lol. Started it tho! @daemelar I was actually kinda leaning towards that one! The rest are a part of a series and I I ly have one book,… already! I wanna go camping! do I read first!? *Carve the Mark is by the lady who wrote the Divergent series. *The Queens Rising just sound… strutting/staggering out of the library like I just won the lottery. I DIDN'T KNOW THEIR SCIFI WAS SEPARATED FR… I'm at the library. Good books please!I'm DYING! Drove thru car lot to look and 6yo says "LOOK AT THAT OLD RUSTY CAR! IT MUST BE FROM THE 80'S!" (The yea… @TheIrishPickle Hello bebe😘 @JJtoob Agreed. Constructive criticism is one thing, stating your opinion even....but to be flat out rude is uncalled for. @a5oNGaming Best quote ever: "Fk me he cleared it!" Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves @OldSchoolThrils 😆 @garysgarden28 Kinda! How often does anyone even say Democrat? They usually say liberal. It seems like the Dems par… could do with some meat inside but....still delish. @tjzepp02 @TommyDiamondFX @AleuShepard @Cardamungus @steplo1958 @newsbreakApp As are all your comments. Lol You've… message. Everyone should take it to heart.'all notice Democratic party is basically gone? @DLoesch This b.s. has gotten WAY out of hand. Props to the lady being attack, ridiculed, and harassed. I wouldn't have taken that. @tjzepp02 @TommyDiamondFX @AleuShepard @Cardamungus @steplo1958 @newsbreakApp 😆 oh wordSo. Who's gonna remake this for @AdahopAda
@KamidelAetheril @RedMouseGames Lol never but I'll be googling now lol @tjzepp02 @TommyDiamondFX @AleuShepard @Cardamungus @steplo1958 @newsbreakApp Unemployment is higher now than the w… Epic Deaths in Neebs Gaming History - Part 2
Retweeted by Neebian @mom_tho 7? Pshaw. Cake. I'm on 18:6 and that's not even bad. @newsbreakApp Funny how all those $7 an hour jobs were filled pre Covid. Now that all this money in unemployment an… @TommyDiamondFX @AleuShepard @Cardamungus @tjzepp02 @steplo1958 @newsbreakApp Well if they can get unemployment tha… @RedMouseGames Do not laugh at me! But what's the bottom right one? Just...vibrate?? Lol
@TheIrishPickle It's your own fault you know. Lol @Bran_American 😆 I scared myself reading so much Stephen King when I was a kid, that nothing scares me now accep ex… @FlimsiesGaming @Jellyzine @HammerBeast1 Oh my goodness just look at that perfect little thing! Gah!😍 @AgentBluesky27 Hope you feel better soon! @TheIrishPickle Good morning beautiful! @BrookeBruton Lol No! I love it! Thank you💗I hate living in town. Ruins my pics. Lol
LOOKATIT!!! JUST! LOOK! AT! IT!!! Thanks you @TheIrishPickle and @RoboticHat717 Mi gusta mucho!!! Xoxo @daemelar Oh my gosh I hate it so much. 😆 It's "stupid" comedy. Not witty, not silly. It's that "I'm stupid" crap. For me, total cringe. @AdahopAda I think that's an excellent idea. Give yourself a month or so to relax. No news, no socials. I took mys…
If anyone has NOT watched yet, please count how many times Appsro says "It takes 3." Lol
Started intermittent fasting, I'm so excited for a microwaved hot dog rn. @Darklordtory But is it a twerkin gurkin? @OldSchoolThrils You post? I just lurk.
@Darklordtory Is it a baby dill? @ShinjiEcary I haven't been on long but tell ya what, it beats Insta. Sick of every meme or funny page I follow con… guys. I finally downloaded tik tok. I'm quite obsessed.I is QUEEN @bette_oh Invest in Google, Apple, and Bitcoin. And never stick around a p.o.s.Valheim - Hiring a MERCENARY?!
Retweeted by Neebian @gaminginthewild Minesweeper @Overlord_konami Me. WWF Salt Lake City @FlimsiesGaming TWITCH! Wtf!? 😆 @FlimsiesGaming Your Twitter haha @FlimsiesGaming Meh. Close enough. 😆I'm beyond ecstatic that I'm still outside and not a frozen popsicle. @FlimsiesGaming Midwest, slight southern. Nebraska? @FlimsiesGaming Fml. Going to stalk Twitter now. Brb. @JJtoob Nah outs ok. 😆Just got hit up to be a sugar mama. got hit up to be a sugar mama.'s your boopy music? Just gets you bopping? @PostMalone Sunflower never fails me. My head goes...booping left, booping right.Me slapping Sam Smith for Stay With Me. Way to be a tool! 😆 for the blur. But jist LOOKIT! Lookit muh babies! All those curly butt accessories. Love me my #americanakitas @TheIrishPickle Goodnight gorgeous soul! Xoxo @svracer34 Lol done! Courtyard is coming along nicely!
What to do tonight? Clean the courtyard up for summer and have some drinks? Go for a walk and start fasting at 7? @JJtoob @NeebsOfficial HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL SLICE OF HUMAN! Xoxox posted a photo
@FlimsiesGaming @NewWorldShogun 😆Got bout nil time on social but I wrapped up all my homeschool lesson planning for this year and the beginning of n… @NewWorldShogun 15. I like nuts. @froto_dd @Whataburger Lol well then.....I guess I need an email or some sh*t so I can send you a gift card! Sorry…
It’s back!!!! CRAP. I'M STRANDED AGAIN | Subnautica: Below Zero
Retweeted by NeebianBallista vs Parachutes Challenge. Ark Survival Evolved
Retweeted by NeebianWhy is this so freaking hott?
@BrickRabbitt Well Wtf woman! What we gotta do to improve your health? Let's do this. @Evilbloodude @FlimsiesGaming I'm sorry what?
Valheim - A TROLL on DAY ONE
Retweeted by NeebianWut? Me like avocado toast! *stays there patiently for 5 minutes, comes back when I offered a bite to her… stream tonight! Thanks to everyone who came out! Y’all are great!
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