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this is the story of my heart. #AntiRacist

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@SupaTerryRules Nah. All water all the time. Beach, pool, shower. No sweating.Underwear Shoes Deodorant Things I’ve seldom worn since being on this beach vacation.
@IanSohn I have no idea.Hey you. Wake up. You’re dreaming. None of this [looks around] is real. [you squint and try sitting up] Slow… @drewmaniac I did forget. But yeah wow what a thing. I kinda wish they were all like this. @AllyBFraz @Mahoney That is my study. Sorry I was just making a joke. ✌🏼 @AllyBFraz @Mahoney He’s likely a yankee. @Mahoney @AllyBFraz Hey now.I say “see ya” to people I never expect to see again. Because it sounds friendly, and because it leaves the door of… @dereklwalker This is why it’s tough to be a creative and account person as an independent. I always say I have two… @americopywriter Agree. If you leave out the T. And the L. @Samyann_Writer @Daily_Pinch Trump is the poster child for the 1% who have been driving the narrative that we are e… commanded one thing. One. “Love thy neighbor.” That’s it. You can look it up. This is why I wear a mask. Fo…, to our dogs, is a monster breaking branches outside our window that only they can hear. As they won… Independence Day. Randy Quaid is the goat for saving us all. I love this stupid movie. #id4
Alright here’s Sammy playing ball on the beach. Have a nice night. America the kids how to play rummy and now it’s all rummy rummy rummy. #pandemicvacationHappy birthday to this Yankee Doodle boy. Legit one of my best friends. He’s 10 today. ❤️’all. Take a break. Just for a day. Relax. The chaos you mainline will be there tomorrow. Promise. Breathe. @IanSohn @gtconway3d @KellyannePolls @claudiamconwayy Turn it off.American politics has become akin to NCAA football conferences where we paint our faces and fly our flags and cheer… @jenphillipsapri @AndBrent Thanks. And ... today is his birthday! He’s 10. We are hanging all day. @jenphillipsapri @AndBrent Just came up. @AndBrent @jenphillipsapri Why are y’all making me talk shop on the Fourth of July? 🤣✌🏼 @AndBrent @jenphillipsapri Definitely psychology. And sociology. But for me these things are natural extensions of… @jenphillipsapri I think of myself as a tactician. No way am I creative. Creatives are artists.Today's the fourth of July Another June has gone by And when they light up our town I just think What a waste of gu… @theora_jones @FakeDawnSummers And my dog. waiting on those breakfast scraps. we spent a fraction of our collective energy on seeking the truth as we do on the dogmatic acceptance of what we… dog’s vet sent him a birthday card because they know me. @CoreyDoiron @questlove @Whataburger
My daughter just said my wife was voted hottest mom amongst her friends. But I wasn’t hottest dad. Some banker dad…, hello friendly snake [he says in Pee Wee Herman’s voice] @MarkConachan Just hanging by the pool during a rain storm. @MarkConachan Also, America is not a business.Carrying tacos down to the beach like a God. @adpulp That’s dead on.Today’s morning reading is pretty much right on with how I approach each day. But it’s so relevant in this age that… the float while Strider commands that I eat the ball. @callmemarvel We all do it, man. @callmemarvel But ... you literally just shared this bro. ?? @Daily_Pinch He’ll always be Peanut.This is how you social distance at the beach. Get down early and rope that shit off. (Not my setup) #COVID19 @FakeDawnSummers It was chaos. I was driving my friends (who worked with me at mcdonald’s) back from the mall. Lost… @FakeDawnSummers Mine was a week later. During a tropical storm tho.2020 #poetry Most of us are desensitized to it. Especially regarding the basic, simple stuff. Like having a roof, fam…“It’s always darkest before the dawn” is not a thing. It’s always darkest when where you live is facing the the opp… @dereklwalker I don’t even consider myself creative. And I’m not just saying that so that someone says I am. I cons…
@HeyVinay I feel like I gave you bad intel. Maybe they’re all right?Proof that I also have another daughter. This is the firebrand who wants to turn my core to ash. She turns 17 next… @HeyVinay The machine. It’s fascinating.I also realize that my way of sharing who I am isn’t for everyone and that my life is an insignificant slice. But b… @drewmaniac Now you see with you I see way more than work.Which is not to make fun of those dudes. I just assume we all do the best we can in life. It just makes me sad some…’t get me wrong, I am grateful for being a writer. I just feel like I have more range than “shop talk” here. It’… wish I loved anything as much as some of y’all love your careers. @ddale8 The American Dream is fiction. Black man who was wrongfully sentenced to 50 years in prison has been released, after a campaign from WNBA champi…
Retweeted by Jim Mitchem 🖤Me to teens: I want to tell you something. It’s the secret of happiness in life. Teens [silently scrolling]: *rol… could allow Russians to put bounties on US Troops in Afghanistan and still not lose any votes. @abellmas @jodyavirgan Armando doing God’s work.I have no idea what day it is but was able to get a print ad to a magazine for a client yesterday thanks to my desi…
As a guy who was a breath from the end, I could never have imagined this photo when I was a young man. Me and my ol… Badass raptor. #CanadaDay to the country with the best national anthem.In March Sammy was diagnosed with kidney disease and six months to live. He doesn’t know. He’s having a great bea… @dereklwalker @DanGoldgeier My first writing gig was a radio campaign for a company that sold cigarettes. It lasted… @TamelaRich @marktakesphoto Ospreys, man. Plenty of them down here. Badass raptor. @TamelaRich @marktakesphoto Do the chickens have large talons? @charliesaidthat It’s an old beach cruiser. @mollyfprince @kenwheatonListening to Under the Bridge on repeat and nodding to people I pass like Anthony in the video.… seems like Texas would be better off with Dan Patrick from Sports Center as their Lt. Gov. @realDonaldTrump you should read Ephesians 4. sometimes wish I was free enough to not have to plan anything. Just wake up, read poetry, write poetry, listen to… @BirchCollective @JenLeighCLT @h_a_mcdonnell The girls do that. I just always wear a bandana. Maybe it's the Texas in me? ;)This doesn’t even look comfortable. But he’s with his mama and he’s a mama’s boy. @h_a_mcdonnell @JenLeighCLT We have a drawer of bandanas even on vacation. coffee beach vibe. @renewabelle No!!!!! I didn’t even know about it. Damn. Love Melbourne. @renewabelle Where are y’all?We bend our Gods to conform to our appetites. That’s what’s happened to evangelical Christianity in America. And…
@Schwartzie14 Indeed. But I do think that the tide turned against Hilary when she used the “D” word. The whole th… @Schwartzie14 Based on the headline alone, it’s almost like calling people deplorables. That was akin to daring them to vote. @drewmaniac I know that that is. And it's wrong. ;) @kenwheaton People in NC seem to add the “uh” more often than I do.Southerners only, please.Which is correct? @drewmaniac @YouTubeTV Yes. Same here. But my goodness we should be able to ala carte this, no? I won’t watch *any* of that new programming. @drewmaniac Oh ffs. We killed cable for @YouTubeTV. That’s an insane increase. What’s the new price for? @kenwheaton No one knows. It’s just a thing. I use Aunt Jemima plastic jugs so I had no idea. @davesteinbach Yeah, I've learned. Doi, Jim. @kenwheaton Welp. Between that and the tiny syrup handle my ignorance is really showing today. @kenwheaton Are you serious?My mother in-law just texted me and misspelled Trader Joe’s as “Trader Jose” and I think I’ll keep saying that now. @LeahWho Whoa.And yes, this trip was planned after the virus hit--changing our plans to travel to see the Rocky Mountains this su…