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LOST BOYS, SUNSHINE STATE (Little Brown) UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES (Dodo Ink) STRAYS (w/t Julia Lewis HVTN) Senior Lecturer Creative Writing Kingston Uni 🇪🇺 VMO

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#BorisJohnson will definitely form an electoral pact with the Brexit Party. @maxjohnporter Congratulations! @BernardineEvari huge congratulations! @GalleyBeggars @samjordison @FictionAtelier Huge congratulations guys! XxxCongratulations everyone on #BookerPrize2019 long list including our former creative writing student Oyinkan Braith… now have the ultimate wasteman as our PM. His wiki doesn’t even know if he has 5 or 6 children. We are truly in…
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Right, this is fucking nuts now. If you don’t know, the OK symbol has become adopted by the right as a white power…
Retweeted by James Millerimagine looking at America's racist moron president in his shitty shapeless suit with that fucked up tangle of yell…
Retweeted by James Miller @sunnysingh_n6 & we're in the astonishing situation where these white supremacist terrorists are incited/ inspired by the President himself.Representative democracy is not possible if the representatives do nothing but lie relentlessly. You can't select a…
Retweeted by James MillerI guess none of us were going to get much work done today, were we? @KitCaless I think he is 'smarter' (as in Machiavellian ruthless) but I take your point. "Why do you have to catas… @KitCaless I respect Corbyn for orientating Labour more to the left. I'll vote Labour come the GE. I've always vote… @OpenPenLondon you think Corbyn would win? Wouldn't it be lovely to think so?I hate to say it but Boris is smarter & more charismatic than Corbyn, more ruthless than Corbyn & unshackled from a… a leader who can foster peace between the warring cantons of Surbiton and Tolworth:
Retweeted by James MillerEssay question: discuss the role of either reality TV show #TheApprentice or Eton in bringing about the decline & e… transition from global leader to global laughing stock & #bananakingdom is almost complete #BorisDay #NotMyPM @GDRNorminton My dear friend I feel just the sameWhat a load of shit @SeraphinaMadsen Yep, I agree. @samlwalton @PlittyC @FelicityBryan @BloomsburyBooks That sounds like a fascinating book!By 2050 these stifling temperatures will be 'normal' for the UK #heatwaveuk #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateCrisis @KayEngels Yeah I mean I think that sums up everything nicelyForgive me for feeling largely uninvested in the "democratic" appointment of a new PM who doesn't represent me, rep…
Retweeted by James MillerI don’t enjoy being pessimistic, but it seems likely that from today we’ll have the most incompetent Prime Minister…
Retweeted by James Miller @DanCoxonAuthor @AllenAshleyUK @PoetSarahDoyle @ShearmanRobert @MarkMorris10 @UndertowPubs Yes!!So, what do we think? Will #jeremycorbyn be able to defeat #BorisJohnson in the GE that must surely be forthcoming?…
@JackNic02816414 & that's a photo from WW1 but since when have Brexiters cared about facts?I'll always be hugely grateful to @nicholasroyle for publishing my short stories in anthologies like "Neon Lit: The…'m honoured that this will include my tribute to imprisoned Turkish journalist #nedimturfent. Big thanks… @DavidSpittle7 the last thing the world needs is the one thing the world is sure to get... alas. I suspect that, co… @DavidSpittle7 the last two lines are quite something: "He’ll work his magic on the heads of state and the chancell…'s nonsense, there's propaganda, there's the complete disconnect of media commentators from the reality most o… @andrewgallix @DodoInk yes, you're right... bit of an odd error(an apt quote from Ihab Hassan on postmodernism there) #research !So I'm meant to be writing an essay about "mental health" for @DodoInk but actually I'm writing about the fact that… @Jwheelwright @moniqueroffey13 I was actually born in Lambeth! @moniqueroffey13 If you like reggae & farm animals (I do, so does my daughter) it was 🔥🔥🔥 @KitCaless As someone I once spoke to who worked with Boris when he was mayor said to me: "Boris is the worst perso… @SJ_Watson These days I'm so busy I'll give a book about 50 pages. If, after that, I don't find myself reaching for… by @MatthewdAncona on #Boris & the collapse of serious politics into reality TV & the entertainment industry i…
@SharLovegrove I was wondering if you were here!General Levy at Lambeth country show. Also a petting zoo for the little one. I love London. This is the country I l… reading about our soon to be new PM. #BorisJohnson @craigliterary @SeraphinaMadsen Definitely. Bad as things are with Trump I think we're in a far deeper crisis. A banana kingdom.I tweet a lot about the crisis of democracy in the US, but here's why I actually believe UK democracy is in even wo…
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Imagine: 1. No ice in the Arctic. 2. No butterflies in the meadow. 3. No trees in the Amazon. 4. No hedgehogs in t…
Retweeted by James Miller @realDonaldTrump Donald Trump & Hatey Hopkins. Two little racists kissing in a tree. Sad! @SeraphinaMadsen The really big protests will come once BoJo takes over @SeraphinaMadsen Sorry not to be there! @SeraphinaMadsen Are you there? @Sherrie75527742 @ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump Lol I have a PhD in American literature & civil rights history & lived… President who quote tweets Hatey Hopkins with approval is an enemy of this country & our values. No hope of findi… @realDonaldTrump Once again racist in chief quote tweeting disgraced & discredited Appreciate racist Hatey Hopkins,… @ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump Never been to London have you? London is far safer than any American city, but let's fa… @thomasmurphy__ Ah, happy birthday to you!These technologies will render many of the conventions on which the novel depends - privacy, interiority, the encou… birthday to me. 43 today.
@MDeAbaitua @alexpheby @Dropbox That's what I do. I have nothing on my office computer & have almost never used it.…'s Friday. Why not enjoy 14 minutes of transcendent, haunting beauty from Iranian composer @capgrasman ? the great #JohnnyClegg The first concert I ever saw, aged 8, was Johnny Clegg. My Dad was a huge fan & I became… @nclarke14 wow, congrats Norma!!
Good news - but astonishing to think 274 MPs opposed the amendment & would let Boris prorogate Parliament & force t… @GDRNorminton I agree, I have no faith in these Tories saying they'll stop Boris & a No Deal. They're much like all… @owenbooth what an amazing twitter feed!By Christmas the following will be clear: #brexit is a catastrophically bad idea #BorisJohnson is a catastrophicall… sickening to see these crowds of racist #Trump supporters chanting their hatred. Can there be any doub… may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still,…
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@niven_govinden big ups!!! xxx
@albinomerkin to hear that the mighty #Johnnyclegg has died. Pioneering musician & activist whose mixed race band defied apar… @realDonaldTrump "filthy language, statements & lies" yup, a nice summation of the garbage that spouts forth from y… @michael_chessum @SarahChampionMP & by far & away a bigger betrayal of her constituents who will be impoverished by… @_ninaellis under the pavement, the beach. Under the beach, the Frankfurt school? 🙃 @ernestopriego awesome!!! @marinab52 ha, interesting. In the book I'm currently writing (sort of set in 2099) A.I resurrects celebrities so t… @nikeshshukla So sorry to hear this. My daughter is also 2 & I can only imagine how traumatic & upsetting this must be.Cleric preaches "fat women don't go to Heaven": woman deplatforms him. She is a goddess.
Retweeted by James Miller @ememess @neilhimself @Peculiar Yes, huge thanks to Stephen Jones. Those anthologies were superb! @marinab52 yes, exactly.... it's just a shame that we're also going to be thrown onto the pyre as well.Revisiting these old anthologies from the mid 90s when I was fortunate enough to be published alongside some of the…
@chris_power @KayEngels @PressPeninsula excellent. I have a sort of on-going argument in my head about what it mean… @KayEngels @chris_power @PressPeninsula I need to read this. My experience of 22 months with a daughter is epic, in… mid November I guarantee we will all be looking back at Theresa May's premiership with nostalgic affection.… @LeaveEUOfficial Don't forget that if we crash out with No Deal & there's a hard border in N Ireland Congress will… in the depths of the interwebs.
Retweeted by James Miller @BorisJohnson The votes of approx 100k elderly xenophobes is not a mandate. If it's no deal your premiership will be v short & v unpopular.I certainly enjoyed this trilogy of experimental fiction by Agustin Mallo @FitzcarraldoEds although I can't believe…
Great reviews "I loved my time at the detention centre. It was exciting when I was separated from my parents & lock… you're two years old then the Olafur Eliasson exhibition is amazing @Tate trying to come to terms with the fact that i really don't like 90% of "contemporary art" #grumpyoldmantweetsAt the Olafur Eliasson exhibition Tate Modern. Just got told off trying to blow out the piece "I grew up in solitud… is a true natonal hero. Perhaps our last hope against the inevitable catastrophe of Johnson & the…
big up @hernameisBANKS fine new album, ice cold angst, lush vocals and some heavyweight rhythms...
From today if not before it's brutally plain that Brexit is about the Trumpification of the UK; sovereignty bought…
Retweeted by James MillerIf it wasn't for righteous basslines I'd have pretty much lost all hope by now TUNE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥’m so sad: about the state of the world, the state of our country, the state of our politics and the state of my o…
Retweeted by James MillerRemember, we're now living in a #bananakingdom. is terrifying. My daughter will still be a young woman in 2050 living in a world transformed beyond recognitio…