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"God does awesome things with us!" Mother Angelica”

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Happy Feast of St. Teresa of Avila! #TuesdayMotivation #Catholic #CatholicChurch #Prayer
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Good Morning! Thank You God for everything and especially for this day. Amen💞 @CatholicSat St.Anthony, hammer of heretics, pray for us. AmenThis transpired in Rome tonight. It is well worth your watch. I thought I would share it with you.
Retweeted by JANEIAC123I bet Pachamama was Made in China. #AmazonSynod
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I love you. Save souls. Amen💞 @SeptemberJulie @geophf Thursday night. Cornfield party.Amen❤️“Most sweet Jesus, redeemer of the human race, have mercy on us! Grant us peace & order in our church & all nations… @sistervpaul_ “Lord, enliven me with hope and charity so that like our Blessed Mother I may faithfully stand beneat… "Protect us, Lord, as we stay awake; watch over us as we sleep, that awake, we may keep watch with Christ…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @BruvverEccles GrossDo you guys remember this time last year I put my own self in the cornfields. Hahahah. @SeptemberJulie @geophf now… @rightscholar @Where_Peter_is @thelb236 @ProtecttheFaith Take your protein pills and put your helmet on! 🌍⚡️🌈🌚🔥 @rightscholar @Where_Peter_is @thelb236 @ProtecttheFaith I didn’t say anything about satanic. But you did! 🌚 @Rapparee75 Hahahaha. I don’t really like full stop either. They say that in Ireland but I haven’t heard it over i… @Where_Peter_is @thelb236 @ProtecttheFaith Is that amazon statue supposed to be “Our Lady of the Amazon?” It’s a m… @deb_treister @pursuedbytruth And yeah I told my Irish fam don’t get any ideas. @deb_treister @pursuedbytruth Not only that. I just finished tweeting my memento mori thoughts and my brother rando… @tiggawild Ohhh ok. I can see it. Will look. @lukecoring Check this out. Arrived for the birthdate and promoted for the death date. I sing “Ziggy played guitar… us pray: Lord, give our bodies restful sleep and let the work we have done today bear fruit in eternal life. W…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @tiggawild I can’t see it. I must be blocked
Please, they need our prayers 🙏❤🔥
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Hilarity at Irish funeral when pre-recorded message of dead man plays | Daily Mail Online I cannot believe I just s… need a little break from all the drama...
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Mother of Perpetual Help, your very name inspires confidence. We come before your holy picture in praise and thanks…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @SonOfStStephen1 Wicked jealous @FrDaveNix Spiritual death. And she saw bows and arrows. Could be the Amazon Indigenous aka amazonians 🙄 @chinelo_peters @FatherSund @Joeinblack @pursuedbytruth Yeah. How about if the guy says to the girl. Hey you can ju… @arribas_june Rottie, boxer and Belgian shepherd. I did a dna and then unknown mix. A lot of hound.Ok twitter, what’s your biggest trigger word or two? Mine is indigenous and memento mori! Hmmmmm?“Have pity on us have pity on us at least you, my friends, for the hand of God has touched us!” Job19:21 Maybe som… walk through a cemetery, praying the Way of the Cross & singing to the Sorrowful Mother, praying for the church s… what remember that you must die means to me. I don’t need a skull on my desk, or skeletons, or a bunch…🚨Novena to Saint John Paul II begins today! 🚨
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @chinelo_peters @FatherSund @Joeinblack @pursuedbytruth Do you want to be in 1 grave or side by side! Hahaha. That… @geophf I’ll try and take one @Carolin80951797 Only in Heaven will we know how many souls were converted through the Most Holy Rosary. Like someo… @SeptemberJulie Yeah he did. He didnt need a shot today but got something up his nose to protect him from stagnant… Muir, aged 23, from Great Britain, arrived in New York on May 15 1847, having embarked from Havre.
Retweeted by JANEIAC123How bout dat😏 one time in the bayou I was looking at this pic and a prayer by Padre Pio. So later that day I had to go to the… @geophf Y I seeing this now 8 hrs later @aryservant Maybe it’s gonna be your next mission. Mother Angelica tells me every day “it starts with one person!”… @lucy_lucy201 Thank you, Lucy! You too!!💞 night God bless all. “He gives His beloved sleep”
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @Carolin80951797 Yup. I know 2 cases. One lady was asked to join in praying the rosary on a bus. She got converted.… @geophf Can you take another run in a couple hours and show me the moon? Asking for a friend. 😏 @JohnFlos Your awesome. You just made my day. I try and remember to say that prayer before getting out of bed. But yes. Daily. 💞 @lucy_lucy201 I love that picture!! And, of course, the full blood moon is out! Still light out here but I’m hoping… @JohnFlos Awww thanks. I been working on the virtue of humility. Hahahah. I have a long way to go. Love you too Boston JANEIAC @meaculpau27 @tyIerzilla CRIKEY MATE!😂 @JohnFlos you will like the article I just posted. It sure is about “love your neighbor!” 💞❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @aryservant In Boston and the surrounding communities there are so many bodies left at the hospital morgues now. Wh… @lucy_lucy201 I knowww right. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. I think in tim… the girl I met at the cemetery has people donate wedding gowns etc and has seamstresses make gowns for the babi… came for many reasons, but the same goal: Bury the baby with dignity - The Boston Globe To me this is the diff… @enternoon @FatherTF But my little King is looking just like a bright shining King in the middle of a mostly Freema… @enternoon @FatherTF Oh well. My little witness. And a good lesson on what it means to persevere in prayer even whe… @enternoon @FatherTF God also told me the second picture is an example of what happened when I neglected my prayer… @enternoon @FatherTF 2/2 the last prayer of Novena God showed me the pics I took over the course of about 7 months… @enternoon @FatherTF 1/2 wow about her feast day tomo. The only thing I know bout her is we have something in commo… @ITGeekCT @Coline123 They are sooooo nice. @SonOfStStephen1 @geophf @FatherTF Thanks Father! 💞 @FatherTF Hi Father am wondering if that’s a hard book to read. I tried St.Gertrudes book twice & I couldn’t read i… @Joeinblack I was leaving a bar room (when I was underage drinking) and when I got outside I fell over a rock. Brok…*** 🌿🐎🙋‍♀️ *** GOOD AFTERNOON MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 🤗 Every emotion is involuntary if it is SINCERE... 🙏 Every con…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Tuck getting a check up. Now he knows this is the room where he gets a shot. He’s just like the most chill dog I’ve… Carolina dealership will give car buyers an American flag, a Bible, and an AR-15
Retweeted by JANEIAC123~ Happy Columbus Day, ☩
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Good Morning! Thank You God for everything and especially for this day. Amen💞 @DevereMrs Your too kind!!!ONLY a blind follower of Satan will want you to believe that hell is not real. @jmomahony
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @MSill3 @fleainyourear Praying for Dana and will continue to do so. Took a screen shot in case I forgot!💞Please storm heaven with me for our dear sister Dana @fleainyourear who, suffering chronically with a lung disease,…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123I was praying the Way of the Cross today with Padre Pio and Our Sorrowful Mother and I forget what station I was on… a note to tell you all that God loves you & delights in you.
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Of your charity please pray for the repose of the soul of Phylis Leahy who died today. Phyllis was the housekeeper…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @JRPayneCatholic @1catherinesiena @madreview @maryjoanderson3 @tully17 @AwakeDeborah @disciple96 @despodanielhugo“Teach to me Thy Heart, dear Jesus, Is my fervent, final prayer, For all beauties and perfections, Are in full perf… @JonahofNinevah AMEN!!!!!💞🙏A consoling thought. For every evil spirit out there fighting to destroy souls, there is a good angel right beside… @JonahofNinevah I’m glad that I saw this. Thanks for posting it. 💞 @JonahofNinevah A couple months ago. I was praying. And I made the sign of the cross praying out loud, and this hap…, Mary and Joseph. I love you. Save souls. Amen💞“Iron is sharpened by iron. One person sharpens another!” Prov27:17💞
@NotoriousNGD @gregoireurbanet @teddymac1958 @Wesmoms @DocEvangelista @JillDoby @TOMRJZSR @PeterK0243
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning. St. John Henry…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123 @pghoratory @FatherLundberg My Jesus, mercy💞 @marymar49743095 And I don’t care what the priest said. He was wrong. @marymar49743095 And by people talking about demonic oppression and exorcism just gave more power to the darkness o… @marymar49743095 Don’t give power to the darkness and you give it power by that picture. IMO. You are a child of Go… @iPadre Hahahah. Awwwwww. @Joeinblack 💞 @Joeinblack You don’t follow me but I don’t mind. I follow you because of these words: “My sheep hear my voice. I k… you feel down. Sometimes you don't know why this is happening to you. Sometimes, you're really suffering.…
Retweeted by JANEIAC123Good Morning! Thank You God for everything and especially for this day. Amen💞 @DailyMassToday @amarcherrunge1 All for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls. Amen💞