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@flophousecat slapping my desk and howling like a tex avery wolf, respecfully, for your birthday @kingthor yeah there’s this really good video essay about where a game “lives” and in older games, even up til like… seems to be the only exception lolit’s really incredible how we keep getting jrpg throwback games that no one seems to like all that much congrats everyoneasked a couple people why poke stans are so hot for diamond and Pearl remakes and the best answer I’ve gotten was “…
bananas that 1. the most interesting final fantasy thing was announced after that livestream 2. it’s this, which… nights at freddys is saw for gen zI can only imagine there was an 18 hour war room dedicated to this that involved 150 different drafts, making sure…
Retweeted by Joshua Riveraforgot to tell you all about how much i dug this excellent feature on the failed effort to bring the (wonderful) mo… you qualify for the vaccine, get the vaccine, and don't let anyone shame you out of doing it
Retweeted by Joshua Riveralike, ah yes, let’s explore the backstory of the character who is _boring on purpose_extremely hilarious to me that there’s a novel out where the hook is “nick before gatsby"Ignore my nervous, self-conscious laughter and just listen to all the smart things @cordjefferson has to say!
Retweeted by Joshua RiveraA+ from @kevinroose
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @Slammy_P @misterpatches you see that he Tries Very Hard, which i don’t think is terribly different from what we get from his peter @misterpatches the book is a brief, nasty ride that isn’t for everyone and the movie is a long attempt to make a mo… the one hand i cannot wait to see what people think of cherry but on the other hand no one really needs to see i…“oh so they were dead the whole time, huh” “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO LAPIDUS AND FARADAY ARE, BRO"i love lindelof’s work a whole lot but lol what a dork bananas how a show that started development as a brazen attempt to chase survivor’s popularity turned into what it didthis rules, i love reading about lost bowser: post—can I call you post? post: fo swizzle doug: we want you to do something for Pokémon’s 25th pos… is this game like a year away and yet constantly stepping in shit
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @jbouie a comic book you can rock out to, it’s timeless if you ask melike I can’t stop thinking about the collage for this story know their intent is probably to “update” all their IP with “diverse” leads but paramount+ is embarrassingly white
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @tigresaa I almost always name video game characters after actors, it cracks me up to log onto a game I haven’t pla…
@SamitSarkar oh yeah i think stan culture means nothing terribly good gets done, at best the paramount+’s of the wo… of the interesting things about where we’re at in streaming is that ten years ago, it was very easy to hide how… think this is the one that breaks me a little bit about why agatha all along rules: it’s the moment where wandavision stops being cute with its my…‘u play enter the matrix” ‘yeah the buttons are mad hard"nostalgic for a time where me and the homies talked about “the buttons” when discussing whether or not a game’s controls were too hardmessed up how this one move will finally get media people to pay attention to Paramount+ for a few more weekscapitalism, you saucy minx cox will die before fans stop asking marvel to put him in a movieit’s always funny to see a comic book downside make its way over to the the MCU like how once you say something is… @byalexzaragoza i’m so sorry, much love to you and yoursthis is about the game anthem, NOT blink 182, who are probably finerip :( i lived in jersey i used to go to this dominican barber shop, i’m thinking of them rn lol @BrennanCarley @jaywillis this really makes a lot of sense considering that never had a dream come true is the most… munsters theme goes pretty hard tbh tried very hard to avoid the Gamestop stocks story so that we could test @jmrivera02's ability to explain it to m…
Retweeted by Joshua Riveraryan atwood running up the stairs in slow motion at nye js a top ten tv momenthmmm I do not like this young man @ezwrites Everyone is saying this and I cannot tell if it is good or bad @scottmeslow what scott what is itEXCUSE ME who is this “Oliver trask” fellow, read a comic book Marissa that family is soooo toxicdoing my weekly the oc watch party and Seth Cohen is dating two girls poorly and it’s working no wonder guys my age… it’s the first arrowverse show with a good score, it’s bananasoh superman & Lois is tonight! I am exhausted by the arrowverse AND YET I loved it, very self-contained and differe… is why you need to turn off your slack notifications
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Retweeted by Joshua Riveraa board game? announced AND available? without a kickstarter? Bananas out to see there is a show called “my mane problem” and it is not about gucci maneOne of many reasons I love working with @NoelMu: he turns a simple TV review into an education. Here, he takes in S…
Retweeted by Joshua Riveracw: uspol in order to return to normalcy we have to bring back exactly the parts of pre-2020 daily american life e…
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @JJfreeradical yeah she’s tricky! she is reportedly gonna show up in the new doctor strange, so she’ll beat jaime b… don’t think this is bad btw, keith giffen obviously had a connection with ted kord and given the chance to reboot… miles, jaime is interesting in that he’s perhaps the most prominent latinx character at his publisher who is m… lo que dc universe @SorayaMcDonald there are some jokes in that movie that make me wanna peep the script, badlyRemember when I said I was torturing myself with a slate of awful films, just for you, dear readers? Well. The day…
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @MIDImyers @TheMutantAges oh no @appleciderwitch @xoxogossipgita how could there be, they're gitai also love that the only real detail in this announcement is more or less “you’ll be able to connect it with a sin… @xoxogossipgita have you ever considered that you might be a little too onlineyou know, it’s been a while since we added a game to the vaporware canon, might as well be this one
astrology but instead of star signs it's your preferred streaming networks @McHenryJD or maybe they’re in every episode, but played by different actors @McHenryJD i hope bono and the edge play themselvesSo catholic how Daft Punk stayed together until their youngest fan graduated high school
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera @bigredrobot yeah you can’t tell from the trailers but it’s an homage to the green mileaw man a screener’s givin me the weepiesJust say "The Bye Bye Man" out loud. Right now wherever you are
Retweeted by Joshua Riveramartin sheen should change his name back to Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez not because it’ll help representation or… may have only been a few minutes but it felt like an hourone time i told my fiancé that eleanor roosevelt said you should do one thing a day that scares you when trying to… “pay rent” on my to-do list twice in case you were wondering where i’m at @Sir__Duque @Slammy_P one of these days, perhaps at my wedding, duque is going to tear off his mask and reveal that… @Slammy_P that can’t be true the only digital storefront i frequent is the nintendo eshopThis is an under-acknowledged feature of Trump-era right wing politics. Anyone who becomes publicly associated with…
Retweeted by Joshua Riverathe hell is this @kphipps3000 bip bip @robynkanner oh man, you gotta. extremely good movie! @robynkanner there are plenty of good reasons for this but imagining first reformed is the inspiration for this tweet because it’s funnierbeen reading True Believer and in this telling Stan Lee comes across as very....trump-y it’s stupid but now I can’…
@abrahamjoseph @comicsreporter just started reading yesterday and was also moved by this dedication, wonderful gesture Abedachshund’s creekelon musk wouldn’t have stood a chance if the car talk boys were still around @SamitSarkar Extremely good film, mancool reminder: this year suckedfound the notebook I was using for work in early 2020. It’s full of notes scrawled in the dark for the assistant, b… the people in college who never helped on the group project, but still bragged about getting an A on the a…
Retweeted by Joshua Riverawho are the fantastic four and why are they making a film about them instead of a biopic about bradley nowell from sublime?
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera
Retweeted by Joshua Rivera