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@rosegardenymph the obsession i had w hsm when i was a kid i literally LOVED him omfg lmfaooooooo @rosegardenymph omfg corbin bleu was my first childhood crush when i was like 4 😭😭tw // abuse , lesbphobia , bruises
Retweeted by ًmei 📌MARK TRYING NOT TO LAUGH.... THE STAFF'S SHADOWS.... THE WAY THE GIRL WAS SINGING AND BEATBOXED AT THE ENDJEHEHG,?;!4!3?:?/EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS SO FUNNY TO ME hope nct get paid well because if i had to deal with nctzens on the daily i would quit my job @ar8ha I WOULDVE HUNG UP @ar8ha WHAT IS THIISSSSHFHBSHS?????class b, the woollim aces.
Retweeted by ًmei 📌Bongdorable🤍 #ACTOR_BONGJAEHYUN #BongJaehyun #썸타는편의점 #봉재현 #골든차일드
Retweeted by ًmei 📌Golden Child <안아줄게 Burn It> Webtoon translation EP 1 part 1
Retweeted by ًmei 📌jj laughing while 부부즈 was fighting🤭 the fact that this is so normal and he even said that its the most fun when the…
Retweeted by ًmei 📌good morning오늘도 소🐶팅 하트 눌러야겠다 ~🥰
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @jan9jun PLEASE :( @Honey_Myeongie THANK YOU BESTIE :(WHAT IF I MEET JANGJUN @jisungskz like the ones ppl decorate toploaders wall golcha yes gos are finally closed! the albums have all been ordered and the giveaway will happen once the ems d… bored choose a song for me to vocal cover plsgoldenness oomfs do any of yall need these cards 🥺 im gonna sell them @lightsongos @son_of_dingo i dont have money 😞😞—> WHAT’S HAPPENING IN RUSSIA RIGHT NOW? thread of the main information, articles, etc
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @son_of_dingo @lightsongos thank u omg @ar8ha my other irl might help me 🥺 if i need help ill lyk hehe thank uoomfs does anyone have cashapp .. my irl has to send me money and she doesnt have paypal :( /gen @joochwrld :0 woahdoes anyone know where to buy deco stickers >< /gen
got my second fansign pc in the mail today <3 <3 <3 GO is closed! Makestar and Ktown4u GOs will be open for a few more hours, please DM me if you'd like a MMT albu… @vlvtwdz yup 🙏 @vlvtwdz ok but hes sexy mo.3 oomfs got suspended o_othis is getting likes again Hiii redownloaded it on my phone and its still not wanting to open n_nyall genshin wont load on my ipad or my phone and idk what to do @muropanako im sorry for your loss @muropanako Fshe said ⭕️chuu is so round @csyhours i am okay at best rn HSHDBSH but im livin @csyhours hi bestie @csyhours its cute i thinkthinking about this
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @jangjunly my best edit tbhWEBTOON POSTER spoiled that entire mf video already골든차일드(Golden Child) 5th Mini Album [YES.]|MV Making (Short ver.) ▶ ▶…
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @DOKlCHAN TAKE ME INSTEAD @DOKlCHAN I HATE IT HERE @bongj4e HIS CHEEKIESi will be closing this early and ordering the albums within the next few days if i do not receive any more orders!… @getosuguru no worries! thank you for doing it so quickly 🥺 @getosuguru please open your dms 💕 i need to send you an update regarding your order in my GO! @plutorolls please open your dms 💕 i need to send you an update regarding your order in my GO! @son_of_dingo PARTY TIME @son_of_dingo im bringing jangjun @son_of_dingo fonda bday bash!!!⚠️ ATTENTION AINGS WHO ENTERED THE FANSIGN ON KTOWN4U ⚠️ i contacted staff to ask for more details about the fansig…
Retweeted by ًmei 📌the only correct answer is seungyoun VICTON • paypal / venmo • usa based • shipping not included • prices listed below
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @nuestpop i am so sorry. @nuestpop are you okay my time had come @catboyIex ur valid and im happy for you!!!#봉재현 #BongJaehyun #GoldenChild
Retweeted by ًmei 📌
irene's smile 🥺 blood // thinking about them rn.. i miss them @vaniIacoke 5 stars[USA/WW GO] PLS RT‼️ AB6IX REPACKAGE A NEW HOPE OTK MUSIC - two payments - sorting available - deadline: 1/26 - fo…
Retweeted by ًmei 📌tw incest pedophilia trend's over this is gross r the sweet home edits ... pls link me some i am obsessedpls leave op alone !! they age regress and if i see any oomfs making fun of her i won’t hesitate to hard block !! /…
Retweeted by ًmei 📌 @sseulzen omg ill listen to that onei am obsessed with this song. like actually$456/$700 need $244 left!
Retweeted by ًmei 📌like this for a screen recording of ur acc from me <3 :D @son_of_dingo enjoy ur walk 🥺 dont stress too much @bominful HIII MARI BAE whats upgoing through something rn @son_of_dingo how are u today? @son_of_dingo haiii fonda bestie @svtbz im okay >< how r u @shinyawas thank you, you too 🥺💕joobs in my mouth @svtbz hi rama babie @csyhours ahh i know >< it sucks but im getting through it.. thank u! also yes i did!! its on repeat rn LOL @mooceo thank u! i hope the same for you 🥺❤️ @csyhours gm heidi 🥺 thank u! ive been sick all morning but im hoping the rest of the day will be better :< @shinyawas omg hi ana!! 🥺 @thechmistry gm emma!! @mooceo hi jas!! @yeophees hi lani!good morning friends @mooceo 💀 @ppodungness how do i say id rather d/e politely @jangjunly NO I GUESSED EVERYTHING LMFAO @mooceo i guessed on everythingnvm