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My scalp eczema don’t give a fuck about me @beigewunder Your hair look like it smell like brown sugar, almonds, vanilla, apricot, and Jesus. @djgeenamarie It was a 2 strand twist 💀 @joydt_ OmgLets not forget the one who paved the way shall we.* forgot the term for this until she does this @JLaCocaina You do this every chance you get. But get your tour ticket before anyone else. @astoldbyaj Omg we’re going to be “pet owners” this year!!! @JNTE It’s the leg crossed on the stomach at 19 seconds for me
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @chrisstayflat His form was perfect 😆🔥🔥🔥 @astoldbyaj I knowwww can’t wait to get my dog!!! @astoldbyaj Ma’amNow THIS is something I can get with! @4000yay Oh let the cracking commence ! @4000yay Oh yeah they need to get lowI don’t know if me and Autumn are bad bitches but I get it 😎 @4000yay To be sparked, fed and housed for Free ?!?! is a good day so far
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!Northeast Thanos
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @4000yay Thank you big bro! Especially coming from you!The treatment for this commercial was genius ! @FacetatTy Listen @FacetatTy Me too!I hate every grown ass industry man who ever touched her while she was a TEENAGER and alive. I’m talking about grow… Right here. Is one of my favorite songs. Six Flags Greatest Video Ever. am still. Composed. Accompanied by confidence. Secure. Focused. @FootballFatGirl Right, the remaining balance or new amount?“...let your moves flow out of your individual essence... The moves created from your own individual unique essence… on @ChellyTheMC 🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆💪🏾
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!oh hey lol I’m otw
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!I do this. look at my IG STORY via @JNTE @djgeenamarie I kind of agree with you 🙂 we just our selves 🙂 @JNTE "the ambiance or the day-core" LOL
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @djgeenamarie said I act just like him. gym was great today.Doesn’t matter. @JNTE Talk about how sneaker culture has gotten run into the ground by lack of creativity and appreciation? 😂😂😂
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @JNTE 😂
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Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @JNTE Definitely part of why I rarely wear mine
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD! @HonorableAnt Lmao facts! If you got on a pair of 1’s in your fit pic you automatically getting stamped on a fashion page
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!MUVAS! auto repost! let’s talk about itttttt's because most people on there don't know how to think for themselves fr fr. Jordan 1's wouldn't be nearly as po…
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!I love looking at fit instagrams. I love getting inspiration from what people put together. What I don’t love i…’d like to worry about one thing at a time. @gabjeagar My poor majesty palm - I showered it last night but they’re still there. @JadoreSiwoh AndWhat did you do after you sprayed? Did you wash it it off in the shower? @uknowcmoney_13 Ahhhh word word !!!! @snacks_perry Lucky you!!! Enjoy!!!Y’all off tomorrow ? @Vaelyx_ Fuck em up ✊🏾 @uknowcmoney_13 Drop a pic!Is this the first Season ? @saintlauray Beauty supply store 👍🏾 $5.99This will change your life!!! @gee_saycheese Only thing to feel sorry for is my sore shoulder haha 😅When I sit with my thoughts and connect those dots. The truth comes out. I see things for what they really are. @snacks_perry They called me Nickle Bag Ears. @luckbealady10 My small ears. @Brentism Maybe after my second dose 😏😏😏
Pictures will NEVER do shoes justice!Seen these for the first time in person. I understand! Whew!“Your Lil vaccine” - @BrentismIt was cool! Shoulder sore as hell from that little ass needle though! really how I be getting dressed though and I smell good as fuck @bansheBUTTAZ You be going off, I’m surprised you don’t DJ. @JNTE Got Aleali written all over it 😂😂😂
Retweeted by THATS JIH WILD!You go girl. Set your self free! @Jay_dawk See here you go blue printing cracked fits! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Bet!!! @RiceLordRoberto From where bob? 👀Boxing session tonight. I can’t wait. @gee_saycheese got my first dose, it went fine 🙂Same with this one., told you. May flavor on these , I like them. ain’t ... He jih blowing me young @Jneigha Calling you a who ?!?!? 😆 @respawnedtarga1 @JneighaBecause gallery place up the street , they knew better.
@Jneigha Oh okay! Anyways this is inspiring and I’m happy for him. I can’t imagine testing for 6hours straight without breaking down. @Jneigha This ain’t him ?!?!? @Jneigha That’s not the guy from different world ? @Brentism 💀💀💀💀😆😆😆😆😆 @gee_saycheese Welcome! @gee_saycheese Oh okay I got you! And no Autumn isn’t getting anything. @SutonaShari @sylvie_shaffer @gee_saycheese Lmao sure thing! What would you like to know dear? @GivethNoCareth Shit!