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Jo Kazibwe @Jo_Kazibwe London, England

Just a Londoner who loves to travel, take photos & drink tea ☕ Photography:

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@WhichUK Our refund was confirmed a being processed on 19th March (we have an email from @FirstChoiceUK) but nothin… @stephanie2503 @stevebe45845878 I should have flown 22nd march - no refund yet! @GlamByCee @rosie_dent11 @TUIUK we got told last Saturday ... haven't received a penny @rosie_dent11 @TUIUK i've been waiting over 2 weeks for a refund it's tiring
@mydreamality @LifeOfLuce @BloggersTribe Followed back xx @LifeOfLuce @BloggersTribe Hey! My Insta is xx
Happy April 1st! I've started a spring clean challenge over on Instagram - one task a day to tackle your home throu…
@korejay This already happened to us, they only let me in my husband had to wait outside @iAmOliverBee i literally had this thought the other day
Whyyy 😭 @AreiliaLoves 🤣🤣🤣Amazing!
@AreiliaLoves Xxoh did she now? @HayleyMulenda I hear you, I was supposed to be in Cape Verde riding horses on the beach 😞well well well
@chideraaye Me too 🥴#Selfemployment summary - 80% of profits up to £2500/mth - Profits on 3yrs avg, nowt if over £50k - Must've done s…
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwebut it's not available for click+collect or delivery..? So what do I do as it's urgently needed. @bandq_help Hiya, I previously ordered tile adhesive via click+collect but this was not given to us & we only reali…
Don’t be that Christian that dosen’t use this as a time to reconnect with God . Especially for those that feel th…
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New #blog post: What I Will Be Doing During #Lockdown @BlkBloggers101 @theclique_uk #theclqrt #coronavirus
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@traveleatslay no but really how? When airlines are cancelling people's holidays?
Well that's no secret lol
@clairetahillah 👏👏👏👏 say it again sis. Sorry but I agree with what you have said. 🔥 @chideraaye You're right. But if women are purposely showing their bits and KNOW what they are doing then...? Lol i… @chideraaye Very true, but men are very visual beings and most women know that but still dress as described so it doesn't help. @uche_jxo @char_x0 like BT where you can switch packages on and off when you need
He really and truthfully just wanted to post this pic loool the Coronavirus Pandemic has made me lose my job. So if anyone knows any companies that need a PR ass…
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @MissBeeBright you are amazing thank you !New #blog post: Find Reasons to Smile @BlkBloggers101 @theclique_uk #theclqrt
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @_thisisamina honestly, this whole situation cancelled my anniversary holiday and bathroom renovation. We are seein… @ohpolly Myself and my hubby had our wedding anniversary holiday cancelled 😟
@ashindestad No she left London 🤣🤣🤣 @rfas906 @PrincessPedroN @MartinSLewis If you went through a mortgage broker or even through a broker direct with a… @PrincessPedroN @MartinSLewis You should be able to change it but you will have to wait for the lender to reissue y… @korejay Everyday argue looooolI think I need to stop chiming in on @korejay retweets I always get caught up in something 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @AttornyBernie @sakura_Isilme @b3agz @missymoymoy @TypingTiger @RUOKAnny Very true! Everyone is on edge right now to be honest. @korejay Tenants/home owners seem to think a payment holiday means its a free ride for 3-months when really it's ju… @sakura_Isilme @b3agz @missymoymoy @TypingTiger @AttornyBernie @RUOKAnny I personally don't see anything wrong with… @sakura_Isilme @b3agz @missymoymoy @TypingTiger @AttornyBernie @RUOKAnny But if you own your own home you still get… are joking looool you wouldn't even be able to have your immediate family there lool👀 @CharlieMensah where?BORIS SAID DO YOU GET ME LOOOOLDear residents, Please be aware of following Scam and don't let any strangers or unexpected visitors in.#StaySafe
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @ASOS Myself and my husband had our 2 year wedding anniversary holiday to Cape Verde cancelled😞 we were supposed to fly out on Sunday @AreiliaLoves Even if they suspend mortgage payments it needs to be paid back somehow they won't just give you a free mortgage. @AreiliaLoves The problem with these payment holidays are that the lenders will add it on increasing your mortgage… is just embarrassing. 6am?! It's really ok sleep beloved. a heads up about this three-month mortgage 'payment holiday' it could do you more worse than good. Yes it's a… @korejay @lolababz_ The owners of the building Intu are on the brink of collapse
@MissBeeBright yes please! @toyosi_xo @mobstars_09 @1anayy My boss said he saw the army in the streets today on his way homeThe way some companies is handling this situation is appalling, I don't want to name and shame but it's just horrif… @therawdosage 🥰 I'm trying to stay productive and share what I can 💃
Foreign Office now advising against all but essential travel ANYWHERE outside UK initally for 30 days. This is t…
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @GPatHand turns out my booking from a week ago was double booked so instead of fixing the error days ago they cance… @GPatHand my urgent appointment for today just got cancelled with no explanation????!Everyone that was screaming Conservative during the election, look at your PM now....MUTE.
Retweeted by Jo Kazibweneed ideas with UK breaks for a week asap please 🙏 #COVID2019 has messed up our plans @CharlieMensah I just called First Choice, they said they will contact us in the next few days to either change the dates or get a refund @CharlieMensah the FCO have advised against all essential travel over the next 30 daysActually annoyed about my flight being cancelled. We worked hard to pay for that holiday, now we can't go but we ca… @korejay My holiday just got cancelled i'm actually just.... @iAmCroe why are they complaining? No commute, save money on lunch and travel, what's the problem? I only see perks tbh lolToilet rolls and soap won't save you. When you die you will leave it all behind. Stop thinking this is something p… would only read this passage and think of famine and pestilence in third world countries. Now it's hit home…"Great earthquakes will occur in various places, and there will be famines and pestilence. And there will be terror…
Retweeted by Jo KazibweGlad to see businesses following government guidelines - trains packed as per usual.Can someone please help me understand why people are wrapping scarves around their faces? I didn't know that can prevent viruses 🥴
So the government has said we should work from home where we can...we CAN work from home I wonder if my company will still make us go in?
THAT'S HIS SKINNNN 🤢🤢🤢🤦😭🤣 @letstalknae @kurtisrai You should be allowed to take wipes on they aren't classed as liquids I always take wipes on planes in my carry onIt had to be in North Mid init 🤦
Well that was a quick change of heart loool this makes sense! (note the sarcasm) Christians, have faith in God but also use the brain that that same God gave you... Faith, wisdom & common sen…
Retweeted by Jo KazibweThere are now 798 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK - a rise of 208 since Thursday
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @possiblyel LOOOOOOOLPlease people...use faith WITH intelligence. health secretary Jeremy Hunt criticises government's decision not to introduce stricter measures to control…
Retweeted by Jo KazibweBut we are all still going to work...
😩🙆 stupid thing is they want us to wash our hands and use anti bac but i can't buy any anywhere!!!For all those who are saying 2020 is going to be a bad year ; watch your mouth. Life and death is in the power of t…
Retweeted by Jo Kazibwe @chideraaye @BorisJohnson We need to wash our hands and stay at home if we feel unwell🤦‍♀️Apparently our scientists are better than any other country in the world...if you are that good how about sharing t…'s fine everyone we are being guided by the science - the same science who are still researching the disease 🤦‍♀️… 'Wash Your Hands' @noblematt This announcement was a waste of time. Working to change the shape of graphsAre you actually joking? The grand result of today's #cobrameeting is, "Don't go on a cruise if you're over 70" WHAT IS GOING ON
Retweeted by Jo KazibweSo if we are 4 weeks behind Italy... shouldn't we act now before we get that bad??? #CobraMeeting #CoronaVirusUpdateThe UK needs to follow...
and guess who is still commuting to