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Trying to live the dream but you know Brexit - kind of messing it up a little.

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@iwanap69 @Dawn_Bowden @Adamprice @fmwales Blame it on the @stereophonics concert - mass infections and spread fro… @IanLabour @terrychristian @BBCNews You don't really need to staff a morgue do you ? 😔
me - have you put any flea treatment on the cats yet? hubs - have I put any beetroot on the couch yet? me - have yo… @AndrewStuart I am loving this thread. Made my day. All those disaster movies portraying nature taking over - th…
@rachal13 We have jars of homemade stuff that we made in 2007. Still tastes amazing today. So shop bought out of… @Afanasiew Impulse - not sure what platform it is on - but it's totally addictive.Chinese medics have just arrived in London to help us fight Covid-19. The media won’t tell you for some reason. 👏
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowSushine, blue skies ! Yay another day in the garden. Err ... NOPE 65 km/hr winds, 4 degrees. Feels like -4 and that… @stereophonics - how are the covid 19 number of cases doing in Manchester and Cardiff? #COVID19 #Covid_19
Don't bother sending me a letter, Boris. Put the 70p towards some protective equipment for a professional. Frankly…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowJohnson writing to 30 million households at the cost of £5 million is an epic waste of money. That money is better…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @NewEuropeans @MadeleinaKay Happy birthday #EUSuperGirl Life is on hold for now - but you will have many more bir… it is not necessary to wear jeans when your longjohns are warm enough. #SocialDistancing #QuarantineLife #Covid_19Michael Gove under questioning: The important thing is to look forward, not backwards. Yeah, I bet! Cause if you lo…
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@WHO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @DrTedros Feb 14 the WHO tweeted that it was an airb… a mark of respect for NHS workers, anyone who voted Tory in the last 10 years will come to their window next Thu…
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Boris Johnson “I shook hands with Coronavirus patients. I shook hands with everybody. I will go on shaking hands wi…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @jessphillips @nickyebrennan @rfbooth Sarcastic sky? 😆😎
Our courageous NHS frontline staff were promised “whatever it took” to fight #COVID19. What utter madness is this…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @BBCNewsnight When the PM has his daily briefing can someone please ask him why he has given contract to his ‘pal’…
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@TheLostBride Same here too. My husband has had a cold? but is ok - or did he? Only mass testing will let us all know the truth.
Had to laugh at this. Good on Nicola for a sense of humour in this trying times. @BorisJohnson has lied so many times that people are not taking anything he says seriously. Look at the parks aro…’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said at a press conference that “Life shouldn’t feel normal right now… Friday the UK finally took necessary action to save lives by ordering the closure of pubs and restaurants. Who…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @EmmaKennedy @RishiSunak FFS !I have been thinking a lot about a certain naturalist, geologist and biologist. He introduced his scientific theo… wonder how many people are going to give their mums the gift of a slow agonising death on a hospital floor with n…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @EveryCountry @LiamThorpECHO This is what happens when you put economists in charge of countries rather than scient… @EmmaKennedy @carolecadwalla No. He needs to be held to account and a very long jail sentence ! @RokoMijicUK @chrismartenson Same here. I am just so shocked and dismayed that the UK did not have anybody looking… @joncoopertweets Absolutely NOT !! @axemonkey Fabulous hair ! @TheAndyMaturin @MrHickmott It comes in waves. Sometimes I think it will be fine the stats are with us. Then I ha…
I feel like Sarah Connor after seeing a vision of the future apocalypse. In my case, I saw it on Sky News. Why are…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow @miffythegamer Look back at this photo in 4 weeks time - see how many of them are still smiling or even can smile.… @fjgodfrey @Pipermigration It is heartbreaking. The UK needs a more pro-active govt. I watched crowds at a Stereoph…
@MichaelArnheim @piersmorgan @SkyNews & the other 20%? Also, of those who do recover some experience continued symp…
@mikegalsworthy That is not quite true. If you'd been following this since January, you would have been preparing… govt is requisitioning hotel rooms for homeless people to occupy during the confinement period. More than 1… are army trucks in Italy - moving bodies to outside the city for cremation. UK is only 2 or 3 weeks behind t…
Spent the day in the garden planting vegetable seeds. I planted twice as many as I normally do. All these extra pla… Anjou Velo Vintage ride in Saumur, France has been postponed this year. Here is a photo from last year's ride.… note to @BorisJohnson and government: How *dare* you use our children as disease vectors for your half-baked…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowI see Eastenders is trending. What will you do now? 🤔 Howabout picking up a book, listening to a podcast, starting… @newchrisaway @globalhlthtwit Why is this news now - it was reported months ago from China. @chrismartenson was on… @JJHTweets What a shame - what will they do now 🙄🤔 I have not had a tv for over 15 years. I do watch dvds thou…
in an unsettling reversal of my teenage years, I am now yelling at my parents for going out
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowI'm not the kind to say "I told ya so" but this was one of my better calls. Made on Feb 18
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Nearly every european country has closed their schools, not us. UK Govt is playing games with our health, putting u…
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@stereophonics You were a brilliant band. Unfortunately you have helped the UK to become a major petri dish infect… is Boris Johnson chatting with Saudi's Crown Prince about Covid? He needs to speak to the people of the UK or… Public Health England anticipates crisis lasting a year, infecting 80% population & leading to 7.9 millio…
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I am shocked and appalled that the mother country gives so little worth to those lives . If you have the opportunit… told a news conference that exceptions on the shop ban would include food stores, pharmacies and gas stations.… will shut down cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas to stem the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, prime m… @axemonkey Hanging in there. Bemused about the reactions of many of my friends and family - but hey - tomorrow is another day ! @rfbooth The Tories are fu#ked either way after Covid19.
@rfbooth The cynic in me says - There are approx 5.4 million people in the UK aged 75 or older. What is the cost… - pay attention - this is something not really covered in the mainstream media. #Covid_19 #covid19 #covid19UK @rfbooth Have a look at the thread on Dr Nafeez Ahmed twitter account. He has another slant on the herd immunity c… at the different approach here. Ireland wants to save as many lives as possible while our heartless Tories tel…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowTrump re adding UK to the ban - "numbers have gone up fairly precipitously over the last 24 hours so we may be addi… fundamental point is that every single person in the UK is of equal worth: - Young or old Rich or poor With an…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowImagine the unlit matches are elderly or vulnerable people. Doing all social distancing can stop the fire ! Don't… @DHSCgovuk "for several hours" - this is irresponsible advice. Up to 9 days !!! From wha… yourself a favour - watch this video - this is how people are reacting to #covid19UK. It is normal - but they n… Health & Social Care say wash your hands as the virus can survive "several hours" on surfaces. IT CAN SURVIVE…
This is the best article I've read on #COVID19. "Countries that are prepared will see a fatality rate of 0.5-0.9%…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowThe UK is NOT going to be ready. Self isolate now ! 900 dead a day in Italy. @Crystal23033506 @chrismartenson Same with Boris Johnson in the UK. Thousands of Madrid supporters in Liverpool la…
How is it possible that THOUSANDS of Madrid supporters are currently in Liverpool for a football match. Spain is i… 10 minutes to spare ? Read this. Don't listen to the government do your own research. Knowledge is power !… yourself a favour and watch this video... #COVID19 #coronavirusuk
@EveryCountry oooo that's a hard one ! quarantine them and what happens to parliament. don't quarantine them and… to hear that Nadine Dorries has caught the virus. I am sure she will take it on the chin as it's only like h…“studies show that school closures are one of the most beneficial 'non-pharmaceutical interventions' (NPI) that can…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNow#RussiaReportNOW #HoldThemToAccount #ReleaseTheRussiaReport Farage failed his O levels, has no qualifications in the area whatsoever and has been on Newsnight talking ab…
Retweeted by Hold Them To Account !! #RejoinEU #RussiaReportNowHow does that sit with you gammons? Brexit how's that going for you ? Just take it on the chin like a good gammon…
Just in case you have forgotten Release Russian report Arcuri investigation Priti Patel scandal Luxury Holiday pa…
2020 Watch the numbers - it IS coming to a town near you ! @chrismartenson Keep safe. There is an interesting Youtube series about a couple, one who has the virus and how th… @billoj @chrismartenson Yes but we don't have a lieing Prime Minister leading this country ! Can you really trust… @chrismartenson Thank you. Living in France and watching the whole world deal with this virus. Appalled at both t…
If you asked all the people in Costco why they were panic buying all the toilet paper - do you think they would hav… @Vitt2tsnoc Probably the wrong time to do it now. Italy definitely not. France & Germany, closely followed by Spa… @EmmaKennedy Totally nails Gabriel on this one ! @derekjames150 It is not that he IS pathetic or that he IS stupid it is that HE IS DANGEROUS !! every time he op… @Femi_Sorry Please read up on this. Lots of experts say this is wrong .. Steroid inhalers and coronavirus Chris S… @BNODesk Christ - a 3.9% CFR - what is going on there?! @derekjames150 But he IS. We need to get him to be held to account. Point out every single lie -which is pretty d… @jessphillips One of the symptoms is gastro problems. The virus can spread from fecal matter ! Most of the medi… what a wonderful and compassionate and caring individual. @realDonaldTrump you are total disgrace to human kind… Govt does not have your interests at heart. They lie to cover the truth and reality. Get yourself informed…
More lies. I just can't keep up with the lies coming out of the mouths of this government. When are people going…
My current favourite saying - almost tourettes like "Dumb Dumbs" Thanks to @driverminnie with her bottle of Coron… is sickening is the cheers when it was announced. Come on UK - WAKE UP - your government is failing you and t… @cactus_woman Stay safe and warm. Your body, mind and soul need to be in tip top condition at this time. xx