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Author of 'Surrender' | @FitzcarraldoEds & @HouseofAnansi | words in @darkmtn @Dazed @latimestravel @thenation @NewStatesman @Orion_Magazine @TheTLS etc...

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@Andrea__Mason I love it. 🔥 @amandafortini Absolutely! @tiff_higgins @Andrea__Mason Amazing how hope can undo one! @Andrea__Mason Bawling! @MartinGoodman2 Quiet is good. @_pjfinn Colour / Color! @RathbonesFolio Congratulations to @moniqueroffey and @frauvolckmer ! 🎉👏🎉👏 @MadamPratolungo @UALShortCourses Just DMed you!
@chrislatray @daily_montanan Truly, truly sucks. 😠 @amandafortini spot on. @KBabstock They remind me of my Ottawa childhood. An apple peel in a bag of brown sugar prevents it from going rock hard. @KBabstock Peanut butter? @HubbardJeff This is such a great film. Saw it a while ago and it has stayed with me. @HubbardJeff Truly so. Unfathomable. And the fallout will be seen and felt for a long time to come. @HubbardJeff In a ghoulish way, looking at the UK might cheer you up? It’s horrendous here. 😢 @graciepeng @quiarahudes @WmCollinsBooks @EmmaPidsley @HarperInsider @IndieThinking That’s lovely. It came from the heart! 💚Abandoned slot machine, Kedlestone Street, E2. ‘Amusement Only’. #EastLondon #BethnalGreen #AmusementOnly @graciepeng @quiarahudes @WmCollinsBooks @EmmaPidsley @HarperInsider @IndieThinking Oh, so good to see this heading…'re back! With a new issue themed SOUTH coming soon. 🧭 In this issue, we journey from Cork to Cairo to Chile; Ma…
Retweeted by joanna pocock @klaidlaw @WIRED This looks so good! 👍⁦@failed_states_⁩ I am really looking forward to your SOUTH issue! INDEX CARDS, Moyra Davey draws upon and engages with the work of many other artists and writers including Susan…
Retweeted by joanna pocock @1lolamarina 👍💚🙏 @1lolamarina Isn’t it gorgeous. Such a variety of colours & textures. Just around the corner from me in an unloved…
@sonjayelich1 Oh, my. Those ears! 🐇Today’s walk. Keddlestone Street, E2. #ivy #graffiti #streetart #eastlondon #BethnalGreen @_pjfinn Depth of field. Literally. @jr_carpenter I think we owe it to the spirit of synchronicity to mention birds in our respective classes! 🕊🦅🦜🦆🦢 @jr_carpenter We are teaching on the same day, but on different continents. No chickadees here, but I may mention blue tits and parakeets. @calflyn I am so glad to have come upon your book. Will order it now. Looks so good! @BoMandeville @calflyn That looks wonderful. @drewgum @shelfabsorption Oh, man. That’s beautiful.
@drewgum @shelfabsorption Me too, but unlike everyone I know, I didn’t get along with ‘Lean on Pete’. It felt writt… @shelfabsorption @drewgum I share your love of Willy Vlautin’s ‘Motel Life’. Funnily enough I found it in a motel r… is one of the most important climate fights underway around the world--please support the people standing up!
Retweeted by joanna pocockRemnants of the Hackney Road I know and love. #eastlondon #HackneyRoad #Hackney #gentrification show homes of Hackney Road. #showhome #dreamhome #gentrification #development #Hackney #HackneyRoad #reflections are a couple of spaces left in my intensive Beginners Creative Writing class this Friday and Saturday (Jan 22… @archivist23 This sounds like the best dream ever!
@RaviButalia Organic architecture? @PaulSuttonKing @stump_bot Gorgeous.An entire world on a tree stump off Warner Place, E2. #fungi #eastlondon #treestump #wetwinter @KerriArsenault Time for Bowl Cat to get their own Twitter account, perhaps?Former London Electricity Board building on Cambridge Heath Road, E2. About to be developed by Telford Homes...… @RaviButalia This made me laugh because my non-pile of non-recommended books is as big as the other one! I feel I s… @RaviButalia 😂 @JonnyDiamond Everything is upside down. @RaviButalia This looks good. Another one to add?👇👇👇 @_pjfinn And he is a man who understands deserts.
@RachelBurch2 The sound of that little tongue! Thank you! @gabehudson Not writing novel. But, planning classes to help others write novel. Does this count? @kleinsongs Yes. Yes, it does. More so during a pandemic. @sonjayelich1 Thank you! @andyengelson I hear you! It’s strange that people who clearly want to be healthy (by jogging) don’t seem to unders… @andyengelson Can you have a word with the good people of London! 😤Friday outside the Co-op on Roman Road. #eastlondon #cabbages #RomanRoad @Andrea__Mason 💚💚💚 @GDRNorminton I know the feeling. 💚 @GDRNorminton I think it might be the case that for some people, Twitter is where they escape to for book recommend… @emilywoodwow @ecotheo 🙏🙏🙏
@MartinDoyleIT But, for me, nothing beats Friel’s Faith Healer, which my father took me to at the Abbey in 1981 (I… @MartinDoyleIT I saw that production. It blew me away. @RaviButalia Exactly. The lit up phone box was what caught my eye... thank you for the hint! I have been invited to… @RaviButalia Ha! It looks very different in daylight.Oops: *Teesdale Street*Didn’t get a chance to have my walk in the daytime, so headed out in the evening. Teesdsle Street, E2. #eastlondon the scenes on Broadway Market, changes are afoot... #BroadwayMarket #eastlondon #Hackney #urbanwandering @bill_janus @GDRNorminton Yes, buried alive. I too still think about it when I am in deep snow (which is sadly not… @bill_janus @GDRNorminton Snow forts were the best. Did you also have the urban myth in Buffalo that sometimes snow… @bill_janus @GDRNorminton Ditto growing up in Ottawa. We often had to get shovelled out of our house from the outsi… the 'month of the wolf' draws to an end and the year turns back towards the light, join us at @darkmtn for a nig…
Retweeted by joanna pocock#AFFinalist in #EnvironmentalWriting @joannaofottawa wrote for the New Statesman during the first lockdown on how s…
Retweeted by joanna pocock @BoMandeville To make matters worse, my phone keeps predicting snow and then at the last minute, it changes the for… @MonksHoof @TimDee4 That is a shame. @NicciPrasa Right. It’s a compromise but one that feels empty somehow. @kushka53 @TimDee4 Money, money, money. East London is being destroyed by a plague of ‘new luxury flats’ and ‘curat… @RaviButalia Yes, it helps to take a longer view on what’s going on. Wendell Berry is a good anchor in these turbulent times. @emilywoodwow @ecotheo Thank you, Emily. Those issues are close to my heart. My next writing project is in its very…
@AndreaMurphy12 Gorgeous. @AndreaMurphy12 Yes! These particular samples of 'everyday' are very fresh. @jadeAfitton @emmarault Especially in East London. It’s relentless. @jadeAfitton Sadly, yes. We lost the fight. still can’t believe these are going. I will miss them. #gasrings #regentscanal #eastlondon #gentrification @MunsonAlison Guy Lafleur all the way! @suecopsey I'm currently rationing my endorphins. They are in short supply these days! @LandLibrary 💚💚💚 @LandLibrary I just love what you are creating there. It makes me so happy knowing all these books are living together in a beautiful place. @LandLibrary This is wonderful! 🌿🌱🍃🌵☘️ @_pjfinn That shadow! @RaviButalia It is too much to process. I feel so unbelievably sad (and angry) about all this loss. So much of it unnecessary. @underscrutiny I used to go to that pub many moons ago. Aske House has the nicest windows, but they are useless at… @RaviButalia Thank you, so much! @finbar_hawkins Oh, my daughter finished WITCH last night. She loved it! @finbar_hawkins Perfect! I keep thinking it’s like lead or zinc.How do you describe the colour of the sky today? The Lion & Lamb pub, Aske Street, Hoxton. #closedpubs #takecourage @RaviButalia That is gorgeous. Weston's peppers are not a patch on these images. @halfmanhalfb00k I get the feeling that filling this won't be a problem for you!To wake up to this on a grey, rainy Wednesday during a global pandemic is, well, kind of like magic. 🙏 @emilywoodwow @ecotheo I am a big fan of @ecotheo — and your words @emilywoodwow mean so much to me. It is sad that…