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Joanne @Joanne75641 Somerset, UK

Singer/Songwriter. Creating my own brand of melodic rock/indie/alt music.

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Ha! Same for me but it’s not just in record stores is ALL stores.
Everywhere - post-it’s, my song book, on my phone as a typed note, voice notes, diary - it depends on what’s to han… @parityflux There’s always next weekend 🤷🏻‍♀️ @jed_elno I’ve done both but find music first easier.
@BBlynde You’re welcome! Us South Westers need to support each other 😊Hey, why not?
I should have been running the Venice Marathon today 🙁 Instead I ran through the Somerset countryside. There’s some… @RecklessVelvet That’s almost identical to my studio. Gotta love a Scarlett 😊
@musicoflegend Ha! We need to be able to go out and play our guitars. They wouldn’t gather dust then hey?👇 100% Yes! week I’ve realised... ➡️Red wine is not for me. ➡️There’s dust on my guitar case - I need to play more. ➡️… @shanesmusic Interesting. There will always be music fashion and trends. But I don’t think the guitar is going to b…
@Justkarlmusic1 Blush!I think I’ve followed back everyone that has followed me recently. Not because ‘it’s the rules’ but because I genui… @UnknownBrosWal I have a little tune that might has a nice guitar solo @MusicMarketingA It really is, especially when it’s from someone who’s music you really enjoy 😊What’s more, there’s nothing quite like hearing your own songs played over the airwaves 😊
Thank you, so kind of you 🖤 @JangleRocks That good huh? @Sapphira_Music Thank you 🖤 @Sapphira_Music 👍🏻 perfect timing! 😊 @Sapphira_Music Have you released it already? Did I miss it?This is SO good. @Sapphira_Music - half human, half machine. Unique! Love the vocal effects 👌🏻 suppose it’s logical that a crappy day would follow a sleepless night 😕How’s your day going? @1ElectricMag Yes, I did. This just captures my observations of what was a strange time. @MarakoMarcus They are very easy to do 👍🏻My insomnia has given me time to discover these Spotify Promo Cards. They're very simple to create. If you have tim…
@SoniaDmusic Violin @khowardsblog 😂 genius! @threerooksmusic Yeah, I’m with you 😊 @khowardsblog There are so many variants but I reckon air drumming. One thing is for sure - it kills the old bat-wings 😉 @zephyrhillmusic You say that but I’ve seen some quite remarkable air drumming which resulted in much sweating and… MORNING’S TOPIC OF DEBATE: Air drumming v air guitar - which burns more calories? I know...🙄 I’m surrounded…! 400 followers? You are all amazing! It might not seem like much to some people but I’m overwhelmed 🖤Thank you so much 🖤
@HardlandRocks Thank you so much xx @HardlandRocks 🎸👍🏻🎶 @blast2bobby Thank you x @MusicBoxRadio1 Thank you so muchReally liking this track by @HardlandRocks from their album In Control. Give it a spin! @SoniaDmusic Just got back from a beast of a boot camp ... you’ll find me on the sofa for the rest of the night... @markcbh They are all really good designs. These decisions are always head scratchers! @markcbh #1 - is best as it gives equal focus to both parts of the text. #2 obscures the text and #3 although is a… @FonzTramontano @EmmaLachevre8 @DistroKid Done ✅ @Thinker_Fox I love Tweets like this. Congratulations to you and good luck! @MusicBoxRadio1 Thanks x @PippinH3nderson Will do. @khowardsblog 😂 @MusicMarketingA I’m not looking back. No point in focusing in what was. I need to keep looking ahead at what will be. @PippinH3nderson Hey, just followed your playlist and would love it if you’d consider adding this track to it. Than…
@OverflowEditor My pleasure! @luseana_music Congratulations!What do you think about this statement? @BlastImages1 Thank you @MusicBoxRadio1 Thank you @blast2bobby Hey thanks xThank you @musiceyeuk and @SomerValleyFM for playing my tunes 🖤 Monday, thank you for popping by. Perhaps next time you could come a little later? #work #MondayMood #ninetofive @ThatEricAlper 😂 too funny...
Didn’t manage to fit in any time for my music this weekend 😡 How did you guys get on? Did ya get much done? @eliistender10 @shiner_sam Custard Creams dunked in coffee ...mmm @fleurr_youandi 100% agree x @SoniaDmusic Family, health and freedom @zephyrhillmusic Just call it well done. Works for me 😉 @sreece76 The question now is will Bale start? @MusicMarketingA I always find this kind of question hard. I don’t plan. I just go from one exciting thing to the n… @fleurr_youandi Love this! Some people feel that being unique (or different) is a bad thing but quite frankly it golden ⭐️So grateful for every bit of support. Thank you x 🖤 @zephyrhillmusic Thank you @zephyrhillmusic x @SaraVianMusic 👍🏻 @johnmichiemusic Followed you already.
Great idea @liam0324! I had a dream come true when I sang with @the_mission_uk during their warm up gig in March a… @Liam0324 That’s fantastic! Congratulations to you!🤯 who knew?! @schmiddi090 I need to do the same 🙄 @SatanicOverdri1 Will do 👍🏻 @SatanicOverdri1 I will give it a spin!Busy doing the weekend chores with Spotify’s daily mix playing in the background ... over the hoover I hear a vocal… @MusicMarketingA You too! @matt_machinery 👍🏻😊 @SatanicOverdri1 Love the energy of this🤘🏻🎸 @SatanicOverdri1 Abso-bloody-lutely! 🎸 @ClipperMediaCo 😂 @Izreeljamez1 Yeah and it feels amazing 😊This week I’ve learned... ▶️ Spotify stats mess with your brain ▶️ Guitar solos are alive and well ▶️ People t… @archeteer @HappyHourSongs I love it when music creates a reaction like that. Long live the solo! 🎸🎸
@HarriOnBass ‘A fruitcake opinion’ is an excellent way to describe it. 👍🏻 @colintjones Thank you x So kind x @colintjones Nice tune! Good luck with it 👍🏻 @SoniaDmusic An old, special friend came back into my life and reminded me of who I am. I will be eternally grateful. @codyweavermusic YES! 🎸🤘🏻 @Royalrooster4 👍🏻 @faust_mccree I agree! Right song, right place but they are NOT a thing of the past in my opinion. @HardlandRocks That’s sealed it! I’m a fan! 😂🎸👍🏻 @HardlandRocks Blush! Thank you x I started listening to your album today. Rise and Shine 👌🏻 Will listen to the rest over the weekend. @TheAmieBishop 👍🏻🎸 @Sapphira_Music @TheJoyThieves @epicaudiomedia This sounds amazing! @matarison1 It means people are listening. That’s gotta be good.Tune in to this week's show on @Fromefm at 4pm this Saturday for an exclusive interview with @WillLawtonAlchemists
Retweeted by Joanne @_RYANBOYCEMUSIC Just someone talking out of their backside in my opinion 😊 @chrisdefalco 😂 I agree!