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Joby Wicks @jobywicks Wotton-under-Edge, Glos.

Music lover. Food lover. Book lover. Sports lover. Freedom lover. Ah hell I'm just an all round lover of everything good in life!

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@moderndadpages Ice pops! @darzdamnn Hearing her voice 😍
@denisses_12 Blessed be. @otherwiseimok Nah more like getting promoted in the morning 😔 @penopenelope Haven’t seen any of that but I’m guessing it’s not just about what’s happening in America but also so… @penopenelope But that’s not happening and people of colour continue to suffer. They tried to protest by taking a k… @penopenelope Look at the difference though to a few weeks back there were white armed civilians in the faces of th… @penopenelope There’s plenty of tweets and images on here of law enforcement standing side by side with those prote… @penopenelope Go careful trying to open it I made the mistake of splitting the rubber seal around the lid when it happened to me! 😂 @sam56759067 Online dating sucks as bad as a knackered out hoover! 😂 @spamfiend1970 @SunnySideUpLass @vikki4mdnp @BBCRadioSolent @dorsetpolice Apparently roads are closed but people ha… @Yonny1975 You honestly believe we don’t have problems with racism in this country in 2020? 😬 @donyetaylor_ And yet they continue to let racist and fascist accounts post their vile content daily but if you say c**t you get a ban 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Yonny1975 Cast your mind back to Jean Charles de Menezes shot and killed needlessly by the police in London. Yes i… @Kazansky66 He wasn’t murdered and in a longer clip you will see that man swinging a sword at members of the public… @1882N17 Waddle over Hoddle for me every time! @Yonny1975 What’s happening in the US happens here but not to the same extreme. Black lives matter no matter where… @1882N17 Marseille became my favourite french team when he went there! @1882N17 My all time favourite spurs player he was my idol as a kid! @crapolatombola Well in Bristol fashion ‘alright me baber you be gert lush’ 😂
@darzdamnn 😍❤️ @penopenelope ❤️ @penopenelope Only thing you should be seeing in the mirror looking back at you is the image of a strong independen… @Spurs_fl @alansmith90 But they aren’t though. What he has said is true.
@LucyGoesDating I would just say that I like people who put others before themselves and aren’t so selfish which yo… @redhead_ordead Only thing missing from the crisp sandwich for me would be a couple of pickled onions! 🤤 @ElCapitain82 He is a quality midfielder that yes would be a good addition but it’s not what we desperately need th… @GirlJail You need to sell this content on only fans! @darzdamnn The camera always lies! @DebraKi53686485 😢❤️💔 @kylieminogue Hope you had the best day possible x
@darzdamnn His name is Patch he is a sprollie and from a rescue centre! And he is very cheeky!! 😂 @darzdamnn 😍 @fesshole And now you spend your time smearing your shit over the walls of your cell at broadmoor 🤷🏻‍♂️Thing about a crisis like this pandemic, it is genuinely not a question of partisan politics - the crisis is either…
Retweeted by Joby Wicks @_Embo Know how you feel I’ve been giving this place less of my time too! @sam56759067 The poor sod got it every time he came round! 😂 @SocialOutcast82 Happy birthday 🥳🎂🎉🎁 @sam56759067 Not that it’s going to help at all but years ago we had a springer and he would only ever try to hump… left his in a pub. Gove left his alone in a hotel while he & his wife went to a party. Cummings strapped hi…
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#IStandWithMaitlis @mattletiss7 Over 400 deaths today Matt. @Glavlar @Grove_digger They both deserved garment of the week! @AndrewFoxHilder @AyoCaesar @maitlis There was no bias. She clearly stated the facts of what had happened. @BBCNewsPR What a load of bollocks. The introduction was absolutely spot on. Shame on you BBC. @Lord_Sugar **congratulations** You have just won the Wakanda national lottery of 465,000,000 Wakandan vibranium d… @madman278 @smilinglaura @RishiSunak Are you trying to say that Nando’s is a working class establishment? I know how that John Lewis guy feels #dominiccummings
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@MattHancock You have got some fucking nerve fella. @Frmthewestside @themeredith Whatever. @Frmthewestside @themeredith Depends on the scenario where you use it! Might not work for you but it works for others! @Frmthewestside @themeredith So cringe that it works! 😂 @themeredith Just tell him that your Charlie would love to have his Charlie’s number as he would love a play date! @crapolatombola You wear that dress so well 😍 @TheRugbyPaper Says the club who are paying a player £1m a year.Obviously the government now regard #CumGate as closed and are going to stop answering questions on this. So I want…
Retweeted by Joby WicksGenuinely thought this was a flying carpet 🧞‍♀️
Retweeted by Joby Wicks @TwerpyDerpyDerp @GaryLineker 😂 @LucyGoesDating Yes if it’s really annoying you now it will only get worse!We’re literally talking about people getting lockdown refunds and changing government policy because ONE MAN used t…
Retweeted by Joby Wicks @crapolatombola It’s this hot weather it really doesn’t help! 😩 @Grove_digger @Mrs_Bentos I was born in Bristol and live in Gloucestershire so I’m an ‘oooooo-aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ 😂 @OnlyOneTeeta @Deanedwardschef @michaelgove You’re taking the piss.
@DominicRaab You’re taking the piss. @RishiSunak You’re taking the piss. @MattHancock You’re taking the piss. @CharlieWhite_22 Inbreeding. @Mark_Spencer You’re taking the piss. @kevinhollinrake You’re taking the piss. @TalkingTHFC @GarethBale11 Fuck it after seeing that I want him back!! @jammycat8 Love a Topic! @UnitedDanS @jammycat8 Haven’t tried that! Thanks for the tip! @ABell2019 @tug @JuliaHB1 You seriously need to take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror fella. @tug So very sorry for your loss. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family 😢x @HLTCO In all honesty I haven’t missed football at all. I’ve been falling out of love for it for quite some time. @Rob_Murray92 @BristolLive @7LuckyGodsBris @WokyKo @Asadobristol @BeccaBeast1 @jammycat8 Do you ever use the Kit Kat fingers as straws with your tea/coffee? 🤤 @LucyGoesDating A regular Erika sounds good to me! 😂 @KateMcLoughney Garlic bread is life!
@brianmoore666 White Morris Ital estate 1.3 cost £350! @LDN_Muscle hope you guys can help out I’ve discovered that I have Diastasis Recti and would love to know some exer… @AmandaSeager Some people will use anything they can to try and justify what they do when they know they shouldn’t be doing it. @AmandaSeager But he didn’t do the right thing though. @CorbynistaTeen Think there was more to it than that but I agree that the police tasering him in front of his child… @MissTottenamite Well we all know that plenty of people didn’t stick to the rules and all should feel bad about tha… @masato_jones @hari_miller Pink on blue my favourite colours! @masato_jones @hari_miller It’s quickly become my new favourite!! @masato_jones @hari_miller Just got the new koi one delivered and it’s beautiful 😍 @hari_miller @masato_jones designs amazing t-shirts! @PippaCrerar @IrvineWelsh Now go for the jugular! @carolecadwalla Cummings lives 5 mins away from me. We have a marvellous Islington Covid-19 Mutual Aid group with a…
Retweeted by Joby Wicks @Summer_Breeezz Go home you’re drunk. @ArizonaHotspur @NathanAClark What about when they keep spitting every 30 seconds? @KingBobIIV @4Trilby @SteveBakerHW Why would they need a spare house? @adamimanullah About 7 seconds in I don’t know how you kept it in!!!! Absolutely brilliant 😍😂 @thebodycoach Joe I have a Diastasis Recti problem and was hoping you could recommend some exercises to help! 🙏Ironic to watch a Brexiter government desperately put saving an unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat before supporti…
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