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✨ musician . maker . medium ✨ + New single BETTER :: @brooklynvegan + New single The Brave Ones :: @talkhouse + New album PUSH out on @Righteous_Babes 2021

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@a_ingbretson 🤷🏻‍♀️ #truthIt is National Vote Early Day! This election is the most important of our life so make sure your voice is heard and…
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieI must have blinked. When did he have time to make those cool steampunk goggles for today's Steampunk Fall Festival…
Retweeted by Jocelyn Mackenzie @a_ingbretson yeah she’s like amelie and björk mashed together and he’s like shaggy from scooby doo mixed w a guy from a saltine ad @Righteous_Babes @anidifranco whoohooo!
Thanks for sharing! xo YOU THO a beefy drop!
@the_kochalka @TheZambonis best song of 2020 @the_kochalka i always mix up Dire Straights and Steely Dan #dadrock"Bravery is not the absence of fear. It's acting in the face of fear." So proud to release my new music video for… @Talkhouse @YouTube Thanks so much for sharing my video and these sweet questions! It was hard to isolate just three xo#ThreeGreatThings: @jocelynmcknz talks bullet journals, Coney Island, and psychic @YouTube tutorials
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieYASSS 🍑💕
the brave ones are coming... @Righteous_Babes #newmusic
@BookAWeek @blushhmusic_ @LizstokedStokes @TobeNwigwe @JRJRmusic Also just realized if you pronounce "live" differe… @Righteous_Babes @gracieandrachel @zoeboekbinder @anidifranco @treyalam @alysiareiner @ResistanceRev @PeterMulvey43 THO @VoluntaryJoel41 @jac_n_dmb @PEARLntheBEARD DUDE THESE VERSES WERE ABOUT TREES WHO WERE HOT FOR EACH OTHER! Totally… Babe Records wants you to #VOTEDAMMIT! @gracieandrachel; @jocelynmcknz; @zoeboekbinder; @anidifranco; A…
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and now i sleep for 376 yearsTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all 457 of you who helped me raise $16,620 to make my album PUSH! i can’t wait for… FEW HOURS TO PRE-ORDER PUSH! 🍑🎻🎻🎻🎻✨🎧 end your weekend knowing you helped a weirdo out! and that you’ll get a g…
@BookAWeek @PEARLntheBEARD Ahhh thank you so much!!Artists I most want to see live after the pandemic: 1. @blushhmusic_ 2. @LizstokedStokes 3. @TobeNwigwe 4. @jocelynmcknz 5. @JRJRmusic
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieLAST PRE-ORDER RAFFLE! Whoever gets us over $16k gets a special prize from me!! @Righteous_Babes @nollers NO YOU'RE CRYING (thank you Noelle! so grateful for you!)As a patron I've heard this collection come together nearly every step of the way. You're going to be swept into th…
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieLAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER PUSH!! @Righteous_Babes
get ye a manager w a thicc twitter game #bless is the last day to PRE-ORDER PUSH🍑 PUSH is about healing through radical self love - which is a radical… fun last night on the IG LIVE Song Swap with @smccormally and @EmilyHopePrice ! Thank you two lovelies for… @nollers @EmilyHopePrice It was soo good to have you there! xo
ONCE AGAIN! TONIGHT! JOIN ME FOR a LIVE SONG SWAP on @instagram LIVE @ 8PM EST! With co-creators @EmilyHopePrice fun on the IG LIVE Song Swap with last night with @FranzNicolay and @paradisedan! Thank you my darlings for th…
TONIGHT! I'm hosting an @instagram LIVE Song Swap @ 8PM EST with my PUSH co-creators @FranzNicolay + @paradisedan f… more reason to pre-order PUSH now... this TEE SHIRT design is ONLY available on @Indiegogo! I t came to me in…'ve been asking for a lot of help to make my album lately, and there are so many amazing organizations that need y…
And we have our pre-order RAFFLE WINNERS! Congratulations Bob and Kathy... MY VOCAL ENGINEER'S DAD AND MY MOM'S… @smccormally @EmilyHopePrice CANNNNT WAIT FOR THIS TOOOOO AHHHHHHHH i miss you samb @EmilyHopePrice @instagram @smccormally @Righteous_Babes WHOOOOOTTTTT CANNNNA WAIITT TO SWAP WITHOOOOOPRE-ORDER RAFFLE TIME! 300th Backer AND whoever gets us over the $11K mark gets an extra thank-you gift from me!… THE NEW @itsellenwinter single KIND OF LOVE is like my freakin NEW JAMB. Do yaself a favor and listen plz!… AND DAD HUMOR?!!?!?! guhhhhhh i'm losin it samOH MY GOD
@a_ingbretson THANK YOU ASSSSHHHHLLEYYYYY!It's true... that's me singing in this @Citi commercial! With guitar by the (objectively handsomest) @harrybolles @ShayTotten @the_kochalka @anaismitchell TIGHT. I've also had a watermelon mint soup now that I think of it... that… you my friend, I appreciate your voice! oxoxo
@PinkPlum_artist @anaismitchell fancy! @JMTill oh no... @the_kochalka @anaismitchell @ShayTotten Is mint soup a thing!? Cuz dang#VoteThemOut
Retweeted by Jocelyn Mackenzieit is WEEK. TO. PRE-ORDER. PUSH! 🎻🎧💰 I've been funding this album independently for over 5 years out of my savings…
Groovin on the @Righteous_Babes @spotify playlist: they released 4 songs in the last 2 weeks by talented female art…’s #BandcampFriday! Today, @Bandcamp waives their fee to support artists. Shop the Righteous Babe catalog includi…
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieMusic brings JOY! And it fills me with joy that today on @Bandcamp Friday, 100% of $ you spend on music goes straig…
@JFSculpts Thank you for pre-ordering!! It means you shalst xolittle hymn for ya #musicheals @brooklynvegan @LessThanJake @purenoiserecs @LessThanChris @LessThanRAJ @mattdrastic @LessThanBuddy SWEET LORD. THERE IS A GOD.Music heals. It's the blood in our collective veins, a universal language of connection. I am here on this earth to…
I did some string arrangements on my buddy @jocelynmcknz record upcoming on @Righteous_Babes. If you'd told me when…
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieI was a songwriter today, again.
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieThank you ZONTEEEEEEE! I appreciate you spreading the word! (and pssst there's only 10 days left to pre-order!) @FranzNicolay @theholdsteady @Righteous_Babes For fans of: +FEELINGS +GENUINE LYRICS +crying while driving with t… arrangements and gondola-style singing, my friend. THANK YOU for all you've done, I appreciate it so much!… TEN days left to pre-order my album PUSH on @Indiegogo! Here are the top 10 reasons why it's a good idea 🍑# 1…
@dcorsetto @the_kochalka I LOVE THIS THREAD xo (and you two) @dcorsetto @jocelynmcknz ha! I thought I saw you! I’m in it too.
Retweeted by Jocelyn Mackenzie @kingsleyflood @brooklynvegan OMG love youuuu!! Been thinking of ya... that's our boy Sam McCormally on that string… album announcement ⚠️. Brooklyn's @jocelynmcknz is gearing up for her solo DEBUT album "PUSH" set to release in…
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Thank you so much, Rita! You and your amazing creativity make this world better indeed! xo @CorvynAppleby THANK YOU CORVYNNNNNNN!! XOXOXOX🍑🎧💔💞 the pleasure of singing back up vocals on this gorgeous song and contributing my backyard for this amazing…
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieSUCH sweet love my friend! xoxoox Thank you for being in this video and being your dang sweet self! xo @BWWMusicWorld Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo 🎻🍑🎧SRSLY THANK YOU!! @stuntcompanypr @brooklynvegan @meghanad @PEARLntheBEARD You are the absolute sweetest and I appreciate this sweetness so so much! xoxoToday just got a little BETTER... 🎧🍑 #newmusic #outnow @brooklynvegan @Righteous_Babes @IndiegogoJocelyn Mackenzie (Pearl and the Beard) preps debut solo album. Watch the “BETTER” video:
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Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox today by pre-ordering my album PUSH! I'd say 8/12 of the songs mention death and dy…
We've got a new perk in the PUSH pre-order... THE MYSTERY BOX What's inside?! WHO KNOWS?! Not even me. No srsly.…
just wanna say how grateful i am for listening to my inner voice. whether it shouts or it whispers, whenever i foll…
@dcorsetto *twists mouth and whispers... "surrrre"4 out of 12 songs from PUSH were written on my annual songwriting retreat to Star Island, and if things were a litt… @dcorsetto NO DANIELLE ARE YOU OK?!
SO CLOSE to funding PUSH 20% in the first week! Pre-order yours now and let's hit that most satisfying benchmark… the 100th sweet human who pre-ordered PUSH is none other than my former neighbor Brian Bartsch! He and his fami… you so much, Rita! xoxo
95 of you sweet humans have already contributed to PUSH’s @Indiegogo in the first four days. That is so humbling an… @a_ingbretson did you destroy the bobble head
@a_ingbretson right below your tweet on my feed was this ad. it was like she is answering your call within MOMENTS we break the barrier! Thank you @AdamRiveraMusic !! Extra love to Lizzie! Annelle! and Carissa too!!WAIT THERES GONNA BE NEW SZA IN LIKE TEN MINUTES
Retweeted by Jocelyn MackenzieAlmost at $3K on day 2!!! Whoever wants to pony up $20 smackers and round her out gets a virtual shoutout from th…
@a_ingbretson da bestMy new album PUSH would NOT have made its home at @Righteous_Babes Records without @PEARLntheBEARD 🍑 Here’s a big…