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shrek 1 is about a housing crisis and shrek 2 is about class mobility
Retweeted by jodieDolly Parton says she is "unequivocal in her support" of protesters within the Black Lives Matter movement. "Of co…
Retweeted by jodie @lindsaydemeola the Venice beach one KILLED me @girlpowertbh and his mom was head of nevada’s republican party 😢 @Jbux91 I have never once in my life been contacted by a volunteer for any republican campaign since they typically…
@abbygov @YuckyTom it’s so funny 😂🤣it takes zero effort to ignore the message or very little effort to ask them to take you off of their list if you’r… harassing volunteers just because you don’t like the candidates when they’re literally putting in more work to… @CLOWNFUCKER14 the way my brain read this as relative at first 🙃 @arizonablueme this looks really good!!very happy they get to go on paid vacation for a month while people are on the verge of eviction and struggling to… @toowitttolegit @mackdaddi_ @jordanmorgannnn there are at least two men who are slime here @jordanmorgannnn @SheRatesDogs you see this yet 👀 @MaddieBoone98 @aggressive_piza @jordanmorgannnn But that’s not up to his interpretation, what if in her mind she’s… @brittany_broski they already got him down like 10 minutes ago :/ @emmymhartman they already got him downhonestly amazing marketing tactic here a normal one @kelllicopter WHAT IS MY PHOTOTW/ familial abuse, sexual violence, emotional abuse, self harm. Please read, and share. This is what LGBTQ youth…
Retweeted by jodie @perez4az @MSNBC @VaughnHillyard @KamalaHarris always so proud to call you my friend 🥰 @perez4az @MSNBC @VaughnHillyard @KamalaHarris ok ok look at you go!!! @BigTucsonDad YES I started it like 2 weeks ago and I’m almost done but you could def go through it @mrmikeyreid how long ago was this
@TheSaraMiles_ @_Mexaa 4 new cases and their prime minister shut down the entire city that they were reported in fo… @mrmikeyreid yeah but maybe you hurt his feelings :/
Retweeted by jodie @badboychadhoy twilight @tequilacowgirl tbh there’s so many things wrong in that franchise and we were all just like yeah ❤️ @hiddenhen minejacob imprinting on renesmee and acting as an older brother figure while helping raise her only to date her when sh… @suppmace of course 💕💕 @suppmace we’re still voting for biden and kamala because the most important issue in order for all of those things… @matchu_chutrain @SheRatesDogs @MichaelaOkla YESSS @jillnochill happy birthday!!
@pissboymcgee this looks so good omgI have eaten three bites of a poptart and two ritz crackers today and my stomach is just like “woah there that’s too much 😌”Honestly congratulations to Maya Rudolph
Retweeted by jodie @LMFnode Omg I just saw this but congratulations!!!! @benshapiro sorry you can’t make your wife’s pussy wet
@Antifagator @abysmallytall ok all good I was just confused haha keep up the good work antifa alligatorthis you?
Retweeted by jodie @abysmallytall @Antifagator it’s very clearly sarcasm lmao @vanesssarey you’re right sorry for being too vulgar @Antifagator @abysmallytall what @marissa_velasco same it’s so catchy I’ve had it on repeat all weekend 😂me when I walk into my apartment and see my roommates’s the dramatic ben shapiro WAP remix nobody asked for.
Retweeted by jodiefor once i agree with ben shapiro, feminism is all about wet ass pussy @Maddierawrk ok haha 😂 @Maddierawrk wait what does the mirror look like and how big is it 👀any time I see smash mouth in the news I think about my mom telling me how we used to be neighbors with the lead si… @_cinnamonro11_ you’re the most beautiful woman on earthdecorating my island on animal crossing @abbygov AS SOON AS I SAW THE T POSE I SCREAMED “NO NO NONO” OUT LOUD HAHA @abbygov the way that I completely understand @nxtvxkxng I haven’t done it in like 5 years but I feel it in my soul that I can still do it @nxtvxkxng I actually know how to do entire generation is just now discovering vienna by billy joel for the first time days ago in santa clarita, CA, three teens (2 of which are black) were attacked by a man with a knife. the police…
Retweeted by jodie @snitchery @MichaelaOkla I haven’t either I’m FRIGHTENED
@lindsaydemeola happy birthday angel ily I hope u have a great day!!!
Teach girls their their body is their own and no one else’s. Not their parents, not their brothers’, not their imag…
Retweeted by jodie @domefluencer HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEEEEN!!
republicans getting on here like “i, for one, have a very DRY pussy”
Retweeted by jodie @_ericcurtin very nice!! @_ericcurtin let’s see the mug @benjifckinliker @mariokartdwi the best part about being unemployed is i don’t have to go to my job in an office building on wilshire @DeAnna4Congress way to tell the world you have a dry pussy, deanna @BigTucsonDad @Theresa_Hanley @alvin_the_don it makes it even funnier @Theresa_Hanley @BigTucsonDad @alvin_the_don girl that wasn’t even his tweet he stole it too lmao @NRA that’s preferred yeahcame back to say I just saw a teenage boy wearing socks and no shoes on the beach and now I want to go home
going lake mode this weekend see u guys later @getlaidan I would be pissed if someone made a song like that and dedicated it to me lmao @getlaidan yes lmao @getlaidan the fact that this song was literally about khloe kardashian kills me @DrakePlsFuckMe LMAO why do I feel like everyone falls in love with at least one pikapp after hanging out with them twice @DrakePlsFuckMe who in pikapp 👀 @cowboij superior!! @DrakePlsFuckMe oh my god @AlexThe52nd @SpookyAnarchist “men in all income levels” nowhere does it say all men. reading comprehension is important @KylePlantEmoji @jennifermerr How Do You KnowI mean... we all knew this right? even without confirmation?? @jbfan911 @jazz_onmycouch look at that now you started it over twitter instead of facetime
@trophyking22 @raiderleo @Breaking911 yes because everyone has a right to television in this country of courseyou call yourselves the silent majority? damn I wish you’d shut the fuck up then
Retweeted by jodie @kelllicopter ok :) @kelllicopter maybe they meant her mouth is on fire because she’s talking so fast but saying a whole lot of nothingmy friend: margot robbie is so hot me: omg i know my boyfriend: margot robbie is so hot me: omg i know sister just pointed out that Trump tweets like a fascist version of the Cookie Monster and now it's all I can th…
Retweeted by jodieMARCH COMMERCIAL: during these uncertain times, we’re thinking of you and your family AUGUST COMMERCIAL: look you…
Retweeted by jodie @_cinnamonro11_ I would also say the speeding ticket tweet
Retweeted by jodie @badgirIkiki number 3 is a bicycle @mrmikeyreid what if I like your tweets but I don’t like myselfPLEASE RT // i hate having to do this but i have less than a month. i got accepted to the university i applied to b…
Retweeted by jodie @cinnammongir1 idk who she is but I have her blocked already lmao @pienar happy bday angel ily @Hey_Smize @dreadfulallie that would just be reverting into 14 year old me though