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@ajbabyboi @notviking ok fine u convinced me I will vote for president ellen if she surprises me with jojo siwa @ajbabyboi @notviking we need a president who likes to dance! @ajbabyboi @notviking ahh yes Ellen, who is literally known in Hollywood as being one of the worst people to work f… @notskanky sad and watching anime check @ARlAVENTlS it’s the smart thing to do, I really wish the majority of americans weren’t so naive about all of this @HoodieAllen hiiiiiii @PPVinest @ummmm_yuh renaming my house playlist on spotify now @alyssa_schoener @KarlySwagmane I think you make a great point, imagine not being allowed to drink at your own wedding @KarlySwagmane @alyssa_schoener Karly she said 20 not 21 so it clearly doesn’t apply here @abbygov I’m already de*d @ashleyoverride she went overboard way too fast on that 😅 I appreciate you trying to call her out though @gbaaaby2 I’m glad she’s providing my entertainment for tonight @procornholer Feel free to share and remind everyone to be kind ! 🙏🏼❤️ please no negative comments Author unknown b… @theb0tfather @marley_roessler exactly 😢 super tough for the music and the event industries but it’s just not realistic or safe that they happen this year @Nicurnmama Perfectly said. Thankful for you and all in your profession who have one of the toughest jobs in regula… @Nicurnmama exactly what I thought, both of the other people she’s arguing with in the comments are also POC and cl… @iscscott I have legit not seen this girl since I was like 14 and stopped going to churchbeing lectured on facebook by someone who is an angry pro lifer if things are better by then and we can go back to work and other places, most experts are saying large events… offense but the chance that all these festivals being rescheduled to september and october actually end up happening is almost zero @mariokartdwi yeah! idk about liquor stores around you but the one near my place is called pacific liquor and they do it @mariokartdwi you can! my bf delivers on postmates and most of his orders are from the liquor store next to our apa…
how could anyone watch this and still actively hate this man I don’t understand was staring at the maid dress so i bought it for him i stan #acnh @badboychadhoy no 😔check in on your favorite white girls.... some of them haven’t had starbucks for an entire month now @LMFnode I’ve been following @ShahidForChange for a few months now and I love seeing all the updates from his campa… was legitimately helpful to me
Retweeted by jodie @JOKERORlGIN Why would anyone look at her incorrectly wearing every piece of medical equipment she has and take her… @thatoneleafgirl god I love thisme walking into the polls on november 3rd @_Willowflower @KylePlantEmoji His name will continue to be on the primary ballot yes, because once a candidate reg… @kiiwiiflickerr Essentially none, there are the Green and Libertarian parties, but those don’t have enough support… @R_WadParodyAcct’t believe I am just now discovering Rat Movie: Mystery of the Mayan Treasue and Rat Movie 2: The Movie @brooklynnn_ there’s way too many to count I’m an emotional ass bitch lmao @LilNasX hell yeah turn up @brainwxrms :/ @brainwxrms It’s only 8 here @grey_goose9 @HaloFanForLife @jeffmarcelfie @pissboymcgee Well to answer your previous point, I absolutely would bu… @CentolaSusan @Djrod91 @megynkelly Hi! Person who was assaulted as a grown woman here, can confirm that age plays…
@grey_goose9 @HaloFanForLife @jeffmarcelfie @pissboymcgee do you know what paraphrase means because I don’t think you dogetting really tired of voting in elections where my choice is between “the lesser of two evils” @lizwagstafff ❤️ @R_WadParodyAcct @CashApp 🥺 @itssmokeyyy_ ❤️ @itssmokeyyy_ I mean I don’t see what’s funny about this as a victim who’s only choice now is this @SAMCOOP1919 @SuperBigWaves @pant_leg @bad_leaf I’ve been raped and I don’t remember specific actslearned my lesson re: having hope, wanting good things, etc
Retweeted by jodie @CashApp $jodiescarborough please 🥺 @youngfishgod sadly I have seen worse while in college @notskanky thinking about how I was about to do this but then I got laid off @lizwagstafff I understand not wanting to vote for either of the presidential candidates, I’m feeling the same, but… @tucsontruth520 @BigTucsonDad Ahh yes, the 3 very reasonably sized homes that he literally has debt on, great argum… @KylePlantEmoji also want to point out that Bernie literally said to keep voting for him and gathering more delegat… @JoeBiden yeah try starting with this thread maybe 👍🏼 @JaminHumanist @doyalikebaileys @leejcaroll Not speaking for all, but I ambernie had a movement behind him because he gave people something to vote FOR that gave us hope, while the dnc is e… @jeffmarcelfie @pissboymcgee House 3 is quite literally the best option here yes @leejcaroll @JaminHumanist @doyalikebaileys just wondering how you felt about Ford v Kavanaugh? @JaminHumanist @doyalikebaileys @leejcaroll telling victims to “fall in line” and vote for the lesser of two abusers 👍🏼remembering when tr*mp was elected and democrats everywhere were saying their hearts went out to sexual assault vic… to hear that we are losing this fight that we all felt so deeply. but i can say that what…
Retweeted by jodiezenon girl of the 21st century is set in the year 2049 and yet every single person drives a 1999 volkswagen beetle,… @badgirIkiki I love it @ARlAVENTlS I’ve given up on trying to convince them @matchu_chutrain HELL YEAH @thatoneleafgirl @kelllicopter @matchu_chutrain @jennifermerr @alyssa_schoener @hannacantrell @poastsbymatt adam22 is a rapist and a pedophile and anyone who still follows or supports him can go fuck themselves :)
@katrimarieee QUEEEEN ❤️ @katrimarieee $jodiescarborough on cash app or jodieegrace on venmo 💕 @katrimarieee omg wait really 🥺 @pant_leg ok that’s fair I typically avoid confrontation and uncomfortable situations at all costs but if it helps… @pant_leg Taurus 🥺 @pant_leg :/just hypothetically if I were to order Dave’s hot chicken on postmates would anybody want to possibly pay for it @glttrprncs @cinnamonxing but you can do this @HoodieAllen @KapsForSale we been knew @allergic_2_sex @benicetome they hang up on you if the line is busy instead of putting you on hold @DrakePlsFuckMe It sounds cheesy but this podcast actually helps me fall asleep so fast I’m usually asleep before t… story is just as valuable if you did or didn’t report. i stand with victims regardless. #WhyIDidntReport
Retweeted by jodie @elijahdaniel they don’t have a Twitter but check out! they work with the NCADV so are alre… @notskanky sir you were getting your license when I was born please leave me alone @notskanky yeah like I literally moved and he’s dmed me twice now asking for a friend if I know of anyone with a ro… @notskanky LMAO one of my old coworkers does this regularly and he’s 38 @dreadfulallie literally lmao people on there are wild @_fakeb0i ok true @itsmattfred @R_WadParodyAcct FOOD ON STOVE @R_WadParodyAcct @itsmattfred updates on crime in your area as they’re happening @R_WadParodyAcct @itsmattfred citizen @itsmattfred yessomeone literally is dead @_coyoteee_ @esabelleeden yes I second this!!imagine drug policy that focuses on harm reduction rather than criminalization
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@nathanallebach even better @taylorfrances7 It feels like I have a new room I love doing thisI did it @BigTucsonDad oh my god