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@Alythuh ok but where is that wine glass from 🥵🥵
@Alythuh simping @cowboij g mrnng @pienar u should try calling the hr department to see where it is! @pienar how weird mine came in last week @pienar u haven’t gotten yours?? @hiddenhen urself
@Midocamusic whatI need the studio version of this right now please @cowboij omg baby happy half bday @snitchery 100% yes @Jordan_Fisher ok but please explain IT GOT BETTER’all ever wake up in the middle of the night just ready as hell for breakfast
Retweeted by jodie @notkombuchagirl hey @alllitson @Jordan_Fisher @toalltheboys I completely forgot but I’m rewatching the first one rn and I’m DYINGpuberty hit John Ambrose McClaren really hard wow 911? my boyfriend got more comments on his instagram of us than I did this is an emergencyif you’re wondering why I am the way I am it’s because in 5th grade my boyfriend passed a note to one of my best fr…
Retweeted by jodie @jovalentinesday they took them away on the brand accounts I run but they have like 10 million followers idk if that makes a difference @joeygllghr @HerbstreitPerc @HeatherTDay @BoudoirMadam I#
@VinMan17 why @Alythuh @VIZMedia @hypland @turnthepge @Alythuh @VIZMedia @hypland @doyalikebaileys @Alythuh @VIZMedia @hypland @kelllicopter @Alythuh @VIZMedia @hypland @smizedj✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ Winner will receive a Nintendo Switch, my fine art prints + mini self defense kit, Junji Ito hardcove…
Retweeted by jodie @zachheltzel the only 2 that I would be happy with @chetporter oh man oh man oh man @dommmwilczek it's ok one time i got banned for an entire day because i called the ceo of twitter a fugly slut @snitchery hiiiiii @m_mendozaferrer @FishHawkRdJody @gregolear the photo is also from 2 years ago @elijahdaniel omg did u see this they’re homophobic AND dirty also valentines day to every musician that I have a crush on and also my boyfriend @stuartfiddle @BigTucsonDad I love this song @d237c38ee885461 @TheOnion yes it is a very serious advertisement @SJSchauer can I come over Sunday or will it be too latemen are weak @desktwink @kelllicopter I have @JOKERORlGIN He’s leaning FORWARD to punch the seat!! @jbfan911 if he really understood uk accents he would've just said mafs @jbfan911 IM SCREAMING I HATE THIS @JOKERORlGIN i'm on her side she mentioned she's had spinal surgery and can't sit in the upright position for long…
@icedoutomnitrix this app practically gave me an eating disorder in high school lmaoold men who don't know me and don't work in my field stop trying to add me on linkedin challenge @RobiAlfa5 did you know that men can be friends with each other @Brittany_broski QUEEN @liam_holian @notviking @NetflixIsAJoke thanking you for choosing this part as the preview so I know not to watch itno thanks this looks fine as is @doyalikebaileys @whitememejesus BOOOOOwhy the fuck are y’all leaking a 15 year olds nudes??? what the fuck??? let that lil girl renegade on tiktok do not post child porn thanks!
Retweeted by jodieone of my favorite things about anti-vax people is that the majority of them have been vaccinated as children @BelangerShawnae @matchu_chutrain ahh yes nothing like natural immunity to diseases such as polio and measles, that…
@Midocamusic shave your head @slizshady I would say we should focus on making men great again but that would imply that they were ever great to start with @jlmafi I don’t need domestic skills that’s what postmates is for @ujtsin @KylePlantEmoji there are quite literally hundreds, even thousands more people who made a career out of bei… to be an attractive debt-free virgin @Loralray @TarheelKrystle you are gorgeous!!!! QUEEN!!just saw someone refer to ketchup as seasoning and now my entire day is ruined @CashApp heyyyy $jodiescarborough @silsnoe @thisisroxanne @texasinafrica ope @TeahLhompson hppy birthday queen ily @nilodile @jaboukie oh no u don't get the joke @euphoriaHBO 👀👀👀 @euphoriaHBO pick him’m supporting whichever presidential candidate supports girls and their right to eat hot chip and lie @ujtsin @KylePlantEmoji yes we are
@KylePlantEmoji i would say it's even better because it's more attainable @klartilkamp @jazz_inmypants but the company is based in the US and that's where the account is run from so they have to follow those laws @betchesluvthis my mom cares and that's all that matters @thomasjeferstan aye except only halfway because I'm still waiting on one of my w2's to get here from arizona @KylePlantEmoji i can tell @jazz_inmypants :( @jazz_inmypants yes :) @jazz_inmypants i think if they're posting alcoholic recipes that involve 7up then they legally have to have that @jlmafi Literally same I think up until halfway through junior year lol @mamacita_malia I was 14 ok @thomasjeferstan To be fair I don’t know a single girl who didn’t @smizedj like 9 years ago ok not recentlycan’t believe I used to sleep wearing a bra every single night like what kind of psychopathic behavior... @dommmwilczek this is..... life saving wow @DJ112sa @hotstarkiss tons @nikkianzara I’m thinking it probably is the gorge with the usc lawsuit/paradiso issues and he said they were planning an event there! @doyalikebaileys understandable @MichaelaOkla Beautiful angel 🥺hey guys sorry to burst your bubble but your brooms have always been able to stand on their own and they always wil… @doyalikebaileys tell her they do that all the time @Nicurnmama Oh no where is this??
@coolbutpoorguy hell yeah 🤝the fact that most audiences prefer dubbing over subtitles is so sick and twisted !!
Retweeted by jodie @Coll3enG these are usually the same person too which is extra sketch @socialistshawty it makes me so uncomfortable when the words don’t match the actors’ mouths I can never focus with dubs @RaptureRising3 @huntychan honey.... @MattPostSaysHi my favorite part is when he's praising joker for exactly what parasite did but way betterthis is the best thing that have ever happened in an awards show
Retweeted by jodie @matchu_chutrain is it the same person as the one asking people if he can take a picture in front of their nice carsIt would be so sad if we found out Laura Dern is in a cult because then I would have to join it
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