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@KylePlantEmoji @jodieebot how could I compete 😔 @hiddenhen @spaceyacht @Dirtybird !egg @jodieebot girlie no.... @spaceyacht @Dirtybird pls why is this so funny @jasminericegirl the way these are children....
@Hey_Smize LETS GOOOOOO @saavvvvvv literally lmao like it sounds more like personal issues than another woman being at fault for wanting to… @doyalikebaileys we have the same bubble bath omgy’all get mad over the stupidest shit lmao if you cared about women’s rights you wouldn’t be tearing one down simpl…’s me, the woman who doesn’t read and doesn’t care about women’s issues because I said that women are allowed to… @FlipBlue2020 I’m sure you know women can go into labor at any time of day, it’s not like she got ready just to hav… @FlipBlue2020 @yashar @cmcoving because she wanted it for the memory? how does that affect you or your life in any way lmao @FlipBlue2020 @yashar @cmcoving this was before lol @Hey_Smize @yungmochiii I love it @doyalikebaileys they really said “what’s the nicest way that I can tell someone I want to see them naked” and still failed
@DMobbins @VectorBelly @ssecretclone they did no such thing @mollylambert I would definitely double check that they don’t require proof of residency/address or anything before going just to be safe @ar1e11e the other day I went to Wendy’s and asked for a 4 for $4 and they said “oh you mean the 4 for $5?” :/but if a fast food worker starts to make as much as tech support, then the tech support worker might realize that T…
Retweeted by jodie @sadhunty LMAO @lindsaydemeola yeah like two things can be true at the same time.... minimum wage workers deserve to be paid a liv… @lindsaydemeola on a tweet about minimum wage being $15 of all things? I just don’t get it @dovenymph PLEASE it’s too early for this go read a book or something 😭it seems that today I have made the people mad because i *checks notes* occasionally eat at taco bell @matchu_chutrain @AuContrarielle shit you’re right don’t tell the taco bell overlords that I have betrayed them I’m… @AuContrarielle @bossy_dawsey it’s almost like people can buy food from more than one place damn that’s crazy @AuContrarielle @bossy_dawsey no ❤️If $15/hr min wage bothers you because it's more/ the same or "too close to" what you're making, direct that anger…
Retweeted by jodiecrazy how here in Los Angeles the minimum wage has been $15 and my Taco Bell is still very cheap it’s almost like t… cage really went if i was in fnaf i wouldve handled it
Retweeted by jodie @garcesecret yeah thirty is just insane @garcesecret my sister had to start requiring a card on file for appointments because of this!! if they’re more tha…
i ran into mr. simmons today, he lost his job and his health insurance 4 months ago. he’s currently working a temp…
Retweeted by jodieLet's be clear. Deficit alarmism is a scam. Nothing about the current level of debt or deficit spending poses a ris…
Retweeted by jodie @garcesecret WHY would they not accept that omg that’s dumb I’m sorrythere really just aren’t serial killers like there used to be because they would get caught so easily, one police s… is @Olivianuzzi’s friend. Stop retweeting her into my timeline. She’s an idiot.
Retweeted by jodie @CashApp $jodiescarborough @blood_vvitch @sarahschauer the point is that male musicians have done and continue to do way worse things such as… @MayorOfLA @lapublichealth you should get on this @ReneeStLouis yes but project room key is specifically for those who are experiencing homelessness! @CaucasianJames match with her and find out for science @holy_schnitt @MichaelaOkla (my mom has one I do not but I used her subscription to take classes) @holy_schnitt @MichaelaOkla they have so many other workouts besides cycling though!! @jbfan911 the future is now @jbfan911 god I wish @sug_knight kingston :)
disneybounding as park security and telling mickey he must move with me to a safe location
Retweeted by jodie @mariokartdwi this is just a photo of his own car @badgirIkiki trisha paytas cosplaying as working class was not something I anticipated this year but I’m not mad about it @badgirIkiki I think dominos said it themselves somewhere???? also she would not be allowed to dress like that ther… @badgirIkiki the best part is she isn’t she’s just pretending to @SheRatesDogs did you listen to the song @knockoutxo it’s wildma’am I get hit on wearing a mask and sunglasses men will literally hit on anything that breathes @dovenymph this is so pretty omg @royalgarbage if I have to know so does everyone elseyeah this little dude old were you when you learned that the company that makes sleepytime tea was founded by followers of a eugenicist cultThere’s an unhoused neighbor in Glendale who is facing HORRIBLE harassment by housed neighbors who have started a N…
Retweeted by jodie @JackWilliamRtF hmmm
impeachment 2: electric boogaloothis tweet has managed to age badly twice that’s amazing @BarryNollin says the dude who doesn’t live here lmaoI don’t care if panera is just glorified hospital food it’s delicioushow many times do we have to impeach this guy before he finally takes a hint @Nicurnmama posting!hey @SenateFloor we’re all rooting for you love that it’s a universally shared experience for women to hide their bra and underwear under their clothes when… @Amagnet3 @losdrogas @DarthLux looks disgusting congratswearing a mask that says “censored” on national television so you can show people how censored you are
Retweeted by jodie @dovenymph I’m so happy for u 🥺not me finishing seven deadly sins and then googling when the next season comes out and it starts TOMORROW in japan… @domefluencer LITERALLY lol another example of someone who should’ve been banned from twitter way before they actually were hahanot everyone praising this guy like he’s a god when he literally created a revenge porn website for people to uploa… @thebiggestyee @DavidDobrik @bumble vouch she is hot and fun and nice and also did I mention hotpretty bold of my doctor making me fill out an anxiety questionnaire asking how I’ve felt ~in the last two weeks~
@salty_armpit ok I’ll take your word for it 👍🏼ok.... @BigTucsonDad that looks comfy as hellthere’s construction going on somewhere on my street and it’s been shaking my entire room for 3 hours and I keep th… @mariokartdwi yeah that’s true lol it’s just the closest one to me but I’m sure there’s good drive up ones! @mariokartdwi I’ve been going to the San Fernando park one, it’s walk up but there’s lots of parking on side street… @rachelCgardiner @abbygov and I didn’t do this when I was 12 lmao what is your point @abigaelrosee and you’re probably with that blonde girl...... @abbygov blonde girl is no older than 12 years old guaranteed omg @bocxtop fan behavior
woah this is crazy know me so well @Hey_Smize @thebiggestyee I will vouch because I want my friend to be happy @Hey_Smize I love you 🥺❤️nothing makes me happier than sending my best friend a funny text message and then hearing her laugh from her bedro… @GoodFriendJoey why did they blur out her Gucci belt though 💀💀💀 @badgirIkiki @CRieckhoff oh no just wait it’s coming @MichaelaOkla I have some in my kitchen
@EFeydeer @davidmackau @VivziePop that’s because it’s satire from a tv show @Shenanigans_luv imagine being so privileged that you don’t know thatso now you guys think water and electricity is a human right huh’m sorry for doing this jason sudeikis but
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