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Johnny Reuvers @Jodude911 Veenendaal, Netherlands

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@stampydeaky Hell yea!
@p1x13ch1ck Fishy fishy fishy fish! @fokkesukke Staat 15% van Nederland nu op het Malieveld?!? @RobotRepair97 Solid point. 😄
@RobotRepair97 😖 @Estherschulting @RobotRepair97 In Europe they’re in the right order (if the 10th of July is your birthday)
@AliceAldcroft Learnt to appreciate him in recent years though. @RobotRepair97 Like e need a reminder 🙄 @RobotRepair97 Does everybody there know your name? @RobotRepair97 With a cleaver, the instrument of choice to cut an umbilical cord 😄
@wikivictorian @RobotRepair97 How to blend in with the curtains…. @PaulHansenDK @EricIdle 😂 @RobotRepair97 Close enough….. I so want to see and hear you as a sexy muscular Vincent Price now! 😄 @RobotRepair97 Yes, she’s of an unpredictable kind. @rebecca_ryder21 Inventive!! @RobotRepair97 Yes, that would probably do the trick. And if you cannot the voice that’d be a dead giveaway! @RobotRepair97 How can they see it’s Vincent Price, I wonder?Mood @PythonChapman Bing tiddle tiddle bong! @cctv_idiots Hard pass! @rebecca_ryder21 I think you’re right! @LiboeLBB @Soofco As da‘s waar is. @RobotRepair97 😄 @JonTrevithick @EricIdle Don’t you mean St. Yyyyves?Karim Ben Jemaa. The Pause.
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @rebecca_ryder21 Without the 2 Terry’s and I don’t know who the second from the left is…. Peter Cook maybe? @themiltonjones Do you own a black-and-white cat? @miss_lady_diva We do! @dinaratengri Cheers 🥂 #hips @RobotRepair97 Still, 48 days continuously is something they should look at. @RobotRepair97 Shouldn’t you see a doctor? #worried @MsMadbint It’s no laughing matter. @thebuddahdave @_daveharrison @JonTrevithick BECAUSE we had nothing! @RobotRepair97 What waist?
@Estherschulting 😄 @Estherschulting @AlfieTheActor Ah ja, je moet dan wel je werk los kunnen laten, ja. (En terug gaan is ook wel super relaxed!) @rebecca_ryder21 My thoughts exactly!He'll get it later
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @rebecca_ryder21 😂 @wikivictorian @RobotRepair97 Need it! With matching fangs. @AlfieTheActor Heb je wel meer (bewuste) uren om van de dag te genieten…. @_daveharrison @JonTrevithick Here hear. Me too. @verenabiscaya Als je de invoerrechten maar ophoest. @m3li3B Op 1 januari leest iedereen dit verkeerd… @Estherschulting (Eikel) @Estherschulting Nee, hè! Niet weer! 🤤 @Mama_ma84 🤤 @PoesiaItalia1 @pe8744 Profound, but I didn’t know he spoke Italian. @AliceAldcroft And I’ll bring my most fear inciting nail clipper. @MsMadbint 🥂cheers! @MsMadbint Taketh thee lots of wine then I doth too. @Pascaldegier @Angele070 😖 @Donderwolkje Prachtig woord, ‘poffert’ 😂 @Estherschulting Niet voor het eerst vandaag dat ik een foto van Thierry Baudet voorbij zie komen… @wateenfeesthier Nou snap ik waarom baby’s zoveel huilen! @Estherschulting 😄! Willits
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @Estherschulting Wilde perziken zijn mijn favoriet. @AliceAldcroft Freddy and Pennywise will do! Lots of teeth and knives. @rebecca_ryder21 This is by far the best way to draw attention to your pinned tweet! @russellbombz @xxhorrorbabexx K-Billy supersound of the 70’s weekend… @xxhorrorbabexx Reservoir Dogs is still my favorite @rebecca_ryder21 I hope you’re wrong 😕
@RobotRepair97 Indeed I missed the way you said it 😄 @naomicooper 😂👍🏻 @MsMadbint 😄diff celebs meeting ur dog 🐶
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @RobotRepair97 Like n = on @snapsbob1 @retroblancas Belgian. @RobotRepair97 Usually not. Usually they want to remake a successful movie to attract an audience that didn’t see t… @MrJannenman Ik vind daar wat van…
@RobotRepair97 Toad nap or not toad nap, that is the question. @RobotRepair97 I just meant that I understand why someone doesn’t want to share suffering from a deadly disease. Yo… @retroblancas Belgian. @Skierwiefke He’s the wurst! @AlfieTheActor @DBgirl_83 Wist niet dat je een pugje hebt! Je tweet wel vaker over je kat (die je ‘s nachts wakker houdt). @EricIdle Shirley you didn’t! @Housequake Mine is completely different, I’d really have to sit down and think this over. A lot of impossible deci… @woordkeus Eer je dit zei had ik dat niet geweten…
Retweeted by Johnny ReuversThis is the bass line from my song “rock the bass” and you will have plenty of opportunities to hear this live some…
Retweeted by Johnny ReuversJaroslaw Blaminsky
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @JohnCleese @montypython @HappySofficial I wouldn’t buy 2,000 socks!! @montypython @HappySofficial I’ve just seen one sock too many! @muller_jon Yeah…. @RobotRepair97 It’s not others temporary discomfort but your own continuous one because in becoming ‘the ill one’ t… @RobotRepair97 You would even put the nap in Napoleon if you were him! @RobotRepair97 😄 @ThatEricAlper Future Soul Song by Prince. “I had a dream last night that I was flying for the first time” @Omar_R @jacobson_karie @Letaugusto1 @yesterdaysprint Wire-der. @RobotRepair97 So everybody feels uncomfortable in meeting you and the disease is the only thing they want to talk… @RobotRepair97 Vespasian!
His Parents must be so proud 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Retweeted by Johnny Reuvers @AlfieTheActor 😄 @Baron3121 Is owning the court and charging them all a fee. @RobotRepair97 Woof Woof