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@DJJazzyJody sorry to hear this. Let me know if there's anything a fellow dude-named-Jody can do. @jbouie minor thing, but the Times adding a "published 2019" banner to the social image/preview of an old column -- clever and useful. @BabiesFree @trcrev @gelliottmorris neat. @gelliottmorris okay, now I think I see how you're defining it -- it was unclear. There's no hill here, there's no dying. All good. @trcrev @gelliottmorris all good. But also -- the tweet is wrong, and gently pointing that out isn't "pedantic." Th… @trcrev @gelliottmorris I have no idea who this guy is and I don't work at 538 anymore!And now they go on vacation, because there isn't anything else of priority that they could possibly be working on. @gelliottmorris not sure exactly what you mean by "winning a national election" but GOP got more votes in 2016 hous… @pbump Not trying to be snarky, I think the simplest explanation is that Trump sees a "big win" in front of his nos… @pbump he's not very good at politics, dude.
@Ike_Saul @DrEricDing @JordanSchachtel Ding has been discredited for a long while and I think you'll find better de… @joshjlee 14% chance it's coal.Weird disconnect evolving in my head between understanding that a lot of the election result may already be baked i…’s episode on Paul Wellstone — his political life, and legacy. Thought this was one of the stronger shows… their demands: being paid at least one cent per stream.
Retweeted by Jody AvirganThe only state! In the country!
Retweeted by Jody AvirganTrending. piece, lots of context and nuance and reporting.
@benyt this video is from Beverley, sure, but over its entire length Ocean Parkway is more Trump territory than not, no?printing out a tweet of a poll result just so you can really hold it, feel it with your fingers, spend some quality… commenting on the poll itself (YouGov/CBS pretty solid; this tracks with my sense of the race) -- but something… @thisdaypod Cc @leoncrawl @mcpb Hey he dug deep into his pockets. Least I could do.The communitarian sociologist Amitai Etzioni (he’s 91) took out this big ad in the print edition of the NYT today.…🔊Today's Episode 🎧 🎧 Oct 25, 2002. Minnesota Senator Paul Wellst…
Retweeted by Jody AvirganAppropriate plant to run across a week before the election. tomorrow on @thisdaypod -- the legacy of Paul Wellstone. Really enjoyed doing this one.
Didn't realise it was illegal but makes sense.
Retweeted by Jody Avirgan @skepticalsports If you’re familiar with my work here on twitter you know that I don’t use many brain cycles to begin with. @ChrisScottSky You’ll get no argument from me here. But I think it’s important to recognize the different causes fo… @4inForty4Foto This is true, but our voting system is so fractured (part of the problem) that we have to be able to… @JGRIZZYBOI Not enough characters in a tweet to include all the states with shenanigans! But yeah, TX and GA are pr… @StolteNick When I see a photos of blocks-long lines of voters in Park Slope, Brooklyn on the first day of early vo… you’re savvy enough to be tweeting about voter suppression, you should be savvy enough to recognize the plain di… knee-jerk ”that’s voter suppression” response to pictures of long lines is a little much. At least on the first… you're looking for timely episodes to listen to leading up to #Election2020, here's a playlist of Radiotopia epi…
Retweeted by Jody AvirganHere's the Brooklyn United Marching Band & Drumline at Barclays Center early voting site right now. What a town. (📹…
Retweeted by Jody AvirganThe stoned, irresponsible, gifted, poetic Zen cowboy is a great American archetype, unless you married one.
Retweeted by Jody AvirganPeople be votin’.
📢 SIGNAL BOOST for any aspiring podcasters / existing podcasters! @WOCPodcasters @PodcastsInColor @POCinAudio
Retweeted by Jody AvirganNo one has done more for strawmen than Trump, except for maybe Lincoln (Project) @EricMennel Sometimes, notions are conceived for a reason. @mbaharaeen Totally. Should have added that. Deleted my tweet!Watching with someone a little less news obsessed than me and found myself saying “don’t sweat it, he just has a wh… @andy30085155 Yup, seems right. @BCKesso Biden.Okay, CNN fact-checkers, time to start ranking everyone in that room by how racist they are. @winterknit That’s literally what I’m doing? She is very strong but if Trump wants to behave the way he did in the… want to keep Obamacare but it won’t be called Obamacare — Trump slipped up and said it out loud there.This is true, but I would argue this is almost entirely because of the way that Trump has decided to behave... so f… has always run on how broken and awful the state of the country is, but it’s weird when he does it as a perso…“He has no plan” sounds like one of those hyperbolic politician-speak phrases, but it is actually just a plain stat… thing I’d like this debate to touch on is the Trump administration’s response to the COVID pandemic.Has anyone ever actually seen Daniel Dale take a breath?
Please observe that Ike was so sick of people asking him how he was feeling that he had a shirt made with “Much Bet… president who golfed a lot. Then had a medical emergency. Then had his inner circle act cagey with the press and…’s just amazing how much the Trump playbook is beat by beat the same as 2016, but just run through the copier a b… @evetroeh @a1boogz @RyanNantell @vailerin32 @enter_dentman @minakimes @PabloTorre congrats, all! What a year.Now I am too. park theme 1:48
Retweeted by Jody AvirganI know this is an obvious observation, but complaining that an interviewer's questions are all about how poorly you… @Lpollet @rickfried1 @mikiebarb this is why this needs a deep dive. @mikiebarb this article should have just been a deep dive into this photo, where the mayor is wearing headphones bu…
Retweeted by Jody Avirgan @mikiebarb this article should have just been a deep dive into this photo, where the mayor is wearing headphones bu… @rjcc @PodcastsInColor @pocketcasts I haven't tried it but I think creating filters in pocketcasts might let you do something like this? @TVietor08 seems like a @kashhill special.It didn't have to be this bad. @gabrielroth oh c'mon, it's fine.If you've followed NYC politics you know enough about Dov Hikind to judge this argument. But the interesting thing… thread from Will, about Eisenhower's heart attack in '55, was so good that we turned it into a podcast discuss… @cjl2441 @thisdaypod @WonderyMedia fyi, we've gotten a few notes about this, looking into it.
@Col_Batguano of course. There's always a simpsons did it first.I've told this story for years. And then, recently, someone texted me this. Holy shit. It's happening."The response to this name is completely off the charts," he says. "We really need you to come up with a show for t… researcher is sharing findings from the latest group of names they tested. Partway through, he stops the presen…, though, you can see where this is going, the tail started to wag the dog -- someone had the brilliant i… had a research agency that would help with this. They'd be developing a show, have a few possible names, and t… innovative TV programming is in the news, might be time to share one of my favorite stories of all time, trul… @TomGrahsler yeah, you're right. deleted my tweet just cause it's not that simple. @joehagansays Your point about that sub-set persisting and earning that nickname is still a good one. @joehagansays Joe! This is the common misreading of the "deplorables" comment. Clinton was, in fact, talking exactl… @Locnar I don't know, the show ideas seemed appealing and the markets pretty clear (they kinda did it all). And I d… people who know: How much of a difference would it have made if Quibi let their stuff get played/cast on a prop… @KBAndersen we're all living in the @Aiannucci multiverse. @bbabbo1 my point is that maybe, for politics, "if you can make it here you can make it anywhere" doesn't actually apply.and I suppose you could throw Trump in there as well. Yikes. Anyway, this is still the greatest city in the world a… @2AvSagas he was just too tall.I've said this before, but I think it should cut NYCers down to size a bit that our last three mayors have all trie… @chrislhayes Look I’m not above re-upping one of my own tweets when I think the audience is perfect.'s true. Ideal candidate will have knowledge of falconry and Chinese tax law, to meet the needs of today's news…
Retweeted by Jody AvirganProud of Helen for taking this move and offering this call to action, for Radiotopia and beyond. Glad that The Allu… news: the great jazz pianist Keith Jarrett reveals that he had two strokes in 2018 and he’s now unlikely to p…
Retweeted by Jody AvirganExclusive: I spoke w/ @KingJames about More Than A Vote's latest political push -- combating misinformation targete…
Retweeted by Jody Avirgan"They cannot find. They cannot find. They cannot find more than 500 of their parents." - @NPRinskeep setting up…
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2020’ve read a number of articles that have just off-handedly referred to the Trump campaign as being low on cash and.… @rameswaram I'd drink the hell out of this.🔊 Today's Episode 🎧 🎧 Oct 20, 1947. J Parnell begins investigati…
Retweeted by Jody Avirgan @AjmalK until fairly recently, a lot of stores in NYC have been closed for in-person shopping. I also like the idea… @gerdolp 10-15 maybe?