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Robots at Carnegie Mellon | UMich grad | General in the two-tone army 🏁 | Rock Climbing | He/Him

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@jamiehyphenlynn I love you too Jamie 🥰 @jamiehyphenlynn gmMy #VaporWave / #FutureFunk alias, Groovy Kaiju, has a fun weekend! 🦖🌴 * Saturday, is the ONE YEAR anniversary of…
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter @firagawalkwthme World war 2 was actually pretty decent 🤷‍♂️
@kisstina_ @sydney_sweeney vouchWHEEL WEDNESDAY @funkmasterjules mmmmm secret gumbo @kmaemils Talk about drip
Just found the chocolate chip that fell into my sleeve while eating a granola bar 2 hours ago @kellyscarpone hello @jardsmard Score!Follow him! He makes good music and good tweets!
@rudy_betrayed no I'm too lazythis is the first time I have turned on my keyboard lights since I bought it @bigirohenergy I am so excited @CedricAPhillips Tbh I'm surprised wizards doesn't hook up personalities with full accounts... Can't be great adver… @currentssleep Thanks!! I'm still waiting on my rainbow crop top to ship haha @activesandal Oh I meant link to letterboxd 😁I got good mail today! @activesandal Link/what are your thoughts? I remember enjoying it as a kid but it was very very corny when I tried again like 4 years ago @MrGreenRanger @PlayStation Oink oink oink @JackWilliamRtF Also straight up looks like 95% apple density at the bottom, ick @JackWilliamRtF I've never understood the appeal of just making food in ridiculous form factors @couribruv Oh god it's so bad @YuckyTom Congrats! They look like perfect little cuties! @YuckyTom Which one is new? Are they both new? 👀 @nateandmufasa Ahhh, checks out. @nateandmufasa Wait Nate how did you go there if it's not real? @nutinyourRi Say hi and try to make friends @nateandmufasa Oh to be 1" taller @latergatorhater @nateandmufasa News to me @Keally22 Mostest? 🤔I'm okay with this. Let's go amon amarth, alestorm, sabaton, turisas, ghost, etc. Simulator? Instead, PERFORM surgery. Planet Zoo? BUILD a Zoo. JRPG? ATTACK and DETHRONE God.
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter @emoguy69420 Reddit gold for you sir @joe_climbs I just think it’s really cool and chill for everyone to mind their own business and idk let people enjoy things
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter @currentssleep I don't have a germs burn so I'm just a poser anyway @currentssleep Nothing more punk rock than telling people they don't like real punkWhat’s Fleetwood Mac never heard of them
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives MatterMan I just enjoy watching dumb movies where they fight with laser swords @uspellCoUrTNey It is a folk instrument that's kinda like a violin but it uses a wheel instead of a bow and has but… my partner and me end up having two boys in the future, I know for sure we'll name the first one Ted and the sec…
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives MatterI think starting this Wednesday I'm going to do wheel Wednesdays and listen to excessive amounts of hurdy gurdy music @drewcohee hell yesMan I am very excited to play the new Assassin's Creed and listen to Amon Amarth @SkinnyKingSahil
@funkmasterjules Are you going to follow me to a funeral @ZirkuaZruda Oh I mean my concern isn't whether I'm nerdy, I just didn't really consider my taste in metal to be a contributing factor haha @seanfeucht @BishopJosephSr Fucking leavefucking idiots this is half a mile from me it nerdy to like weirdly specific metal? (specifically Sabaton in this case) @JasonEAlt I'd like to listen to that (I have no delusions about being interesting or film knowledgeable enough to actively participate)Scent of a Woman is an underrated movie @helloitmeagin @kissprivately @bigirohenergy @kellyscarpone Eddy out here trying to secure the bag @kissprivately Wait Kelly isn't the shortest?Knew this was unoriginal, didn't know house did it 🤮forgive me father for I have gamed
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives MatterForgive me father for I have gamed @folmerkelly Every vote counts! @kellyscarpone @mrmatthouseI am not good at going viral myself, but I am always proximal to it @mrmatthouse @gazpachomachine I was just looking at this too @showshowpod @HardDriveMag Quit gaming @grimwoodhollow @YuckyTom he looks nice @kisstina_ @kellyscarpone No, unchained @DrPaulGosar Hey you're the bastard whose own family hates him so much that they ran an attack ad against you @mochafanclub What is it @bocxtop PRANCE IS A HOTTIE @barneytortola Barney you could wear coke bottle glasses and still be cute as hellwhat still bothers me about that Robert Pattinson interview is that he is VERY CLEARLY talking about radiatore here…
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter
@ohip13 Honestly the only vibe I ever get is "families" @ohip13 Lemme hear it about squirrel hill south (my neighborhood) @Ogre_Rated 2 was my favorite of the 3 that looked similarSeattle Police have recently developed a strategy of violent mass arrests, the vast majority being released without…
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives MatterA judge threw this exact case out last week. Pathetic PR move by two bad candidates. Pennsylvania Republicans see…
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter @2Saddington She don't miss Also I finally got my shipment notification from her last merch drop @onlyfronds I'm 🥰 @JasonEAlt Gotta fight becoming the generic term and losing trademarks! @onlyfronds Sure!
Stop asking when we’re getting another $1200. You need to be bargaining from a position of power. @JoeBiden where is my $5000 you cheap fuck
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter @regardingthewar I can't believe there's a whole fuckin song about being the star of a season of jojos @jamiehyphenlynn oh shit we're both olds @funkmasterjules God @anna_png 🔥🔥🔥 @LNEnriquez Have you considered minding your fuckin business? @latergatorhater Very bottom, middle left, light blue @latergatorhater Am I placing you or are you placing me @kisstina_ Remembers to charge her crystals but not her phone @KirkmanBrandon definitely not the time to do it anyway! @KirkmanBrandon @KirkmanBrandon Did you see the godzillaXmagic cards earlier this year?You should follow her! @folmerkelly I haven't played it, but the reviews I remember didn't make it sound particularly exciting (sorry to get hopes up) @folmerkelly Wasn't there like a mini zelda maker in awakening dx? @ohip13 A year so far*
@pepperonicowboi Enjoying being compared to Molly Ringwald in the 1980s a little too much @folmerkelly Uhhh more games where the visual style is tied more directly to the mechanics (like gorogoa or unfinished swan) @whitewhalebks HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Retweeted by Joe 🤖 Black Lives Matter