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An ironic reminder that ‘progressive’ Tasmanian Greens Senator and former investment banker Peter Whish-Wilson says…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandA lot of people say I’m passive-aggressive but I don’t want to talk about it."The truth is that, just like the rich man and the pretty woman, we are all morally compromised. No person and no n…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @peteduguid @Joe_Hildebrand It amazes me how blind both political parties are to the centre ! If a party one day wa…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandGreat article Joe. Thank you.🙂
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandAs usual, @Joe_Hildebrand will provoke outrage from the extreme left and extreme right but hit a chord with the sen…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand'It is a telling and troubling sign of our times that a full-blown trade and diplomatic war between us and a global…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandOn the button, @Joe_Hildebrand, great read
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandGreat read from @Joe_Hildebrand
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandI’m pretty sure we’re better than most as well, Joe. Smashing piece 👊🇦🇺
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandJoe gets it
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandWeek after week @Joe_Hildebrand manages to piss off the left and the right and the centre simply by writing facts a…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandNailed it! Another ripper from @Joe_Hildebrand. No doubt about our Joe, his opinion pieces are as balanced as the…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandThank you sir! I be worried? This is the second tweet in a row that I’ve found to be insightful!!!
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandGreat article 👍
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand
This right here...👇
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @Jimmy26764268 I'm still having trouble believing that @Joe_Hildebrand , who writes so well, is a 'leftie'???
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandAnother great article from @Joe_Hildebrand the shocking part of it was he told a funny joke…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandFinally, something worth reading.
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandHappens every time. Before reading the byline, I get halfway through a ⁦@Joe_Hildebrand⁩ article and I’m surprised…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandAnother brilliant article @Joe_Hildebrand ! Can you please write more?
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandThe China Syndrome. @newscomauHQI can’t recommend Sam’s chapter highly enough. It’s heartfelt, raw at times, and highly perceptive 👏
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @Joe_Hildebrand It's a no brainer. I think of the embarrasment of Kinnock over the success of Blair.
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @Joe_Hildebrand Certainly got my attention reading it this morning given I stopped being a true believer a few year…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand
Stoked to launch ‘The Write Stuff’ a book of essays from leading Labor thinkers with @dyrenfurth 📖 A handy write u…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandThis is an incredibly important book that might just contain the salvation of the Australian Labor Party. I cannot… staying up late watching 8 Mile because life goals.Obviously should’ve gone to the Tele but apart from that I endorse almost every word. — sorry! — *talking* drugs with John Stanley and all the other hot topics of the day from 8pm on @2GB873. Ca…
Strong comeback. until the Chinese hear about Barnesy’s plan to hit some Hong Kong mattress all night long. This is not going to end well. @Joe_Hildebrand @newscomauHQ Heartening article. I’m also a traditional ALP voter. But policy alone is not enough n…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandJust letting you know your order has been shipped.
@Joe_Hildebrand happy days ....
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandI hope you're right, @Joe_Hildebrand
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandNice piece
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand
About to go on @morningshowon7 to talk about Dollarmite accounts, favourite children and changing your surname. The… @ArgyleSport @farrm51 @DGPetrie Clearly turquoise but for the sake of Bon we’ll say they’re navy blue.Christmas shopping? Buy “The Truth of the Palace Letters” - endorsed by Paul Keating, launched by Tanya Plibersek,…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @mini_moi11 @AnthonyChisholm @penbo I came close.Thank you to Dale, Jeremy and the thousands of @slsnsw volunteers keeping us safe, this and every weekend.
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand
I’m an opinion writer. It is literally my job to back or not back things. And you desperately need a sub-editor. lot of nodding, a few smiles & a couple of chortles for me whilst I read this piece. "The truth is the Greens are…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand"the men and women of Australia who work, not whinge." @Joe_Hildebrand's description of the true ALP heartland. I…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandYes, it’s just more of News Corp’s Labor bias. we’re to blame for people’s feelings even when we independently support them. You guys are beyond totes cray-cra… said they needed to? I am merely expressing my opinion. You people simply cannot handle that.… @FarrarStacy Being a committed moderate I was aiming for bi-friendly.This is actually a great insight. I back one Labor leader and it’s a Murdoch conspiracy. I back another Labor leade… @FarrarStacy The only mild inaccuracy in the whole article. Fun fact: It was my birthday party!"The truth is the Greens are not the lions of the political jungle, they are parasites looking for a host. Why anyo…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand @MayorDarcy @shmigel Lolz! To be fair by the seventh month they were kind of smashing themselves!
Another great article! Gosh there are a lot about these days!👍! Albo is leading Labor back to the heartland: @newscomauHQAn amazing piece that everyone should read: Kevin Rudd and me: the PM, the editor and beers with the Daily Telegra… @dailybaileylive I think Busey was the one who got him over the line!Just realised that Kurt Russell, Nick Nolte and Gary Busey are all the same person at different stages of evolution.
@Joe_Hildebrand #joeforzoomPM
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandIs it okay if I stay in Sydney though? Kind of got used to working from home... a political movement I can support! @Joe_Hildebrand @2GB873 @stanley_radio Do you have any idea what you’ve done? Like Beetlejuice and the Candyman, if…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandAbout to hit @2GB873 with the great @stanley_radio to talk Gladys, Gladys, Gladys and, if there’s time, more Gladys…
@LindsWebb I am drinking a Crownie right now!He really is extraordinary.
Shocking pro-Labor bias ... #auspol
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandIf people are in deep financial distress the govt should provide relief for them - and largely has - but not encour… yes if it is the only way you can buy a home because they are the two safest investments most people will eve… is right. Eating into super is a bad idea, and the younger you are the worse an idea it is. @abc730
I second that emotion! join me and @joe_hildebrand on Mornings
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandAbout to go on @morningshowon7 to talk Covid Christmas parties, super cash grabs and grown-up kids still living wit… another great article! Go Albo!
@Joe_Hildebrand @newscomauHQ I think you'll find that in our heart of hearts the vast majority are a little left of…
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandYep.
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandFantastic piece @Joe_Hildebrand I like many other people, met my husband in the ADF. I can tell you with absolute c…
Retweeted by Joe Hildebrand
Good piece Joe ... am I able to address you by your first name ?
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandThe outrageous sex scandal that couldn’t find a victim: @newscomauHQ @MayorDarcy Gotta start somewhere! @MayorDarcy Those AWU boys like to dress sharp mate!Just found out that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the exact same tune as The Alphabet Song. Makes you wonder what…
@mishazelinsky @Polite_Lion The modelling union is covered by the Shoppies mate.Another magnificent article to stir the soul. What a week it’s been! fridge scene still haunts my mind. @shmigel @JodiMcKayMP Jodi did good for the workers today. Koalas are nice but they don’t vote.Just watching Minority Report. Weirdest documentary about the Greens I’ve ever seen.Found this interesting looking documentary about the South Australia lockdown:
Retweeted by Joe HildebrandBest groupie ever! heaps as always Thelma! xxx on @2GB873 from 8pm with the great John Stanley talking ADF disgrace, sly speed cameras and a chat with the ma…!’t worry, we have plenty of people working overtime to stop that from happening.
What a great article to wake up to! green left progressive view. A list of people who liked this tweet. More good reasons why Labor must get back to the heartland.… really was. This is the working-class hero Gotham needs. always enjoyable reminder of @GreenJ’s deep connections with the working man. You honestly could not make it up.