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Comic artist and colorist! Wrestling enthusiast! Machiko Soga’s cone bra stan. He/Himbo 💖💜💙.

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@MusicalHell *googles* Oh no. Ohhhh nnnnnooooooooo.In honor of David Byrne's (@DBtodomundo) birthday, read about the music of his life, from the Scottish folk he list…
Retweeted by Joe @Razerwyng Did you accumulate too much red leather againReaper out here double cheeked up on a Tuesday night @thenewdarling Oh no he’s hotterMeow another pickle spear in the light of the refrigerator
Retweeted by Joethicc and tired hey new Sleater-Kinney @MisterPolanin @MsNightmare24 Ew @BeckyHop13 bUt We NeEd BoYs To WaTcH tHeM tOo @MisterPolanin Lame @pittsed_off thaslight thatekeep thembossThemboss @ryandroyd Mercer is a fine-ass dudelanky boi
@nightshadezero A E S T H E T I Cthe official arthur page asked people to wish mr. ratburn and his husband a happy 2 year anniversary and the commen…
Retweeted by Joe @ryandroyd WHAT did I just watch @Razerwyng @nicknewt 💖💖💖 @nicknewt You’re not and you are, in fact, lovedWas playing with a new head shape for Rico and ended up with Lupin III @CalluxPW Oh dope what’re you buildingAt least one of us is @BrenttHarshman But they’re loaded with enough sodium as it is!CDC said you gotta wear this now :(
Retweeted by Joe @PraxJarvin @mikalkhill How much for tongueOh oh god10 minute warmup sketch from this morning… hausen. You get those photos of Elliott Gould and Grover? Photographer: Sure did boss, real fuckin sexy just like y…
Retweeted by JoeI’ve had “Two Trucks” by Lemon Demon stuck in my head for a month now“And I killed Christopher Plummer too! *cackling*”Give me this movie NOW with 50% more legs @_wilsur @kirameks @Razerwyng @ClosetChampion @JFSculpts screwed this can of horses, now lie in it @ChrisCrash00 @DieRobinsonDie They have medications for that now I hear @anniezard This bitch homoerotic Yeet @PraxJarvin “Mark Hamill’s probably playing Skeletor, huh” *clicks through* “Yep” @ThatCarlGuy Boss Baby?It’s Bea Arthur’s birthday. Go donate.
Retweeted by Joe @Jordamus_Prime Same @grantandstuff Why are you like this @costa_kout a thing for a possible @BeastStrikers Halloween special I fucking can’t even"People aren't addicted to wearing masks they're traumatized" actually some of us are looking at the whole part whe…
Retweeted by JoeYou Shall (Not) PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH
Retweeted by JoeGod I love Maangchi @PlamoDaddy @Goodguygdan Bitch I wear jeans and flannel shirts I don’t fashion good @Goodguygdan @PlamoDaddy “Cool” @Goodguygdan @PlamoDaddy What purpose do the neck tassels serve?Oh @BrenttHarshman That’s a sexy ass voice @jj_mason Oh Alien Agent?good for her
Retweeted by JoeOkay but that Zedd beer sounds amazing @Rosen_Thorne Wait what @nightshadezero @DieRobinsonDie It feels like the alcoholic porn addict nephew of one of those Keita Amemiya tokusatsu movies relea… @DieRobinsonDie YES @DieRobinsonDie It’s so goodThis is not the worst thing I’ve ever tweeted people come onOh my god I just realized… Think of all the MPreg Eddie Brock fan art/fiction this new VENOM movie is going to be responsible for
@Maximilian_ZERO GIANT DAYS is a lot of funAlso I love the implication of his one pre-fight animation being that he’s only a competent fighter because his opp… annoyed at the stunt casting genius of Robert Englund voicing Scarecrow being wasted on a dumb video game @SophieKingPW character, your energy, etc yourself back online and order a copy of the OFF INTO THE SUNSET anthology. Less than two days left and the…
Retweeted by JoeMy skinny jeans are just… jeans nowWith the tragic and sudden loss of Jesse Hamm, consider going to his Gumroad and downloading his 106 page PDF of es…
Retweeted by Joe @badgunpla Lack of werewolves @badgunpla Well I haven’t fucked any werewolves recently so noMade a cool thing and can’t show anyone for 2-3 monthsK @IndiePlamo Lol I actually had already designed a red panda suit as a hypothetical for a character we haven’t intro… @IndiePlamo @JFSculpts Wait WHATBowie be praised @pittsed_off @hemsbutt @soltian_ @jussulent Ahhh @pittsed_off !! @depechejoe If you get soft shell crab fried, the shell and coating just kinda blend together. It’s good. @IndiePlamo I got you boo @badgunpla *hug* @ill_bea_bitch tHis Op Ed I wRoTe @blast0rama 😉🤫Oh it’s Wednesday isn’t it god am I making fan characters for my own comic @mylifein8bit It’s a good assFrog Striker, mk. II @SpeelmanTom*snort* @SpeelmanTom