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Joe Quinones @Joe_Quinones Somerville, MA

Comic artist & illustrator. Spectacular Spider-man, America, Howard the Duck & more. Currently Dial H for Hero. Instagram:@kwinones

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@gibsoncomics Those are all so great like damnCinematic sirens 🌱✨🐱 Art from @Joe_Quinones
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesTalking with Kat Calamia @ComicUno ahead of the DIAL H finale next week? We love to see it! ☎️⚡️
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesSometimes I think about how Jordon Gibson went from posting great redesigns on superherohype forums 10 years ago, t…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesDimple🥰
Retweeted by Joe Quinones🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♀️'s DIAL H FOR HERO Finale to Explore What It Means to be a Hero
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@prettybirdll I want to do my takes on all of them! But def Jurnee Canary and Winsteas HuntressDOGS EXIST. WHY @248byron @CouldBeComics Sure, but on screen it works for me. I like the sleekness and simplicity of it. Great silh… @248byron @CouldBeComics It’s no big news, but on film I vastly prefer both Keaton iterations @248byron @CouldBeComics I disagree, but to each his own! @ThatDaveJordan I did enjoy that! I mean more centrally a feature of his main suit tho(Give Batman white glowy eyes already, come on) @DeadMeatComic It’s perfect. I love that movie @hblumenreich A bat mood board if you will @hblumenreich There’s also some ticket stubs for Mark of Zorro somewhere in there @raphael_buisson I actually kinda modeled my version of Zee in Bloodspell on her @hblumenreich But my question is: where on his costume did he incorporate the pearls? @JFSculpts I always liked the notion in Batman 89 that he’s trying to build a mythology around himself that he’s a… @JFSculpts It’s not perfect, but I like the silhouette and, like the MCU Spider-man, it very closely resembles its comics counterpart @caroramsey Batman V Superman should’ve been a straight adaptation of these(Stop militarizing Batman) @jarrodjones_ I was bummed that I wasnt doing ECCC, then I remembered they’re a week apart and my body sighed in relief @inthewakeofdawn It clearly can work!Remember when somebody crafted a cosplay recreation of the Arkham Batsuit and it was better than the last 5 film it… & Clark by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesI’ve had an idea for one kicking in the back of my head for a while, now! Just haven’t had time... @Alex_Antone @samhumphries 👏👏👏congrats👏👏👏 @samhumphries You know I was thinking it might be fun to put together a playlist to read the final issue to @Vexinyou Thank you so much :)Also that you continue to have access to health care, keep the Social Security/safety net secure, avoid nuclear war… @AirTrafficAJ @iamstephbeatz That would be amazing. @dresserlook @evilhag Oh for sure @MogwaiFlicks Ooh!My thinking is Ruth NeggaStill thinking about Jurnee as Black Canary. Who would you cast as Zatanna?🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 @gibsoncomics This is damned good
Did a little warmup over an old Amidala sketch and improvised a costume for her -
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @chrisarrant @bigredrobot In my quiet moments I’m just perpetually reenacting the video for Batdance.The bludgeoning that @ewarren handed Bloomberg on the debate stage tonight is nothing compared to what she would do…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesMy position remains thus: pump all the money and support into Warren and Sanders that you can. Send them to the con…
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @GWillowWilson 🙏Warren/Sanders ticket or vice versa for the fucking win you guys @CharlesSoule Oh this old thing? I just threw it together. @balltoh Was thinking I’d try my hand at it later. I’m thinking regal reds or purples @samhumphries Hell yeahDid a little warmup over an old Amidala sketch and improvised a costume for her - won’t win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, harassing women, and supporti…
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@samhumphries @laurenmoran Yeah, same. It’s always bewildering, but you have to remember you can’t really control h… @JFSculpts No darker than yours JesseWell there are two truths—
Retweeted by Joe Quinones🤼‍♀️ Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, Court Hears
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @PaoloMRivera GoooorgeousLooks like I can finally share these #Avengers posters! (Apologies in advance, as this ultra-limited edition is onl…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesSometimes I think of Eva Green as #PoisonIvy, and I just found this by @Joe_Quinones.
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In my fever dream Warner Bros produces a Dial H for Hero film in the spirit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, infusing li… @robertwilsoniv @gibsoncomics Love love love itRobert has been killing it so hard with this silkscreens ❤️ @ToonGrin 🤞Well there are two truths— @ToonGrin There’s a trade collecting the first 6 issues out now! There’s a second volume that will collect issues 7… president's pardon and clemency powers are supposed to be used to correct injustice or grant mercy to the power…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesRivendell, no question. But were I a Tolkien character I’d likely be a Hobbit 🤷‍♂️ final issue has arrived. Can’t wait for you all to read it. Out next week! #dialhforhero’ll return to Ralph McQuarrie’s art later, as we’re taking a detour to visit—Naboo. (Starting from the opening sc…
Retweeted by Joe Quinones#ThanksObama #Fact
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesWent to figure drawing tonight and boy howdy am I rustyyyyy
@LucyKnisley Aw what a lovely tribute @TheBurnham JealousI’ll say this, I loved Jim Carrey in the blue rodent movie.A rough Godzilla, side project I did on the road on #roughanimator app on iPad. I spent most of my time in transit…
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @OttoSchmidt72 PerfectionBC 1985, sketch.. #BlackCanary #detectivecomics
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@zdarsky @gibsoncomics Same same same Harley in the #BirdsOfPreyMovie and it got me reminiscing about this fun Harley short I got to do with…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesThis is not something you see every day: more than 1100 former DOJ officials calling on the AG to resign.
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @bettyfelon @laurenmoran 👋👋👋 @gibsoncomics Dick Grayson Batman
@Kevin_Church Rich man think rich candidate goodStill one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on. @KurtBusiek is the gosh darned best
GO ON Huntress — an old commission from years back #BirdsOfPrey
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I own the America piece, and it’s BRILLIANT. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ unused sketch. Before the return of the Mayo Madness truck, I tried to sneak in the Super Powers Kenner Bat… cover idea for Dial H for Hero, featuring Summer —☎️☎️☎️ my, yes. @DialHForHagai @ThoughtBubbleUK If they’d have me! Love that showBattle-damaged Huntress — an old commission from years back #BirdsOfPrey @IvanBrandon Thank you so much so generous @IvanBrandon How have we not talked about this? David was my teacher also.
With the final issue of Dial H for Hero on the horizon, here’s a look back at my very earliest sketches of Miguel a…
Retweeted by Joe QuinonesSaw that it’s Charles Darwin’s birthday today, so here’s a very old piece I was commissioned to do of him as a Jedi @mollyjane_k @robertwilsoniv Raises handWith the final issue of Dial H for Hero on the horizon, here’s a look back at my very earliest sketches of Miguel a…
@Kevin_Church @CaseyMalone I’m not sorryRoger Stone is a rich white man convicted of OBSTRUCTION of justice & PERJURY. His sentence is being reduced. Will…
Retweeted by Joe Quinones @jezzacat @caitymayhem @andreashockling @beckycloonan @MorganBeem @Tsukiyono @robertwilsoniv @KitSeaton @elisawikey