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Dave Rasley @JoeBear72 Chandler, AZ

Arizona State fan and alum. Retired HS teacher and coach. Problem Solver. Mad Baseball Skills. Living the Dream, Married to World's Greatest Wife.

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@KendallRogers @tolman0122 Total #BS What schools are against it?Awesome Pic bc we see 2 absolute studs both great players and like I say when I speak-I guarantee u 99% of all pla…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @TysonOnTV Go #Dawgs & #Devils 💯 @dabo8484 #FingerFood 😱 @jeffmetcalfe @JoeHealey42 @ASUFootball I know about the injuries, but they always seem to play like #WorldBeaters @JoeHealey42 They never seem to play like that when they play @ASUFootball ?????Secretary Mattis lets loose “I earned my spurs on the battlefield; Donald Trump earned his spurs from the doctor”.
Retweeted by Dave Rasley#MyGuys soaking up some #HealthyEatingLessons & #CookingSkills Learning how to do it. Will not only be healthy, but…
@McFaul Mulvaney always thinks he's the #SmartestGuyInTheRoom Just go to the #Video to see him pour Gasoline on the Fire. @ArizonaMirror @brahmresnik @SenatorSinema @rbravender She will be a 1 term Senator if she continues to vote like t… @RobbieSherwood Mulvaney=Bad Car Salesman.... My apologies to Car Salesman.BREAKING: Rep. Elijah Cummings, House Oversight Committee Chair, is dead at 68.
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @DougTammaro @JeremyHawkes @srod776 @MarJezek @asuconnor #AmazingStaff Up In There at @TheSunDevils @chrisherstam @kyrstensinema Probably unable to vote due to previously scheduled #Ironman competition someplace.
Everybody wants to win, few want to prepare to win at the level you need to prepare to be special. When the player…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @brahmresnik @RepOHalleran @RepKirkpatrick @RepRaulGrijalva @RepGosar @RepAndyBiggsAZ @RepDavid @RepRubenGallego report by @WndSlrAlliance estimates that reforms to electricity markets which it has proposed in the PJM Intercon…
Retweeted by Dave RasleyBREAKING, this exclusive from @MikeDiGiovanna on @Angels and Tyler Skaggs case:
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @brahmresnik @RepDavid @AZs_Politics It's his own fault. @Timmyv1993 Buy Him a couple of drinks and something to eat. Maybe that will slow him down???
@brahmresnik His attorney looks like he is jumpy/paranoid??? All his bluster doesn't explain why his client hasn't… @DougTammaro #MyGuy @tlennebe One of the #GoodGuys Will Be Missed. At least he is leaving us for @SunDevilRocky @ScottieGraham #XXXLHappyAnniversary to a #CoolCouple Enjoy Your Day! Make Sure to Live Each Day to the Fullest. solar system's mysterious 'Planet 9' may actually be a tiny, ancient black hole via @NBCNewsMACH
Retweeted by Dave RasleyCOLUMN: By criticizing Daryl Morey on Monday, LeBron James endorsed a world where calling out his own government fo…
Retweeted by Dave RasleyGenie: “You still have one wish left.” Me: “Come up with a scandal so awful that John Bolton is actually the hero.”…
Retweeted by Dave RasleyDid NOT see this one coming! Wow. @timringTV Freedom of Speech.... unless it might have big financial consequences. Seriously?? Principles should not…
@laurenpeikoff #XXLCongrats Hard to make Healthy Life Changes. @brahmresnik I'm not a lawyer, but, Any possibility of taxpayers filing class action vs Petersen for repayment of m… they try to convince us racism doesn’t exist anymore or in hockey. Keep coaching and doing your thing because s…
Retweeted by Dave RasleyThe idea and experience of battling with 2 strikes as a hitter comes in handy in life!
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @MakaylaEPerkins @MakaylaEPerkins + @Cronkite_ASU = #WinningHand @ArizonaCoyotes #Shoot & #Score 💯 @LaurieRoberts @azcentral This may seem like a dumb question, but how exactly does Phoenix get the money from UBER… to know if Coach Leach still considers his players #Fat #Dumb #Happy & #Entitled after losing to @ASUFootball 🤔
Cardinals #D = #Soft Intercollegiate CHAMPIONS! A furious charge on the final day secures the first title of the season for the…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @PhotoSilvas Yes he is. @PhotoSilvas Thurm was a Tempe High Faculty colleague of mine about a 100 yrs ago. (More like 1986) Ha. @TaylorRochaKSN @Wu_Shock @SparkySunDevil Know you are a #SunDevil4Life, but you have to support your Market. @kentsomers No Good Deed.... @_Danielson25 Hoping I'm on your list. @TaylorRochaKSN @Wu_Shock @SparkySunDevil may never forgive you. @tjisaacs32 Heal up fast. I made some healthy eating changes 2 yrs ago and worked hard to lose 75 lbs.… @KevinMawae Awaiting your #VictoryCoffee Enjoying Mine Right Now. @JoeHealey42 #Cats #DogWalked by the #Dawgs I really feel Bad about that.😥😥😥😥 u know that college baseball still only has 11.7 scholarships on 35 man roster, 3rd assistant coach in college…
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@DougHaller ALL About the Defense. @kentsomers ZERO QB pressure on this drive=TD @ChrisKarpman Hope he's OK, but...Next Man Up. Maybe just dehydrated? @kentsomers Plenty of #IVFluids and hope for the best! @huskyband #GoDawgs & Crush the Cats Say Hi to #DrBrad for me. @BradeyKing @bradyklain @BradyVernon @sportscronkite The #TriFecta of Brad(e)ys#12 for the Cougars must be #Invisible because the Defense doesn't see him. @gkwok8 Looks like a replay of the Colorado game. No QB Pressure. @DougHaller Speechless @JoyceWhiteVance @amjoyshow @mayawiley @BarbMcQuade @JoyAnnReid Thanks for all the #LawEducation 👏👏👏 @johnistoasted @mafia55555 I grew up in Alaska in the 60s and we just wore our costumes over our jackets. In those… @clobird21 @_KendallGlover_ Missing you @ASU_Baseball Hope things are good for you. @cmurphy702 @HollandLoni Nothing new about that! @timringTV Telling the officials they're #1 🤔If White Claw doesn’t come out with an egg nog flavor & call them Santa Claws then why are we even here?
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@TimHealeyASU Not only a #HOF Pitcher. Played a great 1B & Outfield and could #SwingTheBat too. My Favorite 2 Way P… @FridayFootball3 @TaylorRochaKSN @Kendra_Melinda @KSNNews 3 Words: Heavy Jacket, Gloves! Stay Warm. 😎🔥😎Wonderful, Successful, Inspirational event. Thanks to @sundevilclub @tlennebe #ScottNelson @jMILLER825 #TomCollins @RandyPolicar @DougTammaro @TheSunDevils @ASU_Baseball @Dbacks Randy, Great to see you today. @brahmresnik Yes, but is he still getting paid? Maricopa County deserves Much Better! @MattPaceWeather Heater??? Thought you were working here in PHX. 🤔 Did have the door open this morning and it was 75* in my house.Anyone looking for a career in Wind or Solar Energy, this is a Great company that pays very well and cares about it… @gracehoy #ShelterIsland San Diego.... My Second Home! @gracehoy High Today in Tempe=89*... #DryHeat 😎 Missing You in the #AZ @kellirausch @RauschKenadee is an amazing young lady and you and Steve can feel great about having her for your dau… Can NOT make this stuff up. Really Bad Movie Script. #FraudGuarantee 😱😱😱“Fraud Guarantee.” Seriously. That’s what they named their company that paid Rudy. I guess “Absolute Corruption” wa…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @J_GOD23 Will your @ASU_Baseball Fans like me be seeing you #PumpingGas for @TeamUSA vs the #Devils on Oct 25? You…
@JoeHealey42 Get some pictures as proof. 😱 @MakaylaEPerkins Big difference between Women, and Highly Qualified, Highly Motivated Women. That's who employers w… @jeffmetcalfe @NBCThisisUs Not to mention, Herm hired an #AwesomeStaff 💯Huge #Thanks to @ASUPresOffice #BeusGilbert (Host of our lunch) & @deancallahan of @Cronkite_ASU (Luncheon Speaker… to be hosting Dallas Baptist Baseball team in Cuba!! Baseball Arrives in Havana, Cuba
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @jonathanvswan @laurenpeikoff Not a Scoop, Practically everyone predicted as much hours after he left the White Hou… @Timmyv1993 😱 @RobbieSherwood Buh Bye!I'm not a @Dodgers fan at all, but @SFGiantsFans & Other Fans Brutalizing the @Dodgers & Kershaw. I get it, but on…'m #Speechless 😡😡😡
@indyirlcq @TysonBNeal #XXLHappyBirthday to #MyGuy @TysonBNeal Let your Family Spoil You today. Coaching Crime.... #Shameful 😡😡😡 @bbowyer07 Never met anyone that didn't love it. Amazing Dessert & easy to make. @bbowyer07 How about a Fruit Pizza with Cookie Crust & Whipped Cream? @alvarep @pixelmandan Same Nit Wits who are always on their phone instead of paying attention to their driving. #HangUpThePhone @LaurieRoberts @azcentral He should resign, But pretty sure he won't. Fight to the Bitter End while on the payroll. @pixelmandan I think you're safe, I can hardly remember 10 years ago. Ha.For #MyGuy @WiredDevils @KarinaBland @azcentral Happy to buy you a couple of Bags. 😎 @AZSports @danbickley Hope to have to eat these words but I believe it will be....#SameOldSuns #GoingNowhere
I was so sorry to hear that you lost your Mother, @_HunterBishop_. I lost my Mom to Alzheimer’s, too. Thinking abou…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @MeLlamoTrevor @mellamojax You're Coming Home to PHX. Welcome! 👇 @KarinaBland @azcentral Candy Corn..... @LaurieRoberts @azcentral What ever happened to the idea of Doing the Right Thing? Used to talk with my HS classes… touts tech companies flocking to AZ, but @alisteinbach found rhetoric doesn't match reality. (and is currentl…
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