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Dave Rasley @JoeBear72 Chandler, AZ

Arizona State fan and alum. Retired HS teacher and coach. Problem Solver. Mad Baseball Skills. Living the Dream, Married to World's Greatest Wife.

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So, we want to grow baseball. But, we Limit the draft to 5 rounds Cut minor league baseball affiliates/pay Refu…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @chinlee @KristenKeogh Tried some at a friend's wedding reception many years ago. It's my go to for any special occasion. @chinlee @KristenKeogh I've had Juniors and it is very good. One of my favorites tho is Cheesecake Factory: Lemon R…
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@DougTammaro You may have to create a New Job for #MyGuy @JeremyHawkes #SunDevilStoryteller Another Excellent Effor… of right now, the Padres are the only team to commit to paying their minor leaguers through August AND have no f…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @anand3zzz 💯 💯 💯 @Timmyv1993 & Friends #MyGuys had my last drink on May 21st, 2012. I say May 27th, 2012 is my sobriety date because it was the day my son was b…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @scottmarks45 @ASU_Baseball Can always count on you Scotty. Hope the knees are getting better.It's #NoWalksWednesday for My @ASU_Baseball Family & Friends. Hope U are All Safe & Healthy. Wed. ✅ List * Blessing… Proud of Eddie and all the others that return and Get That Degree. It's Not Easy. #XXLCongrats👍 some rough math. Say there are 200 players in a minor league system. Paying each $400/week for July, July and…
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Shouting Out an #XXXLHappyBirthday to #MyGuy @Myles_Denson17 Hope you are able to Celebrate Big. @rjdabo25 @TheSunDevils @jrobfoot1024 Dabo, You and the Guys still have to keep doing the Hard Stuff, this workout… @jrobfoot1024 Making It Look Easy. next door neighbors made this so they can safely enjoy a beer together while social-distancing.🌎❤️🍻
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @DougTammaro He's a Wonderful, Decent man. Proud to say I know him. #XXLHappyBirthday to #TwitterlessMark of You @ChiefMoir & @jeffmetcalfe @CoachMikeDunlap Thanks Mike, Great article.Powerful article. He coached here at ASU for Dirk Koetter. I have a couple friends that have been brutalized by thi… a coach hid his bipolar disorder diagnosis for 30 years @ErikTolman @ASU_Baseball Love All #MyGuys Seems like a #Lifetime ago since I've been hanging at My #HappyPlace Hop…
@Dougout_Pics For sure. My Brother & his Wife live in Edina and I'm anxious to visit them to see the new house they just finished. @Dougout_Pics Thanks Doug. Appreciate your kind words. Hope you are Living Large in MN now. BTW, I was born in MN l… @_Danielson25 My younger brother still talks about the first (and only) time he beat me in racketball. He beat me t… @jaimesmith13 Thank You Jaime. Can't think of a better compliment. Makes me blush. It has been my pleasure to suppo… @JoeHealey42 Goodbye #SerialKiller look. @bishandbeug @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 Thanks so much Randy. Very Happy to be part o… Selection Day. We didn’t get the season we all wanted, but here’s how the @d1baseball thought the 2020 Field…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @LaurieRoberts @azcentral 💯Thanks to All who Serve & Have Served our Country. Freedom is Never Free. 🇺🇸 @gretchenw0lfe @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 Thanks Gretch. Glad you were able to meet t… @bermuda419s Great #Bloodlines
@ScottieGraham Sheer Torture looking at this #Masterpiece 😱 Would Kill for a taste. @Jody_Jackson Like watching Phil or Tiger play QB? @themadine Thanks Scott. Appreciate it. Have much respect for all you do for Tempe High students. @Bsbllady @RobertAboites @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 @jordanaboites 💖💖💖 @RobertAboites @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 Thank You Robert, You, @Bsbllady @MGardnerSports 🙏 🙏 🙏 for your Brother. @scottmarks45 @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 Appreciate the Love. Coming from you, it means a lot. @kellirausch @sarandon_raboin @Cronkite_ASU @ASUSkip @Connor_Higgins7 Thanks Kelli, think of you guys often and hop… Truly Blessed to receive this video yesterday from My Friend & Fellow Baseball Fanatic @sarandon_raboin Sh… @KokiRiley Get in line behind me. Think I've got you by about 45 yrs. 😎 @scottmarks45 @earleybaseball Happy to #RoadTrip with you anytime. @PeterGehle41 @earleybaseball Thanks. I know a number of young men playing in the minors and have heard lots of sto… @PeterGehle41 @earleybaseball I was hoping for some cold concession stand hot dogs they didn't sell and some leftov… @jeffmetcalfe Met @MikeHaynesNFL when we were freshmen in the Sahuaro dorm in 1972. He was always a genuine, person… @CHeathWFTV @chinlee I do curse Gates sometimes when my Windows 10 acts up or some update I really didn't need turn…
@earleybaseball Does that include Post BP Clubhouse Buffet? Not so bad for me and 9 of my friends? @pixelmandan Hope everyone was OK.The clock is ticking on 2020 MLB season talks. Here's what could make a deal work -- or fall apart
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @claudianfaust 🙏 🙏 🙏 @RobbieSherwood Where's my #TinFoilHat 🤔 @ShirleyMArmenta @heverbueno #MyGuy Hever, a Great #SunDevil My @ASU_Baseball Family & Friends will Stay Safe & Healthy this #MemorialDayWeekend Miss U All. Sat. ✅ List:…
@BobYoungTHI @PeterCorbett1 #Same @Connor_Higgins7 No difference if you're not here in the summer. @propublica @brahmresnik #SwampCreature @laurenpeikoff States Rights? Rule of Law? The Constitution? Conveniently Forgotten. 😥 @PhotoSilvas #Cream rises to the Top. Congrats. @KevinMawae @ChesterCheetah That's a #PartySize Bag. Do they make a #HOFSize 🤔Some @MLB team will be Very Happy when they sign #MyGuy @gagework9 #Talented #Competitor #Personable #TeamGuy 👇 is donating 5,000 free meals on May 27th! Proud to have Someburros as a partner!
Retweeted by Dave Rasley#FlashbackFriday with My @ASU_Baseball Family & Friends. Hope Everyone is Safe & Healthy for #MemorialDayWeekend T… @chinlee @JeremyHawkes In the words of that Great Philosopher, Terry Bradshaw, "Ya'll forgot to cook that." Ha.
@jeffmetcalfe Was thinking of asking you to lunch soon, but #NeverMind... 😏 @DougHaller I thought Coach Graham did a good job restoring some discipline to the program, but recruiting & develo… @FrankFigliuzzi1 @ODNIgov Looks and acts like an older, dumber, version of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from #TheOffice @AlecMarsh8 Doing Great except for missing Baseball. Same as You. Really missing the @ASU_Baseball Family more than… @ScottieGraham #XXXLHappyAnniversary You're Just Getting Started! @AlecMarsh8 💯 #MyGuy @jeffmetcalfe I'm with #MyGuy Marvin Lewis 💯MLB has only committed to taking care of its MiLBers for 12 more days. It would cost less than $750K per MLB team t…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @laurenpeikoff @RepDebDingell @MSNBC @SRuhle Mask will never happen.That's #MyGuy @spennyt 👇
@TySmithAgent @scottmarks45 @ASUSkip @jaimesmith13 Thanks Ty, You are All #Family. @scottmarks45 @ASUSkip @jaimesmith13 @TySmithAgent I wondered where you were hiding out. Thanks to them for taking good care of #MyGuy @jemaz Love that Young Guy reporter look. @kennhiggins Thinking maybe a #BaseballMom 🤔 IN @PHXSkyHarbor will require everyone in airport to wear a mask starting June 1. #12News
Retweeted by Dave RasleyThe two sweet young girls who live downstairs just brought this to me as a thank you gift.... it is perhaps the bes…
Retweeted by Dave RasleyMany wonder why Dodger Stadium looks like this when there is no baseball. Here's the answer, and it's predictably s…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @SchmidtChristy #MakingLemonade 👍 @jaimesmith13 💯
Our plans: 2020:
Retweeted by Dave RasleyCleanUp In Aisle 3: After further consideration, @kroger letter requesting repayment from some “overpaid” workers h…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @scottmarks45 Excited for you. Can't wait to see the #RoboKnees’s a name for people who: - Hold teammates accountable - Don’t take excuses - Don’t make excuses - Won’t comp…
Retweeted by Dave Rasley @jeffmetcalfe @azcentral @KarinaBland Love your picture from Thunderbird HS time. I did a student teaching interns… retrospect, in 2015, no one got the answer correct to “where do you see yourself in 5 years”.
Retweeted by Dave RasleyIt's #TeammateTuesday Hoping my @ASU_Baseball Family & Friends are Safe & Healthy. Missing U All. Today's #ToDos:… @LaurieRoberts @azcentral The only polls I believe in are actual Election results. Everyone needs to #Vote @DCalhounDB I have had good luck with HP products. Bought my last 2 laptops at Costco as they give extra warranty and support.
@tombrokaw That's where the masks were all made before the Covid Virus problem. #OutsourcingOfAmerican products. @AZSports Here's a Thought.... Just hire the best most qualified candidate regardless of skin color, religion, or d… @pixelmandan #Same @jeffmetcalfe Gee Mrs. Cleaver.... Another character from my childhood gone. #RIPKen (Eddie) @MasonKernMedia @pixelmandan @SInow As a former Reading Teacher, Tipping My Hat to Corey Peters... @_Danielson25 @williamssss_ Sending You some #PositiveVibes and Good Thoughts today.