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Joe Bell @joebell_ Tallinn, Estonia / UK

Consultant UI Engineer & Design Systems Advocate (he/him) 🎨 Building 🍓 📷 ––– Previously @SkyUK, @LADbible… 🇬🇧🇪🇪

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nevermind, I forgot to flip the artwork''The situation may be shit, but it's our fertiliser for the future'' – Lennart Meri @Rude I'm ok with this if it can be auto-fixed, otherwise it's a huge waste of time @jramirezserrato major yikes
@aarongarciah Me: "Why should it be 2 files?" Reviewer: @hasparus This drives me nutsI’ll start: “No file should have over 100 lines of code”What are the worst “coding style guide” rules you’ve had to follow? ⛔️
💥💥💥 We knew it. We said it. Now @Channel4News has amazing cache of hard evidence. Facebook is a tool that Trump use…
Retweeted by Joe BellCSS 3D Studio Room 😎 It's done! 🙌 A CSS recreation of my workspace 💻 👉 via @CodePen
Retweeted by Joe Bell @jh3yy @CodePen I can’t even imagine how long this took... This is amazing. Thanks for sharing! @oatly @revsorg Thanks, this makes a lot of sense and I think your stance on this is fair. Appreciate you sharing! @DavidDarnes @mxstbr 3 years later, my body is still recovering myself hitting a slump last week 🛑 After a few bike rides and some weekend downtime, I realised it was all d… @mxstbr I'm desperate to go back to the land down under and live there for a bit Sydney for the weather and the be…
@hybrid_alex I'm using TickTick for task management and Apple Notes for idea/note-taking. I might give Bear another…'ve tried for nearly a whole year to get into Notion but I give up, it's just too damn slow
@YeahThatsEddie Yeah this bit was too real 😂 @YeahThatsEddie I’m sorry for being late but I’m just waiting to see what I have the time for these days and I’ll l… to say, I think the cat is sick of getting dragged into our family FaceTime calls @hasparus I used to feel that way too, but when I got this setup going there was no maintenance needed as everythin… @joshnesbitt This seems to explain it well! @philhawksworth This is my jam @joshnesbitt Seems to be a pretty common way of referencing a root folder these days I think it came from Vue originally?Next.js friends, here's a little Marie Kondo-esuqe tip ✨ Alias all of your `src` directories to `@/` Life's too s… @jaffathecake Just did a quick search and found a Reddit post which led me to this tweet… The comments are about 9… @jaffathecake I really don't get all the dislikes. This is terrifying but it's great @revsorg @oatly @Moma Wow just read up on @oatly; all of their "carbon neutral" efforts seem completely tone-deaf n… @domangerer too far @AtilaFassina how much 💸oh shit please don’t misuse this urlSwitched my on-the-fly Open Graph image setup to: 🍱 node-canvas: to generate the layout and typography 🖼 sharp: t…, it turns out using puppeteer to generate Open Graph images on the fly–even with heavy caching–is a… @renireni Happy birthday!
@joehodgson understatementNormal people eating hummus: “This is delicious” Anti-CSS-in-JS developers eating hummus: “Urgh this is literally… @PaddyEFM I wish I had a coffee at the time of filming @DavidDarnes Could just buy a GoPro but don’t think filming a “GoProlapse” has a nice ring to it @DavidDarnes Ha thanks! The secret formula is: • @moment app (timelapse mode with motion blur enabled) • @moment an… mean it’s not that bad up at 5:00am and cycled 17km to the other side of Tallinn to film a sunrise hyperlapse …then got home and rea…
@joakania Let me know how you get on if you buy it! @markdalgleish me using the `sx` prop: aside, this book worked wonders for me @DavidDarnes I watch it like I watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" - hoping this reality is just a dream and nothing can be this badgearing up for the season finale of 2020
@colmtuite Out of interest, why data attribute and not a class? Is it to reduce the chance of clashing selectors? @mxstbr but hey at least we're not in the U.K.
@paulienuh The newer Ratchet & Clank games just aren’t the same 😭
how it feels using css `calc()` when your designer insists on fixed width/height design
Who needs the App Store when you have Next.js, Chakra and some PWA magic 🍎 @MelissaAstbury Congrats Melissa!Seems like @firt is doing a solid job of documenting the work Apple should be doing themselvesApple's official "PWA" docs are an utter shambles: it's not been updated since 2016 and half of the instructions do…
@revsorg Now you know saw a little babushka with a homemade knitted face mask 😭 @peduarte it's fine to have something to celebrate croissant the finish line 🥐what's stopping you from coding like this? @DavidDarnes Agreed! @DavidDarnes Yeah I know right?! Editing widgets feels super unituitive to me too (you can't resize them, you have… @DavidDarnes Absolutely devastated that "App Library" isn't on iPadOS 14
@Joe_Bramwell of course! @_acthomas Sounds like you're making a solid justification for my product 😏 @Joe_Bramwell Thanks bro ❤️ @_acthomas Haha I’m just the same, but I’m not sure if I trust ratings anymore. Have you ever seen a recipe with le… antiMaskers = { ...covid }; @lukaswhite Ketchup?! What the phuc? @ttomdewit This is why I'm building 😂 @apdsr_ Haha I love the dishes bit, that's so true @ttomdewit no one tells you that adulthood is asking eachother "what's for dinner" every single dayWhen hunting for a recipe online, what are the things you look for to determine "I'm gonna cook this"? 🔎 (I'd be s… @tlakomy but also gambling companies I'm grateful for the experiences I've had working for gambling companies in t… @tlakomy Palantir @flangerhanger @CodePen 💅ed it
@hananezlitni This is amazing news! Absolutely pumped @hananezlitni wait what! I switched off at the wrong time @ericclemmons This is really great, I can't thank you enough for your hard work on this @CiaranReen the absolute state of state management @dabit3 @ericclemmons Awesome, can't wait to see it. Thanks Eric! @dabit3 Yes! This is amazing news. I've been keen to get Amplify working in my product's Next.js setup (with SSR)… @milbouchal Thank you! Appreciate you coming alongI can't even see the overflow/padding issues from the stream anymore wtf Maybe there was some local lag or it was… was fun! Questionable amount of work achieved but maybe I just need to practice streaming and coding… Thanks for coming alongBuilding the UI for Give&Bake Live, come say hello 👨🏼‍💻
@ravavyr @liatrisbian Why do recruiters need training to write “they”?when you spend an entire weekend building an automated GitHub Actions workflow that runs daily to rebuild a site wh…'ve spent endless days looking at AWS Amplify, Firebase, and more. I'm always left feeling overwhelmed… I can ver…
hmmm should borrow this idea for a web performance tool 💡 “how much of my life have I wasted waiting for this p…
sorry @siddharthkp @peduarte 🔑 @peduarte unstarred @EmmaBostian Good! I’m still waiting on €550 from Lufthansa after they cancelled my flight (it’s been 6 months) @markdkitch @TENETFilm "What are they saying on the radio?" "I don't know" "I thought you spoke Estonian" "It’s not… answer actually is: (to correctly support iOS Safari 📱) .full-height { min-height: 100vh; } @supports (-we… a ranty article, now I’m not feeling remotely ranty...but I hit “publish” anyway 🙃
Retweeted by Joe Bell @atelierschork Thanks Markus! @mtliendo @givebake Thanks man, that means a lot!