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Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak

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The stakes in this election have never been higher. We have to come together and beat Donald Trump.
This virus can hit anyone — regardless of race, economic status, or access to power — but it doesn’t impact every c… devastating unemployment numbers have made one thing even clearer: We need a fourth coronavirus relief package,… morning's news of another rise in unemployment claims—on top of the millions already filed—is devastating. We… can't believe I have to say this, but we should be expanding the number of testing sites and surging the number o… have to do more to ease the economic burden on working people. So today, I'm adopting two new policies to help d… me be clear: No one should have to pay for their coronavirus treatment.Eleven-year-old Isaac Johnston asked me what else kids should be doing in addition to washing their hands and stayi… total of about 17 million people have filed for unemployment over the last three weeks. This is unprecedented.…'re seeing the soul of our nation on full display every day in this crisis — and it makes me so proud to be an Am… we come together, we will defeat Donald Trump. And when we do that, we will not only do the hard work of rebuild…
This nation has never been defeated when we’re together. And we’re not going to be defeated now.Join our virtual town hall on unemployment and the issues currently facing working families across the nation. Tune… coronavirus is not Donald Trump's fault, but the slow and chaotic response to it is. He's the commander in chie… primary is over, but we're just getting started. We're building a campaign to defeat Donald Trump and ensure th… the wake of COVID-19, working families across the country are facing a whole new set of challenges. This afterno… we will defeat Donald Trump. But we will also address the climate crisis. We will make college affordable.… to Bernie’s supporters: I know that I need to earn your votes. And I know that might take time. But I want you… know how hard this is. You have put the interest of the nation – and the need to defeat Donald Trump – above all… Bernie and Jane, as friends, from Jill and me: You haven’t just run a political campaign; you’ve created a movem… know Bernie well. He’s a good man, a great leader, and one of the most powerful voices for change in our country.… Jewish families across America and around the world prepare to observe the first night of Passover, Jill and I w… is a national disgrace that our health care workers still don't have the protective equipment they need. Donald…’re starting to see evidence that long-term exposure to air pollution—which disproportionately affects communitie… weeks ahead will be some of the toughest we’ve ever experienced as a nation. We need to face them with the same…, I know these are tough times, but this crisis has made it clearer than ever how much elections matter — and…
@blackenterprise Jill and I send our heartfelt condolences to the entire Graves family. As the founder of Black Ent… #WorldHealthDay, we thank the tireless health care workers fighting COVID-19, and we see clearly why protecting… Modly's resignation is appropriate and called for. His disparaging remarks were far beneath the dignity o… do Fig Newtons and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have in common? Listen to this preview of this week's po… John Lewis is a moral giant who has spent his entire life pushing our nation to live up to our highest…
We're going to get through this. Together. months, I called on President Trump to step up and take the action necessary to combat COVID-19. But week afte…, from itsJudysLife, asked an important question during our Family Town Hall on COVID-19: What extra precaution… need a president who actually listens to the experts and heeds their advice. President, I hope we can gather in Milwaukee, but that is going to depend on you stepping up and doing what nee…, our second episode of Here’s the Deal is live! This week, @GovWhitmer joins me for a discussion on COVID-19,… is close to criminal the way they’re dealing with Captain Crozier. He spoke up to protect his sailors — he shoul…
During our Family Town Hall on COVID-19, I was asked what we can do to prevent this from happening again. Here’s wh… you'd rather watch something else, watch our Kids and Families Town Hall instead:
Retweeted by Joe BidenDuring these uncertain times, getting the right information out there is so important. Myself and @DrBiden had the… health care workers — and all those on the front lines of this fight — are American heroes. day that Donald Trump refuses to use the full power of the Defense Production Act further threatens American lives.We all want to protect our families — the first step is arming ourselves with the facts. @DrBiden and I hosted a… are at war with this virus — and the health care workers on the front lines are our soldiers. It is unacceptable… of every crisis, America has always emerged stronger — and we will again. We will not be defeated.
Donald Trump needs to reopen Obamacare enrollment immediately. This is no time to put pettiness and ideology above… and I had the pleasure of hosting a town hall with family vloggers ItsJudysLife, The Curly Coopers, and JHouse… Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus, but he is responsible for failing to prepare our nation to respond to it.We owe so much to those working around the clock to keep our country running during this crisis. The least we can d… need a Supply Commander to step up and take charge and get the doctors, nurses, health care workers, first respo… January, while Donald Trump was downplaying COVID-19, I wrote an op-ed calling for immediate action to combat th… the campaign, I’ve talked a lot about the soul of our nation — we’re seeing that soul on full display. T… friend, @GabbyGiffords, knows what it takes to persevere in the face of uncertainty. Take a few minutes to read…
This is a headline every American should see: “Trump administration ended pandemic early-warning program to detect… are the kinds of questions Trump will be responsible for. He doesn’t have a great record when it comes to del… CARES Act provides money to help working people—how do we make sure it gets to them as quickly as possible? T…’ve done this work before. It’s hard, painstaking work. I was in charge of administering the $800 billion Recove…’ve put together a checklist for making the economic relief and recovery effort work for families, workers, and sm… across the country are impacted by COVID-19—and it can be especially difficult to explain to children. J… Crozier was faithful to his duty—both to his sailors and his country. Navy leadership sent a chilling messa… is another clear warning sign that more needs to be done to keep as many people on payroll as possible. Fast,… more than ever, we need to choose hope over fear. We will beat COVID-19. We will overcome this. Together.Wisconsin — you have until 5 PM CT tonight to request your mail-in absentee ballot ahead of next week’s primary. He… evidence is clear: Donald Trump ignored the warnings. He failed to act. And now Americans are paying the price.
Real courage is confronting something that you're afraid to do and doing it anyway. That’s what people across this… order for our government to work for all Americans, it's important it be representative of all Americans. With o…'m about to roll out my plan to make the economic recovery work. Tune in now: heart goes out to the millions of Americans who filed unemployment claims in recent weeks, and the millions more… know many folks are feeling anxious and worried. I just want you to know that you're not alone. Americans in ever… health care workers on the front lines of this fight still don’t have the masks, gowns, and other protective eq… economic damage from this public health crisis is both rising and deepening at an alarming rate. It is putting…'s now April, and: - States still don't have enough tests - Hospitals still don't have enough ventilators - Heal…
At a time when Americans might need health care the most, the Trump Administration is preventing people who need in…, ¡es el Día del Censo! Solo toma unos minutos completar el Censo, pero ayudará a determinar el futuro de su… callous decision will cost lives. Period., it’s Census Day! The Census only takes a few minutes to complete but will help determine the future of your… is a national disgrace that our health care workers still don't have the protective equipment they need.Thank you to the governors who are meeting this moment with decisive action, a steady hand, and compassionate leade… words of a president matter.’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and the Trump Administration is preventing people from getting health car…, al honrar la vida y el legado del activista César Chávez, también agradecemos a los más de 2 millones de traba… as we honor the life and legacy of civil rights and labor movement activist, César Chávez, we also thank the…
Tonight marks our biggest public end-of-quarter deadline of the campaign so far. I know times are tough, but what’s…'s 2020 — it’s unacceptable that women still don’t get equal pay for equal work. Let’s close the gender pay gap a… the midst of a pandemic, the Trump Administration chose to expend effort to attempt to disestablish the Mashpee… and every day, @DrBiden and I are proud to stand with the trans community. We see you, we support you, and we… president, I would never send an American soldier anywhere in the world without the equipment and protection the…'m confident that the American people will meet this moment. There’s never been a challenge we've been unable to o… have to place a temporary ban on evictions nationwide. No one should be forced out of their home in the middle of a pandemic.In order to combat COVID-19, we need both a decisive public health response and a decisive economic response. I’ve…
Our health care workers are putting their lives on the line every day, and our president is accusing them of steali… is unconscionable. Americans are already afraid of the impact the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is having on their… know these are confusing and scary times, so for the first episode of our new podcast I sat down with Ron Klain,… medical professionals on the front lines of this crisis are American heroes — risking their lives in order to s… Trump should be using the Defense Production Act to get our first responders and health care providers th… American people are generous, decent, good, and fair. In times of crisis, we come together as one. We look out… a joke, folks, we just launched our new podcast. It’s called "Here's the Deal." For our first episode, I sat do… am issuing this challenge to the President: in the next 48 hours, direct the production and distribution of respi… will overcome this — together.