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Joe Biden @JoeBiden Wilmington, DE

Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak

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The administration should extend the deadline, plain and simple. This is personal to me. We can’t let Trump sabota… care is personal for me — like it is for so many Americans. That’s why I’ll never stop fighting to ensure ev…
We gotta beat Trump next year, and we’ll need a strong, strategic ground game run by top-notch organizers to make i… is the last day of Obamacare's open enrollment for 2020 coverage! Head to to find an… favorite part of being on the road is getting to visit small neighborhoods and talk to voters like Greg. Every c… was Alaska’s warmest year on record, and it’s affecting vulnerable indigenous communities. As president, I pro… Trump Administration is recklessly loosening regulations on greenhouse gas emitters. As president, I’ll ensure… leading Democrat opposed to impeachment is switching parties to protect Trump. The best way to beat him is to… Trump has presided over the most corrupt administration in modern American history.
Our teachers aren’t just educators — they’re coaches. They’re giving our children the confidence they need to grow,… every single vote — one selfie at a time!
Retweeted by Joe BidenClimate change is a global crisis that requires a global response. Sign this petition if you think the United State… president, I’ll call for an unprecedented investment in our country’s infrastructure so the American middle clas… years after Newtown, we have to ask ourselves: what kind of nation are we if we simply accept that kids learn… Trump doesn’t know who we are as a country. We’re a nation of immigrants — and our diversity has always been…
There is enormous opportunity once we get Donald Trump out of the White House. My administration will tackle the cl… won't be crossing a picket line. We’ve got to stand together with @UniteHere11 for affordable health care and fai… right to vote is the most sacred American right there is — and we can protect it by restoring the Voting Rights… Joyner is like no other. @TJMShow and his presence in the community were legendary, and his work on HBCUs will… is no time to waste when it comes to addressing the climate emergency. On day one, I’ll take bold action to u… applaud the Senate's landmark legislation formally recognizing the Armenian Genocide. If we don't fully acknowled…
President Trump continues to deny the scientific evidence in front of his own eyes — and we’re all paying the price… must restore our nation's commitment to humane and effective immigration policies. As president, I'll provide a… one truly sacred obligation our government has is to properly train and equip the men and women who defend our… kind of president bullies a teenager? @realDonaldTrump, you could learn a few things from Greta on what it mea… it a rest, man.’s reckless decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement has put our ability to confront the climate crisis i…’ll rejoin the Paris Agreement on day one—and rally the world to push our progress further and faster. It’s time t… first and most important part of my climate change plan: beating Donald Trump. are so much better than who Donald Trump thinks we are — we cannot let him define us as a nation.We must take urgent action to end Donald Trump’s draconian immigration policies. In my first 100 days, we will: -… has bullied our neighbors in Central America and abandoned U.S. leadership in the region. As president, I'll… shouldn’t be forced to give up the health insurance and benefits that you fought for. Period.
@DrBiden Our gun laws make these hate-filled attacks even more deadly. We must pass common-sense reforms to keep gu… and I are keeping those affected by this hate-filled attack in our hearts. We cannot be silent in the fac… a nation of immigrants has always been one of our greatest strengths. Our diversity makes us stronger. Donald… has always made us stronger—it’s essential to who we are. But Donald Trump has waged an assault on our…’s passion and courage have inspired millions and sparked a youth-led movement for change in every c… are coming together across the country to host watch parties for next week's Democratic debate! Head to… can't afford four more years of a president who denies the scientific evidence in front of his eyes. We must get… Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in modern American history. At every turn, he has used t… team and I are going to pick one lucky person to come out and join me for dinner (and ice cream) on the campaign…
With just two months until the Iowa Caucus, we embarked on an eight-day, 18 county #NoMalarkey barnstorm across the…’t have said it better than Chief Acevedo: “You’re either here for women and children and our daughters and o… shouldn’t have to live in fear of President Trump’s erratic, impulsive decisions., on the eve of #HumanRightsDay, Trump again coddled a dictator—blocking a UN meeting on North Korean huma… and I join communities around the world in marking #HumanRightsDay. This day is a time of reflection and…’s been just two months since John Deere laid off 160 workers in the Quad Cities in part because of President Tru…
36,878 — that’s how many Americans have died from gun violence so far this year. We cannot go on like this any long… team in Iowa is working hard every day to elect @JoeBiden — and they need your help! Chip in what you can to he…
Retweeted by Joe BidenDonald Trump is erratic, unstable, and dangerously incompetent. Every day that he directs our national security is… can make Donald Trump a one-term president and take back this country — but we cannot do it without your help. J… matter where you start in life, there should be no limit to what you can achieve. We’ve got to rebuild the middl… deserve a partner in the White House. As president, I will support our educators by giving them the pay a… drug companies are profiteering off the pocketbooks of sick individuals — it’s wrong. As president, I… is our moral responsibility to end gender-based violence. And as president, I will lead the global effort to end…
We cannot go on denying the devastating effects of climate change — we must choose science over fiction. As preside… businesses are the backbone of our nation’s economy. That’s why supporting entrepreneurs is so vital to our…
Retweeted by Joe BidenIt is within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic. As president, I will hold gun manufacturers accountable, g… and I send our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of former Iowa congressman and…’m glad the Senate passed the #FUTUREAct to permanently fund historically black colleges and universities, and oth… cannot stand by and let Donald Trump destroy the character of our nation. We must make him a one-term president.
Today, we remember Pearl Harbor and those we lost — like Seaman Roy Powers and Seaman Jimmy Palides who we honored… turns 100 soon, so I asked her about her secret to longevity. have a Secretary of Education who doesn't value our public schools, an EPA Administrator who doesn’t believe tha…'s the final day of the #NoMalarkey barnstorm, but the enthusiasm we’ve seen could make a big difference in the n… Democrats have passed legislation to: - Enact universal background checks - Reauthorize VAWA It’s time for…
Couldn't have said it better myself! I’m honored to have @JohnKerry join me for the #NoMalarkey barnstorm. deserve to know what Donald Trump is hiding., House Democrats led the way by passing a bill to restore the Voting Rights Act. All but one Republican voted… Voting Rights Act used to be one of our best tools to fight state laws designed to suppress the vote — particul…’m so proud and so humbled to have @JohnKerry's support. He is an American hero, statesman, visionary, and friend.…'m proud to stand with @SEIU1984 and NH’s state employees as they fight for fair wages — Governor Sununu cannot sh… and I send our prayers to those affected by today's tragic shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola. We're… job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It’s about dignity. It’s about being able to look your kid in the eye an… administration is morally bankrupt. need a president who is respected on the world stage.
Congratulations @AFLCIO on 64 years of empowering workers to bargain for what they deserve. The 40-hour workweek, p… presidente debería ser capaz de cumplir con una prueba simple: entender que los puertorriqueños son ciudada… president should be able to meet a simple test: understanding that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, and tha… are Americans — and it’s time we make it official. We must keep our promise to them and provide a pathway… Trump continues to embarrass us on the world stage. We need a president who is ready on day one to repair… president, I’ll make sure giant corporations and the super-wealthy pay their fair share in taxes — and then inve… Trump is destroying American leadership and credibility abroad. As president, I'll rebuild a modern, agil… administration will spark the second great railroad revolution to propel our nation's infrastructure into the fu… world is laughing at President Trump. They see him for what he really is: dangerously incompetent and incapable…
Take a look inside the #NoMalarkey bus with my favorite road trip partner, @DrBiden. are in a battle for the soul of America. It’s time we come together, remember who we are, and take this country… 1 in 3 women worldwide are subjected to physical violence, rape or stalking by a partner at some point in th… Trump Administration's "Infrastructure Weeks" have been a bunch of malarkey. As president, I'll make a transfor… applaud Monday's sentences against seven of the men found guilty of killing Honduran environmental leader Berta C… worker deserves fair wages, good benefits, and protections from sexual harassment. I’m proud to stand in soli…
I’m running for president to restore the soul of this nation, rebuild a more inclusive middle class, and unite all… Harris is an incredible talent with unlimited potential. Her career has been defined by taking on those who… deserves the peace of mind that comes with quality, affordable health care. My administration will give pe… @DrBiden @MeghanMcCain Confirmed: true.In the United States of America, we leave nobody behind — no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation… we don’t take urgent action to address the climate emergency, our planet may never recover. We must get the clim…
My team and I are going to pick someone to fly out to come meet me on the trail and share a meal, all expenses on u… must get these weapons of war out of our communities. #NoMalarkey