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Joe Hagan @joehagansays New York, USA

Writer: @Vanityfair | Author: STICKY FINGERS (Knopf) | Co-Host: INSIDE THE HIVE podcast w/ @emilyjanefox | IG: @joehagantv

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@birbigs Been there for months, mister johnny come lately.These people should be treated for what they are: super boring LARPers. @smailmail124 @StephenAtHome Thanks! Glad you enjoyed ...5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Beethoven mission today: Read this amazing piece on the decline & fall of Clintonworld by @gabrielsherman @rockinrob7970 @SenTedCruz He knows. @Borisk @StephenAtHome @VanityFair The Turducken of middle aged media @triadartspeak @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thank you!! @joehagansays @StephenAtHome @VanityFair For the last 4 years, Stephen Colbert reminded me I wasn’t alone, that som…
Retweeted by Joe Hagan @lenoreriegel @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Much appreciated! @one_interested @JudiLedgard @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thanlks! you're trying to figure out what to do with your life, I can't really help you except to say, listen to the new… for the cover and the engaging cover story. Stay for some of the most creative @annieleibovitz photos I can reca…
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My profile of @StephenAtHome featuring wild photos by Annie Liebovitz,.including this great psychedelic cover image…
Retweeted by Joe HaganListen to Samantha Hunt read Yiyun Li and discuss with editor Deborah Treisman @NYerFiction Nice picture, too.… @RoRedfield @annieleibovitz Ha!Great profile. If our current throughline is loss--not the same as defeat, as he points out--then it makes perfect…
Retweeted by Joe Hagan @emc_mcdonald @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thanks, Eileen! @hawkmoon947 @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thank you! True. @moniqueparent @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thanks! @lgalle22 @StephenAtHome @VanityFair Thank you! @Glenn__Kenny @DougBrod Cool.Colbert has always been the only late night show we watch with any regularity, but he's certainly shot into "must-s…
Retweeted by Joe Hagan*Leibovitz - you'd think after writing "Sticky Fingers" and interviewing her twice I'd get the i and the e in the right order. @laceyvrose Literal knives don't come along in every story! @laceyvrose Ha, thanks! @GrantWoods @StephenAtHome Thanks, Grant! @felixsalmon @Matthaber @annieleibovitz Omg, yes @Matthaber @annieleibovitz I was thinking Ringo and George. But yeah. @hudsonette Thank you!How about that @annieleibovitz ? @chrissmithnymag Yes!Very sublime profile @joehagansays . Very sublime.
Retweeted by Joe HaganPresenting our Holiday cover star: Stephen Colbert! In the face of the pandemic and a contentious election, the L…
Retweeted by Joe HaganIn Annie's homage to Avedon, an acute observation of Stephen Colbert as a cross between George and Ringo. @dnorsen1 Try half and half, make it a cliffhanger until the print shows up. @dnorsen1 Yep!My profile of @StephenAtHome featuring wild photos by Annie Liebovitz,.including this great psychedelic cover image… @XoXo_A_Monroe @VanityFair @BarackObama Glad you enjoyed! cc @jesmimi
@PatThomas1964 Great book -- and *great* quotes that the journalist was able to elicit from Les.Les McCann is a soul jazz force, but unbeknownst to many, he lived a double life behind the camera. He shot thousan…
Retweeted by Joe HaganWe've got illuminating excerpts from @vanityfair 's interview with @BarackObama on the latest episode of "Inside th… @bcolvin777 @marcorubio @marcorubio One of those tweets that demonstrates precisely why backing a lying hypocrite for 4 years leaves you wi… can't wait until Covid is over and Bruce launches a massive multi-city stadium tour with some bionic version of t…
@bendwilliams Yeah that one is undeniable. Related, and now on the platter: @bendwilliams I know! I learned that from that wonderful HBO doc that Mick Jagger produced. @bendwilliams (other side) @bendwilliams Yeah it's all over the place but I like that it mixes different periods. @carminecovelli We've all been Winky. album was previously owned by a person named "Winky," who cared enough about his or her funk to stick on a per… @showbiz411 Mank?Sunday afternoon with Monk. @megpillow Dylan, "Mama, You Been on My Mind"As Time Goes By - Carmen McRae" #afterhours“Wildlife corridors, the archaeology and history, that’s all being blasted to oblivion or destroyed already,” said…
@CalMorgan Indeed, but spelled the same way on another album with the same song. Curious.Good morning. #willie
Ladies & Gentlemen, we've got exclusive excerpts from the @jesmimi interview with @BarackObama on this week's "Ins…
Retweeted by Joe HaganLadies & Gentlemen, we've got exclusive excerpts from the @jesmimi interview with @BarackObama on this week's "Ins… @thedavidcrosby Oh David.Maybe he was mispronouncing it and meant there would be so much whining, we'd get tired of whining.
Retweeted by Joe HaganI think these pants shrunk.*go outside"Sherry Darling" is a Top 10 Boss. #controversial go-kart Mozart was checking out the weather chart to see if it was safe to do outside the silk sheet of time I will find peace of mind Love is a bed full of blues @ofilipequintans I love her version, too.It's going to take a lot of love to change the way things are
The Bird is cooking. #charlieparker #HappyThanksgiving @AlexDudley72 @jaketapper Will give it listen!! @GregMitch Amazing. @gtconway3d Orbison. That's the tweet. @mikehilleary Thank you! @rschles @robertmoor_ @Rumaan Oh man, I relate. I discovered some secret Robux expenditures while reviewing my PayPal accoun… @Rumaan I have had Henry Kissinger-worthy negotiations over robux. @Aimsel She also puts on quite a show of having a crush on Charlie, which may just be for show, dunno.Watching the Peanuts Thanksgiving special and one things for sure, they're all beatniks.
So what did we end up deciding the deal was with Peppermint Patty?Disgusting.“They’re outraged because they’re being told things that aren’t true. And that’s a disgrace for the people who are…
Retweeted by Joe Hagan"How many of these people are just batshit crazy?" CNN’s Jake Tapper on Politics and Media In the Trump Era | Vani… @DanRather Strawberry Rhubarb. Pecan is second, cherry third. But cherry is great! @VoiceCandy Both! question about this "self pardoning" business is ... don't you have to specify a crime you committed from which… @JennaEllisEsq And by "not a specific record," you mean you posted a fake quote. But at least you're consistent. Consistently fake.Rocking some Glenn Gould Goldberg Variations this morning.“Guy who gives all of his friends feral cats for their birthdays shockingly gave me one too!” @JerbearFreeman @JohnCornyn @MattHelgeson Ha yeah, great album. Guy really loved heroin. @MattHelgeson Especially in the 50s and 60s.Btw, this album has the best liner notes ever, by Art Pepper as told to Les Koenig. He compares his solos to the lo… @davidmyaffe Yep @davidmyaffe Ha, not sure he can play Bird and Mingus in the same lifetime. But he could def pull it off. @davidmyaffe True but he looks the part!