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My favorite thing about the founding of The Traveling Wilburys is that all of them have these magic, just-in-the-ri… on the ToyBoxDX FB page posted an old ad for these Bandai Scramble Egg guys and I've been in a internet rab… @jason1749 Yeah, I was (and am) a huge fan of ALL these guys, and easily assumed they were all mid-50's and Orbison…
It's time Elon Musk treat his workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.
Retweeted by Joel CarrollLike....I knew that Mega Man/RockMan was based on Astro Boy, but it's fun coming across similar bad guys in the com… Invincible pics from awhile back....I still need to watch the new show couple years ago, I was taking screenshots of funny stuff in the comics I was reading digitally. Then, my iPad sc… @mudron Ever see Twice Upon a Time? Fincher was the motion-camera operator on that show at 19, and quickly became the effects supervisorFew mecha can out-Sazabi a Sazabi. The Nightingale is a beautiful addition to the legacy of the best examples of crowning someone with a bedpan. Otomo drew these blueprints of Astro’s butt guns for a 1979 issue of Variety. Boy "butt gun" appreciation post. @jamiegambell Totally agree. Doesn't matter if the same guy wrote them and the original story. The two trilogies ju… @gracetopia Where's your favorite Midsomer location? I think mine's Badger's Drift.Fitting with the "fuck the environment" motif of the 2020's, I kinda love that China has a literal TON of space jun… @MattLesniewski A buddy of mine did Deep Space Tragedy, about a robot band, and had a soundtrack that ended up too… @MattLesniewski Back in '98, the Pander Bros. did a two-issue story, "Secret Broadcast" in the Oni Double Feature t…'d seen the JoyToy figures pop up on Amazon, but they were always Call of Duty/dudeshooter looking guys and gals.… @heatherpeagler (neverending barf)
I think I'm Gears: "Complains and grumbles to a ridiculous extent, until he becomes a source of amusement, rather t… @juliemwettstein Aw, I don't know much about Beast Wars, but I just looked him up and he seems like a genuine good guy, so I'm flattered @toygrind You are IDW MTMTE Swerve in all the best ways. @MikeIsErnie I Frenzy? Or Rumble? Frumble Renzy? @basicnoir Wheeljack was my first TF and definitely holds a special place in my heart! And the Italia Lancia is SUCH a sweet ride! @Owly I love cartoon maps! A buddy commissioned me to do Disney's largely accurate, and I even added the… this going around: Which Transformers character do I have the most similar vibe with? Not that you all know m… GOP is anti-stimulus checks, anti-unemployment benefits, anti-taxing the rich, anti-raising the wage, and anti-…
Retweeted by Joel CarrollThe laughs kill good @calamityjon Walt's design flow focused on "weenies", things you would see in the distance and pull you to them vis… @calamityjon EPCOT even had plans for a Mt.Fuji roller-coaster in their Japan exhibit, and there was a proposed Swi… astronaut in @Worthikids Capt. Yajima is totally Carl Sagan....thought he looked familiar
@kylelatino @2minutetabletop Aw, man....just recently made a similar graduated cityscape map, and a similar shadow would add so muchScareglow! Origins, Reaction, Mini, and Mega Construx. Never had a vintage version, and could never find or afford… crop? Eh? Is that a phone thing? The kids today....on their phone all day! With their Hulu's and their TikTokkies.... @littlemac1183 Ha, really? Whew....FINALLYBack in 2013, I drew this guy....Archibald Temple: Rifthunter. A parody of the old 90's Cable and Bishop types. Mad… @bighatdino Chunky in all the right ways.The funny thing about Bishop is he came back in time to save the X-Men without realizing he himself was the one who…, Ben is making me want to draw Bishop now.... @kaeae Yeah, the Peter is a stand-out, even in that wave The head alone is perfection. He just looks great (and hom… that I considered Caitlyn Jenner seriously having a chance, but I really do appreciate her tanking her entire c…
Retweeted by Joel CarrollWhile I’d love the MAFEX version, the Marvel Legends Peter B. Parker is amazing and 1/5 the price. I do wish they’d… @jodyvanb Blaster 2.0, Mudslinger, and Streamer! @Barl103 @LittleJohn312 Hey, I get it. I'm just pissed that it's never the upper management that takes a hit. The f…, wow. It's almost like they're trying to hide something. the last two weeks, I've been to a Wawa, a McDonald's, and a Chik-Fil-A, and noticed that the usual stuff I'd ha… @pvponline @BrianLynch Pumpin'... blowin'
This mid-80's Tomy disc launcher from one of their Zoids lines saw a LOT of re-use over at Playmates, huh?… @ToysFTA @PixelDan @TheSewerDen @tOkka In the case of the Pizza Thrower, a lot of the initial molding was borrowed… @Owly Its funny...for me the drawing HAS gotten faster, but ill have been thinking about it and figuring it out men… idea for these gals was kind of the Charley's Angels, with Barbara/Oracle as their mentor. One's a hand-to-hand… 2007-2008 or so, I drew these Batgirls to team up with the one in the skirt... The bat tramp stamp cracked m… drew this Batgirl idea back in 1998. The second one a decade later for "Everyone Draw Batgirl Day". This Batgirl… recent Batgirls... drew these for @whoisrico's Batgirl Online back in 1998. TWENTY-THREE YEARS AGO. WTH. @jason1749 @EricaFails It's such a "WHAT TH- WHAT IS THAT" moment @KiennaS Hi, Kienna! I'm a cartoonist who has dabbled in map design from video games to TTRPG. My website/portfolio… @EricaFails @jason1749 ha...drew this a couple years back and never got around to posting it used to draw Batgirls all the time...a little rusty...
Blasters #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay to the almost glow-in-the-dark beard spray, I also looked like a Kenny Rogers JediNineteen years ago, the Blair Witch guys threw a Star Wars only Halloween party. Made many in-town friends there. I… Grant's Ewok impression #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay Buy the shirt! 30% off! #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay professionals #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay buddy Ed took this pic at SDCC 2004. Two seconds later, @pattonoswalt and @thebrianposehn literally ran through… to co-host a Star Wars podcast, Voice of the Republic, with my buddies Ed and Mike. @carlwatkins later filled… used to do illustrations for the West End Games Star Wars RPG from the late 90's. I'm old. #MayThe4thBeWithYou used to draw sketchcards for Topps #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay beats in the sector #MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarWarsDay @bighatdino From what I see, much like the stock market, you kinda already have to have money to get involved with either @SeanCRHill I drew this in 1997. I'm old. @Worthikids I am beyond impressed how you captured the stop-motion hair movement. Very slight and nuanced. Just amazing work!There are times when I see someone looking at something and I wish they could see what I see. And there are SO many… should draw, paint, sing, and dance. Sure, there will always be folks better than you, but that's not the…'ve been doing this weird sleep schedule from 4pm to midnight, and trying to stay up tonight to get back on a more… @AbrahamBenrubi @SeanCRHill @GregimusPrime77 the announcement of Bill and Melinda Gates' impending divorce, Microsoft unveils their new WinMates™ AI-driven… the 4th is tomorrow. I meant to draw something new for it. Hmm...what SHOULD I draw for it? Don't even kn…
This lives rent free in the noggin. The dad laughing just makes it funnier! MASK Aerial Precision Strike Vehicle piloted by Brad Turner! #80stoys #MASK #MobileArmoredStrikeKommand @Owly Aw, thanks....these dumb things get stuck in my head...hahahahFIRECRACKER! MASK Recon Assault Vehicle piloted by Hondo McLean and Buddy Hawkes! #80stoys #MASK a letter from the IRS talking about the stimulus check we got months ago... Makes me wish we got $2K a mon… a tweet conversation between two mutuals, and I started to post something...but it was just negativity and woul…, I'm a TB2 guy. But seeing Thunderbird 3 rotate into orbit kinda catches me every time, and I tear up… finished my 38th sketchbook, started last August. Lots of fun, dumb stuff in there! shows would be on your dream Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup? Man, there's SO many great shows...Gummi Bears,… watched a TikTok where someone asked Alexa to play that Owl City song, and now my Alexa is BLASTING it… need to modernize that "boss makes a dollar, I make a dime" saying, because these days it's more like "boss make…
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Someone left a shrimp on the sofa late last night. you could have one costume from a movie to wear around casually, what would it be?
@larksleepy They're my kryptonite. @calamityjon @ManningKrull It's not "Nards: Found Testes"?Hey, just posted the 44th strip, exclusive to my Patreon! @Essa_Dee (stops right after popping the can) oh....yeah....I need to learn the real way as well....How the system is rigged: 1) Land a job in government. 2) Push massive deregulation. 3) Secure a job on Wall St.…
Retweeted by Joel Carroll @Essa_Dee Now I'm making some biscuits!