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@toygrind Ha....Zavvi is just the online component of VirginIf we can afford a $740,000,000,000 military budget, we can surely afford to pay people to stay home to contain Covid.
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@LastTrilobite The movie rules are fast and loose, so anything is literally possible. The last movie showed that Bu… hated movie Hound until someone made me draw him. Each ludicrous line I drew made me love him more and more. @Gnobrin I could swear I heard an Evanier interview where he said he was in the car with a friend, but no idea wher… @Gnobrin Oh, wait... "The show was the creation of comic writer Steve Gerber, creator of Marvel Comics' Howard the… @Gnobrin And yeah....I love all the he the last? Is he the only one? Is his head mechanical? Is it… @Gnobrin He was named by Mark Evanier and a co-worker as they drove by the UCLA college sign...pretty funnyJust saw an ad for this little keychain multitool, and it's also a PIPE?!?! I'd thought getting a fancy ass pipe wa… You know.....the Mok., remember the "WASSUP" Bud Light commercial from 2000? It's based on a 1998 short by Charles Stone III. I found…'s like a seatbelt for the internet... @GregimusPrime77 There's SUCH a wealth gap. Our politicians are beyond out of touch with the base constituency. THE…'m a huge proponent of Universal Basic Income normally, and the fact that the US didn't implement SOMETHING to hel… feel weird/guilty plugging for commissions, but MAN....COVID really kicked the chair out from under freelance....… holidays are upon us.....commissions are open! @willpfeifer @robullman Much like those 50 Shades books, yes, they're trash, but if it got someone reading, then that's awesome.I DO look like that! really into the "Jim Lee"/90's version of Rogue, but those extra hands are AWESOME! Wages Dollar General: $8 Kroger: $10 Walmart: $11 CVS: $11 Home Depot: $11 Lowe's: $12 2020 Profits Dollar…
Retweeted by Joel CarrollMore equations, less invasions! #fundscienceNOW
Retweeted by Joel Carroll @Lahiton1 @andykuhn @tomfowlerbug The last time I spoke of Samurai Jack WAS twenty years ago. @andykuhn @tomfowlerbug Ha....I always catch crap for saying that Samurai Jack is just a modern Ronin
@clownspacelove From ebay seller gpslot.....they have lots of fun clothes and stuff
Instagram totally changed their UI, which isn't a deal-breaker, but is worthy of a, "what, man"I bought a little BPRD t-shirt for my Hellboy, turning an action figure into a doll, and I'm for it. this been done yet?
Retweeted by Joel Carroll @juliemwettstein I was taking a pic of her little dorble face, but then she stretched her stick legs, and the two p… some Warcraft and someone wants attention... @PatMillsComics Always thought it was funny that they could have left the helmet on, and Stallone could also play R… just love all the kittens and hope all of thems has sweet little beds to lie down in and be safe is the best TikTok I’ve ever seen...
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@BFSAndrew John Huston's voice as Gandalf hits WAY deep with me
It's a car with a guy inside, that also has another guy inside him that can ride the first guy that becomes a jet. I know very little about. Except she was on that cartoon...and in that old man Logan movie. I made up a… @ronsalas I cant' take full blame....I contend I connected with a darker purposeMy favorite iteration of Rogue @kittycoffee @TangoCharlie Yeah, give the squirt that six foot long Galactus....that should take him a day or twoI always hoped that Jubilee would have turned out to be one of Mojo's lackeys, as he had a minion named Jubilee wit…'s another X-Lady....Jubilee! Is she still a vampire?, it was great. After watching it, I nearly shit the bed each night when the local hosiery mill set its 3rd shi…"...I've been out here all day whipping you lollygaggers into some semblance of shape, and you're all doing a GREAT… going through old art from ages ago and coloring some pieces....found several X-Ladies throughout the years...… only thing Trump has given these sycophantic myrmidons is golden "we're watching a train wreck" ratings, and th… @OriginalPSP It may/probably has....I never went down there....I did have a buddy who dressed as Mario and picketed outside of it for fun. @OriginalPSP The Orlando International Airport has a "King of Kong" arcade owned by Billy, and has apparently never… grand-dad was an electrician, and had several different Pong consoles before the Atari 2600. Wish I'd thought to… say Sean Astin in heavy make-up, if only for the stupid joke of saying that Sean Astin is in "Rudy", and for peop… you ever wanted to know what @benito_cereno's crazy dream-house looked like on the inside, check out this crib..… @NathanHendric15 @SpaceCaptSteve Aw, thanks....I mean, all drawing is just breaking down shapes, from the human for… @TheKyleStarks Always dug that design! @GoGoAndyRobo Yeah, I added the rivets on Boo's calves, but they're not really in the show, just the design turnarounds... @mechazone @GoGoAndyRobo Yeah, one thing a lot of people miss is when the Orbots combine, they switch into a more a…, yeah....@chrispiers asked for a Mandolorian, and while I didn't get around to a Din Djarin, I DID draw up a Paz… @FwooshRobo @ToyGalaxyDan Gotcha...I'm still only a couple seasons in on Clone Wars....way too much tv to watch! @ToyGalaxyDan @ToyGalaxyTV Oh, no...wait....Duke is a Master Sergeant, and Flint is a Staff Sergeant (and strangely… @ToyGalaxyDan @ToyGalaxyTV I did a deep dive on Joe military rankings recently, and was surprised to find out that… @FwooshRobo @ToyGalaxyDan Yeah, I'd recently picked up that Jango, having missed the older one...and had no clue t… last week, @SpaceCaptSteve challenged me to draw Gunhed, from the manga and live action movie of the same name… @ToyGalaxyDan and @FwooshRobo Are there any "small" Jango Black Series jetpacks out there? Any customizers… @ToyGalaxyDan @ToyGalaxyTV Oh, addition to "Al Pine", Cutter was "Skip A. Stone"....and the Dreadnoks la… @ToyGalaxyTV @ToyGalaxyDan Also, it's hilarious that while dressed as Shipwreck, you kinda slipped into the weird J… @ToyGalaxyTV @ToyGalaxyDan That Serpentor outfit is SO good, and I think the cherry on top is the mean googly eyes.I drew Boo from the Mighty Orbots (normal mode), and I know @GoGoAndyRobo would appreciate it... @GoGoAndyRobo Yeah...for whatever reason, Kikaioh/Tech Romancer had ALL that sweet promo art that only was in the a… @GoGoAndyRobo Yeah, I love the fake Kikaioh model kit, with its crazy Gaiking-esque alt mode(s) off Teepublic's almost over... I added a couple new shirts that will be cheaper for a couple days...…
This is disgusting.
Retweeted by Joel CarrollAnd we're NOT locking down. The government isn't doing anything. More cases, more unemployment, more people losing… @dyemooch WHAT?!!? I never knew Matthew Sweet had another anime video! And LUM!!! Always dug Cobra in Girlfriend @potatofarmgirl
Retweeted by Joel Carroll @potatofarmgirl Yeah, I had a drawing bungler last night, too... @insanim8 There's a really interesting documentary on him
SUCH a cool and cute idea! is 2020 PERFECTLY summarized
Retweeted by Joel CarrollFor no particular reason, my four favorite Batman toys: Power Vision Batman (Kenner) Animated Batman (DC Collectibl…
Oh! @dyemooch suggested I should draw the Transformers Pretender named Pincher months ago, and I kept forgetting to… @tombrazelton My buddy found it at Walgreen' idea if it just hit there first or what...If I could somehow go back in time and give my ten year old self these toys... buddy Mikey got me the Silver Centurion Iron Man, and wow...brings back fond 80's comics memories! eyes meet across the room. I sidle over next to you and whisper into your ear: "Ah'm invulnerable when ah'm blastin'."Fleet? I STILL can't believe Twitter gave up on Vine, then was completely eclipsed by TikTok. I don't dig the "stor… @lesmcclaine @zacksoto says Dave & Buster's for Florida? Weird. Orlando alone used to be a McDonald's tes…! Found the HERBIE and colored him! @RobHawkinsHobby I don't think I have....I'll definitely have to d one up soon @pvponline I know I have, but I can't find it... @emjb ha...I recently drew one.... @KarakDamnaz's some really old Mega Men @juggergrimm Here's one from last year @MattPoisso Here's some older pics... @gajupagosu Here's an old one... kind of out of it....and I want to draw a robot.... What robot should I draw?
I've had friends in the past that have tried selling "meme" shirts, and just KNEW it was going to make them rich. A… kept seeing posts about those "Dadalorian" t-shirts, and I never really paid attention to who was post… @Fusspot Do I wish I got a little refund or something? Sure, that'd be nice. But, too many people are getting way t… @Fusspot Yeah....I kinda don't get it. I had student loans and it took me a decade to pay them back. It was a pain.…
I love this meme SO much....I don't think I've ever seen an unfunny one... @PaulWurgisnacht I haven't summoned him in a long time.....a long time....