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Joel Lee @joelhklee New York, NY

writing in @nyunews @fortleepatch | cultural + media studies scholar, @nyugallatin | he/him/his

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Every year I invite non-Native folks who are celebrating the colonial holiday to do something in support of Native…
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what is joe biden’s plan to release lorde’s new album?
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Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murder, has been released on $2M cash bail. As a public defender, I represented teena…
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Asian American Studies is a discipline born from protest and the demand for representation in US scholarship. Asian…
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jungkook could do 1984 but orwell could never do euphoria. Japanese mom said if I got on America’s Got Talent she’d pretend she doesn’t support my comedy career & no longe…
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Retweeted by Joel LeeDolly Parton could do the resurrection but Jesus couldn’t do the vaccine
Retweeted by Joel Leeseeing who swipes right on you and having the option to like back RADICALLY changes your user experience, in turn p… did I purchase to try tinder gold? yes. absolutely. for science, obviously. but let me just say, it definitely…
@anamarazzixd oh the trick of the century. earring-busting!what ana means by BMX tricks is just riding a bike for 5 minutes, and we love her for it <3 @StandardCeramic, please change your 50 lb clay box design where the type of clay is labeled on ALL SIDES of the… getting the recognition it deserves 😤
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Twitter stories?
Retweeted by Joel Leehelp I made the mistake on going on l*nked*n and I’m down an existential spiral and can’t get out. someone explai…'ve entered pen reddit and I'm HOOKED.
if you’re wondering sometimes hamsters just scream once they find out that they can scream
Retweeted by Joel LeeI’ve been thinking about wanting to be more visibly ~queer~ since I dress pretty professionally for work, so my sol…
walter ong has entered the chat.
@sumimasorry_ I kid you not. the word just came into my mind, and I was TRANSPORTED.
i love the word 'genealogies' OK. ok yes it's soaked in academic elitism. but let me live in it for just this you gonna close indoor dining and gyms or not lol
Retweeted by Joel Leemaybe if you closed indoor places such as restaurants and gyms where people can more easily get infected ...
Retweeted by Joel Leemy sister sent me two audio messages at 11:30PM just to scream over her frustration over Dan Humphrey's character 1…, a very very good time to start neon genesis evangelion.
I wrote about @Jeopardy, and the man who made it cool to love trivia for @TheAtlantic – I'm incredibly grateful for…
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we are still taking donations! please share this info if you can💙💙💙 seguimos recibiendo donaciones! por favor comp…
Retweeted by Joel LeeThis kind of mutual aid is so critical, for graduate students who need support with rent, groceries, medical care,…
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ok so is the margin too big for tr*ump s*pp*rters to like revolt? because if so, great. lovely. amazing.
I want 5 @nytimes profiles per day of voters in Philly, Atlanta, Detroit, etc. discussing why they voted Biden. Th…
Retweeted by Joel Lee @thebrenah i’m so happy we’re in this together. brenah lead the wayyy @thebrenah 🤭 but 🙋🏻‍♂️
NJ released about 2,300 state prisoners with less than 8 months left on their sentences Wednesday in a bid to reduc…
Retweeted by Joel LeeI hate it here. @BethOsborneT4A @RidersAlliance Great! Thank you, Beth!MANSEEEEEEE @_DanaDaria @AdultingADHD which I’m actively trying to make new habits so I don’t feel exhausted after ruminating a… @_DanaDaria @AdultingADHD that’s hard!!! I think if I’m already in a anxious, upset state, my mind will just make f… @BethOsborneT4A @RidersAlliance if we call our senators, is there a particular active bill we should push for or an agenda?#SaveTransit @AdultingADHD does anyone else ruminate to the point where the body feels like they are in a flight-fight mode beca… do not want to hear blinding lights by the weeknd please. no morecongrats to drugs winning the war on drugs btw, underappreciated result
Retweeted by Joel Leefrom what I’ve heard from whose experiences and voices I trust, no 💕. descriptions from Spotify on artists / labels paying to promote particular songs really show how recommendati…
Retweeted by Joel Lee“The election results won’t take much longer” The election results:
Retweeted by Joel Leewaking up to no new results
Retweeted by Joel Leemuting c*rlos m*za just for the day. love that man and his content and his willpower and i have the biggest leftist… a single platform is doing nearly enough to deal with right-wing misinformation/hate speech, but Twitter's effo…
Retweeted by Joel LeeWa. Sqa. is the heart of our campus. Leaving the building today, I saw a group of maskless NYPD congregated, ready…
Retweeted by Joel LeeInstead of talking about changing White people’s hearts and minds, can we talk about changing the electoral system…
Retweeted by Joel LeeNothing but a white mob demanding black votes not be counted.
Retweeted by Joel LeeNEW + exclusive from @BrandyZadrozny and me: Facebook Anti-Lockdown Group Driving People to Vote-Counting Location…
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obviously, I feel it would be foolish of me to imagine a top-down shift. However, where does all of this internaliz…'s clear that our institutions are not in our best interest: voter suppression (esp. in the South), misinformatio… concerns me down the line if Biden wins this election, what happens to all these people who are banging agains… compliment me for my presentation slides, when I just use SlidesGo and stick to the preset fonts! UWU @minaleebae That video scares me. also I think it’s interesting that this mainstream news outlet thought it was lik…"A lot of people don't know what a postal worker goes through to make this happen." Philip Montgomery traveled acro…
Retweeted by Joel LeeThey cuddle
Retweeted by Joel Leeoverheard while waiting to vote on line in the bronx, a mother tells her daughter in Bangla: “accha chup kor ekhon,…
Retweeted by Joel Leeblackpink in my area?For @NBCNewsTHINK, I wrote on what it's been like to watch my parents become voters, and the hard conversations ma…
Retweeted by Joel Leethen there better be a widespread release of those in prison for weed possession charges. @howdyitsbela BELA FELLOW BLINK 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 I have work and it’s election night. SO it’s the perfect time to watch the blackpink documentary on netflix.moodboard for today:
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election day feels like being at the airport at 7 am. someone's eating pizza. someone's having a beer. someone has…
Retweeted by Joel LeeI'd like to add the "yes/no" statehood vote is non-binding, which means Congress can ignore the results (for the si…
Retweeted by Joel Leeyes, because the first thing any protester would think is, "ah yes, sweetgreen, my nemesis's HQ of operations" @ariellehersh omg but do share recipe picsThe US election is tomorrow.  If you, like me, are tired of horse-race-style reporting, and need to zoom out, I wan…
Retweeted by Joel Leeif I never step into bobst library in my final year of undergrad, can I get my remaining NYU printer money balance…
@sumimasorry_ thank you, my love 🥺💕✨ @sumimasorry_ for legal reasons the inquiry was for scientific purposes and research.happy no knowledge november! i simply do not want to know anymore! i’ve thought enough! i do not think therefore i do not am <3
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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)
Retweeted by Joel LeeScientists have completed a “dramatic” decades-long restoration of an ancient oak woodland in Illinois. Scientists…
Retweeted by Joel Leeariana grande's pov must stop. me. from. myself.why does gcal icon have to look like that? I want things to read like a calendar and not like this elementary schoo…
I am losing my MIND over these Halloween decorations I just walked past oh my god
Retweeted by Joel Leethis double ad thing, youtube, is not it. stop ❤️ @jaelahh I LOVE FOOD MEDIA REALLY. HONESTLY. LIKE LET’S GOOOOOjust released my first ever merch <333 limited edition hoodie featuring unreleased original text by me and designed…
Retweeted by Joel Lee @enerianna this is k-diaspora at its peak ofc!!! <3 I can't even commit to American tv so k-drama is a no-go rn lol @enerianna omg it's a beast honestly better to just live through Dream High and IU and Kim Taecyeon <3 <3 <3 this is what I do at 12:37AM :D @enerianna I R E N E omg. it's this and 'stand by me' from 'Boys Over Flowers" that make me time travel- me listening to the K-drama 'Dream High' (2011) OST !!!Let’s never normalize how bizarre it is that we are all having to expend an inordinate amount of time making sure t…
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I never knew this! huh! I simply love secret codes
Retweeted by Joel LeeHoly shit. @Spotify is falling into the same extremism trap that every platform falls into. Start making exceptions…
Retweeted by Joel LeeSuch an interesting and important ethical project!!!
Retweeted by Joel LeeThis is the Philadelphia Police Department in 2020. Show the world this.
Retweeted by Joel LeeHello! I’m doing college admission essay help & English tutoring for elementary school to high school. Dm me to dis…
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PLEASE SHARE AND DONATE. Tell ur rich friends to throw it down!! Help Diana! She deserves stability
Retweeted by Joel LeeHi I made a gofund me, share if you can, donate if you can.... thank you
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