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Joel @JoelMetsNY New York, NY

Mets • Jets • Knicks • Rangers • WWE • Gambling • Movie Buff. Don't waste my time with any dumb stuff.

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@Leftfieldmike So upset right now @SammyK77887877 Good shitChiefs/Ravens Over 54.5❌ I’m fuming right now... this game should have gone over. NFL Record: 14-17 Reid had money on the under... fat fuck. @0itZniKKi Worry about the Seahawks because Russ is cooking.Imagine Eric Bieniemy coaching Sam Darnold right now... SMFH ... dumbass Jets.You gotta stop listening to Stu, Frank. buy a Patrick Mahomes Jersey now
Doc Rivers fired yet Adam Gase is still employed.Doc Rivers reading Woj’s tweet like.. @stormshadow75x I’m watching episode 6 right now.. I’ll get to 7 shortly lolNFL MNF🏈: Chiefs/Ravens Over 54.5 NFL Record: 14-16Lovecraft Country is a solid show... fucking weird as hell but intriguing. 1000x better than Westworld. @MikeFrancesa Jason Giambi should own the Giants, Mike.Giants games should be radio only to be honest. Reigns is brilliant as a heel.Pats -6.5💰 Titans -2.5❌ Cardinals -6❌ Bills -1.5💰 Bears +3.5💰 Cowboys +5❌ Bears/Falcons under 47❌ NFL Record: 14-16
@NY_SpecialK You really think Trevor can do so much better with the current roster? @EddyArcade The Jets can do so much with the pick. I have to see what other players are out there but how can you g… @MondoX44 1 was his fault ... the other the wideout ran the wrong route.. are you watching the same game? @Dominican_Casso @Jets @nyjets YeahI can’t believe there are fucking dickhead Jets fans on twitter calling for Trevor Lawrence. How about calling for… franchise @JetsI have no words for this absoulte mess.I can’t be the only one who throws up the middle finger to the TV when the camera pans to Adam Gase.Let’s see more of this Cager fella. #JetsWeekly Sunday Tweet... Jets defense is a fucking joke and a half.This is the perfect gif after that Jets drive. putting the damn team on his back.Darnold!!!You know what would be great? If the Jets fire Adam Gase after the 1st Quarter. Let’s keep 2020 weird.Pats/Bucs/Bears/Brady whatever fan watching the Jets LMAO. The obsession is real. @McFaddenPC Beer weed liquor... ugh just give me all of it.Jesus ChristWhy don’t you come up with your own picks and post...You fucking pussy. Go suck my fucking dick you bitch. TIMECager gonna save Gase’s job today... because Jets. Luck! @katiestereo What show?NFL🏈: Pats -6.5 Titans -2.5 Cardinals -6 Bills -1.5 Bears +3.5 Cowboys +5 Bears/Falcons under 47 NFL Record: 11-12 @Mick2b @MetsWes Coming in a min...Lakers -5💰 Lakers/Nuggets over 215💰 BANG!!
Joel hath spoken.
Retweeted by JoelNBA: Lakers -5 Lakers/Nuggets over 215 @JetsMets1448 On which pick? I don’t know who he likes. @2020seeya Do what you like. I post plays so me and my followers can win some bank.NCAA🏈: Virginia -4 West Virginia +7 Army/Cincy Over 45 Troy/BYU under 61 Texas Tech +18 @MetsWes Great minds Wes.... GREAT MINDS! @TJ05259 Go for itNHL🏒: Stars/Lightning over 5
NBA: Heat +3.5 Heat/Celtics over 213🏈: Dolphins/Jaguars over 49❌ NFL Record: 11-12 NBA🏀: Nuggets +6🅿️ Nuggets/Lakers over 110.5 1H💰 poor people eats boneless wings. @free_dowlin_ This clown still talks about boneless wings on twitterGrow up, Peter Pan
Retweeted by Joel @free_dowlin_ Ahhh yeah you catching the good episodesNuggets/Lakers over 110.5 1H💰 Now Let’s Go Nuggets @free_dowlin_ Wait the original or the spinoff?Mental Illness is a terrible thing. @AHotMetss @_nictro Wow Jenny @_nictro @AHotMetss What 💰💰💰💰??? @_nictro @AHotMetss @nicoleeejets Interesting @ItIsWhatItIsAnn Yes
@TheDietIsOff Thoughts @MetsWes ?Plays for tonight: NFL🏈: Dolphins/Jaguars over 49 NFL Record: 11-11 Also NBA🏀: Nuggets +6 Nuggets/Lakers over 110.5 1HDMs gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 tonight pimp. @Yo_OD16 About to post but I have the over 49 and a few prop playsHeat +3.5 💰💰💰’all still watching Wilpon’s Mets? Can’t relate.Stars/Lightning over 1.5 1P💰 Nice quick buck.. Now need Stars comeback
@DwightEdge4 NBA: Heat +3.5 Baseball: Yankees/Jays over 10, Cardinals MLNHL🏒: Stars +133 Stars/Lightning over 1.5 1PNBA🏀: Heat +3.5 @LongSleeveZeke So crack is the vaccine??Nuggets +4 1H💰 Nuggets +6 (Full Game)💰 Gase still doesn’t have COVID yet???Nuggets are pulling a choke job .. here we go.Nuggets +4 1H EASY 💰💰💰🏀: Nuggets +4 1H Nuggets +6 (Full Game) @nyjets Y’all lost 31-13 you idiots... hyping up a garbage time TD throw. Loser mentality franchise.
I see Ron Darling is on twitter by looking at his phone @NahBoogz87 😘 @Mick2b You know the key to a guy’s heart @NahBoogz87 Along with youI bet on the Rays today... Normally I don’t bet against the Mets but I’m sick of those losers.Sour Patch +6💰 Saints/Raiders Over 48.5💰 Back at .500. Let’s keep it rolling. NFL Record: 11-11 over 48.5 💰💰💰
@GerardSpiga @_nictro Better chance of me getting numbers tbh.NFL🏈: Raiders +6 Saints/Raiders Over 48.5 NFL Record: 9-11 your number in the DMs. @_nictro That’s a very good question @_nictro Ok congrats on the sex, Nicole.The Seahawks love giving away the game to the Patriots.AD must have heard Charles Barkley in the lockeroom during halftime. @FScottFeil_DPT You put in wagers for those? That’s a great day.