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Joel @JoelMetsNY New York, NY

Mets • Jets • Knicks • Rangers • WWE • Gambling • Movie Buff. Don't waste my time with any dumb stuff.

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Jeff Bezos gotta save the Mets first. @Judetruth We know you got the #wealthKyrie Irving thinks the earth is flat. This is a major L . you not be a clown for one day in your life? a rare W for the NBAThe NBA should apply the 4th Quarter AS format in the playoffs.Reggie Miller is fucking annoying... the dude never shuts up.That was a dumb shot by LebronThey should have scoring rules for each quarter in the All-Star game to be somewhat watchable. @UCMongo It’s basically street ballThis NBA all star game is fucking garbage.How does one enjoy an NBA all-Star game with no defense being played? @AndrewBasstardo I’m about to fall asleep @AleLarios15 Time to get rid of SONYThis pregame shit should have started at 7 to start the game at 8. The NBA has a terrible group of planners.Hearing Chaka Khan signing the National Anthem @PlasJacques Talks too muchAll-Star introductions shouldn’t take a half hour longCommon is the type of guy you want to avoid at the barber shop. @nymchloe Great friendWhen Common is done talking, baseball season begins.Common is talking this AS game is gonna start at 9PM @MetsFanAlex If I ever go to Chicago, I gotta eat something like a salad or McDonald’sChicago = High crime rate and horrible pizza. A whole lotta yikes.When I think of Chicago I think of the terrible pizza they have over there.Kobe being gone still isn’t real to me.FINALLY a good tweet up in here. @nicoleeejets I want the Jets to have their own staidum and if it means Long Island then so be itThat was a great match. Holy shit. #NXTTakeOverPortland
@ScoreyWebster The latterI agree. It’s time for a real New York team to land in Long Island. don’t think Brodie is getting any free passes. you in September, Jed. @MeekPhill_ I was THAT guy smhI’m still irate that I lost out on a grand when Buddy Hield hit that last shot to win the 3-point contest.Shaq is a damn clown 😂😂JB Smoove is hilarious AF @Trickyy16 Tiffany almost ruined the whole show... this is a nice reboundWhen Tiffany Haddish opens her mouth... LORD Haddish is not funny at all.Ban Dwayne Wade and Candace Parker forever @NBAThe Slam Dunk contest was pure fuckery.Are those judges on crack???WHAT THE FUCK???I could use some tacos right about now.Aaron Gordon should get zeros across the board just for bringing those dumb tik tok broads.And the Dunk Contest is now ruined @NjTank99 I would love to see you dunkWhy does Chadwick Boseman look like a high schooler?DJ Khaled can’t read white people names.Le’veon better @Dame_LillardDame Dolla gonna be performing at halftime in the NBA Finals for the remainder of his career.Jayson Tatum is a bumBertans - 3pt contest Tatum- Skills Gordon - Dunk contestHere’s a thought... no more drugs. Mets winning the NL East with 88 wins??
@JRaw1285 @TeamThirstTrap Yup. We’re in great shape.King was the movie tho? @TeamThirstTrap @JRaw1285 I’ll bite on the Seattle ML. @ByLeslieMontei1 @AndrewBasstardo Teach me how to be a ladies’ man. @JRaw1285 Going with the under in the Seattle gameLol Kevin Gilbride telling one of his coaches to stop talking just to answer a couple of questions from the commentators. I love the XFL. @joshuamarlow5 He needs to playThe Guardians backup QB is Marquise Williams. I’ve never heard of him but he can’t be any worse than McGloin.Luke Falk is better than McGloin.The football McGloin is not good enough for the XFL. @ByLeslieMontei1 Yankee Stadium too @ByLeslieMontei1 The Astros will still be a focal point during the season.Yup... first things you see on Twitter is either about the Astros or politics. Twitter is no longer fun. @McFaddenPC @Braddigan89 44.5 @Braddigan89 @McFaddenPC I have the under in the other gameThe Guardians are gonna reach out to Geno Smith I’m afraidMatt McGloin is terrible @LGMHTTR3121 @JRaw1285 @JRaw1285 🤔Reminder that Bill owns two houses in Brooklyn worth $3.7M that he rents out for market value prices despite saying…
Retweeted by JoelLFG. We winning today @Dominican_Casso @pdubra Always a perfect day. @JoelMetsNY what a fucking perfect day to have an iced coffee
Retweeted by Joel @_nictro You’re terrible lol
I always ignore sales calls this when he signs on the dotted line for confirmation. I’m tired of getting worked up over this franchise. want to put this out here... Nobody cares about your fucking valentine. @SNYtv up Lew A. COMEBACK.
Retweeted by JoelYou gonna get the coronavirus very soon @ByLeslieMontei1 Rangers game on. More important right now. @guttie_35 Riddler is gonna be the villainGet a load of this guy... @N_I_N_E_R_S happy Birthday!! 😘I can get with this... @ByLeslieMontei1 You sound like a true fan with that tweet.What...... the fuck? NO @ByLeslieMontei1 You’re not beating them in a series @ByLeslieMontei1 You’re not getting past Boston or Washington @ByLeslieMontei1 Yes.... you do..