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Money dey speak.. Money stop nonsense 💩
Retweeted by PapiDaddy 💚 @mapo_1987 Next season will be lit. TrustCongrats Liverpool 😭 😭 😭 @chrisadjei17 Yo! Link upForget everybody else and listen this guy!!! 💯 🎶 song is “Just my luck” prod. By Kros . I don’t know if it’ll be on the EP but here it is.
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@GiovaniCaleb Just for the interim boss @GiovaniCaleb Bro you get producer?😁 @1RealJoeyB 👏 nah you won @MusahRosalinda @1RealJoeyB @KuamiEugene @IamKingPromise @Okyeamekwame @sista_afia @stonebwoyb @ELgh_ Nohmm🤔, i mean if Joe lost his cough mixture, does it make him Jo L or lean’s?
Retweeted by Papi#Mago Out July 🦋
Retweeted by PapiThat tremor wasn’t hard enough. Pfff !! @OgeeTheMc There was an earthquake gotdamnit. Was just asking for a friend @1RealJoeyB @OgeeTheMc He stopped.... for todayIf joe has marijuana. Is it joe wee bi? need to end the debate.
Retweeted by PapiRelax my guy #earthquake
Retweeted by PapiYou can follow the procedure in this video in order to download the eCampus app on your phone. It's very simple. L…
Retweeted by PapiDid the Accra mall collapse tho?Together we eat. By Danny Wonders ROCKZWAAKYE BREAKFAST IS SERVED! U DEY ALL WHITE PPLE DEMA PARTY AND U BE THE ONLY BLACK FO…
Retweeted by Papi @adamughana 😘A Rick to these MortysRun me my Moneh !!!Good things come to those who want it the most.✂️ ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️More life my gee @kulaperry love you 😘 against the World- 2Pac
Retweeted by PapiIf the process brings no progress, you are being used.
Retweeted by PapiAm craving a couple of million Cedis, speaking it into existence 🙏🏿
Retweeted by PapiNOW PLAYING ”Baby Yo[remix]” by @MarkAsari feat @JoelOrleans 🔛 #TheDryve 🚍🚔 W/ @djbongogh x @Dj_Lexes x @SabogSa
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Let’s get into #WhatIWannaKnowIs with @Altovise_L and she wants to know; what has been your worst shelaring experi…
Retweeted by PapiHumanity please let me know when you make up your mind. 🚪 🚶
Retweeted by Papi @Mis_Damptey 👀Humanity please let me know when you make up your mind. 🚪 🚶Damn! Don’t know what to believe anymore. All this is confusing. My brain hurts.
The Worlds Greatest Detectives 🕵️‍♂️ 🔎
Retweeted by PapiSomeone recently told me that “difficult to work with” often really means “difficult to take advantage of” in creat…
Retweeted by PapiOh boy!! @apoloimon Wetin you Dey do for this side biko 💀 @LeroySane19 Yo! Had a dream that if you leave City .......*FT trolls insert the same old empty stadium joke under*
Retweeted by Papi99.5 #ten2one @asaaseradio995
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Easy city when. 🦈. At this rate we might win the league after all @MichaelKorletey Nah. But you get malt @Sammybenefit1 Oh how? @trigmaticrocks I Dey envy you 😭How much does it cost you for a haircut? Mine 45ghc. Nate’s Place @IAMKRIS24 Im just gonna rag @50cent and leave
🔥 🌍 compare this boring Liverpool team to the Centurions who played the most beautiful football the PL has ever s…
Retweeted by Papilove who love you.
Retweeted by Papi#AhabanAt5 - On Fathers' Day of 2015 we kicked off our very first charity project at an orphanage at Nsawam. Ever s…
Retweeted by Papi @Mika_Abraham1 I think we’re in the future MikaLet’s geauxxxxx ☣️🔥
Retweeted by Papi#FaWoFans drops soon 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Papi @djsliming Yea man. Wish someone gets too him soon. All love @djsliming If he is. This won’t help bro. Send someone to him. @fiifiadinkra 💚To all the men striving each day to be better for their families. The sacrifices, the struggles and the joy of fulf…
Retweeted by PapiIncase you forgot, There are a lot of people actually rooting for you. Get it innnn!!!!!Click link and enjoy some live music for Father’s Day on AUDIOMACK
Retweeted by PapiHappy Fathers Day to all the dads worldwide 👨 Say thank you @eCampusLLC are extremely grateful for your constant support and dedication towards our education. We say AYEKOO, dear fathe…
Retweeted by PapiLove Trav. Same to you 💚 Happy Father’s Day 💚 king 👑
Earth be like ..... someone please turn down the volume. Trying to think hereIn all things give thanks 🙏there are no award schemes for what I do now but when I led creative teams this was a high point. We used radio to…
Retweeted by PapiAhantas forever the greatestAshantis were slave tradersKOLO-KOLO-KOLO OUT NOW 🤩. GET ON THE WAVE. SHOUTOUTS EVERYBODY SUPPORTING ME 🙏🏾 FULL VIDEO LINK BELOW🔥📽👇…
Retweeted by PapiSocial media influenzasTwitter has its favs. not one of em 🗑 @TumiMolekane @KojoTrip @2freshLES Trip 🔥#FreestyleFriday #ApplyPressure @KojoTrip 🇬🇭 @2freshLES
Retweeted by PapiGive me double or nothingDouble up!How do you thank your dad for his many sacrifices towards your education? #dumelobitsika #JesusSaves #BeGrounded
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@Supremos_world @parpkinshawarma @sarah____aa AyeNow they ringing my line, I ain’t got time no mo!!!! 🎥 @BlackTraceLive x @GetRadioactive_ 😷 soon come 😤
@Twitter waiting for my VN update. Thanks. @Yfm Uranium @element_reezy It’s ok 😢 you have any questions about what eCampus is about?? Drop them here and let's get talking! #BlackLivesMatter
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FULL-TIME | BACK WITH A BANG! 🔵 3-0 🔴 #ManCity
Retweeted by Papi @lastbabymensa You said !Word!
Retweeted by PapiThe city game bout to start. Should be a good one @Acedrewbl @City_Chief 😆 oooo ohDavid luiz when he sees Mahrez, KDB and Aguero on a counter attack :
Retweeted by PapiWhich way again? BLACKWAY!!!!