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@JediJeremy S1 was SO GOOD @Proto_pasta @VisionMiner @TheLightSpeedz @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @BuildTak @kristenwiigorg THATS IT! @VisionMiner @TheLightSpeedz @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak That's a really goo… @Mr_SquarePeg @JAYTEEAU @anycubic3dprint It's still in the box for now. I've been too busy :( @VisionMiner @TheLightSpeedz @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak I have ... HANDS @JAYTEEAU @anycubic3dprint I have this in my possession right now :) @smartereveryday @MattWhitmanTMBH Hahahaha. I love this. @crussty @Prusa3D @3dmakernoob @SirayaTech @mypeopoly @UncleJessy4Real @SameOldShane @FilamentFrenzy HahahahJust filmed a WONDERFUL episode with @danielleboyerr about electronics, robotics, and #3dprinting!
@kada_fd @FilamentFrenzy @Patreon @ScaldaYT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @toms3dp @Adam_V3D @adskFusion360 @3dmakernoob @CNC_Kitchen Same. I’m on a license and haven’t had to pay. @drac0_86 Hmm. I don’t know anything about it and haven’t used it. I’m sorry. @kada_fd @FilamentFrenzy @Patreon @ScaldaYT Ooh wobbly. That’s not good. I think once you get that tightened up you… @wekster2507 @UncleJessy4Real @FilamentFrenzy @grafitomi That’s COOL.Get the first impression on the E2 with @joeltelling. See what 3D Printing Nerd talks about new applications and fe…
Retweeted by Joel Telling - 3D Printing Nerd @K3DC_ Aww thanks! @MrPaulLiu @patterntoprint @PrintedSolid @lithophanemaker @PalettePrinted @MosaicMfg @RailCoreLabs THIS IS VOODOO @makersmuse Resin Dungeon = Rungeon! @3DPGirl @_Tinkerz samesies @Bryan_Vines I have ... hands. @_Tinkerz @RobotMakerGirl It’s the original mmu1 sent to me for review, and the one I produced my video on. Keith -… @TimFromPuyallup Dude. I know. Ugh.
@jnesselr @BillieRubenMake @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak @cdub3d @TheSeanConnelly @Raise3D SEAN!!! @toniwryan @_Tinkerz @BuildTak DUDE. Don't do that. I have a spare SPECIAL EDITION one of those I was saving for your trip up here. @_Tinkerz That PEI has held on longer than I thought it would. PUN INTENDED! @DanielNoree You're one of my favorite people, Daniel. Ever. @BillieRubenMake @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE UX! hahahahahahha @KariByron Oh, Kari. I know a bit about #3dprinting (host the 3D Printing Nerd show) but also will be (hopefully) c… @AnyTechnology don't judge me but I *still* haven't seen this movie. /me runs and hides @idlehandsdev That looks AMAZING. I really think @iliketomakestuf and @josh_makesstuff would admire this too. @lisamazeballs @Krystin_Makari I saw this promo and all I could think about is @Krystin_Makari @BillieRubenMake @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak Just think you'll get to see it… @_Tinkerz SAVAGE! Also I may have sanded that PEI :) @Sound_In_Focus PREACH @packratt1 @mad_monkey01 You should see how it’s still going. Apparently *I* am the toxic one. It’s amazing to witn… @x9x9x9x9x9 Thank you very much. I appreciate that. @nerys Agreed @kada_fd @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak Doh! But hey, welcome to a fun community! :) @mad_monkey01 I just ... come at me constructively and we can have a conversation. @jwalker55 It’s been a tough morning 😂🤣 @NatalieGRoman AGREE @packratt1 Bahahah @leviathanpriim Exactly“YouTube comments are the best!”, he said sarcastically 😂🤣 Also, never found out if Sailor Moon is Sith. @McRib79 @Raise3D @MatterHackers @repkord @prusament @Proto_pasta @BuildTak Haha bahHave a look at the @Raise3D E2 #3dprinter - their first IDEX machine, and it was AUTO BED LEVELING! Seriously, had… @EvanAndKatelyn maybe you just need another lunch meeting? :) @grafitomi @agepbiz @UncleJessy4Real @3dmakernoob @FilamentFrenzy @irblinx @3DPrinTek @rpauza @DasMia3 @ferjerez3d the latest video by @joeltelling while at Walmart waiting for an oil change. I'm taking over all the tvs,…
Retweeted by Joel Telling - 3D Printing Nerdhey #3dprinting community - welcome a new member from Ireland! If anyone is closer to her timezone than me, can you… @kada_fd @Patreon You’re off to a good start. Looks like some settings need adjustment. It’s past 2am for me - I’m… @kada_fd @Patreon I can certainly try! @Max_Mustardman @Raise3D @TheSeanConnelly @David_Tobin @prusament @repkord @BuildTak @bcn3dtech It is direct drive! @makersmuse @RealSexyCyborg @guardian Same on my side as well. @Barnacules @LinusTech I have an old one ;) @Barnacules @LinusTech Let’s buy a new one and do this together. @BonjourDanielle @TimFromPuyallup You will LOVE it. Also, let’s catch up sometime. Super great pub by my house. Plus, come see my studio :) @BonjourDanielle @TimFromPuyallup @BernieSanders Dang it, I still need to see Parasite. What about the newest Jumanji? @chrisriley3d @wekster2507 @Prusa3D @iliketomakestuf @PrintedSolid #bestSo, this is what miniJoel would look like at 70 years old. @chrisriley3d @wekster2507 Is that a @Prusa3D orange or an @iliketomakestuf orange? @sargonas Heck yes dude. @geekdownrange @mrs3DPN They told me it was a “medium” @BobbyDukeArts @GetFlexSeal Well that’s just rad. WAIT - I have two 3d printed kayak halves ... @StaggeredSix Most 7 year olds have booger problems. 😂🤣 @chinbeard @mrs3DPN CHEERS MY FRIEND and bless your nerd heart @midnightsmith @mrs3DPN CHEERS! @TstarkEngineer @Raise3D @TheSeanConnelly @David_Tobin @prusament @repkord @BuildTak Hahaha. I cannot please everyo… @BillieRubenMake @mrs3DPN I HEART YOUR FACEHappy National Margarita Day from myself and @mrs3DPN! @MattStultz @_TheNore_ @_Tinkerz @FilamentFrenzy @josefprusa are ALL SET for tomorrow. First look at the @Raise3D E2 #3dprinter - 6am PST TOMORROW! @_TheNore_ @_Tinkerz @MattStultz @FilamentFrenzy @josefprusa Nah, that’s a Jo job :) @naota2k3 @Creality3dprint Take your time to experiment. Don’t get discouraged by failures - which will happen. Lis…
@glowascii @Hacksterio @AARPiLabs Well that’s just freaking rad. @FilamentFrenzy @_Tinkerz @MattStultz @josefprusa Aww. It’s a blessing to have @_Tinkerz so close geographically. A… @MattStultz @_Tinkerz @FilamentFrenzy Lets be honest - I gave it to the best person didn’t I? :) @josefprusa @Prusa3D You’re an awesome human and an incredible friend and I hope this next decade doubles the succe… @_Tinkerz @MattStultz @FilamentFrenzy I’m SO happy this could go to you. I absolutely love this @josefprusa machine… @SirWrender Wren, you sort of remind me of Steve in a way. You both love to share your passion for what you love. Y… @Flex3Drive @BFLangdon I love how any sort of motion on a 3d printer is just fascinating to watch. @grafitomi @anycubic3dprint @rpauza @FilamentFrenzy @Greg191134 @MigMonkey77 @MagnaProps @3DPrinTek @Bugman_140 @amiedoubleD @thejoyofmaking2 @Proto_pasta @sharpstef OF COURSE @Neko_Assassin @ManuelDeJorge It’s true, I can help!It appears that I’m on @tiktok_us - in celebration I posted an updated office tour. Have a look.… @FilamentFrenzy @GregoireSaunier @filamentive @E3DOnline @grafitomi @Greg191134 @mad_monkey01 @3dmakernoob @rpauza @anycubic3dprint Wooo this is great! @Stillashdesign @TheSeanConnelly Agreed @TheSeanConnelly it’s like he is calling you out specifically! @jerware @MikeJMika Oh man I need to see this! @Flex3Drive @BFLangdon Dude that’s fantastic! @DGaylord3D Wait - serious? Oh man, material science is so cool! @DGaylord3D @LDOMOTORSJASON @farmbotio @crussty @Print3DChannel That’s a sexy yard, yo. @DGaylord3D Does the bouncy ball bounce? @danielleruns OH HECK YEAH! @LDOMOTORSJASON @farmbotio @crussty @Print3DChannel @roryaronson That’s COOL @LDOMOTORSJASON @farmbotio @crussty @Print3DChannel @roryaronson Oh man. You know - we should chat!