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Joel Ruiz @joelwruiz Atlanta, GA

He/Him. One of the hosts/GM of @criticalbitcast and OG founder @whyladiesnight.

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IT IS OUT! Like a game of telephone, but game development.......... Go play it, it's free! #CHAIN
Retweeted by Joel RuizHappy Halloween y'all! Everyone still needs to celebrate this most holy of days! real halloween horror this year is the ELECTION! am i RIGHT folks? ha! HA! *coughs up a black sludge*
Retweeted by Joel Ruiz#Acetober ends today and it's been so fun to see all the new (to me) fans participate this year. I'm not in the dis… Sean Connery you’re publicly advocating for violence against women up with st Pete now
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@EvanBrandoShow We both know that scheduling killed that game, haha.I really want to run a game of Fellowship still to get use to the system, but it's been on my mind more because it'… @boxcar_sarah @hashtagsubtext He did a lot of harm to the look for sure @MadameNovelette @hashtagsubtext I will agree that Paul is far less-boneable than Gary Oldman due to this fact.
@Dm_LSP @ThatAceGal Yo that sounds fun as hell! @JonahMJackson @AdamLeGrave Luckily Adam told me not to eat the whole can, even though I wanted too, because I'd feel it the next day.Nothing is stopping @hashtagsubtext and he just looks like this, sans the hat and glasses. @Drakoniques I for sure leaned towards the sweeter juices when I was younger, but now I need my drinks to show me l… @AdamLeGrave Even if it was just for the two of us, I still had a great time.I once ate most of a can of beans of a call with @AdamLeGrave and actually really enjoyed myself. I hate how easy i… @Drakoniques It's that nice tart kick to it that does it for me!Yo, podcast people. My Nov and Dec are more open and I hate not having stuff to do. So, let me guest on your podcas…
More floral prints, a nice lilac over shirt, and some cute/comfy af pink shorts. @exlibris Ahh, I see you're going with the "actually being involved in your child's life" method of parenting. Interesting move. 😂 @exlibris Be careful, as all my work is now centered around hating and killing my parents... @exlibris Ahhh!!! That's when I started to play! My brother ran an AD&D module (no clue what it was) for me at the… @exlibris Well, that's a good reason for a late response! I hope you are doing well and with family. It's never easy.How Fast Anime Characters Build Friendships 😂🤣
Retweeted by Joel RuizI've been enjoying my off-air game so much I actually bought the physical copy of this. I usually just use PDFs, bu… how Elizabeth Warren didn't drop out of Super Tuesday and fucked Bernie hard, pretty much ruining any chan… you buy glasses for yourself but the look better on her... Now I don't know if I should keep them or just give…
You know what would get people interested in space again? If the astronauts held a "real" game of Among Us on the ISS.
Retweeted by Joel RuizI voted by mail this year so I didn't get a sticker, but just took Brittney to vote so we took cute pics of her aft…
@OxyOxspring @plentyofalcoves Y'all got some wild crimes over there. @AdamLeGrave Okay, now start one for me. Kthxbye!First day as a vampire hunter: This is easy lol First night as a vampire hunter: oh no
Retweeted by Joel Ruiz#HauntingOfBlyManor Yo! Fuck Peter Quint so much! Also, is Owen trying to fucking get it? Because, he can fucking…
If anyone asks I told them to say it was my 3-year old niece that did this and not me, a 33 year old adult.'all I've literally never carved a pumpkin before! I want to run an off-air TTRPG so I don't have to put as much work into GMing producing a show. Also me: If I… @ThatAceGal Fuck, should have seen this coming.Stolen from @ThatAceGal. I mainly just hope people post cute outfit pics... @AuthorX @ThatAceGal Yo, Maria was just sniped!!!it's a fascist flag
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@exlibris I have ideas for two more mini-series I want to do but pandemic has my brain fatigued as fuck so I've not… @exlibris I let every group tell me who the are playing and what big mission are they on the very last bit of compl… @exlibris I think of it as normal APs are a TV series, so this was a movie. That is how I told people to think of i… @exlibris Yeah it was fucking wild to come up with and do! I really wanted to play around with team swapping and th… @exlibris Yeah Nov and Dec are more open for me so I'm gonna see what I can do! I am a freelancer so I'm gonna try… @exlibris Yeah for those games I just want to tell the GM to go write a book if they want the campaign to just be t… @exlibris And the thing I'm most proud of for how it unfolded organically and with railroading was Seasons. It's eq… @exlibris Thanks! It means a lot to hear and I put in a shit ton of work into the show and really pride myself on i… @exlibris "We never played because we all came up with the best opening, middle, and end of the campaign. I think w… @exlibris Yeah there is a time and a place for railroading, currently we are in the end of season 2 in CB and I tol… @exlibris Oh I know that feel when I start a new game I'm running and I'll send everyone notes and things and then… @exlibris Yeah having all of the ideas is hard but also so helpful! I am always in that camp. I know that pain of… @exlibris If you need them to get a quest, don't plan the NPC who gives it to them. Just make it whoever is they la… @exlibris And also, not having set points you need to hit in the future let's you bounce around just do whatever th… @exlibris And I love to so deep history writing too for stuff, things that will never come up in game or matter, bu… @exlibris If you have history plot pillars (points) it is easy to know where you can go forward and it is a helpful… @exlibris I do a lot of big plot writing in different chunks to know what has happened to lead the overall situatio… @exlibris Let me know how you like it! I've not had an in person games since I found this to use. @exlibris And I always love talking shop about TTRPGs! Shannon's main work are video essays and I've always thought… @exlibris @exlibris That fear is and pain is real! @exlibris So instead of "I need them to go this church and open this shrine to get the secret base" it's "find a co… @exlibris Thanks! I think less notes are helpful because you don't feel like you are restricted to what you have pl… @exlibris Yeah I started on AD&D with my older brother when I was 9 and am so happy to never have to use thaco again! @exlibris Having the rules-nerd of a group is always a huge help. And you found a good loop-hole! @exlibris I have people tell me they are terrified to go in with no notes and lots of times I fuck with the cast an… @exlibris Yeah I feel like just finding small workarounds like this is huge. For GMing, I actually use very little… love google forms, so easy to use and helpful. But fuck me, the GoogleForms app is fucking trash and almost makes it not worth it. @exlibris I need to find them again, but I've seen some D&D sheets made specifically for people with dyslexia that… @EvanBrandoShow I just started it and right away was like "why is Evan in this cartoon!?" @AprilRaygun Yeah the spell book is super cool! I love that it has a section in the back to write your own spells.Did I order my niece a wand, spell book, and headband from Star vs The Forces of Evil because I want her to love me… watching Star Vs. the Forces of Evil and I love it. Also, @EvanBrandoShow is just Marco and this is totally fi… shout-out to all GMs who have run a TTRPG campaign (or, hell, even a session) in 2020.
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@exlibris Also this is so spot on for me. I'll read rules books by hoping around different chapters and looking up… @exlibris Well this is more of a motivation to do so! Also, was thinking about asking others with neurodiversity is… @exlibris Yeah I got my dyslexia diagnosis as a kid and have unofficial ADH&D (therapist says yes, but can't legall… @exlibris Just don't pay attention to the rules that bog you down and make your games fun enough people don't get m… want to write an audio drama cartoon series of the Fun Bunch. I'd also like to finish other projects I have ide… time has started! @exlibris 33 and ready for a nap!I'm "panicking because I left my wrist brace and Tempur-Pedic pillow at home for this weekend trip so now my body i…
Scum & Villainy is very fun! I am excited to get more use to the system, but I think it flows very well and is supe… @ozzkore Has some tips for the Powered by the Apocalypse #ttrpg fans out there who play on @roll20app. Check it o…
Retweeted by Joel RuizNew floral shirts arrived today, so I'm gonna be playing around with some new looks! For today, I give you ticket…
@hashtagsubtext @BiggieKK @plentyofalcoves Paul, if it's not a real skill, why are you talking about it right now? (TV version not comics) is a perfect villain
Retweeted by Joel Ruiz @BiggieKK @plentyofalcoves You have the prime the can first. Move the tab to where you can easily get your finger u… @plentyofalcoves @BiggieKK Yeah, the other flavors are just good coffee, but that Oat Milk Mocha and London Fog are… genuinely don’t know how @joelwruiz holds a phone and opens a coffee but here we are. @plentyofalcoves
Retweeted by Joel Ruiz @scantrahan I just need them to sponsor me to send out sample packages to people, lol @scantrahan I am not sure about international shipping on it, but I know that Shannon also has to order it as they… @joelwruiz @plentyofalcoves
Retweeted by Joel RuizIs this what it feels like to be an influencer? @BiggieKK @plentyofalcoves and her podcaster boyfriend
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@Drakoniques I am interested in getting in on an off-mic/stream game as a player! Esp if it's not D&D! I've been wa… @BondJohnBond Not like people are mad at me/us kick back, just did a super heavy episode of Critical Bits that we'v… gutted. @OxyOxspring Mmmm, a pill. @exlibris I'm just trying to find an otter for all the otter-sized hats I already own.