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@Bojangles @bathbodyworks I would buy a dozenThe NBA and the National Basketball Players Association have agreed to suspend randomized tests for marijuana durin…
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Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyBREAKING: US House votes 228-164 to pass historic bill that would decriminalize cannabis and clear the way to erase…
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports If they’re openly willing to do this in a public gym I don’t think you need to feel obligated to blur out their faces @jon_brown11 God I hate the word “free”. That money comes from somewhere aka taxes. So instead of you paying off yo… @jon_brown11 Unpopular opinion: odd feeling that those who made the choice to go to a school and get a degree that… @jon_brown11 That I don’t completely disagree with. I do agree there should be a couple year gap between graduation… @jon_brown11 Sign me up for that test. Let me go buy the most expensive house I can afford and then we can start.Liberal arts school be like "capitalism is exploitative, that will be $150,000"
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyCanceling college debt, mortgages and rent? I’d love to see the budget plan for this as well as what the future ta… the start of 2019, it's hard to find two better pure runners than Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb.
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports God I hope they’re fighting over me @barstoolsports I’m okay with these terms
@barstoolsports Probably acted more as an AC unit because it seems like things are getting heated nowLol sounds about right @NFL @ochocinco @EPIXHD Looks like Ocho Cinco is his front 9 scoreFun debate topic. I think in theory this sounds nice but I believe it looks past a lot of other factors and ultimat… all needed music this year. Thank you for choosing us on @Spotify! #2020ArtistWrapped
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyBo orders as the signs: Sagittarius You’re no creature of habit. Your curiosity and adventurous spirit always lea…
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyImagine if there was a Venmo Wrapped
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@espn Texas fans praying no one says “we’re back” after the game🗣 @LoganPaul
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports I’m not impressed. Do it with two women who only go to the gym until they give up on their New Year… @MorningBrew Close. Was a mechanic in the Air Force and now finishing up business school getting into financial adv… @MorningBrew Plus is adding a brand new perk for members: No more $35 shipping minimum for order…
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports That’s gross this is where I draw the line. What monster watches porn where the guy wears a condom? People make me sick. @PaigeSpiranac It’s just the daily Astros jokes that I miss @FoodNetwork Doesn’t matter. I’m dipping it in ranch either way. @barstoolsports Draft kings better be ready so we can gamble on space sports @SportsCenter Can’t believe Clemson gets a bye week in the playoffs
Hopefully this is my year ➡️ Pro Bowl & All-Pro❗️🙏
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @TheEllenShow Watch 2021 find a way to be worse. That’d be wild.Meet willie. This is how he enjoyed his thanksgiving dinner. ( The Wild Animal Sanctuary )
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports @21standprime That’s just Kyler during a normal football game @barstoolsports @short_porch Kid would bat lead off for the OriolesLook what just came in! 🥃 #teslaquila #tesla @kimpaquette @seanmmitchell @Kristennetten @EliBurton_
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyMcDonald's McRib returns this week, in the polarizing sandwich's first national rollout in 8 years
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyI nearly had a stroke when I opened up my phone. Don’t tease me like that @SeekingAlpha. $DKNG where the ref is standing lol
@barstoolsports Could have just slept with me and got all the practice faking enjoyment there @AdamSchefter @JordanRaanan Colt McCoy rise to the top is back on track is back in stock 🔥
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports @BussinWTB In the NFL that guy would have been called for roughing the passerSHOUT OUT to Younghoe Koo 🗣️🗣️ ▪️29 FG made (most in NFL) ▪️109 Points scored (most in NFL) ▪️96.7 FG% (best in NF…
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyGotta $LUV this.
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyDraftKings Becomes an Official Partner of the Detroit Pistons $DKNG △ 2% PM |
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@NFL_Memes Tyreek Hill just caught that basketball and scored @barstoolsports Denver probably has a better Qb situation than Cincy does this week @NFL @K1 What’s the over under for total QB rushing yards in this game? 99.5? @barstoolsports @BSSportsbook Damn I love sports betting and all but to say something about hurting a guy? Nah @espn People tell their kids to eat veggies to grow big and strong. F that, I’m feeding my kids Skittles and Hennessy. @barstoolsports @ATIBarstool Schindler’s list
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyBummer I was gonna put my life saving on the @Broncos and hope for the best. That pay out would have been better th… @stoolpresidente Maybe he could donate one to JPP @PaigeSpiranac Those are the same people that would say she sucks no matter how well she did. Just noise. @espn @SECNetwork If they don’t carry her off the field like when Rudy got to play it’ll be sad @PatMcAfeeShow @SarahFuller_27 Bill Belichick is going to make her into a HOFer WR @kylepitts__ is ridiculous. Guys gonna be a top 5 TE in the NFL the second he gets drafted. @barstoolsports Spirit airlines is about to take this idea and start serving real meals
The day after sandwich... Another reason that life is amazing. #thankful #happythanksgivng
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalySomeone want to take a shot at explaining the dog rating scale to me? #NationalDogShow
@barstoolsports Oh good now there’s tears in my gravy👀
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports I felt like I was watching the Irishman again @NFL @EzekielElliott @dallascowboys I’m surprised they can even show the R word in this clipI'm thankful for my daughter @abc7sophie , my father Navy Lieutenant Bill Flay, @nachoflay and #StellaFlay and my R…
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyFirst the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take…
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyBabies 🐯🦁🙄
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.@ChaseClaypool and @TeamJuJu weren't happy after the NFL moved the Steelers' Thanksgiving game vs. the Ravens to S…
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyRequest to NFL and networks: Please move back the kickoff times of Texans-Lions and WFT-Cowboys. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyLong $SQ
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @SportsCenter He for sure bets with him before the game and just happens to win every time. @barstoolsports @PodfathersShow Oh but when the tooth fairy comes in and starts taking things it’s fine. Sexist.
“If markets were rational, I’d be waiting tables for a living.” – Warren Buffett
Retweeted by Joel ZoufalyStuffing, mashed potatoes and canned cranberry sauce 👌🏻 @barstoolsports He doesn’t even know it’s thanksgiving week this is just what he does in his free time @NFL_Memes I think any team would be thrilled to have Jamal Adams so I don’t get the hate @FoodNetwork @NFL @AaronDonald97 I’m thinking he’s gonna get his 12th on #12 as well @sh0rtbread12 @hgillespie7 Christmas gift idea @barstoolsports Alright now I don’t mind if we defund the police. They’ve gone too far. @rhiannonhardy @barstoolsports You free Wednesday for our wedding?
@barstoolsports @5thYear That speed bump has probably saved multiple lives after a night of boozing @barstoolsports I’m gonna take this picture and post it on my hinge and say it’s me. Should be married by thanksgiving. @FoodNetwork Not to bring up a sore subject but I demand a recount. I’ve lived most of my life in VT and can honest… put the world on notice with this catch six years ago today 😱🖐 (via @NFL)
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Thanks for all the love. Can’t get rid of me that easy. See ya next year✊
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports This is what Amy is missing after getting kicked out of the book club @PatMcAfeeShow Pretty sure Cam listens to “thrift shop” every time he’s picking out an outfitThank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes today, really means a lot to get so much love from all of the…
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @FoodNetwork CALM!!!!! Everybody STAY CALM!!!
Retweeted by Joel Zoufaly @barstoolsports @mworthofgame This must be one of those Uber ambulances I’ve heard about @barstoolsports And a baby Bill Belichick was born
Pretty sure he took this photo in center field at @DudyNobleField @msstate's founder Ray Kroc's former California ranch on sale for $29 million—take a look inside. (via @CNBCMakeIt)…
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@barstoolsports Dave’s about to open a restaurant called Dave’s Portbelly and probably make a killing