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Everything you need to know about the markets in one headline: A $10 Trillion Rally Hinges on Earnings Nobody Has… aircraft carriers USS Reagan, USS Nimitz and four other warships will be in the South China Sea for naval exer… @mg I think the memes are pretty funny. No one will “win” this battle. Twitter has become a minefield of concave re… @mg The memes?If there was ever a time NOT to fight the Fed....
Retweeted by Joe McCann @semil This is your best tweet.Great to see the meme army bringing some humor to chill out the heat🔥 @balajis & @FeliciaHorowitz 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Joe McCannAnti-cancellable is the new anti-fragile.
Retweeted by Joe McCannThis topic was a great dinner discussion with ⁦@FeliciaHorowitz⁩ a couple of weeks ago in the #Clubhouse 👊🏾💯
Retweeted by Joe McCannCan I get a cup of coffee.... and where did we end up last night?! Either way enjoy the 4th of July today!
Retweeted by Joe McCannCitizen Journalism is the meme, folks @balajis Yeah I know you started a genomics company and saved and launched USDC which now h…
2020 @gabebassin @callmevlad @paulg @michael_nielsen @robbensinger But the fear is residue from a situation where the NYT was respected as well…
Retweeted by Joe McCannI was the 1st to announce my visit to Howard & other started to dream “what if”. I need to make the HBCU movement r…
Retweeted by Joe McCann @ajpiano 🤘🏼 @nic__carter TrueI’ve never met a VC more powerful than a journalist. One can block me from accessing capital. The other has contr…
Retweeted by Joe McCannSilicon Valley is a college town, but Silicon Valley Twitter is junior high school
Retweeted by Joe McCann
Top tip: set your twitter location to 'Mongolia'. You'll thank me.
Retweeted by Joe McCannSavage @andrewdupont Fair. We can respectfully disagree. I recommend reading that book I mentioned as well as Manufacurin… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis The editor would know what is best w.r.t. retraction, apologizing to the public f… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis I would defer to the editor...which is exactly the issue. @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Business is booming... @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis To be clear, I'm asserting it's as simple as proclaiming "it's just the flu" and… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis It's really this simple ^^ @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis I don't act that way. What I'm calling out is the asymmetric unfairness. Wh… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis The same can be said of downplaying -- "RELAX, it's gonna be fine" is just a clic… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Ha! Dude, I am!! You have no idea. We are using models for predicting the spread… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Familiar with Ignaz Semmelweis? He proved that the effective hand washing dramat… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis "what we know in mid-February" is exactly my point! If they did the research, the… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis The point being, if journalists did their jobs they would have came to the same c… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Same, but the issue is, a "non-journalist" was publishing and tweeting actual sci… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis I don't claim it a conspiracy whatsoever! It's their biz model, which you outli… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Media outlets that willingly published misinformation about the virus as opposed… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Then we respectfully disagree. Assuming bad faith is not new. I suggest this boo… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Imagine if in January the NY Times ran an article, backed by science, stating tha… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis You're proving my point! Many in tech, lead by @balajis, were actually doing the… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis I'm all for reconciliation and folks admitting wrongdoing but so many "tech journ… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 @balajis Thanks to mobile phones and social media, everyone is simultaneously a journalist… @andrewdupont @bcoops222 I see it differently. @balajis was called "alarmist" by "tech journalists" for raising th… follows "deaths", not cases. The most hated of all hated rallies continues. @andrewdupont @bcoops222 I do. My tweet doesn't address the allegations because they are allegations. My tweet… @balajis Thank you from all the female founders. We’ve had enough.
Retweeted by Joe McCann @bcoops222 4. My RT calls out irony which you failed to address and instead you focused on a “harassment campaign”… @bcoops222 1. You literally didn’t address anything about my tweet, which is standard for Twitter discourse. 2. Th… CONGRESS APPROVES SANCTIONS ON BANKS OVER CHINA'S ENFORCEMENT OF HK NATIONAL SECURITY LAW. @bcoops222 You mean when the NY Times harasses people with zero recourse? old fashion way - fighting the Fed.
Retweeted by Joe McCann"If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you". Imagine working at one of the world's top news organi… IRS wants to monitor Layer 2 networks and privacy coins. It is paying attention.
Retweeted by Joe McCann @amandaksilver Well deserved!
📢 Tip 3: Sometimes you're deep in source code and need to switch over to @github. With this extension, you can copy…
Retweeted by Joe McCannPeak cities... Tech’s Embrace of Remote Work Sends San Francisco Rents Plunging @bumleg @pat_ramsey @realDonaldTrump can confirm. would fly again 12/102020 in one chart. @pat_ramsey @realDonaldTrump Nationalization or "socializing" a company (e.g. Air France)But but I thought AOC was going to drive this country to socialism?! I never thought @realDonaldTrump and his admi… by Proxy continues... U.S. Treasury to lend $700 million to trucking firm YRC Worldwide in exchang… @davealevine wow impressiveNegative Sentiment for #COVID19 headlines peaked in mid-April and has been fading ever since...… criminal justice system has been and remains morally bankrupt.
Warren Buffet has a personal net worth of $69 billion, his company is worth $426 billion and has $43 billion in cas…
Retweeted by Joe McCannMicrosoft launches initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the digital skills needed in a COVID-19… to deploy Blazor webassembly on GitHub Pages using GitHub Actions of an era. @antirez steps down as the Redis lead maintainer. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Sa… interactive visualization system designed to help non-experts learn about Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
How to start a new city - Build a community in the cloud - Organize economy around remote work - Enforce laws with…
Retweeted by Joe McCannIf you’re wondering what I’m gonna put on the back of my jersey it’ll be “Trillion”.
Retweeted by Joe McCann @sambreed Your Rona content is 🔥sometimes I think about the before times, when I would be commuting to work around right now, and then I remember t…
Retweeted by Joe McCann @dwr Love this idea
This is actually true. @matvelloso As long as it's soaked in gasoline and dusted in wood chips!I moved to JS modules in the client (browser) now. No build-chain, no minification, no js-framework and excellent…
Retweeted by Joe McCann @Dhruvbs No it wasn't a call in the traditional sense @stevecarrera @FeliciaHorowitz @E40 @pmarca @balajis It's in private beta, which I support, as the founders are tak… do the same for police brutality. @NadimHossain @FeliciaHorowitz @E40 @pmarca @balajis Soon @lisacuesta @FeliciaHorowitz @E40 @pmarca @balajis Total noob! Thanks to my brother from another mother,… @FeliciaHorowitz we gotta get my lady @SheaJay in here!Joined Clubhouse yesterday. Tonight I attended @FeliciaHorowitz’s Saturday dinner party and my worlds collided.… @balajis did what he does best tonight - bringing the rest of us into the future. 🤯 @pmarca sharing his “bu… @pauljudge @ClubhouseBest @balajis @FeliciaHorowitz So glad @balajis shared his vision with such a brilliant and passionate group.@balajis your discussion in @FeliciaHorowitz ‘s clubhouse brings to mind this town for sale. Shall we cloud city…
Retweeted by Joe McCann @realPaulCaine Have you been to Mississippi? @shawnyeager I lived in Memphis too! So glad to see some real progress made here but still lots to do @benedictevans This is your best tweetI graduated from public high school in Ocean Springs, MS. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime. - The exception to Lindy. First of eight containers of surgical gowns for Illinois. @operationmasks
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Well put, @monkchips. The coming SMOKEstack: rethinking and retooling “multi-cloud” Positioning. Large Speculators covered/didn't roll *70%* of Net Shorts last week. It was the third largest ne…
Retweeted by Joe McCann @kstewart Omw
@OCDecaf Exactly