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Joe Mulvey @JoeMulv Queens NY

Storyteller, Artist on WAILING BLADE, Creator, Writer/Artist of SCAM, creator, writer & Artist of MUMMY's ALWAYS RIGHT.

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Amazon reviews really help - If you’ve read and enjoyed ROAD OF BONES, please consider leaving one! (You can do thi…
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@nyjets Next coach. Do whatever you have to. #tedlasso to have officially sent out all our digital rewards for @TheOZComic! All of our #comics backers should hav…
Retweeted by Joe MulveyDon’t miss this book! draw in an exabition fight is exactly what those fighters wanted. @jengrunwald
@DonCardenasArt Im about to do the same. Going from a 6 to most likely an 11 and I look forward to none of itTed Lasso. That is all.’t miss this book! #2’s are always the harder book to find, so preorder and get yours! @Kevin_Cuffe @jibberjabbergem @hevtins @GeorgieBroad @JimmyRGeorge @JamesERoche @jameshaick @MattMinerXVX
@RamonVillalobos Sex positionPSST! @CadenceComicArt is having a ONE HOUR sale on all my artwork from 3-4pm EST. Great change to had a piece at a…
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And so it begins. Happy Thanksgiving, ALL! is phenomenal @RyLeeart You know I hate when you use me as reference.Today’s warm up sketch is the creature from the brilliant @MichaelMoreci @TimDanielComics @joshixson
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @MichaelMoreci @TimDanielComics @joshixson @kmichaelrussell @thevaultcomics @Kevin_Cuffe @MichaelMoreci @TimDanielComics @joshixson @kmichaelrussell @thevaultcomics @SkyePatridge Especially with the photo next to it
@JD_Oliva @MichaelMoreci @TimDanielComics @joshixson @kmichaelrussell @thevaultcomics had me at super weird. @SeanIzaakse With Patch Wolverine! posted a photo’s warm up sketch is the creature from the brilliant @MichaelMoreci @TimDanielComics @joshixson’s warm up sketch is from one of my favorite current comics that has its newest issue dropping today. First… @KenBlakePorter Sorry for your loss, Kenny. Never easy. My deepest sympathy and condolences.MOUNTAINHEAD is an amazingly creepy book that really showed me how terrifying it is inside John’s head.…
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @SkyePatridge Can’t lie, if you told me that was an excerpt from a book, I miiiiiight have to read that book. Unique for sure @SkyePatridge @JD_Oliva @Steph_Smash @Devilpig666 @MarikaCresta @AWaveBlueWorld @TylerChinTanner @JosephPIllidge @johnlees927 That’s how little I know of Star Wars, I thought of @LazyHorde @TaylorEspo @merdett @draiklesworth His lettering is fantastic it’s the name I have the problem with. @LazyHorde @merdett @draiklesworth @TaylorEspo Well, clearly the letterer WILL be a problem. But the book looks gre… JUST BACKED Charlie's Spot #1 - A comic about finding your family., via Kickstarter @SkyePatridge 4B3If you like speed lines with your horror, than HAPPY HILL’s definitely gonna be the book for you!
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @BigClutch’Fun fact about this book, Declan based the Hulk’s appearance off of me. Super flattered.
If you like speed lines in your horror comic, than HAPPY HILL is gonna be the book for you! #HappyHill #comics you like speed lines with your horror, than HAPPY HILL’s definitely gonna be the book for you! @SeanIzaakse @ErykDonovan
Favorite vacation destinations, GO! (Pics always welcome!) @rdouek I was just about to say!Podcast: Colorist @TBonvillain joins Off Panel for a chat about her path to comics, The Kubert School, her coloring…
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @GreggKatzman @MikeHawthorne Love this idea and couldn’t agree more. Takes a LOT more to build someone up than tear… @DBAndry @WordieJason @thevaultcomics @SkyePatridge @deronbennett @afwassel @TimDanielComics This book is sooo damn… Monday morning reminder that @LEstherren and I are Kickstarting a sexy, hardcover stand-alone crime graphic no…
Retweeted by Joe MulveySick! @Demonpuppy I really like seeing you use that influence. @Demonpuppy Always never enough Manga! But Looks killer to me. @altasi Hang in there. It’s been a rough year. So bad that our dog Cody has taken up smoking cigars. 2020 is a real… #AfterRealm promises to deliver the conventions of Fantasy, but also break free into weird and new territory- I…
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @DadWearsGlasses Love this idea!
New Lego Bracelet my daughters made me. Be Jealous! #legobling #bracelets Lego bracelet my daughters made me. Be jealous! @TimDanielComics Was this a kit? @jengrunwald Make sure you give them your SS# it gets you free earbuds!Here you go, folks - an in-depth article from the NY Times about the very real atrocities that formed the inspirati…
Retweeted by Joe MulveyMcNIVEN COMMISSION?! @jezzacat @Supajoe Trust me, Eisma doesn’t want me coming over for sugar EVERY morning! @Oeming @TylerJamesComic Thanks so much for everything you contributed, Mike. You’re one of the absolute best and w…
@TimDanielComics Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you out do yourself! @KenBlakePorter’t miss this book! @edbrisson @AshcanPress @rdouek @kickstarter had a chance to do a pin-up for @ComixTribe's Wailing Blade vol.1. If you are into dark fantasy adventure , thin…
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @GateCrashersPod @TimDanielComics Tim. Yes and please. @bfrantz19 No hot take, that’s a fact @SkyePatridge @rdouek Skylar, you’re the best! Thank you so much. @travis_hymel Great talking with you, Travis! @JD_Oliva Thanks for everything, JD. It’s sincerely appreciated @DonCardenasArt Thanks, Don! @Kevin_Cuffe @PaulGori @bfrantz19 @HoytSilva @drew_moss @Marc_Deering @MarlinShoop @ArtofJamieJones @TheThirdWalker @mngkyouGoD Thanks very much, Johnnie. Full team effort! @brian_level Thabjs, Bud. And thanks for spreading the wordLittle Rogue scribble between projects to help shift gears
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @Demonpuppy damn, Demon Puppy! @Kevin_Cuffe @PaulGori @bfrantz19 @HoytSilva @drew_moss @Marc_Deering @MarlinShoop @ArtofJamieJones @TheThirdWalker Ink on 11x14 on bristol This bad boy is for sale. DM if interested...
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @RobotJQ Thanks, Bob. Appreciate it. @JD_Oliva Thanks so much for everything, JD. It's insanely appreciated.THANK YOU, to every one who pledged, spread the word and put up with constant tweets about WAILING BLADE Vol 1. I… sincerely want as many people as possible to know how appreciative we are about our WAILING BLADE Vol.1 campaign.…
Retweeted by Joe MulveyLike dark sci-fi fantasy comics? Check out WAILING BLADE by @rdouek & @joemulv with new legends by @RobMultari
Retweeted by Joe MulveyStill 3 Hours to go in the campaign, no victory lap, just time to spread the good word and sell this gorgeous book!… sincerely want as many people as possible to know how appreciative we are about our WAILING BLADE Vol.1 campaign.… Ed’s book and get that SKETCH!
Gotta tell you, @rdouek @AlexCormack4 & @JustinBirch make a damn fine book. @IDWPublishing ‘s SEA OF SORROWS is the…
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey62 bucks away from funding! Someone put it over the top!
Retweeted by Joe Mulvey @nelsonblake2 was in a wine store earlier and had to use the bathroom, so of course there’s a guy in the stall next to me shitt… @Templesmith posted a photo HeadTaker piece from Comics Master @Oeming blows my mind every time I look at it. Back while you can, just a…