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The blood of poor Americans is now a leading export, bigger than corn or soy / Boing Boing
Retweeted by Joe RoganTonight at Midnight the great and powerful @michelleisawolf’s new @netflix special is available! She’s fucking hila…
World Anti-Doping Agency Bans Russia From Global Sports For Next 4 Years hybrids created by Chinese scientists’m on my second Wild West book in the past month, and this one is awesome. @stevenrinella recommended it to me, an…
Art Basel Miami Beach removes $120,000 banana-taped-to-wall art exhibit after it was eaten - ABC News - via @ABC made me scream, the idea your body 'has to deal' w oxidants from working out & from meat as if they are cumula…
Retweeted by Joe RoganIn the hallway last night at the @comericatheatre in Phoenix admiring the artwork and getting ready to get busy.
I just uploaded “JRE #1394 - Matt Farah” to #Vimeo: just uploaded “JRE #1395 - Glenn Villeneuve” to #Vimeo: school gem getting through at the gym! @wyclef Basel: Banana duct-taped to wall sells for $120,000 in Miami Beach - CBS News
Phoenix, we’re here! 1 show tonight and 2 shows tomorrow at the @comericatheatre, we’re here! 1 show tonight and 2 shows tomorrow at the @comericatheatre CANT STOP LAUGHING !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Joe Rogan @DerekBrunson Bro, I got WAY too high! I meant to say Diego Brandao! My apologies! #iblametheweedSomebody got too high. #Repost thesailormarc with rep0stapp • • • • • • • Got to do a snail @joerogan on my… this thread if you want to try to understand some of the points debated in the game changers debate podcast.…
Phoenix! I’m at the @comericatheatre for 3 shows this weekend with @tonyhinchcliffe and @notalimac!…! I’m at the @comericatheatre for 3 shows this weekend with @tonyhinchcliffe and @itsalimacofsky!…, you’re gonna LOVE this one! @lightningwilks, one of the producers of “the game changers” came on to challen… just uploaded “JRE #1391- Tulsi Gabbard & Jocko Willink” to #Vimeo:, morel mushrooms and jalapeños, sliced up with a dope knife by @mikejonesknives People Attempt To Guess The Cost Of American Health Care, Are Shocked When They Hear The Answers via @Digg
Phoenix! I’m coming in hot!! I’m coming in hot! Harris is out. Tulsi plane goes down. Warren Gets fast acting cancer. Biden freak golf accident. Sanders 2nd…
Retweeted by Joe RoganLook at this handsome motherfucker........
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There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can't See Them from Earth
Chinese police interrogators grill a man for making a joke about them on social media. It was a private chat room.
Retweeted by Joe RoganI just rewatched “Best Of Enemies”, a documentary about the television debates in 1968 between William F Buckley an…
Unattractiveness is probably the leading axis along which there is discrimination in our society, but it’s the leas…
Retweeted by Joe RoganOnnit is having a wild zombie themed Black Friday sale going on right now! #Repost @onnit with rep0stapp • • •… to my brother @johnwayneparr for winning his retirement fight! He told me while trading for this fi… verdict just came in. Thought I should set the record straight. I lost, kind of, but not really. (version fran…
Retweeted by Joe RoganIf you want to support American manufacturing, support the American economy, support Jocko Podcast, and support you…
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With all of the attention my recent podcast with @joerogan has been getting, I'm excited to let you know that I am…
Retweeted by Joe RoganYo, Phoenix! We’ll see you next weekend at the @comericatheatre! Some tickets are available for the late show Satur…, Phoenix! We’ll see you next weekend at the @comericatheatre! Some tickets are available for the late show Satur… movie we live in keeps getting stranger. ‘Rocky’ shock for China makes Trump Hong Kong hero via @nypostWe let my six year old cousin say grace and they just came out as non binary and called my grandfather a colonizing…
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One Minute #BREAKDOWN: InterGender Fighting Championships! Deirdre Danis vs Beta Steve! Behold the Awesome Power o…
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Powerful Black Friday sale at 25% off everything with code powerful25 st check out Thursday… Black Friday sale at everything is 25% off, hats, t shirts, Fanny packs and more!… you @joerogan @jockowillink! Great conversation. Check it out, folks. Listen/watch and share!…
Retweeted by Joe RoganI know I tell a lot of people they should start their own podcast, and I KNOW some people find it annoying, but I a… times with @jockowillink @tulsigabbard and marshallmaerogan!
The great and powerful @tulsigabbard and @jockowillink together at last! Rejoice! conversation on @joerogan podcast with @TulsiGabbard It’s a crazy time to be alive.
Retweeted by Joe RoganNY Times bemoans conspiracy theories as a “major trend in comedy.” And yet their reporting of WMD conspiracy theori…
Retweeted by Joe RoganMy friend Marty from @Drastic_Grafix has put together an instructional on how to be a professional podcaster.… woman killed by feral hogs in 'tragic, rare incident' Show. December 10th. @NetflixIsAJoke @netflix
Retweeted by Joe RoganBow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ via @YouTubePhoenix! All shows are basically sold out except for Saturday December 7th at 10pm. Tickets at…! All shows are basically sold out except for Saturday December 7th at 10pm. Tickets at…
Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease is one of the most misdiagnosed and mistreated conditions in medicine. In the…
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Are Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat and other alternative "meats" safe, healthier, more ethical, and better for the…
Retweeted by Joe RoganWho are Wilder’s sparring partners? We need to talk to them. Are they still alive? How often are they getting KO’d in camp? I need answers.
Retweeted by Joe RoganI mean, seriously... who the fuck has EVER punched harder than @bronzebomber? Couldn’t be a nicer guy, too. Just am… god what a puncher! @bronzebomber might be the biggest heavyweight puncher in the history of the sport. Beautif…
A 'no-brainer Nobel Prize': Hungarian scientists may have found a fifth force of nature - CNN’m so fucking pumped for this fight tonight! Wilder is arguably the most exciting heavyweight KO artist ever with… CHANCE! Tomorrow is the day...COMEDY & PRO WRESTLING collide in the main room of @TheComedyStore in a double t…
Retweeted by Joe RoganBetter truck than an F-150, faster than a Porsche 911. Order Cybertruck online at
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"Pretending that the gladiators chose to eat barley to kick ass... Get the f*** out of here. This is nonsense." - J…
Retweeted by Joe RoganI’m all in on the new teslamotors space sled. I’m looking forward to being obnoxious and environmentally friendly… and COMEDY. Tomorrow 2pm. Don’t be a buffoon. Get the last remaining tickets NOW. Link in bio.
Retweeted by Joe RoganJRE episode 1390 with the savage @timjdillon available now for your enjoyment. Rejoice! #Repost @okcdees with rep0… is so important for people to see, especially on social media where you have so many people using beautifying… you didn't know, I did a “fact check” and a deep dive into the science behind new film, The Game Changers, on Th…
Retweeted by Joe RoganI watched a really interesting documentary tonight. “Dirtbag - the legend of Fred Beckey”. I just scrolled past it…
Vermont Comedy Club tonight, Fri/Sat Grab tickets
Retweeted by Joe RoganA new study finds dominance and prestige-seeking rather than the expression of sincerely-held beliefs may be at the…
Retweeted by Joe RoganIn this episode of the podcast @chriskresser breaks down all the things incorrect or deceptive in the documentary “… favorite journalist with my favorite dog. Fun podcast with mtaibbi! marshallmaerogan Minute #BREAKDOWN: Three #Taekwondo BINKs in One Minute!!! I love #TKD. Competed a lot as a teenage Black Belt…
Retweeted by Joe Rogan#Repost @thecomedystore with rep0stapp • • • • • • • Just Announced: @joerogan & Friends Thursday December 5t… just uploaded “JRE #1387 - Josh Homme” to #Vimeo: just uploaded “JRE #1388 - Louie Psihoyos” to #Vimeo: energy startup backed by Bill Gates achieves solar breakthrough - CNN
Humans put into suspended animation for first time
Two words...No Mercy
Retweeted by Joe RoganHappy birthday to the hilarious @kevin_nealon #ATCpresents #interested #notinterested #kevinnealon
Retweeted by Joe RoganMany choose a vegetarian diet because they’re under the impression that it’s a healthier choice from a nutritional…
Retweeted by Joe RoganHenges... just keep on getting older.
Retweeted by Joe RoganMy favorite meal: elk and jalapeños. The dark outside is courtesy of @traegergrills Blackened Saskatchewan rub. I… manager died after he was left with broken neck following session with chiropractor, inquest hears …
Over 140 new Nazca Lines—including strange humanoids—discovered in Peru people who say “marijuana is a gateway drug and it shouldn’t be legal” are really saying that they don’t believ… can’t recommend this book enough. It was suggested to me by my friend, and fellow Hunter S. Thompson enthusiast t…
Wooo! Mike Pence for president! 🤣
Retweeted by Joe RoganI’ve been coming to Houston since 1998. I did my first CD for warnerbrosentertainment in 1999. This place holds a s… to hang out with ⁦@joerogan⁩ and my youngest son tonight at his amazing ⁦@ToyotaCenter⁩ show this evening. Jo…
Retweeted by Joe RoganHouston! 25 awesome tickets will be on sale at the box office at the @toyotacenter in 10 minutes. Rest of the tick… at @ToyotaCenter in Houston in Sold Out, but we’re releasing 25 awesome seats that will only be for sale at…
The beautiful satisfaction of seeing sweat puddles next to the elliptical machine after a workout. You have to get… just uploaded “JRE #1386 - Matt Taibbi” to #Vimeo: