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Joe Wintergreen @joewintergreen Western Australia, Australia

video game makin' @ImpromptuGames #InFluxRedux @LastRoundGame Weird West @WolfEyeGames @SiegeAndSandfox at @CB_Sword chat: he/him

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Remember the Steam algorithm bug+change of Oct 2018? This is what it did to sale events and to wishlists for many g…
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreen @The_Rabbit42 @ErikRobson @matttwood shit's gonna be good's all i'm sayin
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreen @The_Rabbit42 @ErikRobson @matttwood to be fair, if it was gonna whelm anyone it wouldn't be youactually "credit to the artist" is a contraction of the old farming adage "credit to the artist, blighted harvest,… am utterly obsessed with accidental video game poetry
Retweeted by Joe WintergreenI hosted a PBS show called Science Goes To The Movies for five seasons and was a Teaching Fellow for a quantum phys…
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreen🎶 despite all my rage I am still just a monkey in the zoo of the digital algorithms
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreen @matttwood Or @lastroundgame if you know the right people @matttwood Half-Life Alyx maybeHot days ending too cool for the hammock can fuck off. @docsquiddy Half-Life Ambient Occlusion? Not a bad idea @docsquiddy This is one I will MAKEMaybe the second-best one too. Not sure which to do firstI hope I have a bunch of free time soon so I can get started on The Best Video Game. @Brussells MC Hammock is totally me @Lunick_Fiore Confirmedsneakin in some end of day hammock time @matttwood It was nice, moist @sTV_P @TheShedlock @SaxOps1 Attitude schmattitude @matttwood @f0da @Zipfinator @ErikRobson One thing that's nice about a system like that is the person scripting the… @matttwood @f0da @Zipfinator @ErikRobson I don't use it, but I remade the hammer i/o system in UE4 along with an im… @Lunick_Fiore tha shopi'm going to eat a piece of carrot cake and you can't stop me @ErikRobson @matttwood speak for yourself!! i prefer to call myself a coder, gingerly, trembling slightly, sweating, darting into a cupboard @ErikRobson @matttwood i mean let's just like, get a billion dollars, start a studio, publish six or seven differen… @matttwood @ErikRobson Not really, but I bet @BlendoGames has run up against this with Skin Deep. Will have solved… @ErikRobson @matttwood maybe the solution is we all do level design for each other's games @ErikRobson @matttwood so you have to either constantly switch between the coding mindset of "most of what i do is… @ErikRobson @matttwood and then it's the chicken-egg thing of "apparently this won't be good to do level design for… @ErikRobson @matttwood "oh no, i'm not in the habit of thinking about scope while i'm thinking about level design i… @ErikRobson @matttwood yeah. also "scope" is a much-talked-about concept when you're a general designer or a progra… @ErikRobson @matttwood this has been my problem exactly. level design is only really fun when someone else is in charge @matttwood this is relatable as fuck
Had a bit of a bump in new followers recently, thanks for the support 👻 If you haven't already, it would be ace if…
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreen @DominicTarason Yeah but it's not because most of those games were bought before this was a policy @The_Rabbit42 Under The Hoardwalk @The_Rabbit42 @The_Rabbit42 HOARD, dan. HOARDby the time you are 30 you should own a shack in the jungle next to the cave you use to store your banana hoardi love how the premise of donkey kong country is someone's stolen his banana hoard. like, hold up, why don't i have… that these are tough times and it's completely normal to be naked in your hammock eating banana after banana and just staring @TheShedlock @SaxOps1 Stop schlock @ElPrezAU schmlawyers @davidwildgoose @ElPrezAU bloodborne schmoodborne @jkcrosbyfun @BRKeogh only if you're Old Man Keogh @SaxOps1 Last of Us Schmast of Us @OddKSM Is that actually good? It looks bad @TheTrashbang Hell no @docsquiddy I don't really know what Yakuza is @docsquiddy what's thatyou know, for someone with a pcare Uncharteds and Spiders-Mans the only things worth doing with a ps4 or am I missing something @LeenaVanD once you're done Better Call Saul is also wildly good @Jakob_Tea Better than nothing! @VortexComplex1 Every job I've gotmiddle-sized hadron collider @kattehus wintergarden @brrrammers @PandaMittens I'm a "never doubt it" man myselfIn the early days of Dishonored I remember a draft bark that read “Let’s go out drinRegent” in the script because o…
Retweeted by Joe WintergreenI think the ONE SIMPLE THING GAME COMPANIES GET WRONG ABOUT GAME DESIGN, most often, is the idea that “Designers wi…
Retweeted by Joe WintergreenGrats Melbo! ❤️❤️❤️About done with having constant pain in my arms for no reasonOKAY OKAY I'M FUCKING HYPERVENTILATING AND I NEED OTHERS TO SEE THIS I found this 1977 betamax salesman training v…
Retweeted by Joe WintergreenI would love nothing more than to have @Winter recite this amazing line from 1991’s Bill and Ted NES game.
Retweeted by Joe Wintergreenif your portfolio link directs to a page that says the portfolio is coming soon, at least add some 90s under-constr… person is looking for game dev work on twitter. they are finding it hard. i go to check their portfolio out of cu…!!!
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me when a friend in america sneezes @ChrisDeLeon I feel like everyone's gonna know I mean forums in the internet sense @bastard_jayde to me uncharted's violence is at exactly the same level as old indiana, and stuff like the mummy or pirates @bastard_jayde Sounds like ya might have never seen an adventure movie @bastard_jayde I don't think it's brutal at all. It's super Adventure Movie. Nothing you wouldn't get in a Pirates of the CaribbeanThe second guy's almost-fall anim #PS4share these tiles moving with the car's weight part of a puzzle or just detail #PS4share @Fenreliania Why Vic? Moving? @LeenaVanD i enjoy coding providing there isn't any code involveddo you still post on any internet forums @Serrels when i am wealthy, i will not be wealthy long, for that wealth will go on the daily-fresh-sock experiencei was probably always gonna not-buy a Quest 2 because of the facebook connection whether in principle or for practi… @elliotgraytho I said nay myself. There's gotta be other less toxic folks willing to throw stupid money at vri expect the worst from facebook and oculus and the worst is always worse than i thought @nullterm just better innit @ChrisDeLeon What apps did you app for that
@ChrisDeLeon what the HECK @donhonk Hell yeah baby @RYStorm yeah baby! corn @DevRelCallum Nah but my dad woke up covered in pus and had to go back for a second try if that's... helpful @RYStorm Double sleepy. Owned @philippawarr I tried it via having it accidentally delivered to me instead of a rich lady down the street and that… is ahoy @MaxLebled That sucks dogg. I hope ya feel better on the soonSweet baby detected @MaxLebled Is it cosyQuick #UE4 Tip number 17. Looking for data related to your textures, lighting and meshes? Check out Statistics tab…
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