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Fella, Computer Engineer/CEO, Political Commentator, Crypto c/o ‘13, Gamer, Punk/Indie/EDM/40s/50s/60s/80s Music, Runner, Surfer, Skater - Snap: jlobotomy

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@HenryTheETH Support @TheMorrisGirl lmao insufferable pricks @palpatean @_krutches @TTremendous350 ⛅️ ☁️ 🌩 ⛳️ 👭 👭… @C4liCrypto @elonmusk Without a doubt @FunNiceGuy @elonmusk I think about this oftenHonestly, you can’t not love this guy @elonmusk @BullChain “I’ll sit over there.” “nah lol we good.” @TTremendous350 *get @thebryman530 This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen @NeerajKA 14-17 was the best of times and the worst of times @BullyEsq (I too am drinking) @BullyEsq 🚨 Proclamation: Shut the fuck up, bullyimagine going to watch the Walgreens nationals“mask? lol” @TTremendous350 so tired of the same bullshit over and over fuck these godamn mother fuckin scumbags they should all ass raped on the subway
@KryptoThreadz No @CryptArq @Churchiee_ @t_moneycrypto2 Take a walk @SanityCrypto it's that easy @Churchiee_ @t_moneycrypto2 @CryptArq @Churchiee_ @t_moneycrypto2 @CryptArq that one might not be the right *ahem* fit @t_moneycrypto2 @Churchiee_ @CryptArq lmfao @Churchiee_ @t_moneycrypto2 @CryptArq @Churchiee_ @t_moneycrypto2 @CryptArq tell her, t @Churchiee_ @CryptArq on second thought @Churchiee_ @CryptArq nothin @fightmeplebs why don't you go play bumper cars you shit driving larp @Churchiee_ @CryptArq well well wellcrypto is fun again shill me your bags @marbles_pebbles @MiniMeatMikeB And who exactly is helping him these days?
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @C4liCrypto word @BBoohbooh @OGShadowNinja mamma mia imma gonna have a to [redacta] somebody @BeardedBitcoins lol @HenryTheETH my man 🤝 @deathtofiat @cachiestboi @vers_laLune next level thread right there @Fullbeerbottle reeeeeeeth @crypto_moza @socrypt @crypto_moza I take about 3-5k of vit c, need to get back on the curcumin too @socrypt @crypto_moza 15k @CryptoMessiah simultaneously posted this on your love tweet @crypto_moza been taking 15-20 since cov started ramping up again much D do you take every day?he wants to see me again in January @urineforpoopoo lol @BullyEsq oh? @CryptoGainz1 shitFauci, 50 cent, Obama how is it possible these guys don’t know how to throw a fucking ball what is this shit had my first ever teeth cleaning by a dude hygienist, he played some lady gaga club mix compilation on repeat… @Follys_Hot_Yoga I got maaaaaaaaad d nomsayin @nudecartograph @ad_mastro very very disappointingThese guys act like they're defending Civilization or something, but their seeming acceptance of the idea that poli…
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @AdamSchefter imagine taking the name of a slave owner for your team DISGUSTINGTear gassing the mayor to own the libs
@amconmag Policy solutions? Hit the weights bro @HaileyLennonBTC mistakes were made @HaileyLennonBTC hope there's alcohol serviceSadly, she waited until many of her citizens were killed, while speaking in solidarity with the mob, just like the… @HaileyLennonBTC mf better know which way is up @ProjectLincoln The lincoln project only seeks to enrich the founders by diverting funds into their respective busi… @yungNleveraged haha @BullyEsq what a hunk of shit can't wait till it goes under so i don't have to waste time here every day @Chad_Jiles FPortland is a shithole. uR a bOoTLicKeR
@dumbgayretard I can taste itanon, if you don't stand with people - that want you fired, ruined, and your life destroyed because they don't agre… @rallyqt that seems to be the consensus at this point @doc_brypto lmaoShould I buy a Tesla or buy $TSLA? @BullyEsq short it @chad_alt @LTC_Soundsystem @notqblockz get the local police to do their jobs- as the local pols are defunding and p… @chad_alt @notqblockz yes, but it's never been this bad at least 40 years ago there was an honest fourth estate @chad_alt @LTC_Soundsystem @notqblockz again @chad_alt @notqblockz that's my point, there's nothing extreme about the policies enacted, it's all hyperbole, it's all bullshit @chad_alt @notqblockz define center what policies has trump enacted that he needs to chill on? @chad_alt @notqblockz listen i get it, i'm certainly not a big gov fan, but what's the solution? leftists can dest… @cryptobiasfunke @MeatTC_ i've got a heavy bag for both of youAnd that guy Don Lemon...I can't stand him. He is all that's wrong with journalists.
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @notqblockz @chad_alt exactly this support @chad_alt @notqblockz the future conservatives want for liberals is to live civilized aside from that the future… @chad_alt @notqblockz yeah that wont happen so let's err on the side of marxists getting the shit kicked out of them @_krutches @basedkarbon imagine leftovers @chad_alt @NatebagCEO tell some of your female coworkers to hmu @sladecrypto @AiryOrange he's right, if it's not sunday and the sausage, meatballs, and bracciole isn't cooked in it, then it's sauce @chad_alt @NatebagCEO and dick pics @khamenei_ir I struck a reciprocal blow to your mom
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @ProfitReaper ty sirFacts, truth, and levelheadedness are reasons why Alex is a FORMER nyt reporter. @joeydiblasi
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @eugenegu this tweet is the definition of gaslighting as usual, it's an exact 180 from reality, and the truth @twicrates 🇮🇹🤝🇮🇹 Democrats have all the answers to problems such as fairness, lack of opportunity, and equality, why are their cities so shitty? @_krutches amazing isn’t it? @_krutches is no longer about identifying problems and providing solutions for the greater good. It’s about power through hyperbole. @FOMOBYDICK pls sir muh familaeJune 23rd Shaun King told his 1.1 million followers to attack churches that have statues or stained glass windows w…
Retweeted by Joey DeezFi @cryptokeeper198 Haven’t followed it much, not too late? @Follys_Hot_Yoga lol no was a srs q