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Jingle DeezBags @joeydiblasi Palm Beach, FL - Queens, NY

Sup. - Computer Engineer/CEO, Political Commentator, Crypto c/o ‘13, Gamer, Punk/Indie/EDM/40s/50s/60s/80s Music, Runner, Surfer, Skater. - Snap: jlobotomy

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*Limit one per customer @BatheTheGod @inversebrah @boyneedsleep architects membership up 10x since the rt @EPro52 Haha @EPro52 check tg for what I just told the lad @inversebrah celebrating that pump ! @koreanjewcrypto Starts with the politicians pandering to the lowest common denominator @DrutangAtHome @HenryTheETH gm boyswhen i call chad gei @HenryTheETH shower @yungNleveraged there's no chance it will @CollinEnstad @doc_bitcoin damnsonorientalladmeme.pngpeople don't realize the power that the media and popular culture have in the constant promotion of degeneracy @Crypto_Bitlord order the 30 piece nugs at chickfila like a REAL MAN
@yokonnson @Neubian @Communism_Kills Defending porn stars, degeneracy, and exploiting your wife and daughter to own the libs @CryptoWendyO @BozzahB @RedLightning_11 @ItsSakumai @ZoooTay @CryptoWendyO No"That sandwich looked disgusting--mayo protruding--in your hand before congress. Very very disrespectful." @thermolito @mrbrockvond @mrbrockvond @thermolito I see DISGUSTING mayo on there NO ! @HenryTheETH One of the only times I wished there was an edit buttonI retweeted it and totally agree with it. He’s raising issues no one wants to discuss about the mass incursion of s…
Retweeted by Jingle DeezBags1000G - Reach cuck level 120 does one forget when they first discovered and bought bitcoin? They don't. you're not hitting the weights after an ultra as part of your morning routine what are you doing with your life? @cryptokrutches Got sidetracked tonight @brennasparksxxx ok @brennasparksxxx this gif was never so appropriate lmfao @CryptArq @TCD43096493 big toe hole energy @TCD43096493 The absolute state of it @fightmeplebs @dumbgayretard @fightmeplebs @dumbgayretard
@BatheTheGod It's not the first time and it won't be the last @crypt0fungus moment of weaknessImagine getting banned for calling a literal harlot a harlot, let's watch the rain as it's falling down sunlight on your skin when I'm not around @cryptokrutches @pokkst it works !Let's settle this once and for all. Is #DieHard a #Christmas movie? cc: @BullyEsq & @joeydiblasi
Retweeted by Jingle DeezBags @AltsQ @BullyEsq and with that, we've come full circle @AltsQ @BullyEsq We love, actually @BullyEsq @MeanHash 👆 libs, owned. 👆 @MeanHash @joeydiblasi DIE HARD IS NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE IT JUST HAPPENED ON CHRISTMAS EVE ITS NOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS…
Retweeted by Jingle DeezBags @AltsQ Honorable mention to Love Actually @theartistcoach @BullyEsq annnnnnnnnd we're back @BullyEsq to Die Hard as a Christmas movie to own the libscould only get through half of them because of the absolute fucking CRINGE grandparents not cry grandparents suici… @pokkst if you send me one wallet.dat file i'll send u back 5 @wasserpest @NatebagCEO lmao can you make me one of these of my avi feeding my kid? @doedeclare @cryptokrutches *Checks price of Zcash on April 27th* This one
Retweeted by Jingle DeezBags @CryptoNoobGirl dedThis is horseshit, no solutions here. Just the usual keep everyone poor so they vote democrat - "here's 1.5% ! 🥕"… @CryptoCharles__ @doedeclare @cryptokrutches a tuna sandwich onto an airplane to own the libs
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@pt0kes Iizzo? more like liz-hoe @zackvoell @pokkst @BullyEsq jfc three in a row bully isn't often right, but when he is, it's time to delete your account @BullyEsq @JoshMcGruff @Crypto_Core Same buddie, best wishes. Take care of yourself, family needs you. @CryptArq you can sit at the head of the table, king @cryptokrutches Consider it done @cryptokrutches Gm what should we eat today @TTremendous350 OH SHIT @NickGrosz Damn haven't had that in a long time, might have to make it this week @NickGrosz Ayyyyyy very few know thisItalian food > @TCD43096493 @cryptokrutches Now we're talkin guess I replied to the right thread after all @TCD43096493 @cryptokrutches and VERY well I might add
@cryptokrutches @fightmeplebs @dumbgayretard rekt tryna get me to subscribe to her channel for the last two years smfh NO @dumbgayretard @cryptokrutches @fightmeplebs where can i cop one of these @TrogMD @rebtevyepdw @Crypto_Destro @CryptoEuclid @BANGenergy ^^^^ @CryptArq @ElConnekto @CryptArq @ElConnekto @TrogMD @Crypto_Destro @CryptoEuclid @rebtevyepdw @BANGenergy hi @CryptArq @ElConnekto boutta boutta t minus 10 mins
@gecko_gordan @joeydiblasi This is correct Joey
Retweeted by Jingle DeezBags @CryptOwenWilson sounds delicious @CryptoPahmp @JeredTheRealtor NOThere's no greater Christmas drink NONE
@decentraman lol soup those bitches up and ride them @vernam79 Haha neither the machine, nor the student were ever found @CryptoDale @cryptokrutches @koreanjewcrypto lmao @CryptoDale g hey @EPro52 Lookin like a double steak burrito with guac mooshu pork sounds good tho damnit @CryptoMessiah That guy fucks @EPro52 headed to chipotle to get one thicc burrito now @EPro52 thicc burrito boi ftw @vernam79 No one knows @EPro52 Send me some good ones @22centurycrypto Sadly, there are :( There's very little hope for somePeople scream about "foreign interference" in our elections regarding Trump, meanwhile it's been going on for decad… @realDonaldTrump @CNN If I did my job as poorly as @CNN I wouldn't be able to afford to WIPE MY ASS
@Katweegee THEN ITS NOT UR BREAKSPOT OR STEP UP @Katweegee "Yo wake up." "Move over." "I was here first." "Yesterday." @Flkittie @Dickfitzwhel boom shakalaka ! @ladyinmedicine @Apple LFG !