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Joey DeezBags @joeydiblasi Palm Beach, FL - Queens, NY

Computer Engineer/CEO, Political Commentator, Crypto c/o ‘13, Gamer, Punk/Indie/EDM/40s/50s/60s/80s Music, Runner, Surfer, Skater. - Snap: jlobotomy

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Holy shit bro you pull up and yell "Kobe" and you actually start crying @CryptoRick_ man :(
@Katweegee :( :( :( she was 13 :( horrible @Katweegee Can't stop crying @joeydiblasi @EPro52 @chad_alt A few liberal journos are posting about his past rape case, which is fucking bad for…
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @balljointeddork @EPro52 @chad_alt "Journalists" might be the worst scum on earth @joeydiblasi @EPro52 yes
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @ashtoshii can't stop crying @joeydiblasi @chad_alt Yes, people making jokes about this for likes isn’t a good look
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @EPro52 @chad_alt Bro can't stop tearing up fr bc of GianaYea the edge posting right now isn’t good optics guys, his daughter was on board ffs
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @EPro52 @chad_alt Is this what I think it isMy friend Mariel just sent me a pic she got of the last game't stop tearing up @13Prince31 dawgLegit crying bc of his daughter can't imagine my baby13 :( all I can see when I think of it is my daughter :(Just found out Kobe Bryant's daughter was involved and died in the crash and I'm infinitely more upset. 13. Horribl… @CryptoOwenW @d1rtydan #coronavirus
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @CryptoOwenW @d1rtydan #coronavirus, and good luck ! @get_pei we gots ta get pei'd @CryptoWendyO that's what's keeping me from flipping a table, plus the free Bloody Mary @surfbrainwaves DROP THE AVOCADOS YOU [REDACTED CUZ JESUS!] ! @CryptoWendyO cuz can't walk right near the finish line @CryptoNewman dawg that shit onky@came@wjth the first plate for $14 @surfbrainwaves ! ! ! @bitcoinbella_ BOUTTA FUCKIN DESTROY THIS JOINTYO LEMME GET THREE SIDES OF EGG AND A SIDE OF TOAST $7 @TheJJWatson I'm dumb as shit$16 for once piece of bread (.89 for a loaf) withaquarter avocado on it and three eggs, mother fucking thieves shou… @MarleyBTC @Cryptoginja1 WOAG @chad_alt the dudes liking this tweet are indeed very dangerous fortnite players, unleashing HELLA pent up demon ra… ran a half marathon with a shot of booze every mile@ might see@some@weirs tweets today 2:15 tho @TTremendous350 slay qweensmh"Oh your kid is dumb as a fucking tree trunk? We'll show those *scoff* "gifted" kids. I have just the solution. Btw… @C4liCrypto What about the subsequent 37 times? @cynthiamwood updogI deserve a date with @joeydiblasi lol the picture is fitting because I’m pretty sure we’d be eating pasta and drin…
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @notouriousrep dude oughta start fuckin @surfbrainwaves THIS COULD BE US BUT YOU PLAYIN
@pt0kes @doc_brypto love to see it @EPro52 @Crypto_Bitlord Dawg it's time to bail, go back another time @TTremendous350 "Next time you buy single ply, you'll be wiping my ass. Capisce?"'ll be $19.50 smfh @novusweirdo can't even imagine, my condolences, and prayers 🙏 @TrogMD the most deadlyEveryone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste of food. ― Confucius ass twitter hashtag suggestions jfc #coronavirus @miraficent :'( @fightmeplebs @twicrates they're all just out of frame, laughing too @muncheds @meta_melissa 15 min pisser checking in, why i stick with whisky @TCD43096493 I believe it, been a scam from the beginning like the #coronarovirus is expected to balloon to 250,000 infected within two weeks. we ded @CoinMeerkat @TrogMD Honestly, it's a list of billionaires, all of which (except #12) are leftists. Every claim is…
@CoinMeerkat @TrogMD lol there's no such thing. If you think such a news source exists anymore idk what to tell you… @CoinMeerkat @TrogMD Most billionaires are leftists. They want to close the doors behind them to keep you poor and… @Trapouts alright order two of everything @CoinMeerkat Tell it to the leftists in control of every university that's quadrupled their rates over the last 20… @Trapouts nibba how many VR girls you looking to spin up at once @TheCryptoFool You can't cancel it for some and not for others (at the same income level) "Oh you lived on the bal… @rallyqt @SatoshiProof @archnog the absolute greatest tuesday of the decade @TheCryptoFool lol what? of course no one owes him anything, his point is that she's going to provide free college… @CryptoDale @Trapouts More like patagaynia @MarleyBTC lo consiglio vivamente, poast pasta @palpatean >rt @CryptoKiyosaki They likely don't care about that. The ultimate goal is to have everyone on the government dole so… @pt0kes wwiv gonna be sick tho amirite @CryptoKiyosaki Absolutely horrible. I'm sure she has some twisted academic "logic" to justify this horseshit. @CryptoNoobGirl Bad weeeeeed brooooo shit was LACEDThis bitch @Plindsey2323 @DailyCaller @ewarren Lmao this fuckin guy @NickJFuentes wait a minute...
Retweeted by Joey DeezBagsyo paisan yea paisan strapped wit macaroni yo cuz the seconds amendment affirms my right to have another dish
Powerful. This is a free man talking. We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights for a reason.
Retweeted by Joey DeezBags @muncheds @NaniXBT @MisterNasty_ @TCD43096493 Woah that's BIG @TCD43096493 How big? @SPCMNspliff Lmao @PeterMcCormack Understood. However, you won't get to the truth if you're only interested in hearing one side, whil… @PeterMcCormack Must lead by example. If you're interested in solving a problem, it has to start with who you have… for thee but not for meeeeee won't let you decide shit at the ballot box Give them a little more power tho @coindesk @La__Cuen They want to know everything, at all times. Finance shall never be self sovereign, they shriek“The dangerous rise of men who wont put up with yo bullshit”
Retweeted by Joey DeezBagsAdam Schiff looks like a used car salesman @gecko_gordan :(They even have carefully crafted language like "climate denier" in the vein of "holocaust denier" to invoke an emot… @PeterMcCormack The greatest wealth transfer scam in the history of humanity.
Lexus drivers might be the absolute worst drivers on the road in the history of humanity @HenryTheETH @SPCMNspliff lmao good times @HenryTheETH @SPCMNspliff Craigaroni dropped the hammer :( @SPCMNspliff Lol nah idgaf don't have a dog in the fight, don't see the hate on both sides, think it's dumb and gei