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Joey @JoeyGardiner_ England, United Kingdom

Wife of a Met policeman, mum of a girl and owner of a GSD. Essex police dispatcher. Eternally exhausted and never asleep. My views are my own. #999family

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Another day another peppa policeman of the house left at 0350 today... still waiting on the dismissals. Meanwhile peppa pig is in full swi…’t help but think, Peppa Pig needs to be slightly more PC, slightly less “WPC” #nawty wake up call today consisted of being repeatedly Jabbed in the eye while she said “nose” over and over.…
@cop_ish “Vertically Challenged” @cop_ish Nice to know I’m not the only midget 🤗I would imagine this is accurate 😰 @cop_ish I know! Paired with baby related sleep deprivation. I was not Mrs happy today 😂😬 @PCJamesIreland Always here.. when I’m not working. Just let me know 💁🏽‍♀️ you’ll catch plenty of em round here. @PcNathanBright1 Need to put your glasses on @PCJamesIreland If you do Skitts Hill, I’ll make you a coffee 💁🏽‍♀️ @PcNathanBright1 Ahhh you found it then!Turns out... 4 vodkas is enough to make me feel shit the next day 🤯When peppa pig is so important that we must sit on the floor at the least comfortable angle
@clarkeybegbie Oh I’ve heard this hundreds of times 😂😂Rookie-"well I have pissed off the dispatchers" Me-"get out" Rookie-"excuse me?" Me-"GET. THE. F&^K. OUT. OF. MY. CAR"
Retweeted by Joey“Where are you?!” “Stop asking me questions and just send the police”...... “Well I would, BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE Y…’s Friday night, I’ve been at the pub... couple of vodkas down. Do I want to go out?! No, I want my bed... at 8:30pm 😂😂😂😂 @TaserCop_ What they gonna be doing?! All talking in high pitched voices to each other 😂😂😂😂 I think most likely not… @TaserCop_ I’m just gonna go out there and say, probably not ‘helium’ balloons at 3am 😂😂😂😂
@TaserCop_ @NocteNurse That’s lunch. 🤯When you see a cow 😂#mooomooooomooooo
Autumnal Doggo Walk 🐺 @DonnaDlm71 @TracyRo15655375 @Menarms1 @TaserCop_ @999Control Anyone else regretting joining this tweet 😭 @999Control @TaserCop_ @DonnaDlm71 I think it was aimed at me, think he is joking 😂😬This has absolutely done me in 😂😭😭😭 @999Control @TaserCop_ @DonnaDlm71 Exactly this. @TaserCop_ Well it’s not noodle juice is it?😭😂 anyway, you’re wrong, it’s a fork... or super noodles 🤤 @TaserCop_ You could just eat the noodles then drink the GRAVY - defo not juice. You’re weird 😂😂😂 @TaserCop_ Are you alright?! Why the fuck would you try and pick noodles up with a spoon 😂The images of this will stay in my mind forever. This was the day the world changed forever, a day emergency servic… @PcNathanBright1 My heatings already been on this year... think of the children. Us poor southern wuss’s cant cope…
It’s hot water bottle season. Cold feet are here to stay ❄️☔️Just arrested a young gent in #colchester after an eagle eyed member of the public saw him waving this around, look…
Retweeted by Joey @PcWilde @CInspHuddleston Literally after you said over the air I was like 😬 good job though. Fun 😂 @PcWilde @CInspHuddleston Was it not in the end? I left before we found out 😂Done. Home. Rest Days 😍 #passmethegin 💁🏽‍♀️Colchester Control until 2000hrs 🤗I defo enjoyed this more than her 🥳 a story
Retweeted by JoeyThere will never be a more surreal moment than your child mimicking you choking whilst laughing and also standing on your windpipe.When do toddlers grow their ‘off’ button? #askingforafriend
@pc_officer Oooooo who’s that 🤤😂Nice moment at the theatre in Innsbruck last night... Just before I went on, I asked a stage manager " Will this a…
Retweeted by JoeySo far, kiddo has asked “who’s that” about peppa pig about 15 times and it’s been on about 2 mins 😭
@pc_officer 😰😰I always feel at a loss of what to say to someone who has just found a loved one passed away.. 😰 #999I am roughly 5 of these today.. @PcNathanBright1 No you’re correct, you shouldn’t tell me 😶😭 @AprilPodd Ohh fucks, I start at 8 so you missed me by 2 hours. When you in next? 🖤There are just not enough hours in the night. 4 hours sleep and back on earlies 😭
@Hotel19Delta’s dat rocket on the right of the photo?! 😂 #gonnaneedtowashyourarm will forever be grateful for the creator of trifle. Whoever decided on cream and custard together deserves a medal. little bastard is too peppy to be a real police car. #toottoot @Hotel19Delta Good plan.. it’s a Saturday after all. I might do the same 😅😏This accurately describes life 😂 is definitely how I look, no filters whatsoever. @PcNathanBright1 @PcNathanBright1 16 today are we? @pc_officer Mostly I’m doing this 😅 did tell the inspector not to authorise any firearms deployments today. Oh how he laughed 😭💩Earlies on the firearms channel today... no idea what I’m doing. Should be fun 😬😰
Back in on Earlies tomorrow! rest days seem to just disappear 🤯 @PCJamesIreland @PcWilde Reckon you’ll be off a tad late 😂🤦🏼‍♀️This song is so underrated. Also what else could I do while I’m nap trapped... @JorjaSmith @MaverickSabre 💁🏽‍♀️…
Is there anyway to block the word ‘brexit’ from my life permanently?! Don’t actually give a shit anymore. Until it’… he’s a good boy 😂 @InspNickEliot Only 13yrs?! You’re like 50 though aren’t you?Paw patrol all day every day 🤯😰 @AprilPodd How do you not think to look at the tide times by now? 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @pc_officer Absolute bastards out there. Terrifying 😰
@GirlPowerKid I have PND and anxiety. The trigger for me was pressure of returning to work on top of having a baby.… @pc_officer How do you even conceal this?! 😅🤯 @TaserCop_ Jesus wept. How did no one arrest her 🤦🏼‍♀️ @pc_officer F says “shouldn’t you be working?” 🌝 @AprilPodd 😬 #NewProfilePic @emily_peck Yassss only just finishes the last series too 🥳 @CatherineLHale The next phase of life begins ❤️F is back from Central London Aid - 630am start... laying on the sofa napping. Child is asleep on me #dangernap and… @magsfin Ahhh @DamienMurdoch 💁🏽‍♀️ @PcNathanBright1 @PcNathanBright1 Hold up though, are you the same every dayOne downside to breastfeeding an over one year old... both people in my house have now have an obsession with boobs #breastfeedingatoddler 😂 @PcNathanBright1 I’ll have to start actively looking for you now 💁🏽‍♀️😅 @PcNathanBright1 😂 striking resemblanceWhen he tells u to fix ur attitude or leave
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💁🏽‍♀️😂 @cop_ish Am I the only one who wants to see the knees? 😅 @horangi_momma 🙋🏽‍♀️❤️ @kaykar2019 I know, scary too! @InspBrettell 🙋🏽‍♀️Just walking through town. A girl, no older than 14 walks past talking to her friends “well I’d rather be hungry th… help @JasonO91 @TaserCop_ In that case you run them exactly the same but occasionally we still run them on our channels… @JasonO91 @TaserCop_ I think it does differ between forces. I certainly know that met run their control room differ…
@InspClarke I agree wholeheartedly. Where many unfortunately become a number and a title in the job, it’s forgotten… @InspClarke I guess people get scared to talk to their boss like a real person sometimes. The job is demanding tho… @TaserCop_ Yeah I get ya. Most 1s aren’t even emergencies anyway. FTS are bread and butter and most likely to end i…