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What do u want me to do with this information?
@jbfan911 @KylePlantEmoji @JackWilliamRtF @haloHero22 @BrettFavre @realDonaldTrump Kyle? More like bitch. @TRAPTOFFICIAL @consequence HEADSTRONG ILL WAIT TO LONG! HEADSTRONG ILL SUCK OFF ANYONE @viennnawaits I still have my wisdom teeth and I’m dumb as hell
Weezy F baby and the F is for aFraid to pay his taxes @BaileyPriceAZ I wrote in Georgie after seeing this @carneronadams Ugly @MichaelGllghr No I already have a Cody blanket too
@ValterSkarsgar New Skarsgård just droppedI hate that I live in the same state as Charlie Kirk, but this also means that I have a higher chance of calling hi… got covid and now I understand what a “401k” is @warmfourloko You spilled all over your ballot and it got rejected because it was still soaking wet when it was counted
@ginadivittorio @bIondiewasabi @SachaBaronCohen Here’s what happened after lmao @bIondiewasabi @ginadivittorio @SachaBaronCohen I thought he said something like “[unintelligible] and your entire crew get the fuck out” @goodbeanaltalt Get his ass @bayprice Hell yeah I made it into Darby fan cam @arizonablueme These people need to be stopped! @Skoog It’s gonna hatch a smaller moon“You may have defeated us brutally and violently even tho we didn’t put up a fight or really try at all to stop you…
@ginadivittorio Hell yeahAmerican politics makes me want to d*e @zachheltzel Hell yeah u have faith in a blue AZ @mariokartdwi Happy birthday!!! Remember ur party last year when Lindley got sniped by the bidet
@CdyRnkn Yeah he’s cool as hellHe is begging for my business NAME IS CAPTAIN CRUNCHYThis small salesman just showed up at my back door. Should I buy what he’s selling? @abbygov Oh look it’s the “Conservatives only have one joke” jokeYou’d think after almost two decades of being tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen that our government would’ve found a way… favorite hobby is absorbing information that I know will make me upset and then wonder why I’m always upset
@zachheltzel I’m gonna commit a thousand scandals so when I do the bare minimum good thing I’ll get praised as a saint @GermGirl666 @badboychadhoy Boooooo @badboychadhoy You can’t call me out for making a typo WHILE IM SUPPORTING YOU even though YOU made a TYPO in the o… @badboychadhoy I agree with this. It’s not that u like coffee with “caramel and chocolate milk” it’s that u enjoy desert. @Roysenotes Happy birth :) @MikeIsaac I’m sold @MikeIsaac Okay I’ll bite. What does it do @viennnawaits Racism is done for now. How will racism ever recover from this?
For perspective, when a lot of these senators were getting started in politics, there were only 48 states in the US @bobafettish469 @DarthLux I mean, you’re not wrongThe average age of the Senate is 62 years old. Like 20% of senators are actively decomposing and still somehow gett…’m only voting for whoever fracks the country harderGoing from saying Mexican immigrants have low IQ to claiming to be the least racist person in the room is definitely a takeDoes Trump understand the Vice President has no actual power over anything? What does he think mike pence does? Wha…“Catch and release” should be used to describe fish. Not human beings. What the fuck is wrong with this country @Suicide_Skwad LETS GOOOOOI’m tired of these senile old men yelling at each other. I’ve decided it’s time for me to intervene. I’m the president nowWhat if instead of “debating” they just kissed insteadJoey Gallagher 2020
Retweeted by Joey⚡️ @BaileyPriceAZ Please vote for me. Write me in on every election for every positionI’m really impressed by the candidates. Both of them have made it almost an hour and neither of them has accidentally dropped a slurTW: m*larkyHE SAID MALARKEY oh it’s game on now. Trumps done for. He can’t recover from thisIf you’re not watching the debate rn. Rudy Giuliani just ran on stage and threw a laptop at Joe then his pants fell… are no laws against this. There is nothing stopping him @BaileyPriceAZ There are no laws against thisI don’t want to think about “politics” or “economy” anymore. I want to be feral.Can someone take the very big spike in Arizona and stab me with itIf they’re both so smart why don’t they just make the virus illegalWhy didn’t Joe Biden do anything about the virus? If he’s really the Vice President he should’ve done somethingWhat if Joe just walked over to trumps mic and just ate itIts about that time
Wow they really got Joe now. Idk how he’ll ever recover from... *checks notes* loving his only living son?
Imagining being in an interview with borat and not thinking “oh that’s borat” and then exposing yourself as a pedophileWould u trust this man “Rudy Giulliani exposed as a pedophile by Borat” on the 2020 bingo card? @BaileyPriceAZ Retweets do not equal endorsements. Except this one. And most other ones. This is an endorsementThis is the only good campaign ad @JohnnyBerchtold GO JOHNNY GO @Slasher LETS GOOOO
@Gusbuckets LETS GOOOOOO @goodbeanaltalt I just did the math and that’s 6400 calories of Nutella. That is 4 days of eatings worth of Nutella. That should be illegalFIRST the libs take away our RIGHT to masturbate on zoom calls WHATS NEXT? Are they gonna TAKE AWAY our RIGHT to ma…
@Roysenotes GO JACK GO @Fuddmuggler I am the superior JoeI just gagged at the thought of the election being 2 weeks away @darbabygirl Every day I have to reset my silly little password @badgirIkiki Whisky door
Disney Conservatives are the loudest and most violent far right group and have been classified as domestic terroris…’m not voting for Joe Biden because he’s a great candidate. I’m not voting for him because he isn’t Donald trump.… @craymusic BEEF CANDLE BEEF CANDLE
@MichaelGllghr @bayprice This is not true. Sometimes you were looking @CdyRnkn Please don’t I’m trying to fry a sausage @CdyRnkn Is that what the loud banging around upstairs was @bayprice She found me at a Walgreens and has been carrying me around since @viennnawaits She’s not wrong @girlpowertbh we did it!The Venn diagram of “people who listen to five finger death punch” and “people who think BLM is racist” is a circle
@viennnawaits I think u look niceI will not be “mailing” my ballot. I will be hand delivering it. Handing it to the president in person. I want to s… Feinstein is so old that she’s been a democrat since before the party switch and it’s showing
@hannahmusicale One. Im a professional @leresatee Observation 301: every week I am required to look at my surroundings for atleast 3 minutes @girlpowertbh HiDoing some late night homework and DEFINITELY NOT having existential crisis
@matchu_chutrain Congrats on the gay misogyny!
@stillgray You can’t even vote in this country YOU DONT EVEN LIVE HERENo one makes democrats sound more kick ass than old republicans LAUGHS LIKE PALPATINE @girlpowertbh I thought u just wanted to call for fun :/