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@ohjoyo I don’t have his number anymore but he’d probably something like “you should all be blessed to be able to g… WORKED THERE FOR YEARS AND THEYRE STILL DOING THE SAME SHIT. SILENCING THEIR EMPLOYEES OUT OF FEAR OF RUINING THE… disgusted by a company who’s biggest mantra is “love all, serve all” to release something like this.…
Retweeted by Joey⚡️If you support this shit you are not an american by definition This is literally the reason our country was created
Retweeted by Joey⚡️ @DarthLux I have $17 dollars but I can cook really well
Okay so how is this not considered martial law @DutchBros if you really “care about your community” then why won’t you take a stance and show that you really… @joeygllghr Black People's Justice Fund Phoenix:
Retweeted by Joey⚡️Everyone in Phoenix, please be safe
If you’re in Phoenix can you reply to this with some places to donate @Loeybug ANONYMOUS FANCAMfor those of you in AZ planning on attending protests/vigils: please be cautious of what events you attend. the pho…
Retweeted by Joey⚡️Be safe out there everyone @charhorwood_ Exactly @ohjoyo @DutchBros LMAO you think dutchbros will have an opinion on anything? They don’t care about anything but th… you give a shit that you’re losing followers for supporting a cause then it proves to us that you really don’t care about the cause
@KaleiRenay Hey
Plain clothed cops are really bad at not looking like plain clothed cops guys quick thread on how NOT to be an ally in these trying times: here’s one of twitters most consistently “out…
Retweeted by Joey⚡️ @CdyRnkn @TakeForGrantd Can I come @manscaped Hello @tayallard Absolutely insane.How can’t the fucking PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES incite violence against the people of his own country and get…
2020 @bayprice Yes I will do that @EmmaLangevinXO Hey I saw u got dumped by ur “gamer” bf and i just wanted to stop by to say, hi#JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
@EmmaLangevinXO Hi @chrismelberger Some sweet dreams please @nxtvxkxng The super burrito goes bonkers. Also the fried race and also the mini tacos @JackWilliamRtF F @kelllicopter @CdyRnkn I don’t want a girlfriend, I want video game @MichaelaOkla Yee I’ll dm u @MichaelaOkla I can come help if u need help
@nawstymike @little_meggg @ryanthemaker @SJSchauer I’m just sayin... @RealBinyaminov @Truman_Black Jesus Christ I forgot about this @athena_burton @Truman_Black aTHENA @SJSchauer There are only girls like this in Arizona @SJSchauer She looks like the girls who were mean to me in highschool @CarmenKingy I’ve been at 8 mb/s for like 4 hours :/ I just want to play game @CarmenKingy Me too Carmen. Can I borrow some WiFi so I can download warzone faster @CarmenKingy how are u doing tonight @CarmenKingy Hey @Kenziesal @Truman_Black !!!!!Here’s the whole article for anyone who wants it SHIT @Truman_Black CITED MY TWEET AS AN INFLUENCE ON MY FAVORITE SONG FROM THE 1975’s NEW ALBUM.… @pokimanelol Hi
@girlpowertbh Bring back the bowl cut @JoeMart20916202 Fair @heyyitslindsee Brain @DreamsofPierce How do I block someone @asadplantguy Cumtroller. Come on dude it was right thereI got bored and decided to give my controller a spacey makeover. What do u think? @josiahcomic Also I like that a lot @josiahcomic I’m bored im gonna do this with my xbox controller
@1027KIISFM @SJSchauer @ItIsMeEJ @Collab GO SARAH GO SARAH @BigTucsonDad oooooo look at mr gf guy over here. Get a load of this guy. He has someone to say Goodmorning to every day.When I was 19 and living in my first apartment, I had a big 47” tv in my room. The tv didn’t work but I left it up… @bowserstanacct Take a bite of one @ConnorRaymond2 NeverCan we please stop the jump scare trend on tiktok. There are already so many threats to our health rn I don’t want… @RealJtHolmes Damn I thought your account died off after college freshman and random 18 year olds quit paying you… @Caceyyy 23 why
@MichaelGllghr It is on my head rnIs anyone who’s selling merch selling hats? I need a new hatOn January 3, 2020 I saw the movie Cats had a mental breakdown then backed my car into pole and spilled water all o… @MichaelaOkla Too many things. I am overwhelmed @Kenziesal It is, in fact, the claw from your fridge @kinbag Cowardwould you let THIS MAN drink BIG WHITE CLAW and play VIDEO GAME??? brother is mad at me for ratioing himIs this real?
Do you guys remember Tinder group messages? Or was that a weird fever dream I had @BCB_G It’s 1am and I just ate a cheez it I dropped on the floor. We’re up to big things tonightGuys - The 1975 to new 1975 album. Laying on the floor. Having thoughts. Feeling thingsGuilty of platform manipulation @theb0tfather This tweet sucks
@notviking woo!! Finn!! @CdyRnkn The “you live like this?” House @goodbeanaltalt As long as it’s no bigger than a 2 bedroom apartment @arizonablueme Honey @ValterSkarsgar Hand it over @CdyRnkn God would be thick as the heavens. The father, son, and the holy heck that’s a big dumper my dude @SweetBabyTayz We were sitting at the same table during this @MichaelGllghr @girlpowertbh No @girlpowertbh @MichaelGllghr I took this picture
EXCEPT BIG BILLY BC I WANT TO FIND OUT WHO HE IS BC THATS HILARIOUS THEN REPORT MY TINDER ACCOUNT IS LOCATED IN PHOENIX (where im staying rn) AND MY HINGE IS LOCATED IN MALIBU (trying to find… @zachheltzel I’ll give un$10 and let u use my backyard gym in Glendale while I teach u how to get skrong @MrJoshuaBowling @zachheltzel Hand it over or I’ll give u a wedgie @zachheltzel @MrJoshuaBowling Get ready to eat more @zachheltzel @MrJoshuaBowling hand it over or elseWhat small town journalist do I have to bully into handing over their checkmark @dogfather @lindsaydemeola That’s why ur my favorite Matt @lindsaydemeola @dogfather I’ll eat all 6 idc @lindsaydemeola @dogfather I BET I CAN EAT 3 FASTER THAN U CAN EAT 2 @lindsaydemeola @dogfather It’s too late you’re both legally bonded to this competition @lindsaydemeola @dogfather See u in 2-12 months😤